Beginning of the end-Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. It was midday, the sun was directly over our heads. The wind was light and the air was crisp . It could almost be considered a beautiful, a perfect March day. That is, if the earth wasn't currently under attack of the undead.

    Allison trudged through the forest, clutching the strap of her bag tightly, the golf club falling behind, leaving a dirt trail behind.
    You usually wouldn't think sleep would be a problem in any situation but when you're sitting alone in a dark forest during the zombie apocalypse where you are most vulnerable and having nowhere else to go you're generally terrified for your life, and don't get any sleep.
    She was struggling to stay awake. She knew if she closed her eyes she'd be more vulnerable to anything. An infected, a creature indigenous to the wilds, even another person who happens to stumble across her. She might go to sleep and not wake up. Another thing that terrified her.
    Her rations were fairly good and would last quite a bit longer. Luckily, she had stumbled across a few abandoned camps with left over supplies.
    But now she was lost and undoubtedly regretted taking a step into the stupid forest.
    "Goodness...Do the trees ever end?" She mumbled to herself with a sigh. "qualcuno mi aiuti..[someone help me...]"
    She stopped and plopped down onto the ground, at the base of a tree, and leaned down on the trunk. She'd been up and about, walking non-stop since the crack of dawn. Her lets hurt and her feet were aching, she felt it was time to stop for a little.
    She sets down her weapon and takes off her bag, setting it on her lap. As she sat there her eyes constantly threatened to flutter shut.
    "Don't fall asleep, don't fall asleep, don't fall asleep...I won't fall asleep." She constantly fought to keep her eyes open but soon couldn't resist the tempting comfort of sleep.
    And soon she drifted, the last thought in her mind before she blacked out was how much she wished she could see a friendly face again.
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  2. Hell broke loose on Earth. The impossible become possible. Everything you once knew, was completely gone. In a instant everything was taken away from you. If only you'd had more time, maybe you would've make things better.

    In the distance, groans of the undead filled the air. The sun lighting up that day. It supposed to be a beautiful spring day, yet now the streets were ruled by the Walkers. It couldn't get any worse, with her feet running behind a garden, she tried to make her way out of the city.

    Desi couldn't hold back now, gripping hard her black steel katana, made her way to a ladder and climbed up. Her blond, wavy hair swing along with the breeze. Her small body lowered in the rooftop, gazing at the four walkers. The normal Walkers.

    " I am sure I could take them down in a minute.. I need to move towards the forest. I am sure at the end of it must be a camp or something.." Whispering slowly, took a deep breath before moving down to the ground. The sound of her feet on the leaves, caught up the attention of the Undead.

    Desi put all her strength on her legs, lunching at the first walker at a fast motion cutting his head off. The katana sliced it like an watermelon, the head went flying down.

    " You make me sick..this is for my skirt and your bloody hands!" As if she talked to the undead, the other two trying to grab her. In a faster motion, her body moved in a flip back landing behind them and the katana swung at a quick motion, cutting their head off. Their bodies flopped on the ground.

    Blood stains splattered over her right hand, some stains across her face. At that stage she didn't care much.
    One more time, her katana swing into the air, the sharp and curved edge slicing the Undead's head, finally killing it.

    Desi bit her lip, trying to control her reaction before turning away and begun to run as fast as she could. Her stomach betrayed her, when she reached the forest, the vomit came out on the ground. She coughed badly, tried to catch her breath as her hand cleaned the dirty mouth. It was like chasing the last train.

    Everything is broken, she didn't want to feel anything anymore; with that Desi made her way deeper inside the forest, with caution walking around and her hand squeezing the sword.
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  3. A pair of twins had been walking through a dirt jogging path in between the town at the edge of the forest, alert for anything that could come across their way. Elliot took no chances and held his sister by the sleeve before she could begin to wander off. The younger sibling was giving her brother a childish pout, but it was obvious it wasn't going to work. Though she had a say in the matter of decisions, this time she didn't appear to have a choice. The black haired girl lightly tugged her arm to try and slip her sleeve through his grip but to no avail. Elliot would not release her because he already knew the second he let go, something was going to catch her attention and make her wander off. They had already lost their parents during a time that was supposed to be fun, no way in Hell was he going to lose who could be the last of his family.

    "Большой брат! (Big brother!)" Elia whined, tugging a bit harder but to no avail. "Пожалуйста, сообщите! (Please let go!)"

    "Нет. (No.)" The older brother replied, keeping his grip on the dirty fabric that was her sister's cherry blossom pink button up shirt.

    "Но почему? (But why?)" She asked once more, as though her brother never answered that question. Elliot gave a sigh as he's had to answer this question more than once, since his sister didn't appear to understand.

    "Из-за того, что вы сможете сходу, я встревожен, и что-то может произойти с вами, когда я мог бы остановить. (Because you'll wander off, I'll get worried, and something could happen to you when I could have stopped it.)" He replied simply, making his little sister just stare at him.

    "Затем на прошлой неделе вы дайте мне это big ass металл если вы меня не пускает отдельно от вас!? (Then why the hell did you give me this big ass metal thing if you won't let me separate from you!?)" Elia exclaimed at her brother as she waved her crowbar around, who gave her a simple shrug at her whining and complaining.

    "Так что я не должны делать все в работе. (So I don't have to do all of the work.)" He responded both calmly and simply to not agitate his sister.

    "Могли бы вы не просто дайте мне перейти на, например, пять минут? Я не ребенок! Я может обрабатывать я сам! (Couldn't you just let me go for, like, five minutes? I'm not a baby anymore! I can handle myself!)" The younger sister tried again as her brother's matching light blue eyes gazed around their environment.

    "Когда вы выходите из сходит - когда я это делать. (When you quit wandering off is when I will stop doing this.)"

    The tone in Elliot's voice made Elia realize that he was being absolutely clear about this. Out of frustration over not getting what she wanted she stamped her foot on the dirt path while they walked. "Позвольте мне доказать, что она для вас! Я могу выйти из сходит! Дай мне шанс Эллиот! (Let me prove it to you! I can quit wandering off! Give me a chance Elliot!)" His little sister exclaimed, only to receive a dark look from her older brother.

    "Я представил вам шанс. Что происходит, когда я сделал это? (I gave you a chance. What happened when I did that?)" Elliot asked his sister, his look never leaving her.

    His question seemed to have an effect because Elia didn't want to talk further. Her gaze went from her brother to the dirt path they were walking. "Эллиот... (Elliot...)"

    "Ответ на мой адрес. (Answer me.)"

    "Я заблудился ... Но я не мог помочь ему- (I wandered off...But I couldn't help it-)" Elia tried only to be shushed again.

    "Вы сходит, получите вы убили Bloom! (You wandering off is going to get you killed Elia!)" The elder brother exclaimed to her, effectively making her fall silent and his light blue gaze look forward again. Guilt began to nag within Elliot's chest after a few moments, making him let out a sigh before looking back at his beloved sister. "Извините Bloom ... Я просто не хочу, чтобы вы в конце концов как мама и папа ... Я делаю это, потому что я люблю вас. (I'm sorry Elia... I just don't want you to end up like mom and dad... I'm doing this because I love you.)"

    Elia's gaze went from the ground back up to her brother, a small smile on her lips. "Я знаю Эллиот ... Я бы попросил более брат ... (I know Elliot... I couldn't have asked for a better brother...)" She responded to him, giving him a brief hug shortly after. With a hopeful look, she looked up at him. "Вы сейчас открою я хотел бы перейти сейчас? (Are you gonna let me go now?)"

    "Нет. (No.)"

    The younger sister released her hug and threw her arms up as though she were flipping a table. An obvious look of frustration on her face.

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  4. The ginger's eyes fluttered open in the dark. Where am I? Am-Am I dead?! Kat's arms flung up in the dark knocking off soft rolls of blankets. Oh... Right. I'm... Home. As her eyes adjusted she pulled the blankets around her shoulders again. I'm home. She thought again with a devastating realization. Her house was two layers, underground for the downstairs and above for the upstairs. Her wealthy mother had given it to her for her 18th birthday after her parents split. It was right on the edge of the forest in NY, the metropolitan was a few hours away but not enough to keep Katherine's shopping habits at bay. Now her beautiful house was boarded up, half broken from looters and gangs trying to get together to survive. Luckily the downstairs was kept hidden. It was supposed to be a secret little cute study room, not created as a bunker for the zombie apocalypse. Where are you now mother?

    Stretching and letting the blankets fall to the floor, she stood. It was cold and Kat hated waking up. At this point though it was probably best to head through the forest, could zombies climb trees?. Ah that aches. Touching her right shoulder with her left hand and moving it she tested her swing. That pipe is pretty heavy... But Katherine was a batter for softball, it wasn't much different. Except the fact she was murdering disgusting undead creatures instead of hitting a white ball. Listening she sat on the bean bag she had been sleeping on, she couldn't hear any moans or shuffling from upstairs. It had been boarded up pretty well but was left looking shitty enough so that gangs and looters would stop coming in. Not that it stop all of them. It was a love-hate relationship as looters usually killed walkers in the surrounding area. Luckily without the key she had (and the fact the door was hidden in back of a closet) they couldn't come downstairs.

    Groping around the floor she tried to find her backpack and pipe, but it took her awhile. When her hand bumped into the rough fabric of her pack she threw it onto her back and reached under the beanbag for her pipe. It was cold and hard and she was glad she got the right side of the handle because if she had grabbed the other side she would have hand zombie blood and sand all over her hands. Lifting it with her left hand she sighed. Her pack was quite heavy feeling on her back, maybe she had packed it too full? It was going to leave her sore. It was only for when she went out though because here in the little study downstairs she was able to put away all the food that didn't fit into her pack. Wiggling her toes in her shoes and sliding her feet across the floor she knocked lightly into the stairs and grabbed the railing. Taking a deep, steadying breath she climbed the stairs, took the key she hooked to her necklace and slid it into the softly into the glowing keyhole. Kha-clink!

    Giving it a second for the soft noise to ring through the house she slowly opened the door. The closet door was slightly ajar and light glowed from behind empty coat hangers, two coats and some high heels that would never be used. Slowly and quietly she made her way and looked around the house. No zombies. No people. She was set to leave. Taking off her pack she grabbed a thick coat with a gold buckle. She could understand why no one took it, as even though expensive it was a little flashy. She would have to break the black coat's buckle off later when she was somewhere safe. Clicking the buckle together and throwing on her pack it dawned on her it may be too hot for this. But you could never be too safe really. Maybe I'm just paranoid. It's been so long since I've seen a human. Maybe Im the last human on earth...

    The terrifying thought slipped out of her mind and she sighed as she looked out a crack in the boarded up window to check the backdoors. It's clear. Taking the chair from under the backdoor she slipped into the daytime. How much time on foot would it take until she made it to a place that was untainted? Would she ever? Maybe there was a military base? Somewhere safe? Or... Would she have to make her own? Can I even make it? Oh well. What did it matter? Glancing to the side she held her pipe ready and ran to jump the back fence and make it to the forest line.
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  5. "Son...There comes a time in every man's life when he must lay down his life and set aside his beliefs to fight for someone he loves."

    His Father's words reverberated around his consciousness, each word a painful reminder of a chance stolen from him.

    But what if everything you love was violently ripped from you, beyond your control? Your entire world destroyed in an instant?

    The streets were empty and even the sky seemed dead; grey and lifeless. Alex thought to how it once was, colour flooded back into the streets as he closed his eyes, the sound of laughter and chatter were loud as the song of life sang loudly in his memory. Yet it was a single voice that sent pain crashing through his entire being, like a defibrillator. A melodic, innocent voice which haunted him so.
    Alex's eyes opened, his haunted gaze reprocating that of a lost soul, stripped of anything and everything it once was. A single tear rolled down his left cheek and his face turned into a slight grimace. He knew the pain would never go away. He didn't want it to. The pain was the only thing he had left of her. Once that left, he would have nothing. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a crumpled photograph. A fresh wave of pain hit him hard as he uncrumpled it, gazing upon the image. The photograph was of his wife and daughter. It had been a beautiful autumn day, the background consisted of autumn leaves and a warm sunset. At the center of the picture was Jade -Alex's wife- holding Holly above her head, laughter on both of thier faces. Alex tried to summon a slither of the happiness he had felt that warm, autumn day, yet all that remained was a dark, unforgiving abyss of torment and sorrow.

    A slow, shuffling sound broke him from his revierre of mourning. Gripping the baseball bat at his side, Alex jumped to his feet and stuffed the picture away. Alex glanced around the abandoned streets, eyes locking on the lone figure shambling towards him. A soft moan escaped the mouth of the walker. Or what would have been it's mouth, had it of been there. It's whole jaw had been ripped clean off, leaving only a drooping tongue hanging from a bloody maw.
    Judging from what he had seen, there were 2 types of "zombies". This one, was a "walker". They were usually slow and fairly weak alone, but they usually travelled in packs. Packs were trouble. This one meant that inevitably, more walkers followed. Raising his bat, Alex took 4 long strides towards the walker and without hesitation, swung his bat around in an arc from left to right. The blow hit with devastating force and the remainder of the zombies head hit the floor with a squelch.
    Wiping the tear from his eye, Alex walked back to where he had been sleeping as the decapitated body fell limply to the ground. He needed to move on before the rest of the pack found him. He wasn't sure why he still kept himself alive anymore. Not when he had lost everything. Maybe he owed it to Jade and Holly.
    In a way, having lost it all worked to his advantage. Having to regard for his own life, he often took risks that others who valued their lives wouldn't take. It was why he roamed the streets without fear. Yet it was a double edged sword. The only reason he had lived his long was sheer, dumb luck. Although to Alex, it seemed like the opposite. Every moment he continued living was another eternal second of crushing sorrow.

    He slung his bag over his shoulders and glanced around, considering his very limited options. At the moment, he was on the outskirts of the city. He could either head further into the city, or head to the forest. He couldn't see many benefits to heading to the forest. There would be less zombies, but at the same time, no cover, resources and any zombies that were there would have the jump on him. It would also be extremely easy to get lost.
    Yet the city was just as bad. A concrete labrynth full of the undead.
    Shrugging, Alex chose a direction and began off in a slow, purposeless walk, not knowing or caring where he was going.

    Death holds no sway when you're already dead inside.
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  6. image.jpg

    The sky seemed the same. As if nothing had changed, like nothing went wrong. Only a foolish mind would still believe that statement. All hope lost in the same instant of killing. You become a lifeless corpse, fighting for survival with each and every breath. No feelings left inside of you. Sadness and sorrow only.

    Desi stepped careful on the leaves, her eyes focused straight ahead wanting soon enough to find someone. Anyone that was like her, alive and breathing.

    Holding tight her weapon, some birds in distance flapped their wings. Everything felt so empty and the silence killing you slowly.

    " Oh, ma vie ce fini.. Oh, mon Dieu.{ Oh, my life is over.. Oh God.} " mumbling some faint French words, almost whispering Desiree continued her path. The forest look rather creepier than ever, like from a horror movie with a psychopath waiting to catch you in his trap.

    Soon, after about an hour of walking, the trees become taller and longer branches almost reaching the grounds, some dead birds scattered on the ground. A really bad smell caught her attention, like a rotten body was closer with each step.

    Looking on the right side, a body hung upside down completely eaten and still with some flesh hanging around. Desi covered her nose going forward, as to a nearby tree she saw what it seemed a figure of a human.

    Griping her sword, her body moved closer to the person which had a backpack. Looking around, rather uncertain swish her sword as the sharp edge was inches away of this girl's throat.

    Desi pushed with her foot the girl, moving her to see if she was alive or one of undead. The heart rate begun to speed up, small drop of sweat made it's way down to her cheek.
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  7. Jack had been riding almost since the minute of his discharge from the Marines, he bought a Harley with severance pay. At first he was just looking for the right place to call home but since last week that had all changed. He had just entered New York and stopped to get gas when he had his first encounter. He went inside the gas station to pay for his fuel and there didn't seem to be anyone in there so he called out. A soft moan was all that answered him and a man stumbled out from behind one of the racks dragging one food behind him. “Hey man, are you okay?” asked Jack taking a step towards him. The man didn't answer just slowly made his way towards Jack. Jack continued towards the man until he saw him properly, it seemed as though half the man's face was missing. “Holy shit,” said Jack almost falling backwards. Then he saw the mans eyes, the look in there was one he knew all too well, the blank hazy stare of death. Jack pulled out his service issue Beretta and shot a round through the mans chest. The man barely seemed to notice, he slowed for a moment and then regained his pace continuing towards Jack. Jack then took aim at the mans head and pulled the trigger, the man dropped to the floor and remained motionless. Jack left the store and decided his best bet was to continue further into New York and try to make it to the military base located near the city. He figured if there was going to be any place of safety it would be there. But that was close to or over a week ago.

    The road towards the city was rough and littered with abandoned and crashed cars, causing Jack to have to stick to mostly back roads. This is why he found himself only a couple hours outside of the city in a small suburb slowly making his way towards the city. He figured this would be as good as place as any to find shelter for the night, even though it was quite early he was tired from riding all day. He scanned the houses on both sides and and found one that looked to be fairly barricaded and had a fenced in back yard that the woods came right to, that would be good for a getaway he thought to himself. He parked the bike around back, he didn't want to chance anyone stealing it, and made his way to the door with his pack on his back. He pulled out his Beretta and screwed on his makeshift suppressor and opened the door. “Hello!” he yelled, knowing that if there was anyone inside living or undead this would probably be enough to either cause them to answer or stir. He didn't hear anything but was still careful to sweep every room in the house before calming down and checking all the doors in windows. The front door was smashed in so he moved the couch in front of it, though the back door was standing wide open but still had a working lock so he used it, it would be a fast escape if need be. He searched the cupboards and found a small meal of crackers and aerosol cheese, it wasn't much but better than he had in the past few days. He sat on the couch and began to eat.
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  8. Donovan looked up at the sky from the apartment he was in. It was dirty, trashed and the only thing he seemed to find was a rusted pocket knife and a bottled water. He already drank half to quench his much needed thirst but he also knew that it was wise to make sure that there was enough to stretch because he was going to need it later on. This was about the fifth apartment Donovan had been in and the most he found was either scraps, one good item or a zombie, undead, asshole or whatever you wanted to call the things. His fist clenched against the railing as he stood out on the patio and looked down onto the infested streets, the streets that used to flourish with life and happiness, the streets where anything was possible but just like people say, Anything is possible. He raked his hand through his messy dark brown hair and then counted the zombie heads that he saw below him. " One, four, seven, thirteen, eighteen...How wonderful". It seemed like there was more and more zombies wandering into areas that he thought were cleared up...thought wrong.

    After standing on the patio for a little while longer Donovan made his way down the flight of stairs, "God would I kill for the elevator to work again" He grumbled before reaching the first floor. Nothing would ever be the same, The army is to busy trying to save their own ass and forgot about everyone else, the navy is almost wiped-out and the whole infection seems to have spread further and further. He doubted there would be a cure and he was only pushing forward. There was really nothing that you could do besides kill the creatures before they killed you. Donovan used his stealth tactics to move around through the streets and buildings. He knew that their was survivor's out there struggling just like he was but the only thing was he wasn't trying to see his death bed so quick. Most survivor's either killed you on sight, or at least tried to or smiled in your face ad stabbed you in the back. quite " literally". Donovan already tried playing the nice guy and it almost got him killed. In this world two strikes your out because the third time, your dead for good.

    Donovan took his time taking out zombies one by one and looking around for people to scavenge off of. He was glad when he found some rounds for his gun and slightly torn police body armor that he put over his long-sleeved shirt. It wasn't heavy but it would slightly slow his movement speed if he was running. There were a few stores he hadn't check so he quietly searched them, just as he was about to leave a zombie tried to grab him and Donovan took a quick step back almost stumbling. Quickly regaining balance he smashed the zombie's face in. " Damn, silent bastard, must have been hiding in that corner". He sighed, he had to keep moving and fast but he was loosing daylight and the one thing he didn't want to be wandering around at night. Donovan headed back to his hideout where it be safe, for now.
  9. With her back against the dark wood of the fence she breathed heavily, in her exhilaration and danger of getting outside she forgot to check her pack. What did she have left? Quite a bit. It was heavy and weighing down on her sore shoulder. Slipping the pink pack over one shoulder then another she quietly listened for any sign of the undead. She checked her pack. Waterbottle? Check. Canned food? Check. First aid kit? Check. Change of clothes? Check. Cloth? Check. Mini camping pack from dad? Check. Can-opener? Chec-Fuck.

    Looking around she took a knee, placing the heavy metal pipe beside her so she could quickly get to it. She tried her best to keep as quiet as possible as she placed cans on the ground of tuna and her mini packs. At the bottom of the bag was a large cosmetic case full of makeup and photos of friends a family. If I got rid of it, it would be a lot less on my shoulders... No! No, no, no. Not now. It's only been a little while. Who knows? The military could over-power the zombies and that would be that. Then I'd have gotten rid of precious things for nothing. Quickly packing up her bag again her ginger hair blew back over her shoulder. It was slightly cloudy, almost as if it were about to start raining. Rain was good, covered up noise. Especially thunder. Although Kat had a fear of lightening and thunder as a child, and still held a slight sense of fright against it, she knew it would be useful.

    For now though, she had to hitch up over the wooden fence and go grab her can-opener. She must have left it on the floor of her room after eating a can of corn last night. Picking up her pipe she swung it over first, she dropped back over the fence with ease, she felt a lot more comfortable walking back into the house that she had safety checked earlier, but she kept her pipe ready just in case. Opening the door she went from the back where the kitchen, smoothly gliding between the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Doing a double-take when she saw a man sitting on her couch, as she hadn't expected anything. Readying her pipe she stared wide-eyed. It didn't look like a zombie, and it looked like he was eating, spray cheese? The fridge had stopped working for awhile now, surely that must not have tasted any good. In any case, if it was a gang member she was going to have some serious trouble.
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  10. Jack looked down from tilting his head back, to fill his mouth with the spray-cheese, and was very surprised to see a girl standing in the doorway looking as shocked as he felt. The wide eyed look she gave him left no doubt that she wasn't a zombie. I thought I locked the back door was the first thought that crossed his mind. He looked at the girl and decided that there was very little chance she could be an immediate threat from that far away, even with the pipe in her hand. He swallowed the mouth full of warm cheese and choked a little.

    “Uh, hi, my name's Jack,” he said after his mouth was empty, “how did you get in here? I thought I locked the back door.” Jack stayed sitting where he was because he didn't want anything he did to be mistaken for hostility. He knew that there were some survivors that only cared about surviving and didn't care what it took to do so and he didn't want her to think he was one of them.

    He had slipped his pistol under one of the throw pillows on the couch and knew that he could get before she made it halfway across the room if need be, but he hoped it wouldn't come to that. He had only seen one other person since it all began and that was a guy who was close to death from a bite that didn't last long after Jack came across him. Even though Jack wasn't exactly what you would call a people person he still thought it might be nice to have someone around, which is something he never would have thought possible just a few weeks before.
  11. "I-I'm Kat. I live here. This is the master key, on my neck." The man looked completely ridiculous with spray cheese in his mouth and a surprised look on his face. "I'm not sure what you-you and your buddies are doing here. B-But... But... I may look small but I have a killer swing and if you try any funny business..." Katherine was terrible at the serious gig. Nervously she looked side from side as if someone was going to come from a corner or a side door that didn't exist. As if the kook-aid man was going to break through the wall and take her out with an AK-47.

    "I'll batter you to death. I want you and your gang out. I don't have anything worth your while anyway! Except- Well I mean, except that gross spray cheese. You're welcome to that. In fact if you and your gang leaves I can give you, a parting gift of some sort..." She muttered, holding up the pipe like a bat, remembering the last few coats in the coat closet.

    Katherine was definitely a sight to see. The long black coat with the gold buckle, she wore channel sneakers and skinnies made of some matte stretchy fabric, her lips were even stained a dark red. Around her eyes was smudged mascara and eyeliner although it wasn't extreme, it gave her a bit of shadow. Anyone could tell she had been a rich bitch from east end, and it worried her, because rich people had excess. Even though in all truth she didn't. How was a bunch of fancy clothes and makeup going to be any good during the apocalypse? Too bad she hadn't foreseen the future, but no point in being bitter about it now. With her ginger hair slightly frizzy and waving around her face she tightened her grip on the thick metal pipe. "Take the offer dude. Seriously. It's worth it. There is a wealthier neighborhood two places over."
  12. Jack looked around somewhat mockingly and said, “do you see anyone else here? I'm alone and was just looking for a safe place to stay for the night. Though I'm sure you have a killer swing it won't do you much good from across the room. So why don't you lower your pipe and just calm down for a moment. Since it seems you've already claimed this place I'll gather my things and be on my way if that's what you'd like, but I won't be taking anything from you. By the looks of it you probably wouldn't have anything of interest to me,” he added.

    Jack stood up and said “and for your information, the spray cheese isn't that gross, just warm, it's a refrigerate after opening item and the best thing I've found in days.” He began to repack his bag with his negligible amount of supplies until all that was left was his pistol. He looked back up at the girl, pointed at the pillow on the couch and said, “I have a pistol under that pillow and I'd like it before I leave. I am willing to bet you'd feel more comfortable if you were the one to get it, unload it, and then hand it to me.” He thought for a moment then added in a slightly demeaning tone, “if you're unsure how to do so I can walk you through it.” He stood pack in one hand and pointing with the other waiting for a reply.
  13. Kat hesitated. "No I don't see anyone else here, but I've been ambushed. Twice. And I've hid from three other gangs in the basement. I didn't claim this place, it's on the house certificate. I lived here before all this bullshit began. And you know what everyone loves to do? Come to a wealthy chicks house, take what they can and leave. Surprise, there isn't much to loot at this point. In fact it's worthless, I just need my can opener and I'm headed through the forest to a small town out that way which probably was taken a lot quicker than the city if it was taken. I imagine with all the zombies from this area heading outwards it just overwhelmed them quickly. Less survivors, more food. More supplies. Especially in those small towns where they stocked up so they didn't have to take long drives to the supermarket. I used to live in a small town."

    Loosening her grip on her pipe her eyes kept narrow as she edged to the couch. She has gotten off track, she found herself switching subjects quickly often. Clearing her throat she glanced at the pillow. "I do have a few coats. An ugly rain jacket, dad's fishing jacket he left here, and a sweater from my last boyfriend. If anything they can be used for scraps." And, she pointed with her pipe at the spray cheese. "If you liked that, I have two more and an unopened jar of pickles in the back of the medicine cabinet above the fridge. I don't like pickles or spray cheese, so I just shove them back there. Also, glass isn't good for the pack." Then it dawned on her the Hello Kitty backpack probably wasn't doing her any justice in the fear department. Grabbing the gun she looked it over then glanced up. "I wouldn't be so cocky seeings as I have the gun now."
  14. The room was quiet, and slightly dark. The predicament jack had himself in wasn't the best. If it wasn't for those damn runners he wouldn't be in this mess. The teen sat against the wall, he had a blue hoodie on, with the hood covering his head. Not to mention the one strap backpack with a bat strapped to it. His long brown hair covering his eyes as he sat there...grinding his teeth. His hand was shaky as it held his fn57 firmly and one hand, while the other covered his mouth. He looked petrified, and the darkness didn't help. Jack looked up to the ceiling and let both hands rest on his knees.

    See he came to New York expecting a vacation with his dad. But that turned out to anything but... A vacation. He had to watch as his dad was attacked by a rabid man. Jack reacted by pulling the monster off of him, only to be pinned down underneath the beast trying to keep it from biting him. After a few moments, a loud gunshot was heard and the beast fell limb, blood covered jack's face. He rolled the body off of him, and watched as his father dropped to the ground bleeding from the bite wound on his neck. He told jake to take the gun and run...and he did... Only to be chased by runners. Now he sits in a room on the top floor of a apartment building, cowering in fear. He still could remember his fathers screams as he ran...regretting that he never went back. "get it together jack... You can pull it together and leave this mess" he told himself. It took all the courage in him to get up, and open the door for porch. He looked down to see a swarm of walker zombies littering the front door of the 3 story building. Lucky he locked the door, but how long will that last? how long will his rations last till he dies in that very room? He decided not to stay pondering on the topic, and got on the balcony and jumped for the roof ledge, pulling himself to the flat, gravel covered roof. "Need to"
  15. Jack laughed a little, “you may have the gun, but judging from the way you hold it I would say this is only the second, if not first time you have ever even held one. I'd be surprised if you could get the safety off let alone rack one into the chamber, so how about you you just push in that little button on the left side of the grip and remove the clip. After that you can hand both to me and if you think you and your Hello Kitty pack can make it on your own I'll be on my way. Otherwise I'd be happy to give you a lift to the little town you mentioned and save you on some travel time. Besides, even though it's not quite a friendly face it's nice to see another living person.” Jack looked at Kat studying her expression trying to decide whether he was going to have to take the pistol by force or not.
  16. "Большой брат..! (Big brother..!)" Elia began, tossing the bruised up berries over her shoulder. "Все фрукты нет! Мы не можем съесть что-нибудь здесь! (All of the fruit is no good! We can't eat anything here!)"

    This was the fifth berry bush they had gone through around the jogging path. Elia was the one who knew a thing or two about fruit and could tell whether or not they were good. They had encountered everything except exceptionally ripe fruit. From bruised to poisoned, it was as though God himself was teasing their hungry stomachs with fruit they couldn't eat. The older twin let out a sigh, scratching the back of his head as he thought of what they should do. There really was only one option left.

    "Нам придется вернуться в город, и надеюсь, что мы повезти. (We'll have to go back into the city and hope we get lucky.)" Elliot told his little sister, whose light blue eyes had widened somewhat in response to him.

    "Н-Но мы только что вернулись из города Эллиот! Соломотрясы все на месте! (B-But we just came from the city Elliot! Walkers are all over the place there!)" The jet black haired girl exclaimed.

    "Затем мы просто должны молиться за нашу безопасность. (Then we just have pray for our safety.)" He responded in return, grabbing his sister's sleeve and leading her back towards the city.

    Elia whimpered a bit but stayed close by her brother nonetheless. She was obviously scared to be returning back to where walkers and runners lingered, but the fact that her older brother wasn't afraid made her more calm. Though, Elliot too was afraid of going back to the city. He couldn't show that he was though because his little sister looked up to him and relied on him for emotional comfort. Just like her dependence on him, he depended on her to keep from allowing the apocalypse to take his sanity. The elder brother had his sister to thank for being the one to keep him from becoming a zombie killing monster, while Elia had Elliot to thank for being her rock and keeping her alive. It was no secret she would have died a long time ago had Elliot not scolded her for her stupidity. He was just looking after her, like a good guardian should.


    The two twins fought through the bushes until they came across a strip of plush land between what were once expensive houses. Elliot and Elia moved forward until they were on the streets, the sight of walkers lingering around not too far from them. Some were crowded at a door a good distance away, but even Elia wasn't stupid enough to go by that house. The elder brother looked to his younger sister, ready to swing his bat as three walking infected began walking towards their direction.

    "Помнить то, что я сказал вам? (Remember what I told you?)"

    "Цель для головного мозга, а не на угнанных! (Aim for the brain, not the nads!)" The younger sister exclaimed as she readied her crowbar, earning a smirk from her brother as the walkers began to come towards them.

    "Хорошая девочка. (Good girl.)" Elliot praised, swinging his bat with great strength at the temple of a closing in walker. The blood spurting from the zombie's head, the impact of the bat forceful enough to break the skull and damage the brain.
  17. It was no more then thirty minutes later when the little Italian began to stir, her eyelids were fluttering. Almost as if she knew there was a sharp pointy thing on her throat and finally decided to wake from her slumber.
    Wait, sharp pointy thing on her throat!?
    Her eyes bolted open when she came to the realization that there was indeed a sharp pointy thing on her throat. Damn her for falling asleep...she knew she should have kept moving.
    "Santa merda![Holy shit!]" The little Italian cursed in a fright, hugging her backpack tightly.
    For a moment her body threatened to jolt forward, like you'd do after experiencing a horrifying nightmare, but once she realized how bad that would be she quickly stopped herself.
    The first thing she noticed
    (well other then the sharp pointy thingy on her neck)was the bright evening sky, which meant she hadn't slept through the day. Which was wonderful. that meant she still had time to do more exploring. Well, less exploring more finding her way out of this damn forest! Well that is, if she makes it out of this. Preferably alive.
    She gulped as she suddenly remembered the other and glanced down at the sword held to her neck.

    "What are you planning to do with that sword? Surely you're not going to kill me, si?"
    Then again what else would she be doing holding a sword to her throat? Not throwing her a tea party, that's for sure.
    Man, she could really go for some tea.
    See, this is why she didn't want to fall asleep, who knows what people will do?

    "Amica, please take your katana from my throat, it's awfully uncomfortable...." Alison spoke in one last attempt to get her out if her personal space.
    It really was uncomfortable for more reasons then one. Both her neck and back hurt from sleeping in such a position. Bonus pain to her head and more pain to her back for leaning against a tree for so long. And bonus bonus pain to her butt, which hurt from just sitting on the hard ground. Ouchies.
    Oh yeah, and of course there's the katana inches from her neck. That never makes you feel like you're cuddled in front of a fire.
    Man, that sounds nice....
    Alison glanced back up at the attacker, trying not to show herself as well, genuinely frightened, and gave her a slight, lazy smile.
    Generally Alison doesn't speak so nicely to such a stranger, especially one holding a sword to her throat, but if she was to get out of this, she might as well do her best to get on this persons good side and see how that plays out.
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  18. The warm, orange glow of the sunset engulfed Alex as he walked, basked in the warm radiance of the fallen sun. For any person without a deathwish, sunset meant one thing - Get indoors. Find shelter. Staying on the streets at night was nothing less than pure idiocy. Yet he had and would again.
    He had reached what seemed to be one of the nicer parts of the outskirts. The houses were all detatched

    Gazing at the sky, Alex watched with a grim distate at the light fading as the molten ball of fire clawed it's way down to the horizon. To most, the sun represented hope and life. It mocked Alex, standing for everything that was taken from him. His Daughter had been his sun and losing her had been a permanent, devastating sunset. As the last slithers of light faded into dusk, twilight settled over the sky, the first few stars permeating through the purple sky.

    It had been then he'd heard the voices. Insticnts took over and he slunk back against a nearby wall. Something sparked within him then. He hadn't seen any of the living since the outbreak hit.
    The voices seemed to come closer. Curiosity aroused, Alex moved along to the edge of the house, peaking around the corner.
    Stood on a large bit of land between the houses was A man, and woman. They seemed to be... smiling? They seemed to be of a similar age to him. Yet they look extraordinarily similar. Twins maybe?
    Alex watched as the male swung his bat at a walker's head, not even blinking as the walker hit the ground hard, head a bloody mess.

    Clenching his own bat, Alex withdrew back behind the wall. This was troublesome. He didn't know the couple's intentions, nor wether or not they could be trusted. They might try to rob him. Alex was far from weak, but there was 2 of them and one of him and the man really seemed to know how to use that bat. Although he didn't particularly care about the pack, he didn't want to risk losing the photograph he held in his pocket.
    He knew, however, that numbers meant safety and if these 2 happened to be friendly, his chances of survival would have tripled. Yet, he didn't care about survival.


    Alex's head shot around and his eyes opened wide. His little dilemma had caused him to become complacent and he now found himself with his back against the wall, 4 walkers in a semi circle infront of him.

    "Shit..." He mumbled, realising he had nowhere to run. Alex lashed out at the zombie on the left, trying to cause a gap in the shambling formation. Yet as the zombie fell, another grabbed his arm, going in for the bite. Dropping his bat, he brought his fist around into the zombies temple, mere inches from being bitten. Yet the zombie held on, despite continuous, hammering blows from Alex. The next zombie lunged for his throat with suprising speed for a walker. Alex barely managed to grasp it's neck in time with his free hand, using all his strength to keep it at bay. The zombie that had held his arm seemed to sense the distraction and went for another bite. Using the arm he hd been punching it with, he wrapped his fingers around it's neck. That's when the fourth zombie closed in. Alex swore loudly, realising both his hands were holding imminent death at bay. Using the zombies as a counter weight, he jumped, lifting his leg and booting it in the jaw. The zombie blinked as blood and teeth spurted from it's now shattered jaw, falling to the floor. Landing, Alex brought his left foot up, before bringing it down as a devastating finisher into the skull of the downed zombie.
    2 Zombies dead and 2 mere inches from brutally murdering him.

    A loud, peircing shriek tore through the air. 'Oh no...' He knew that shriek meant one thing only. Runners.
    Looking past the 2 walkers he barely held back, he saw a figure barely 200 meters away sprinting towards him with frightening speed. The runner screamed with malice as it closed in on it's trapped prey.
    Holding back the two zombies at once sapped at his strength. He was only human, he would run out of steam eventually. Whereas the undead were driven by an unholy hunger and never tired.

    He was done for.
  19. The time passed by so slow, it made her feel uncomfortable. Desi for sure wasn't the type of girl who liked to wait, but certainly right now it was a good call.

    The rustle of the wind, made her even more aware of the surroundings. Her hand didn't loose on her katana, still gazing at the girl in front of her.

    Just as then, the body moved; of course she would be prepared to kill her if she was a Walker. To her surprise, the girl talked with a scared expression crossing her face.

    Desi gasped at her sudden movement, pledging about not killing Her right there on the spot. For a moment Desi, smiled at the imagine in front of her. A human after all this time.

    Her katana's grip loosen a bit, pointing to the ground. She couldn't take any chance with this girl, for a fact Desi didn't know if she was bitten or anything. Her pulse rising, feeling her own throat dry as a dessert, managed to speak briefly.

    " Are you Bitten?" Her first words, still glaring at the girl, not sure of the next outcome. If the girl would pay attention, she could tell that Desi hasn't been at her best lately.

    Probably was the first time in her life, that she had such dirty clothes full with blood stains. Oh, how she wished to have a hot shower. In all this madness, Desi wanted for once a safe place and hot water.

    " And I did killed two living by now.. I do it only if I Have to. Except for the Walkers." She replied with a deep sigh to the girl. Desi then simply supported her back by the tree, just next to where the new girl was sitting.

    Desi's eyes stopped at her sword, thinking definitely needed to be cleaned soon. As her eyes followed up to the forearm, some bruises could be seen and that her top in many places, especially at the sleeves, was torn apart.Luckily, her jeans still were alright. Again it was silence.

    " Oh, merde..! Nous avons La vie du merde.. Tsk!" { Oh, shit!-crap- We do have a shitty Life.}
    Mumbling some French words, closing her eyes for only a second, giving them a rub, feeling tired after all that running.

    Not Sleeping could become a problem, most certain she needed a few hours of sleep before she'd collapse. Desi, opening her eyes she tried to put her best smile at this girl. For a moment she kept silent, not wanting to pressure her.
    Even so, for nothing in this world, Desi wouldn't put her guard down. Trusting people? Not her best asset. Especially in a world full with Walkers and less Of the Living. Damn life.

  20. Kat held the gun a moment, it drooped in her hand. It felt heavy and cold. He was one-hundred percent correct, she had never held a gun in her life. The guy though, he seemed to be genuine. That being said, laws were no longer standing, the world was at it's end. Mugging, rape, murder, all of it had no consequence. Plus, looking the man over she could see that he was bigger than her. Although that being said, if he really wanted anything from her he probably could have taken it by now. Turning the gun over she ran her fingers against it. "Uhm, the button?" She turned it over once, twice more before she realized she was gripping it by the barrel. Blushing she just tossed it in his general direction. "Yeah fuck it, I don't care. If you were going to kill me you would have already."

    Turning on her heel she looked into the kitchen. "I don't know the way there by road. I know if you go completely north, straight shot through the forest, you can make it. The village is called Jamestown, connects with Hartford and then there are just lots of dirt road and forest all around for awhile. In any case, I gotta get that can opener. Do you have a pack?" She asked, tapping her backpack. "For supplies and whatnot?"