Begin Again (A Sci-Fi CYOA)

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  1. A loud, automated, feminine voice can be heard over the intercom of the spaceport as you arrive on the asteroid-based trade center from the ship that evacuated you from your home planet.

    "On behalf of Confederation of United Colonies, hello, and welcome to Brunt-Maxis! This station is an interplanetary trading port on the asteroid KL-40218, near the Guran System. Here, there are many shops and dealerships from which you may purchase various items. The CUC is aware that many of you arriving at the Brunt-Maxis spaceport are refugees from the recent disaster that destroyed your home planets, and offer their sincerest condolences. The CUC has collaborated with the Bank of Sol to ensure that you will receive inheritance and due compensation for property and loved ones lost during the evacuation. Be sure to sign in to one of the many ATMs around the station, providing the correct information in order to receive your credits from the Bank of Sol. Yes, we at the CUC and Brunt-Maxis are aware of the tragedy that has taken place, but we encourage you too see it in a positive light! Now is a chance to start anew! You will find all you need to make this possible at the various vendors on Brunt-Maxis. The CUC, Brunt-Maxis, and the Bank of Sol wish you the best of luck!"

    You go to the nearest available ATM to collect your credits, and begin your new life.

    Follow the General Iwaku Rules. This includes no godmodding or metagaming. Character death is possible. There is no one set plot to follow, but infinite possibility! Team up with other players, or oppose one another. It's all up to you! Romance between characters or even characters and NPCs is acceptable and welcome, until it becomes explicit. Then I'm going to have to ask you to calm the fuck down over there. M'kay?

    Oh, one more thing. Character creation must follow THIS MODEL. You can combine any of the choices to make your unique character, so long as you do not go over the allotted amount of spendable credits. And yes, I will check your math. If you have any questions or cannot see the image/read it's contents for any reason, PM me and I will get back to you within a few days with all the stats. It is also preferred that you provide images for the more obvious visual aspects of your character (such as appearance, weapons, and vehicles), though if you do/can not, a detailed description is acceptable, as well.

    Alright! Now that we have all that covered, Here's my character, which you may use as a model to see what I expect for the character sheet.

    Name: Jace Altran
    Age: 26
    Professions: Hunting license, Amateur thief
    Ship: Nameless Lander
    Mech: No Mech
    Vehicle: hoverbike
    Attire: Stealth Attire (Free, Hunter), Modern Local Attire, modified Jika-tabi (Novelty, ninja shoes, moded for better climbing of ropes, steel cables, and walls, and absolute silent footsteps, looks normal),
    Weapons: 2 Machine pistols, revolver, sniper rifle (free, Hunter), 2 custom melee
    Misc./Other: Jets (pack form), “Blink” implant (free, Thief), Morph mask (free, Thief), galactic chart, entertainment systems (space internet, videogames, music)
    Turrets: 2 Laser, 2 Gatling (all on ship)
    Extra Credits: 8200
    Attire (open)
    Ghille Suit.jpg Modern Attire.jpg

    Weapons (open)
    Machine Pistols.jpg Revolver.jpg Sniper.jpg Custom Melee Short Sword.jpg Custom Melee Tomahawk.jpg

    Vehicles (open)
    Hoverbike.jpg Nameless Lander.jpg
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  2. I hope I'm asking in the right area, but how many credits do we start out with?
  3. 13,000 credits is the starting line. Look top at the top of the linked image (as said in the PM you sent me)
  4. Interested.
  5. Name: Lijuan Wu
    Age: 27
    Professions: Engineering Degree, Cyber-Tech Training
    Ship: Gravship
    Mech: N/A
    Vehicle: Groundracer, Mobile Base (free, Engineer)
    Attire: Modern Local Attire, Standard Issue Jumpsuit (free), Environmental Suit (free, Engineer)
    Weapons: Flash Grenade, Laser Assault Rifle, Machine Pistol, Hologram Grenade
    Misc./Other: Galactic Chart, Holodisk, Artificial Intelligence (free, Cyber-Tech), System Jammer (free, Cyber-Tech), Hoverboard (free, Cyber-Tech)
    Turrets: Railgun, Plasma (free, Engineer), LG-Rocket (free, Engineer)
    Extra Credits: 7,000
    Attire (open)


    Weapons (open)

    Vehicles (open)


    My first character and first time creating a character for a universe such as this one. I can't wait to begin roleplaying!
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  6. Name: Vex Kezzen Mira
    Age: 19
    Professions: Bounty Hunting license, Driver's License
    Ship: Gravship (named Arkite, hope you don't mind if I changed the look; 3000 bucks)
    Mech: None
    Vehicle: Hoverbike
    Attire: Vanguard Armor (550 bucks) Modern Local Attire
    Weapons: Laser Assault-Rifle, Custom Melee, Revolver (150 + 550 + 250 = 950)
    Turrets: 2 plasma, 2 LG-Rocket, 1 railgun (ship) and a gatling turret for the vehicle (600 + 300 + 600 + 150 = 1650)
    Misc./Other: + $550 free (bounty hunter) Galactic chart!
    Extra Credits: $6900

    Appearance (open)
    Dude.jpg [​IMG]

    Weapons (open)
    Neutris.jpg Revolver.jpg [​IMG]

    Ship (open)
    Arkite SR2.jpg

    Hoverbike (open)

    EDIT: Decided to get a hoverbike and a turret for the bike.
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  7. @InspiredShadow
    Accepted, other than the fact that your Extra Credits is about 2,500 off. Should be 7,000. I checked. You must have paid for something or two you got free with a profession.
  8. Shadow may have a Falcon, but 2 can play the Mass Effect stuff game!

    The Argus was awesome.

    And I'm hearing the ME 4 character model leaked, so I used it as my appearance. Hope it's good.
  9. Thanks. #hatedoingmath
  10. Whoop, if Vex is captain, he'll need a galactic chart...
    Bought it.
  11. Name: Ajax Altron
    Age: 27
    Profession: Enforcer training, drivers license.
    Starship: Battle strafer. Name: Brutus
    Mech: No mech
    Vehicle: Gravcar.
    Attire: Vanguard armor (enforcer free)
    Weapons: free enforcer hydra shotgun, shield and energy baton. laser assault rifle.
    Misc: Gatling turret on gravcar, galactic chart, hoverboard
    Extra credits: 8150

    M'kay. I think I did that right.
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  12. My next character will be uploaded tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get the math right that time.
  13. @Orbital
    Your math is off (should be 8150) but otherwise you're fine. Accepted!
  14. Do we have a roleplaying thread built for this?
  15. Not yet. Not enough people.
  16. How many people will be required before we bring the roleplay around?
  17. 5, at least. One more and I can start it.
  18. Count me in. Might take me a little while to get my character ready, but I'm interested.
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