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  1. Synopsis

    Your life has changed. Whether for the better or for the worst, it is undeniable that it has changed. And it has changed drastically.

    Or at the very least, it is no longer recognizable. On the first Sunday of December, you laid on your bed, or couch, or whatever preferred resting place, and expected to awake within the same location, in the same life, with the same feelings and thoughts colliding against the walls of your skull, threatening escape if their freedom wasn't relinquished from your own free will. We all bottle up our idealistic, wanderlust fantasies, don't we?

    Except you didn't awake in the same location. And those fantasies have twisted themselves into a makeshift reality.

    The land of... well, nothing, because it has no name (but for the sake of convenience, here on out referred to as Nothing), is odd. It's completely deserted save for the wildlife, and there are no signs of hominid-like beings existing at all; that is, except for mountain-sized stone statues in the shape of elegantly dressed mistresses and imposing, official-looking men, nicknamed behemoths. There are twelve in total, and each is more intricate than the last.

    You, however, are a boring, mediocre student or laborer with an all-too-strong ability to daydream, and you live in the real world (or one of the most commonly interpreted worlds, as philosophers would have it). That's not to be an insult; it's common fact. Relatively, we are all boring and mediocre. We don't even know each other, and we won't until the first Sunday of December, where you will sleep until the sunrise on the horizon of Nothing.


    So, this idea has been lurking in the back of my mind for a while now. The basics are that an indeterminable amount of people (maybe around four or five?) awake within Nothing, a land with no particularly outstanding features besides a landscape pre-human intervention and gargantuan human-like statues named behemoths. All of the characters will awake within a ~75 meter radius for convenience's sake, and they have nothing but the clothes they went to sleep in.

    The "objective" of this roleplay is for the characters to form a nomadic group, and finding a common drive to return to the real world, attempt survival and exploration, coming across the behemoths along the way.

    I also would like some help developing the intricacies of the plot, like what lies within the behemoths and how they affect the characters (with my original idea being that once they collect every item from each behemoth, they return home).


    1. Try not to make your character too interesting, and avoid leaving their problems surface-level. I know this sounds like an odd rule, but I'm really aiming for the ideal situation in that each character has their own reaction to the situation at hand. One's moral compass might be slightly askew in Nothing, while the other might be stressing because they don't know if life in the real world is passing on by without them.

    2. I'm hoping for some intermediate to higher-level roleplayers for this particular roleplay. Around two-three paragraphs minimum is what I'm searching for, though if you feel like you have to squeeze each letter out of you because you either A. don't have much to work off of or B. just aren't "feeling it," I'd understand.

    3. This is the first roleplay I'm doing here on Iwaku! And I'm very confused when it comes to setting it up... so, I guess what I'm saying is that I'd love a co-GM to help organize things. This isn't required, but gosh it would help.

    Hopefully I can find some people interested enough! I have a lot more written, but since this is an interest check, I tried to keep it brief and to the point. If I get enough feedback I'll explain more about Nothing and the circumstance in which the characters find themselves in.
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  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    The Boo Girlie needs to play this. Like I sooooo love fish out of water RPs♥♥!!
  3. Ah, wonderful! We need around two to three other people minimum to get this roleplay off the ground.
  4. I'd participate, but it might be a while for me if I have to create a character from scratch. Hopefully I'll have a character that I can recycle though.
  5. Your description of the behemoths reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.
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  6. That's what I thought of too xD

    Also that game is getting a reboot isnt it?
  7. Not too sure if they're going to reboot the game
  8. could have sworn I saw some where that it was. TO GOOGLE!!!!
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  9. Ughs. Boo don't do the video games. If this Behemoth RP is canon of video game, then I'mma pass :/

    But good luck with the RP, err'body^^!!
    Nevermind. Saved by a crayon!! ;D
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  10. @Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Oh, no, it's not based off of Shadow of the Colossus, nor does it follow the canon. The behemoths are more or less just towering labyrinths with the likenesses of humans; their insides range from giant mazes to trials of strength and more.
    That's fine! I'm just a bit busy with some stuff in real life so I'd totally understand if you wanted to take your time making a character, because I'm probably going to have to do the same thing.
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  11. Wait. Wut. ~goes and re-reads above posts~ Oooooohhhhh.... ~facepalms~

    Oops. Sorry, sometimes I revert to my old reading comprehension skills when I was Boo Girlie DumDum :/

    K but so like now that that's over... then yeah~yeah!!!^,^!!! Still interested! Let's go giant-people-made-of-mazes-and-trials-of-strength-and-more-RP!! Yayuh!! :333~
  12. Room for one more?
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  13. Yayuh!!^^!!

    @crayon K so like we just need one more then right? :3
  14. Yes, we have room for one more, haha. I'll go ahead and make the sign-up post, then.
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  15. A word of advice- the entire skeleton is in black, me and anyone else with a black background won't be able to see it. I suggest highlighting everything and clicking the 'x' button on the color picker thing so it's neutral to everyone.
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  16. Ah, thank you. It should be fixed now.
  17. Is this still open? I'd be interested, but I'd need some feedback on whatever character I make because.. well, I make interesting characters normally.
  18. Yes, it should be^^ So like you should come on in and drop off an appie ;D ~~> Right here!!
  19. I suppose I'm interested. Any room left?

    p.s. Skeleton still in black colored font
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