Beginning of the Lion King

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  1. Okay, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a Lion King rp. It would be before Simba and Nala.

    So basically for those that don't know there is an actual story to the Lion King about the lives of Taka (scar) and Mufasa. We would be playing through their lives. Up until Mufasa becomes king.

    Characters available would be:
    -Ahada (father of Taka and Mufasa)
    -Uru(mother of Taka and Mufasa)
    -Rafiki (as young monkey)
    -Shenzi,Banzi, and Ed (young hyenas)
    -Zuzu (mother of Zazu, mahjador of Ahadi)
    -Freya (hyena leader)
    -oc characters for mother and father for Zira,Sarabi,Sarafini
    I will be playing Taka.

    If you do not know the original story that's fine because we are going to make it our own. There will be a lot of discussion to this though. Everyone has to be on the same page during this, as in, we all have to decide how Taka becomes Scar and what happens to make Scar leave the pride.

    There will be some discussion prior to this to work out paring and how we will go about the whole mate thing. We will be following that.

    If you are interested let me know.
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  2. sounds really cool. i might be interested
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  3. I might be interested. :3 So, this is before Taka gets to be known as Scar, right?
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  4. scar (as aluded in the post) is taka
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  5. Yeah, I just had a brief derp moment there before I recalled that. Changed my post a minute ago.

    Also, if I do join, I'd probably take Shenzi or Sarabi. :3
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  6. I would like to take Sarafina!
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  7. favorite disney movies i'm in! can i take an OC for mufasa's father
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  8. Wow! I'm actually super happy you guys are interested. I will make the actual sign up sheet later today and link it here yes you can resever characters. Because you guys were here first I will give you that.
  9. yay thank ya
  10. Thanks! <3
  11. Yay I cannot wait!
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  12. @justice hunt
    Ahadi is Mufasa's father, its not an Oc. I can reserve the spot of him, if you want me too still.

    Also the sign up is almost ready :)
  13. wait what!? i thought oh wait, never mind yeah sure that works
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  14. i don't really wanna be a main character, just like a side character that helps along the way. It is after all, before it all started, right?
    so can I maybe be a cub?
  15. I would love to be a part of this, pretty much anyone, I lovee the lion king.
  16. I would love join. I'll sign up in a bit.
  17. You all can go to the sign up and see what I have left I would love to have you all
  18. Sorry I took awhile to respond. I was very sick and had holiday stuff going on
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