Beginner's Guide to Getting Out of the Friendzone

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    "Cabbages half off! Get two for the price of one!"

    "Buy one mango, get another free!"

    Ellis hummed softly to himself as he listened to the many marketers try to sell their product, shouting out different kinds of bargains to lure in customers who didn't want to spend much. Such an act made him shake his head, but he did end up drifting towards the mangoes. He was running low and didn't want to wait until the last minute to buy some. The sale might be gone by then, after all! He was raking his eyes over the rows of mango, trying to pick out the best two to take with him before continuing on his errands. His mother had sent him out to gather a couple of things; she was too busy cleaning up the house to go herself. While mangoes weren't necessarily on the list, he was certain that she would appreciate it once he came back with them. After another moment, he finally picked the two that looked best to him, only paying for one of them. With that out of the way, he continued on his way, eyes scanning the stands that he passed.


    All of the people stopped in their tracks, in their movements. All eyes were trained on the noble man that was seated upon a gorgeous, black horse. He cleared his throat once he realized that everyone had quieted down and had their undivided attention on him. "As you all know, Prince Zephyr is next in line to take the throne, which will be quite soon. Also, you all know that he cannot rule alone. This being said, the Prince has decided that he is going to be courting someone to rule alongside of him. No one is going to be discriminated against. He has his eyes open to all, so anyone can catch his interest," he finished, rolling up the parchment that he was reading from. "That is all. You are all allowed to continue on with your daily activities." He gave his horse a nudge with his foot before being on his way. As soon as he was gone, everyone began to chatter, speaking loudly and excitedly about Prince Zephyr courting one of them. Ellis couldn't blame them. He was quite the eye-candy, after all. But the blonde was more engrossed into the royal lifestyle that his soon-to-be Queen would have. Just thinking about it had him sighing dreamily.

    "All of those people following your every order~ Worshipping you like you know what's best~ I couldn't think of anything more exciting!" Ellis muttered to himself, smiling giddily as he stopped at another stand to pick up some tomatoes.

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    Honestly, this day couldn't get any worse. The first thing that had happened as that the noisy, noisy birds outside had woken Zephyr almost automatically at dawn as they seemed to want to do on every single Sunday, and after dressing himself for breakfast, he had been thrown left and right by his parents. Why?

    Well. Yesterday was his 17th birthday. That made him an adult in... exactly a year to come. And what did becoming an adult mean? Responsibility. What did that mean, perhaps? He had to find a bride in the next year. After getting scolded for his dislike towards finding himself a bride, a message was sent out that he was looking for a partner to court. Which meant that he would have to go out today. And probably many days to come, until he picked someone that he wanted. He let out a heavy sigh as his butlers and maids dressed him in one of his finer outfits to make him look as presentable as possible.

    Once they were done with that, and he had eaten his lunch, he was out on the streets. How long did he expect this to take? In his own vision, it would probably take days. Weeks. There was no way he was going to find someone so soon-

    "All of those people following your every order~ Worshipping you like you know what's best~ I couldn't think of anything more exciting!"

    Honestly, he thought he had heard wrong, but that voice had simply drawn him in from the corner of his ear. He jumped off his horse, turning in the direction of the sound. Honestly, he wasn't sure why he had heard that. It was a sound among many others, but he saw it as a sign. A sign that something was going to happen if he followed this voice. He blushed when his eyes fell on a boy standing at the tomato stand.

    Hoooooly shit. If Zephyr had to name a type, this guy would be it. He had the cutest, round face and eyes that sparkled. His hair bobbed up and down whenever he moved his head, and his figure was slender and cute. He was considerably smaller than Zephyr. Everything about him gave off a vibe of Queen. But seriously, it was true that Zephyr would give anyone and their brother a chance, but, still, a guy? He didn't think it would come to this. He didn't want a huge commotion to start, so he quietly followed the boy with his eyes, noticing that he managed to step away from the crowd at some point. People's eyes were constantly on him.

    He saw his chance when the boy escaped through a small passage. He pulled the reins of his horse so it would make some loud sounds, and then he set off into the passageway when everyone's eyes were on the noisy horse. He felt really sorry for the animal, but he knew that a servant was near it and going to take care of it. When he got out on the other side, it was just the two of them in the area. Zephyr mustered all of his courage and called out to him.

    "You, over there, please wait!" Honestly, why was he being so polite? He wasn't usually like this...

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    "You, over there, please wait!"

    Ellis stopped in his tracks as he heard a voice call out. It sounded vaguely familiar and made the blonde furrow his eyebrows in thought. Where had he heard such a voice from? Shaking it off, he turned on his heel to face the direction the sound drifted from. His eyes widened slightly at being met with the sight of the Prince himself. Blinking owlishly, he was silent for a moment before he let himself relax like he was facing another commoner and not the Prince himself. What was the use of getting flustered, anyway?

    "Yes? Can I help you?" He questioned in a curious tone. He wondered what compelled the Prince to follow him to this area. It was unusual for him to go to such lengths, right? As Ellis' mind wandered to the many possible things that Prince Zephyr might want from him, it didn't cross his mind that he could be getting courted. Yes, he liked to act like he was on the highest pedestal, and, yes, it would be nice to be Queen, but honestly—what were the chances of that happening? He continued to think as he waited for the Prince's response.
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    This day was just getting worse and worse. Zephyr had never seen someone this cute in his life, and frankly, he was dying right now. He was dying to express his feelings but also dying to run away from this whole situation. The second decision seemed like a bad idea, since he had already done this, he might as well go through with it. As he looked at the cute boy in front of him, he mustered up what courage he had inside his body and stated his proposal. He cleared his throat.

    "Ahem... uhm... I am very sorry to have stopped you in the middle of your errands, but... would you mind terribly if I invited you out for dinner?" When he realized just how that sounded, he quickly added some more. "Ah, it's not...- I mean, I just... heard your voice and... definitely thought that I would regret it if I didn't... call out to you."

    The number of times Zephyr had fallen in love could be boiled down to one. The number of times he'd invited someone on a date? Zero. Time and time again, he had thought he could find someone that he would be interested in, but he had thought that there was no hope for him. That he would never find anyone. But here he was, actually considering if he should just go by his parents' advice and pick himself a Queen. He didn't want them to pick for him, that was for sure. But right now, he was about to die of embarrassment.

    Even if he was royal, the prince, and desired by about half of the country, this young man felt totally out of his league. As if he didn't even have the smallest of chances.

    "Of course, you already know who I am, presumably... so... would you mind to tell me your name?"
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    Ellis couldn't help the surprised look that broke through his relaxed façade. He could only listen as he tried to calm his heartrate, which was speeding up at an alarming pace. He pretended as if he was fixing his clothes when, in reality, he was trying to press down against his chest and where his heart was located, almost making an inhuman noise at how fast it was beating. He could feel it quite clearly against his palm and that concerned him. Before this very moment, he's never experienced such a feeling. What made this moment so special? The blonde frowned internally at said thought, but pushed it towards the back of his mind. He could mull over that later. Right now, the Prince was waiting for a response, and for his name.

    Clearing his throat quietly, Ellis let his hand join the other in carrying the basket that he held with him. Fixing Prince Zephyr with a gleaming stare, he gripped his basket a little tighter and spoke with an air of superiority. If it wasn't for the clothing, you'd be confused who was the real royal between the two of them.

    "Apology accepted," he began. "Since I don't have anything else planned, I will take you up on your dinner offer," he continued. "I'd like to be picked up at eight o'clock sharp. Even if you are the Prince, that doesn't excuse you from not being on time like anyone else in the world," Ellis stated, eyes narrowing slightly as he spoke his demands. He hoped that the Prince understood how serious he was on the timing. A minute late, and he could say good-bye to ever getting to know Ellis. "Oh, and my name is Ellis. Ellis Snow," he introduced him. Unlike like other people, he didn't bow as he introduced himself. Also unlike most, he liked to think of himself as royalty, which explained why he was acting so boldly towards the Prince. Others would be shocked and even angered at his actions, but he could care less.​
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    "Ah, uh..." For a moment, Zephyr was thrown off his balance. This kind of reaction was the last thing he had expected. No one had ever... spoken up to him like that before. He wondered what kind of feeling was building in his chest, but soon realized, to his own demise, that he was pretty excited about this. He must be some kind of weirdo, to be happy with a person talking down to him like that. He couldn't help but smile, his nervousness melting away. This kind of guy might sound hard to deal with, but for Zephyr it just made things that much more easy. Ellis would not hesitate a second to state his demands. He was straightforward. That made things so much more easy for the both of them.

    He gently took hold of Ellis' hand, politely getting down on one knee. "Why, I am never late, Mr. Snow. I will pick you up at eight sharp. I believe that a private reservation at the town's best restaurant is in order for this occasion." Zephyr got up again, though still keeping himself at a polite, submissive state to make Ellis comfortable. Honestly, he wasn't against treating this guy like a Queen. Even without the outfit, this boy was born for the purpose. He had the stance and authority of a queen, something that was rarely seen in mere commoners.

    "I will be right on time, with a gift suited for a beautiful boy such as yourself. Be sure to tell me what you think of it, as I would like to know what you would prefer to have." Honestly, money was the least bit of his worries. He hated it, but he was a prince, and he did have a lot of money. Money to give a gift to his date and maybe, in some weird reality... Queen.

    "Well, then, I will pick you up by cart at eight o'clock. I will see you then."
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    Ellis had no sign of complaint on his face, or in his body language as Prince Zephyr took his hand and got on one of his knees. In fact, he was smiling and his eyes shone with approval at the action. He had expected the Prince to try to put him in his "place" and prepared to lash at him verbally, but was pleasantly surprised when he began to treat him as if he was the royal one amongst the two. He was silent as he listened to the blonde. He couldn't believe his luck. To think that their Prince was actually quite submissive and polite. It only served to make Ellis smile more. If he played his cards right, he could be living extravagantly before he knew it! His eyes shone brighter at the mention of a gift after Zephyr stood up once more. Maybe he could just get all of the expensive things his heart desired and live that way. He'd be quite content with that if being Queen didn't work out.

    "Oh, you don't have to worry. I'll definitely tell you my thoughts," he assured with a slight wave of his hand. "Until eight o'clock, then," he bid the Prince farewell, turning on his heel and stalking off as if he was on top of the world. As soon as he was out of the Prince's sight, he booked it home, maneuvering around other commoners and shouting out apologies over his shoulder. By the time that he made it home, he was panting heavily, grip loose on the basket that he was carrying. He was surprised to see all of his food still in the basket. Slowly, he made his way inside his small, cozy home, announcing his arrival.

    "Welcome home, dear! You sure took longer than I expected. What held you up?" His mother responded, coming out of the kitchen and towards him with a towel wiping away at her hands. She took away the basket and began to make her way back with Ellis in town.

    "The Prince himself stopped me and invited me for dinner," he explained, not beating around the bush even a little bit. He watched as his mother froze, stiffly turning towards him. Her eyes were wide in shock and disbelief.

    "...Say again?"

    "Prince Zephyr invited me to dinner..."

    It was silent for a moment, and the air felt tense. Like a bomb was getting ready to explode.

    And, oh, did it explode.

    "Oh, my God!" She exclaimed loudly, startling her son. "We've got to get you super posh for your date!" She squealed, eyes shining like the stars during the night and hands clasped together eagerly.

    "M-Mom! Don't call it that! It's just dinner!" Ellis squawked, eyes widening to portray just how mortified he was that those words came out of his mother's mouth. A date?! Wasn't that taking it a little too far? They had just met, after all. They couldn't already be going on dates, right?

    "No, no, that is totally a date! I am going to make you look like the most beautiful little thing that was born on this Earth and you'll have his heart no time!" His mother insisted to keep calling his outing a date, and it was starting to cause his face to burn slightly. From embarrassment or something else, he wasn't quite sure.

    "...So you're just going to make me more beautiful than I already am?" Ellis questioned with a raised eyebrow and a small, smug smirk. "Geez, Mom, we don't want to give the poor Prince a heart attack," he teased, smirk growing in size and smugness.

    "Well, we need to take his breath away, to say the least! Dear, he'll be all over you," his mother stated with her own smirk, eyes gleaming in a way that worried Ellis. Why did he tell his mother about this? Why didn't he just said that he ended up getting sidetracked on the way back home? Now look what he's gotten himself into.

    "...You're a lot more into this than I imagined..." He stated in a tentative voice, frowning slightly and furrowing his eyebrows as he regarded his mother with a suspicious look. He hoped that it would make her let up just a bit.

    "Of course, have you seen that boy?! He's practically an idol!"

    "Jesus—Mom!" The blonde squawked once more, dragging a hand down his face in flustered annoyance. But that didn't stop his mom once bit.

    "You two are going to look soooo cute! I want tons of stories from you!" She continued to gush, apparently ignorant to how all of this was affecting her son.

    "God, whatever you say, Mom! Just—stop talking about it, please," he begged.

    "Aww ~ Is my little boy nervous?" She cooed in a teasing manner.

    "Me? Nervous? Hmph, absolutely not! If anyone were nervous, it would most likely be the Prince!" Ellis stated in a haughty tone, crossing his arms and throwing his head into the air. Him being nervous was a laughable thing because it wasn't something that existed. His mother should know of this by now. Ellis Snow doesn't even know what's the meaning of being nervous.

    "Then, tell me, dear, why is your face so red?" So she had noticed his flustered state.

    Ellis was quick to defend himself. "B-Because... You keep on saying embarrassing things!" He spluttered, whipping around to half-heartedly glare at his mother.

    "Oh, no, no, you just really like him, don't you?"

    Ellis' mouth gaped open and close like a fish as he tried to come up with a suitable answer. "N-No, I—That's it! I'm going to go change!" Finally fed up, the blonde threw his arms up in a surrender and turned on his heel, marching his way towards his room while muttering under his breath. His face was still burning, but he could care less about that right now. As long as he looked normal by the time that eight came around, he would be fine.


    Time passed by quite quickly when you weren't focused on it. Which was exactly the case for Ellis. Before he knew it, his clock was two minutes away from eight and he was sitting around, waiting for some kind of sign that Prince Zephyr was outside of his door. He had decided to go with one of his fancier outfits. The one that he only wore for special occasions. He deemed this special enough and was now adorning the green and white outfit he loved oh-so much. Humming an unknown melody and tapping his foot along to it, he continued to wait patiently, golden eyes occasionally flickering over to glance at the clock and its current time. He better keep his word.
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    "So what is this, Zephyr? You are looking quite excited there, aren't you." Zephyr's mother, the Queen, was in front of him, looking at his sort of giddy, silly expression. No doubt that she knew what was going on with him.

    On the way home, he had gone past a few stores here and there in search for something to give Ellis when he had found the perfect place. What kind of gift would be more suitable for his coming Queen than something shiny and beautiful? So, he was at a jewelry store. When he came in, the person in charge came at him with a smile on her face. She started questioning him about what he could be searching for on such a nice afternoon, and he smiled gently.

    "I might have found myself a date, and I would like to impress him with tonight's dinner. Is there anything you would recommend that I give him?"

    She looked at him excitedly with sparkling eyes. She seemed very honored that she would get to pick something for none other than the Prince himself. "Ah, well! If you are looking for a good date gift, rings are absolutely in right now! What kind of boy is he?"

    Zephyr smiled gently as he eyed the different wares. "Well, he's a boy of good status. He would definitely appreciate something extravagant." When she heard this, she brought a ring from under the counter with a smile on her face. When Zephyr saw it, he was pretty sure already that this was going to be it. When she started going on and on about the materials and various details of the product, it started to sound just like the kind of thing Ellis would enjoy.

    He ended up buying the thing, having a gentle smile on his face as she put it into a box and handed it to him. When he was done, he got onto his horse and moved straight home. Within half an hour, reservations were made and a cart was ready for him. Exactly a minute before 8 PM, he stepped out of his cart to find Ellis waiting patiently in front of his porch. Zephyr elegantly got out of his cart, holding the door open as he reached out his hand for Ellis.

    "Why don't we get going, love?"
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    "Why don't we get going, love?"
    Ellis had to admit that he gasped softly at the sight of the cart that they would be riding in. What else did he expect, though? He was going to dinner with the Prince. Actual royalty, and not someone who just acted superior. Still silently gushing over their ride, he began to make his way towards Zephyr, letting his hand gently rest in the Prince's when he reached out. With the combination of the cart, the Prince's mannerisms, and the fact that he was actually early (by a minute, yes, but still early), the blonde was on Cloud Nine. His heart was fluttering at the treatment, and he knew that it was only going to skyrocket from here on out, which made him the most excited. He supposed that such actions should be acknowledged. Of course, he wasn't going to acknowledge it like a normal person.

    "Someone's trying to impress," he said, a teasing tone lacing his words. "I applaud your efforts, though," he praised as he got into the cart with the help of Zephyr. It was the closest thing that he was going to give in regards to a compliment. He wasn't one to give outright compliments unless he really liked something, and, even then, it was quite rare. It was like him being nervous—something that only happened once every blue moon. As he settled in his seat, his eyes observed the inside of the cart, more than happy with its lush interior and extravagant exterior. If Zephyr was trying to impress him, then it was working quite a bit. Then again, he probably has a whole bunch of carts like this. This is nothing to him.

    "Where have you planned to take me? Or is it suppose to be a surprise?" Ellis questioned in order to take his mind off of the cart, eyes tearing away and focusing on Prince Zephyr. His hands were folded in his lap while his legs crossed at the ankles. Sitting up straight, it would seem that all of those classes his mother put him through in regards to etiquette were finally paying off, and would pay off even more once they reached the restaurant of Zephyr's choosing.​
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    "Ah, well, this is the least I could do. It was the mere reason I was so late. I would've liked to arrive earlier, but I wanted everything to be in top condition, so I checked the cart myself before I picked it. It's no good just to rely on people all the time; if I want to be a good ruler, I need to become independent of my servants and staff." Honestly, everything about this guy was sounding way too good to be true. Maybe his submissive, sort of masochistic side to him was his negative trait - that was probably it. But a guy like Ellis would love to have a masochistic partner. After all, he would be able to demand all sorts of things and get what he wanted just by using that voice... honestly, even Zephyr himself knew how weird it was. He smiled as he got Ellis seated in the cart, opening the window to let in some air as he sat down himself. In this kind of environment, it was clear that he had been raised quite well. His posture was perfect, straight and stiff, but he didn't look the least bit stressed in his posture.

    "Ah, I suppose it's not a surprise. We're going to the Jade Garden, that exclusive place up in town. They have rooms you can rent. I figured that you did not want this to be a spectacle, so I decided to take you to a more... private location. We will have a personal waiter at our table." Zephyr smiled, reaching out and taking Ellis' hand, kissing his fingertips. "I would do anything for you, it's not only to impress. You deserve to be treated well." He might be a bit ahead of himself, but somehow, he felt that this wasn't the last time he would get to see this guy. This wouldn't be the last date they had. Just thinking about these things was making him excited. What kind of dates would they have later on? What kind of person would Ellis turn out to be? And could Zephyr successfully court him?

    A lot of things were happening, and before he knew it, they were just chatting gently with each other until they reached the restaurant. Instead of a servant opening up their cart, the Prince did it himself, stepping out gracefully as he held out his arms to support Ellis as he came out. Together, they walked into the restaurant. It was a kind of hush-hush place, and people would look, but not ask questions. After all, it would be quite... troublesome, to say the least, if people started flocking them with questions. They were led down the hall to a private area with a row of double doors. The waiter showed them into one of the rooms where there was a table. The waiter excused himself to go get their menus, and Zephyr saw it as a better chance than any to hand over his gift.

    As he had this afternoon, he got down to one knee as he pulled out the small box. "I thought that I ought to get you a gift suited for such a beautiful person. And what is more beautiful than a piece of jewelry?" In the box was the ring he had bought earlier, a beautiful silver piece with a blue stone in the middle. It was quite extravagant, and he was simply sitting there, waiting for Ellis to accept or refuse it. With that kind of look in his eyes, though, Zephyr was sure that the boy wasn't going to reject it.
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    Ellis tore his gaze from the window that he was seated by to stare at Zephyr with golden eyes that were shining with joy. He's only ever dreamed about going to the Jade Garden. Of course, a person of his status was much too out of reach for such a high-class place. No matter how much he acted as if he was royalty, he never had the status to back him up. But that might just change before he knew it. As he continued to listen to the preparations for the night, he couldn't help but smile softly. Zephyr was truly putting his all into this one date. In fact, he had Ellis considering another one, but that all truly depended on how this one turns out. The blonde was so caught up in his thoughts that he startled slightly when Zephyr took his hand, pressing feather soft kisses to the tips of his fingers. Such bold, direct affection taken him aback, but he was able to recollect himself before the break in his façade was noticeable.

    "Of course I do," he stated after clearing his throat softly. "I wouldn't expect you to treat me any other way," he added. His tone was laced with authority. While it was suppose to be a fact, it was also his way of indicating how he wanted to be treated. If Zephyr treated him any less than what he was now, he'd be out of his life like they never even crossed paths before. But Ellis didn't have to worry about such things. From his words, to his actions, to his expressions, the blonde could sense how genuine he was in everything that he did. He truly did believe that Ellis was a beautiful boy who deserved to be given the world, and nothing had ever made Ellis feel more elated.

    After their cart ride, which was full of idle conversation, they had finally reached their destination. Ellis waited for Zephyr to head out before heading out himself with the help of the Prince. It was nice for him to be the one to help him and not one of his servants. It made the blonde feel special. Once his feet were on the ground, they made their way to the restaurant. As soon as they entered, Ellis was immersed in the beauty that radiated from every nook and cranny in the restaurant. It was so grandiose and took his breath away. He blindly followed Zephyr, who was following their personal waiter. It wasn't until they were in their room and seated when Ellis snapped out of his awestruck state.

    He was about to make a comment in regards to the restaurant, but didn't when he saw that Zephyr was on his knee much like he was earlier that day. This time, though, he had something to present to the blonde. With furrowed eyebrows, the young commoner listened to the Prince's words, awaiting the big reveal. Just what did he go out and buy him? His question was soon answered as he laid eyes on the most gorgeous piece of jewelry he's ever known to exist. With its shiny, silver band and crystal clear, blue stone, Ellis could feel his heart melting slowly. He stared at it in awe before remembering that he had to actually accept it. Face flushed from the embarrassment of losing himself in the rings beauty, he tried his best to mask his happiness.

    "W-Well... I assume that this is an adequate enough gift, for someone of your position," he huffed. "There are much more beautiful things out there, but I'll settle with this for now." Ellis hoped that his joyous trembling wasn't as noticeable as it felt. There was a moment of silence before he reached out his hand in Zephyr's direction, shooting him an expectant look with a slight frown. "What are you waiting for? You're going to put it on my finger, aren't you?" He questioned, but it came out as more of a demand, which was fine with Ellis.​
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    Zephyr couldn't help but smile when he watched Ellis react to being presented with the gift. Despite his words, his eyes were hopeful and excited, and it was so obvious that Zephyr couldn't help but feel a little giddy in his stomach when he saw that amount of cuteness. He was holding Ellis' hand, and when he was demanded to put it on that dainty, beautiful hand, he chose the pointer finger of the right hand. When he looked up, Ellis was looking at him strangely, and inquired as to why he had picked that finger instead of the ring finger. When Zephyr was asked this, he took both of Ellis' hands into his own, placing his thumbs over Ellis' ring fingers with a calm expression on his face.

    "That's because, Mr. Snow, a much more special ring is meant for that finger. It would only be adequate to wait for that kind of ring, instead." The implications hung thick in the air like a blanket, and he knew that he was partially digging his own grave right now. But he wasn't going to push. He stood up again when he was done, admiring the ring on Ellis' finger. It suited him absolutely perfectly. He took that hand into his own, and lead Ellis directly to the table. He held the chair out for Ellis as Ellis sat down, and only when he was properly seated did Zephyr go to his own chair and sit down.

    After that, the waiter came back in with their menus, placing them on the table as he explained the contents of it. He asked if they already knew what they wanted, but Zephyr shook his head for now with a gentle smile, asking the waiter to give them a bit of time to decide. Politely, the waiter left the room with a bow. Now they were alone once again, and Zephyr opened up his menu. He glanced over at Ellis, wondering where to start with the conversation. He was very happy that they could spend their time together like this, but he contained his excitement. After all, it would be pretty embarrassing for him if he were to say something embarrassing.

    "Well, Mr. Snow, do you have anything in particular that you desire? You can order anything you'd like, after all, this night is meant for you." It was true that it was a date, and that you should be equals at a date, but at this point, Zephyr knew that Ellis would want to be treated like the important party here. Which he also was, in Zephyr's opinion. There wasn't a thing more enjoyable to him than courting to someone like this, with the good old ways of flattery and gifts. It was the way he wanted to go about finding his suitable Queen.
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    "That's because, Mr. Snow, a much more special ring is meant for that finger. It would only be adequate to wait for that kind of ring, instead."

    I-Is he...? No, right? He couldn't be! W-Who does he think he is?! Jumping straight to... to that?! I can't believe he'd even think that! Ellis thought, too shell-shocked to actually give a verbal response. The most that he could do was become flustered. Whether it was from his "anger" or the embarrassment underneath, he couldn't tell. Either way, his face was as red as a tomato and contrasted greatly with the rest of his pale skin. He was silent as he let Zephyr lead him to their table, helping him in his seat like the gentleman he was. Still reeling from his earlier words, the blonde couldn't even make a comment as the Prince sat himself across from him. It was the arrival of the waiter that broke Ellis out of his embarrassed trance. As Zephyr spoke to him, Ellis took the time to open up the menu and look over what was listed, taking into account the short description underneath the name.

    "Well, Mr. Snow, do you have anything in particular that you desire? You can order anything you'd like, after all, this night is meant for you."

    This guy has no inhibitions, does he? Ellis thought as his blush spread to the end of his neck and the tip of his ears. This was bad. He needed to calm himself down; he needed to rebuild up his walls. He needed to put his façade back into place. Eyes scanning the menu that was slightly propped to conceal his face, he inhaled softly as he read something that sounded absolutely delicious. But that wasn't what really got his attention. Oh, no. It was the price. The item had to be the most expensive one printed there. It even made him balk, but it wouldn't be a problem for Prince Zephyr, right? Not if he bought him that ring. With a slightly wicked grin and a mischievous gleam in his eyes to match, he laid the menu down, twisting it so it was readable for Zephyr.

    "I want this," he stated in a tone that left no room for argument. It seemed like he had bounced back from his earlier lapse. He flickered his gaze from his choice to Zephyr's face, analyzing his reaction. "It's not too much, right? I ask since you're paying," he continued. "After all, you did say I could order anything. I just want to make the most of this." And spite you. Or, maybe, I'm just trying to push my luck. Whichever reason will make you realize that I'm too much for you is fine with me.
  14. [​IMG]
    "Oh, my. Your taste is quite exquisite, isn't it? Well, this dish is quite so delicious. Waiter!" At his clear, but not too loud, call, the waiter came to their side. Zephyr smiled as he ordered two helpings of the dish for the two of them, along with the most expensive wine and a bottle of ice water. They didn't need to get drunk.

    Zephyr didn't like to get drunk, but he did enjoy the different tastes of various alcoholic beverages. Wine was one of his favorites, and he had ordered the most expensive one, an extremely delicious white wine that he hoped Ellis would enjoy.

    "Ah, perhaps, you don't drink alcohol. Can we have a glass each of this non-alcoholic drink as well, please?" He did all of this before Ellis could even react. It was clear that he was used to the whole dating business, and that he was a professional in not wasting his time. He wanted to make the most of his time together with Ellis, be it today, or on the other dates they were possibly going to have. He was very much looking forward to their next date.

    Within the next minutes. Zephyr held up a polite and elegant conversation with Ellis, the whole time smiling and chuckling at the sheer cuteness of his date. He had never enjoyed something this much. He got to pamper someone as much as he wanted, and this guy was receiving all of his advances. He loved it. That was when the waiter came in with their food and drink, and poured a glass of wine for the two of them. He had never enjoyed himself as much as when he was with Ellis, and he was going to make his move when dropping him off for the night; a little kiss there, a stroke of the hand.... and he would have Ellis' attention.

    "Are you enjoying your meal? I find it quite delicious. They are always so good at cooking here, and it always tastes the best. If anything doesn't suit your fancy, we can get the cook to take a look at it?" No amount of selfish requests could make Zephyr give up on this guy. He couldn't help himself. Pampering Ellis was one of the most exciting things he had ever got to do in his life, and it made him happier than he could ever imagine.
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    Ah, I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less from the Prince himself, Ellis thought as he slowly registered everything that had been done. But it's all too much to get used to! Who knew that actually being treated like royalty would be so overwhelming. With lightly dusted cheeks, the blonde spoke peacefully with Zephyr, smiling and laughing softly all the while. The atmosphere around them was a light and easy one. It was one that put him to ease and made him automatically relax. He was still as regal as ever, but didn't seem as tense as he did beforehand. The ring that was bestowed upon him glinted beautifully in the bright light that shined on them, and illuminated their private room, as he used his hand to stifle his laughter, or cover his blooming red face. So caught up with Zephyr, he looked slightly surprised when the waiter came back with their orders before remembering that they were at a restaurant after all.

    He shot the waiter a smile and mumbled a soft "thank you" before delving into his food. After his first bite, Ellis was certain that he had died and reached food Heaven. It was the only explanation for something as delicious as the meal in front of him. It couldn't have been made by other human beings. It was the food of the angels; he was sure of it. He had to bite back a moan as he chewed and swallowed his forkful before swiftly eating another. He was so glad that he chose to order such a dish. He was even more glad that Zephyr didn't deny him of it. He would have been missing out on so much. It was Zephyr's familiar voice that snapped him out of his food daze, making him focus all of his attention on him.

    "No!" He had uncharacteristically protested, shaking his head violently before realizing just what he was doing. Clearing his throat and trying to recompose himself, he let his eyes drop to his plate before staring back at Zephyr. "There'll be no need for any of that. This dish is more than delicious. I can't find a single fault in it, which is to be expected of such a renowned restaurant," he confessed, picking up the alcoholic drink that Zephyr had ordered. He only drunk during special occasions, and this happened to fall under said category. He gingerly sipped at the beverage, humming in appreciation and approval as its powerful taste overtook his taste buds. Not only did Zephyr have wonderful taste in gifts, but also drinks. He quietly wondered how the non-alcoholic drink tasted. "You made the right decision by choosing this place for our first date. But I do hope that you know that my expectations will be high for all of our future dates now."

    It was at that moment that Ellis just realized what he had basically said, and wanted the ground to swallow him whole because of it. If it didn't show in the way that he suddenly tensed, then it definitely showed through his red face and nervous biting of his bottom lip.

    "I-If... we have... future... dates, that is..."

    Somebody, please strike me down with lightening and end this embarrassment.
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    Zephyr had thought that tasting the food would be the best part of this meal, but oh, had he been wrong. The thing causing his excitement to blow through the roof was watching the face that Ellis made the instant he set his teeth in the food. He had never seen a sight so entrancing as that pleased expression Ellis was making right now. Frankly, it caused him to blush quite a bit; he'd never been faced with a sight like this before... even their simple conversation and everything was super enjoyable. He couldn't help but think about what would happen from now on. If Ellis would allow him to invite him out again... if they would have a relationship beyond this. He was looking forward to finding out, as everything about Ellis was making his skin prickle and his heart pound. He had never felt this way about someone before. The sensation he had felt when he first saw Ellis had returned. This kind of excitement, an unspoken "what if" in the air. He wanted it to continue.

    "Ah, is that so? That's wonderful, Mr. Snow. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying your food." He commented with a sweet, beautiful smile on his face. While Ellis was extremely beautiful, the Prince himself didn't lose in the least on the handsome scale. He had always been a boy much desired by others, but this was the first time he had attempted to chase after someone on his own. That fact alone was making his day better by the minute. Ellis wasn't just anyone. Ellis was the boy that Zephyr himself had been allowed to pick. Ellis was the boy that he would be with from now and for who knows how long in the future. It was exciting to think about what kind of relationship they would have in the future.

    "Then, for our next date, let's go somewhere other than a restaurant. I know tons of places that you would most likely find very enjoyable, Mr. Snow. Oh, but that is, of course... if you'll allow me to invite you out again. This night has been highly enjoyable so far, and I'd be honored to be allowed to invite you out again sometime." With the face Zephyr was making, it would probably be hard to say no. He was completely enchanted by this boy. He couldn't help himself. He wanted more dates. He really, really wanted to go on more dates. Not just for food, but for any kind of event. He wanted to go to carnivals and the beach and all of the typical places you could go for dates until they had tried everything. Or... until Ellis would fall in love with him, too.
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