Begging for Death

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  1. This roleplay is for those who aren't faint-of-heart. Not for those with weak stomachs. If you like gore, terror, and suspense, this roleplay is for you.
    You wake up under a bright light only to find that you are chained to a metal table. You can see organized rows of tools on a tray table next to you, most of which are sharp and dangerous. Others are confusing, but have a bad aura nonetheless. The table is stained with blood. You can hear metal clanging, and breathing. Someone is there with you, and they're planning to use those tools on you.
    Will you survive?

    I'm the kind of role player who likes to make things up as I go. The story will not just be a mish-mash of needless violence (unless you want it to be), and it will cone out into a more advanced plot. Anything can happen. Romance, plot twists, etc...

    If you're interested, reply below and/or PM me. :)
  2. This sounds interesting...
  3. If you want you can have the lead role. I'm gone all week staring tomorrow, but I'll be active next Saturday afternoon.
  4. I'd like to be a part of this, I'm a big fan of gore and killing my characters in gory ways.
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  5. I'd be more than happy for you to join!! been thinking about it and with each day comes a fresh idea.
  6. Can't wait to get started, then!
  7. Awesome go ahead and reply to the IC thread!
  8. And where can I find that? Im on the mobile version of the site right now so I'm not familiar with the layout. Send a link, maybe?
  9. Whatever you want ^.^ I'm still looking for a victim and if you want I can change it from a teenage boy to a little girl. It's your character, after all (if you want it to be >.<).
  10. Just tell me what I need to do, it's your story.
  11. You don't have to create a character reference unless you feel the need to. All that's important is a name, age, and gender. Your character should probably be the victim (unless you don't feel comfortable playing that role, in which case we have to wait for more players), and it doesn't have to fit the description I already created. Make your character however you want. When you're ready, feel free to reply to the IC thread. ^.^
  12. Is that kind of thing alright? What I just posted in IC, I mean.