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  1. How do you do? I'm Lorerei, and I'm in search of one or two new roleplays. You can see all my info over at my Roleplay Resume, so I'll keep this brief!(ish?)

    I'm looking for an Adept/Advanced roleplayer who can post 2-3+ times a week in third person, past tense. I play M// and M/F, though I prefer to play female in the latter. Libertine is not at all required, but I do prefer playing partners to be over 18, as well as play characters who are at least in their late teens, if not mid-20s.

    Things I really enjoy:
    • World building with someone
    • Keeping up a strong plot (romance is A+ but I prefer to have other things happening)
    • Creating interesting characters
    • Making said character's lives rather challenging.
    Normally, I'd implement some summaries here but thought I'd attempt something a little more laconic. Let me know if any interest you, here or via PM. Full up, ty!
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