Begruding Wedding Cakes

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  1. Looking to do an emotional and romantically slow moving roleplay with someone that is comfortable putting their characters through crap.

    Both our characters are sons belonging to two separate royal families. Neither are first in line for the throne, so the rules involving their marriage seems to be much more relaxed. Your character's parent's know that your character wouldn't marry a woman, so they go out in search for a suitable male behind his back. If it were up to your prince, he wouldn't get married at all. One night stands sounded more like it. Acting on this, your character disappears to a nearby kingdom to enjoy his last few weeks of freedom before his parents tie the knot for him.
    Finding an attractive, yet slightly mouthy person at the bar, the two just barley manage to make it into a hotel room and sleep with one another without breaking out into a fight. It was very entertaining, but the prince knew he would have to wander back to his Kingdom eventually. When he does return, there is a surprise waiting for him.
    Staring strait at the male he met at the bar, his parents inform him that they have already arranged his marriage with the young male. It just so happens that the male was a prince of the neighboring kingdom and both families signed off on the marriage without telling either of the men.
    They fight, they argue, and neither are interested in marriage with the other. The wedding draws near, the fights grow, and the two are forcefully drawn closer to one another by their parents. There isn't any possible way that the two could have a happy marriage, some of the plans for the wedding starting to fall apart in front of them.
    But this is only the beginning.

    Looking for someone willing to write more than four sentences per reply and that wants to add in their own ideas along the way. Things will go from comical to serious multiple times. I am looking for someone willing to play either a male that can top and bottom or a dominant. I am not looking for a completely submissive person.
  2. Awww.... this sounds so adorable. And they really sound like a pair of old ladies, those two. I can see them walking through town together, bickering about groceries and arguing about what clothes to wear for the wedding etc.
    Also arguing about who gets which side of the bed.

    This would be really funny and also kinda sad. A good point would maybe be that they unintentionally hurt each other a lot in an argument? Drawing out each other's weak points and abusing each other almost cruelly? At some point, one of them goes out of line and they end up not talking to each other... or something like that?
  3. Thats what i was picturing in my head as well. :)

    Thank you for the suggestion! That would be amazing to include and it could happen the day before the wedding or maybe the day after, where they have to be next to one another because of the honeymoon.
  4. I'd do this if you're still looking.
  5. I am still looking, thank you.
  6. Ahh dear god it sounds so cute, I would love to do it. >w<
  7. It seems that meely would like to do it as well :) I would love to do it with both of you, if that is okay.
  8. Totally fine. Throw me a PM and I'll make my CS sometime tomorrow ~
  9. Sorry, I didn't receive any alerts. I'll happily do it either by thread or PM, if you would like to PM me about CS/CP?
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