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  1. *Hiru was walking through a city that was extremely popular, filled with mutants and normal human alike. The winds blew quite hard as Hiru walked through the city of people, black hood on, black jacket and dark navy jeans. Hiru never did like populated places as there was always someone, who knew him which meant that a argument or fight as he was being chased, by people of the past and some of the present. Hiru had his sword under his jacket so than it wasn't visible to anyone*

    *While Hiru was walking, he passed a few groups of people that he once knew, ignoring them and trying to keep to himself. A group did come up to him but, he let off a demonic growl to them and they backed away. Hiru stopped at a crossroad and looked around at each road, wanting to see what was nearby and his choices*

    *As hiru looked to his left, he saw what was a tall building that Hiru could only assume was a church, stone made with a point at the entrance which had a golden clock on top of the doors. Didn't look too fancy but Hiru was not in the mood to go to a church, as he never was a religious person but, he also was against religion because of Nosfentor. Nosfentor and Hiru was considered a bad omen so it wasn't exactly a good idea to go to a church*

    *As hiru looked to his right, he saw a few guards and some reinforced steel double doors. people who looked big and strong went through those doors, but they had to talk to the guards. Hiru assumed that the doors must lead to some arena or training room. He knew that he didn't need to bother with training his physical strength, so the building had no interest for him*

    *As Hiru looked to the center road, he noticed a few small groups and an inn. His legs ached as if he had traveled for a very long time. He walked in front of him, towards the inn. It looked like a inn that had been around for a few decades. It was a wooden inn with 2 windows on each floor. From the outside, it looked like a 3 story inn which surprised Hiru, as he usually never see's 3 story inn's. Hiru stopped at the inn doors, Looking around before entering*
  2. Jamal had only recently taken up a room in the three story inn, it wasn't hard to pretend he was a friend of the innkeeper. His power of illusion was powerful enough to help him deceive anyone without the ability to read minds. He was coming down the stairs when he saw someone enter the inn and he wondered who could possibly afford this inn. Especially if they looked like that. Jamal sat down in a chair having his back to the person who came in, he wanted to know what business he had here.
  3. Krystal lightly ran through the streets hiding behind any object she could to make sure the mysterious guy in black didn't notice her. She followed him from the time he entered the city to the 3 story inn. As he glared around one more time before entering the building she hid in a black ally way out of sight and counted down from 10 before she dared to look back around the corner.

    "I wonder what his plans are for coming to a place like this..."

    She whispered under her breath. As he walked into the Inn, Krystal started out towards the building as well but then got interrupted by some guy that thought he was a hot shot. He slammed Krystal against the building wall and she lets out a painful gasp when her shoulder scrapped up against the brick wall. Her glare fell upon the man as her eyes slowly turned green. She could smell alcohol on his breath as he spoke with a slur.

    "Hey baby, you want to go to my place.. I can make your world spin around in 15 minutes."

    She grabbed her Kunai that was strapped to her lower right thigh and pressed it against his throat.

    "Back. Off."

    She warned him and he fell to the ground. As he crawled away, Krystal placed her Kunai back into its place, fixed her Kimono, and then started towards the Inn's doors hoping she didn't lose the man.
  4. *Hiru's eye's started darting around the area, Curious whether he was being followed as the last lot that followed him, was after him and he didn't like that. As he couldn't spot any familiar faces, he the looked in the sky to checking what birds was flying around. Because of his history, he was familiar with birds that was sent to not only send messages, but to hover around someone who was being followed. He spotted a bird that looked familiar from the past. the bird was covered in a light blue color, the wings was blue but the tip of the wings being red. Hiru instantly felt uncomfortable with not knowing that bird instantly, and put his black hood on to conceal his appearance. He didn't want any attention as he was wanted dead because he was a bad omen. He then turned to walk into the inn and pushed the door open*

    *As Hiru pushed the old wooden door, it creaked slightly as the metal hinges on the door was slightly rusty. He thought for a moment that the waiter might need to oil it as some people don't like noises like that. He smiled as he walked straight to the bar, Ignoring all the drunken idiots around him and sat by the bar, Looking for his friend ''The waiter''. Hiru hadn't seen the waiter in a long time as he was always traveling, Exploring the world and learning more skills. As the waiter appeared, Hiru placed his hand up and a bottle of vodka was placed on the top by Hiru*

    *The waiter was a tall guy, about 6ft 2in and always wears a purple summer top with some black jeans. He was out back of the inn, Checking the stocks and finding the box with the new vodkas and whiskey. As the waiter found the box, He picked up three bottles of vodke in his left hand and three bottles of whiskey in his right hand. As he stood up, he heard the creaking noise of the door and came out to check who it was. As the waiter walked out, he noticed instantly that it was Hiru and without even speaking, he placed one of the bottles in front of Hiru but didn't mention his name as he knew that, when Hiru had the hood on, he didn't want to be seen by someone* Here you go dear friend. The usual vodka but this time, This is a stronger from the normal ones you get. It was a Russian woman that didn't look half bad. *The waiter mentioned to Hiru as a pointer in case Hiru would want to go for it. The waiter then turned to the automatic machines on the wall and started refilling them. These machines would keep the bottles cold and was up side down with a special lid on it. All that the waiter would have to do is press the edge of the lid with his finger and, place the cup under the lid and the lid would open to fill the cup but only as long as the lid had pressure on it. The waiter then spoke again* I have a package for you dear sir. *The waiter mentioned as he walked out back to get it after he finished with the machines*

    *Hiru took the vodka and chuckled while he was refilling* I guess this makes us even then. The drink being free. *Hiru mentioned as he knew the answer already. he knew that the waiter would say. '' This can't be pay back for me owing you.'' Hiru just looked at his drink and opened it. His tracker instinct kicked in as he felt like he was being watched. Hiru started relaxing as he thought it was just a drunken person but he was still slightly on edge. As the waiter mentioned about a package, Hiru looked at him with one eye brow raised as it was a surprise to him. The last one who sent him a package was found on the street, butchered and left there to rot. He turned around on his seat and started drinking the vodka while watching everyone, Stopping every few minutes as he didn't want to be drunk so quickly, or at all*
  5. Krystal gets up to the door and pushed it open slowly. She looked around and found the man at the bar staring in her general direction. A chill went down her spin and she instantly looked at the inn keeper at the main desk. She acted as natural as possible and walked up to the Inn keeper asking how much it would cost to stay a couple of nights.

    "500 dollars a night."

    He told her without looking at her. Krystal was annoyed by the lack of attention she recieved from him but didn't want to make a scene. She sighed and looked into her pouch to count how much money she had.

    "Damn. I don't even have enough for one night... Can I make a barg..."


    He cut her off mid sentence. Krystal's face turned red but she swallowed down her anger. She turned away from the desk and headed into the bar and sat at a booth that didn't face towards the man she was following. She placed her hand against her face as she tried glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes. She still didn't understand what his reason for being here was.

    "He doesn't seem like an ordinary person..."

    She thought to herself. A man sat down next to her, blocking her view. He gave her a cheesy smile and placed his hand on her lap.

    "Can I buy a pretty lady like you a drink?"

    Krystal sighed and looked down at the table. She nodded her head and the man asked the waiter to brink over a bottle of whiskey. Once the bottle was in his hands he poured her a shot glass and handed it to her. Krystal looked at it and smirked. Then she took the bottle out of his hands and took a huge swig. She wiped her lips and thanked the guy. She laid back in her chair trying to get another glimpse of the man in black.
  6. *Hiru watched as a pretty lady stopped at the door, Staring at her curiously as to wonder whether she was simply here to drink or whether she was following him. After a while of watching her and examining her, He looked back to see that the waiter had the package in his hand and with a tight grip so than other's didn't take it. As hiru held the package, The waiter loosened his grip and went out back to get more bottles of vodka. Hiru then ripped the top of the parcel, placed it sideways on the counter and pulled all the context in the parcel out. He looked confused as he examined what looked like a map, a card and a crystal. After examining the items, he had a few ideas of what it ould be but heard the Waiter mention something. '' I do believe that the crystal go's in the map. *Hiru heard him mention as he packed all the items back in the parcel and in his tight pocket. He was going to turn around again to see where the woman went but realized that as he turned to his left, he saw her two chairs to the left. He also noticed how she was trying to look at him and how the drunken sod was serving whisky. Hiru chuckled as leaned into the man and whispered in his ear* Usually when you see a lady that pretty, offer her something stronger then a petty whisky. *He mentioned as he also gave out a quiet, Demonic growl to fill the stranger with fear as normal humans couldn't do that kind of growl. Hiru laughed as the stranger got up and ran. Hiru then placed his hand on the seat next to him while looking at the lady and patted the chair*

    *The Waiter waited as he noticed that Hiru was staring at a lady* Do parden me sir but do you know her? *The waiter ashed but realized that Hiru didn't hear him. The waiter then grabbed the package from under the counter and tightly gripped it so than other drunken people couldn't snatch it. As he notice Hiru place his hand on it, the waiter then loosened his grip and walked off to get more bottles of vodka. As he came out with 2 bottles in each hand, he placed them under the counter and looked at the context of the package* I do believe that, the crystal go's into the map. *The waiter whispered to Hiru as hiru was packing the items back in the package and in his pocket. The waiter then watched as Hiru spoke in the mans ear and laughed as the man run* What a show dear sir. *He said as he held one of the bottles of vodka in his hand*

    *Hiru kept hearing voices in his head, Knowing that Nosfentor was laughing as the human ran. Nosfentor started speaking but as it was in Hiru's head, Only he heard* Petty human was not use to hearing a demons voice. They cower in fear as they should. Slaughtering them is a sport. HAHA *Ge laughed and then stopped as Hiru invited the female to sit with him* I am unsure of this female. She is, ''different'' but im not too sure how. *Nosfentor mentioned for Hiru's awareness and Hiru kept that in mind while inviting her over*
  7. Krystal sat there with the bottle in her hand and noticed the strange man was coming closer. A shock of nervousness flooded her body as he approached the drunken idiot next to her and whispered in his ear. He let out a frighted yell and scurried away. The man laughed at the pathetic sight and sat down at a chair, inviting her to sit next to him. Krystal's heart starts pounding harder. She didn't understand why she felt this way. Her common sense tells her to get up and walk away but her curiosity pushed her towards him. She sat down and kept her gaze towards the ground. She felt like a stupid little girl hiding from the boy she likes.

    "No, I can't like him like that... I don't even know him... Pull your act together Krystal!"

    She coached herself. She then straightened up a bit, put on a convincing warm smile, and cleared her troat.

    "Uhm, hey. My names Krystal."

    She reached out her hand to shake his like a normal person would.

    "I've got a random question if you don't mind. What's your purpose for being in a town like this? You don't look like a low life human being like the rest of the society here."

    She tried to keep the conversation light. She didn't want to come off as too blunt but she had to know if he was different. She was on a journey to hunt down the clan that goes by Shadow Dwellers. They murdered her family when she was 5 years old and she was adopted by a man that went through the same pain. He raised her to fight, and her goal is for revenge. She just hoped that this man wasn't one of them or else she would have to kill him right there in the bar. She didn't like the thought of making a scene in public but she has no other choice.
  8. *Hiru chuckled at how nervous she was, her hand shaking and the aura he was feeling was a confusion of mixed emotions. He couldn't tell what both of the emotions was that was conflicting but, he could tell that one of them was nervousness. Hiru then shaked her hand and chuckled again* Take a deep breath young one. You have no need to fear me. Im not going to hurt you. would'nt dream of hurting such a pretty thing. *He said in a calm tone as she said her name. He raised an eye brow as she asked him his busy in this town. Hiru started thinking of why such an odd question was asked* The name is Hiru. Hiru wong and i assure you, My business here is nothing bad. I just came to meet my old friend, 'The Waiter' as he has never told me his real name. And a package which i have now. *He mentioned as he looked at the exit and then realized that, it was getting dark. He then looked back at her as he thought of something that caught his curiosity, as nosfentor just mentioned it to him in his mind* Are you following me because your hunting me? or is there another reason? I would hate to kill someone as pure as yourself. *He mentioned in a soft, confident tone as he did find her following him rather, odd and unexpected as if she was after him, she would have already tried to kill him*

    *The Waiter nodded to her as he was mentioned* Good evening Krystal. *The waiter mentioned and then turned to Hiru, wanting to state his name as he has done a few times* The name is george, as i have told you many times but, im not fussed with whatever name you call me Hiru. *George mentioned in a cheery tone as he started cleaning the tops from a slightly spilled whiskey, that came from the man that ran out of fear. George noticed that Hiru looked at the exit and before he spoke his fairwell's Hiru turned back to him and George knew instantly what he was going to ask* I do have your normal, special room. Saved and locked as you practically own it. The key is where it normally is. *George mentions as he started pouring himself a drink of vodka*

    *Hiru looked over to George and nodded in appreciation and then looked back to Krystal so than he could hear what she had to say*
  9. Seth had been watching in the corner for awhile now, the same bored expression he always wore. On the table next to him were 7 or 8 bottles of random substances he picked off of the shelves. His hand brushed his black cut up jeans two katana sheathed in black were broadly shown, as if he wanted everyone to look, which he did. It was easier to start a fight that way, much easier than being arrogant or rude. His long silver hair would hand over his eyes, amazingly enough he could see just fine. Slowly, he wiped his hand over his dull gray hoodie and smirked at the two odd figures across to the bar. Couldn't they see that they stood out almost as much as he did? So he stood, ready to start trouble as always.

    Seth would slowly lick his teeth, enjoying the aroma of the digested alcohol. Then he'd quickly cshut his parted lips, not ready to show his two fangs. He began to walk across the inn floor quite sluggishly. "Eh, not so many next time." Seth would approach the man in black first, slowly leaning over his shoulder. He hoped that the scent of alcohol would pour through the mans lungs and indirectly piss him off, it was just what Seth was going for. He would smirk and look the man in the face before brushing his hair away from his left eye. His eye was a pure hazel color and oddly enough it semed to sparkle, which is why he had kept it hidden. "Yo, nice sword" Seth would glance down to the side of the mans jacket to show that he knew exactly where his weapon was placed. Truthfully, he felt a little awkward approaching the man first and not the pretty girl but he couldn't help it. When the possibility of a good fight was involved there was no stopping him.
  10. Krystal placed the bottle of whiskey down on the table. It was half empty and she felt a little dizzy thinking it was stupid that she would allow herself to get drunk. An expression of sorrow came across her face for a few seconds but she held back the feelings to clearly answer Hiru's question.

    "Wow, you figured me out pretty fast. I didn't think I was that noticeable. I'm not sure if I'm after you or not. The fact that you seem like a shady figure in this terrible part of town, it makes me second guess you. So, are you a Shadow Dweller? Because if you are I might just have to kill you."

    Krystal told him. She stared into his eyes with concern. She needed to know the answer to calm her blood from boiling. But as she waited for his reply they were interrupted by a guy with silver hair that had two Katana's in plain sight. Krystals natural reaction was to place her right hand on the Kunai she had hidden under her black and blue Kimono but instead of pulling out she stayed still.

    "You sir, we don't need trouble. Just back off."

    Krystal warned him. She stiffened her muscles ready to dodge and retaliate if he decided to attack.
  11. Seth would groan as the girl spoke. 'How many times have I heard that line'. He would've just ignored the girl until- Suddenly, his nose twitched and he inhaled. A smirk would find his face. "Kid, you have a weapon on you huh?" Seth began a small laugh under his breath. He turned towards her making sure to cover his eye again first. "How cute! A small knife, and you've killed or wounded someone recently. Seems like your full of surprises eh?" Seth's senses were abit dulled from thepast drinks and he was sure that he was missing a bunch of other things but he wouldn't need them at the moment, right?

    "So, would you like to help me warm up m-miss?" He cursed himself for the slight stutter. "D-Don't worry ill be careful not to ruin such a pretty face." He was hoping to draw attention once he and the girl had begun their fight. Hopefully he'd be able to take on two to four opponents at once this time! With another smirk drawn on his face he tapped at the counter impatiently. "So?"
  12. Krystal closed her eyes, annoyed by his drunken cocky attitude. She stood up out of her chair and breathed deeply, trying to stop the alcohol from running though her veins. She needed to focus because she was just a mere human and he already proved that his senses are stronger than normal. She steps back with her right foot and crouches slightly to keep good balance. People in the bar felt the tension in the air and looked up at them hopeing that their not too close the the fight that was about to happen. Krystal the pulls out her Kunai in a defensive position trying to throw him off. She thought to herself if she acted like she was just going to block but then run in for the kill she might have a chance to get a good wound in his side before he can strike her. She opened her eyes and focused on her target.
    "Come at me then."
    She said in a controlled low tone in voice. She paused and waited for him to make a move. And once she sighted him to move an inch she runs towards his left side attempting to slash a chunk of his flesh.
  13. Seth was intrigued by the girls attitude. Either she was incredibly foolish or incredibly brave. Although he felt quite disrespected to be challenged with only a knife and by a girl too. But as he thought, it would only be a warm up. He would toy with her a little but try not to show it, he worried it would destroy her pride. But why did he care? He scratched his head in the middle of that thought and oddly enough he was quickly charged at by the girl. "Oh? Well you get straight to it huh? I like that"

    Seth would dodge right, leaving a small gap so it didn't look as if he saw it comming. Then he would lightly deliver his knee to her gut, well his version of lightly. He had trouble holding back and the impct would still most likely send the girl to the floor.
  14. Krystal was surprised by his incredible speed as she saw him disappear from her view. Then she felt a force towards her stomach that sent her backwards as she skid across the floor, hitting her head on the bar counter. She chokes and coughs up a little bit of blood then spits it to the floor. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood back up with a smirk on her face.
    "I underestimated you. I thought you'd be pretty intoxicated right now."
    She said and chuckled. Laughter brought sharp pains in her gut but she pushed the thought of pain aside. If she couldn't attack from the front, she had to try attacking from behind. But how was she gonna get there.

    Krystal went back into her fighting position and thought about the next move she was gonna make. Her legs were already weak but she charged forward again, holding her Kunai as if she was going for his throat but then jumped and flipped over him, landing perfectly on her left foot and kicked towards the weakest part of the spine hopeing she didn't jump to far over him.
  15. "Dammit" Seth groaned and pattd his knee. "Softer softer." He would look back at the girl. She was getting up, abit quicker than she should've . Seth didn't expect her to move for at least another half a minute. She coughed up abit of blood as she stood. The scent of her blood filled his lungs causing him to cringe. For the first time, was there someone he dint want to hurt?

    "Well, my senses don't dull that easily. If you couldn't already tell, I'm hardly looking at you miss." Why was he callin her miss? Before he could think he was interupted by another attack. This one was much more surprising. Seth had prepared to parry her knife when instead she jumped over his head and attacked from behind. He had half a mind to grab her ankle mid air and turn into a brute. Instead for whatever reason he took the kick. "Teh, that aches abit.." He muttered as he was shot forward a couple of feet. He ws impressed that she knew the sensitive points in the spine. It actually hurt, only a little but still. He decided to go to work on her abdomen. Quickly, he charged at her with his lft hand in front of his face and his right at his side. He used his left hand to quickly grab hold of her wrist and his right to send his palm flying into her stomach. Hopefully if it hit it would send her to the opposite end of the bar.
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  17. Krystal didn't have time to think after her attack. She looked up at him as he stumbled forwards and in just a few seconds he came after her. She went to block and force him backwards but instead he grabbed her by the wrist and sent a powerful blow to her gut in the same spot. Pain flooded her system as she was hit and almost lost her reaction time. But she got both of her feet to the ground before hitting the wall and slowed herself down with the friction of the floor to her poorly made shoes. Her Kunai slipped out of her hand when he gripped her wrist so she was without weapon.
    "That hit..... was stronger than the last...."
    She stuttered. It was hard for her to speak, let alone breath after those two hits. She painfully tries to stand up straight, an emotion of anger filled her veins.
    "You're going easy on me... Don't.... underestimate me!"
    She growled at him. The thought that she was losing a fight in front of Hiru pissed her off. How was Hiru going to take her serious when she said she could kill him when she's already losing a battle to some stranger in less than a few minutes? Krystal ran towards him using all her will power to get as close to him as possible. She then bends down kicking to the back of his knees to make him lose balance as she punched towards his stomach as hard and as fast as she could so she can jump backwards to avoid any instant attacks he plans to use next.
  18. Seth stayed silent and calm for a few moments. She knew that he was going easy on her but maybe she would thank him when this was over. The girl stoped her self before the wall caused further injury. "Listen..-" Again he was inteupted by her attack. She had dropped her kunai so Seth stopped anticipating a weapon. She had moved to quickly for her own good though.She needed to stop moving so qickly after injuries to her body, it never got a chance to adjust after each blow. Seth could tell that it was hurting on the inside. He could tell she was forcing her own movement. Seth sighed as he took the next two hits without hesitation. He would wait until she had completly jumped back. Maybe she would do better if she was angered, that alwas worked for him. "Well I'm taking it easy because.... To put it plainly you suck. Give up on your goal. Go home like a good girl okay." He spoke with dullness in his voice. Then he whispered to himself "I'm gonna make her better." He smirked as he would slowly begin walking towards her, waiting for her next move in the process.
  19. As Krystal jumped back she grabbed her Kunai and landed in a fighting position. But after 2 seconds she fell to her knees because she couldn't breath. Her body took too much damage from the last town she destroyed, all of this was pushing herself over the edge. As she tried to draw in air calmly she heard him tell her that she should give up. Her eyes were already green from the last idiots that tried doing shit to her, but those words just crossed the line. She tilted her head up and glared at him with anger and hatred. Her eyes turning to a blood red. Her body was at a state that she couldn't feel too much pain anymore.
    "I won't give up. I can't be beaten by the likes of you!"
    She yelled. She stood up straight and pulled off her Kimono, exposing the armor she was wearing underneath. Strapped to her back were dual swords. She pulled them out and held them to her sides. She charged towards him, letting out a battle cry, and slashed towards him bluntly. Knowing he would easily dodge her strikes but hopeing that he would soon be pinned to the wall on the other side of the bar.
  20. Seths expression grew from playful to sightly serious, mostly intrigued though. He watched the girl change. She had gotten to her feet and fallen shortly after, as she should've from the two blows earlier. She seemed to be having trouble breathin now. "Hey.. Mayb-" He was cut off by a glare this time. It reminded him of his own stare, the one he would give right before a reckless kill when he was younger. "The likes of me? Well that was just rude" Seth pouted cutely, making a face at the girl. He wanted to show her that he wasn't taking her seriously. He was trying to fuel the fire so to speak. Suddenly, something happened that actually caught hime off gaurd. The girl revealed hidden armor. Something he didn't pick up. "Well shit, I guess I did have 7 or 8 too many bottles eh?" He laughed to himself. "Oh well." He muttered as he was charged again, this time with dual swords.

    It went somewhat as she predicted. Seth would dodge the slashes quite lazily and with ease. "Sloppy, sloppy, Where's your technique girl? You swing like a kid" He chuckled as he mocked her with each strike he dodged. He knw the wall was comming up quickly but it didn't worry him in the slightest. Actually it inspired him to teach the girl a little lesson. "Two slow.." He sounded as if he was making a complaint as he dodged the next two strikes. This time he grabbed both her wrists before she was able to raise her arms again. As he held her in place he would slowly lean in close to her neck and whisperinto her ear. "You'll never take out the shadows like this"Seth pressed down on her wrists causing her t release her blades. With that he kicked her in the gut sending her to the other end of the bar again. This time he wouldn't leave her on the ground. Using his speed he made it to the end of the bar second before her. He caught her by the throat and slammed her into the wall cracking it slightly. While he held her there he used his free hand to lift the silver hair over his left eye letting her see it. The hazel orb seemed to sparkle. "Your so pretty.." He muttered. "Quit." He said as he dropped hr to her knees and waited to see what she would do next.