Behavioural Analysis Unit (mechtat and Anastasia)

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  1. Anastasia Looked Annoyed Not only had they gotten a case to solve a string of murders in New york, but two of her teammates were in a relationship. She sighed, sitting in the meeting room waiting for everyone.

    Siegfried came in shortly after, possibly playing video games on his Laptop again. He tends to do that a lot when they arent on a case.He quickly shut the Laptop, and noticed Anastasia's Bad Mood. "This can't be good... this case must be crazy."

    Leon Was reading a fairytale, having already been in the Meeting room because that is where he goes to read. "Oh Hello Ana.." he said, "We're just waiting on The others." He couldn't wait to see his Crush come in- he always had a crush on Sibhel.
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    Siobhan walked into the conference room, and her eyes immediately feel upon Leon. As always. She sat beside her crush, smiling sheepishly. She noticed Ana's annoyed expression. "Hey, what's wrong?"


    Walking into the conference room, Cinna immediately noticed Ana's expression, and that Siobhan and Leon were sitting together. Again. Catching Leon's eye, he mouthed, "You're screwed," before sitting beside Siegfried.


    "Hey," said Emory as she entered the room, not catching onto everyone's moods. She sat beside Siobhan. "So, what's the case?"
  3. ANastasia

    Anastasia had finally gathered herself, and sighed. "Seril Killer in new york......He slashes peoples necks and leaves them for dead in alley ways. He's unique in the fact that it tends to be guys too." Anastasia sighed, "Leon Siobhan you two can be together. Siegfried, your in the field with me, Emory and Cinna." She had decided to let the lovebirds stay at the office today.

    Siegfried sighed, getting up ready for whatever was thrown at him. He rarly got into the field, so this was a bit exciting and scary at the same time."Well let's go guys!!" he sai d excitedly.

    Leon Blushed, "So Siobian... I was thinking- Ice cream after the case is over? Just you and me?" He asked. Yep leon had finally asked her out.
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    Siobhan's stomach dropped to her feet in happiness. She was staying at the office? For the case? WITH LEON?

    Siobhan flushed red as Leon asked her out for ice cream. "Absolutely," she stammered, before looking up at Ana. "So, what're we doing here? Paperwork?"


    Emory and Cinna exchanged delighted looks. Finally, Leon had plucked up the courage to ask out Siobhan. About time.
  5. Anastasia

    Anastasia sighed, "no you two are going to profile the killer as we send you information in texts and emails. I figure havin gtwo people here doing so would enable us to work mor eefficiently." She said. "The rest of us are flying out to new york on the Schroeder private jet." She immidiatly noticed siegfried give her a look.

    Siegfried was calm and collected as usual, But then he ehard they would be taking the jet. "E EXcuse me, Anastasia1 when did i authorize the usage of the company jet for-" he began, but then realized it was pointless to argue with the leader of the BAU.

    Leon had smiled at Siobhan,Kissing her in frount of everyone. he hoped Anastasia did not murder him.
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