Before the Lion King

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who is your favorite Brother?

  1. Scar

  2. Mufasa

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  1. [​IMG]

    Before the Lion King
    The Story of Taka
    For those of you that posted on the interest check forum go ahead and make your character sheet.

    For the rest of you, welcome to Taka's story. We all know and love the original
    story of The Lion King, you know the whole Simba, Nala, Mufasa= death, Scar
    takes over thing. Well, there is a story before that. Before Mufasa becomes
    King, before Scar, becomes...well Scar.

    Taka and Mufasa were brothers, as we all know. Their Father, Ahadi and mother Uru, were very loving and loved both of their children. However, they did not plan on having two boys. So they had to decide from the beggining which was too be king, of course, this right went to the first born, which was Mufasa. However, even though they knew Mufasa was going to be king, they still loved Scar and wanted to treat him just the same as the did Mufasa.

    What does this leave for the role play?

    Well, what happens with Taka?

    How does he become Scar?

    That's what we leave to the role play. There are many different stories as to how Scar became Scar. How he became exiled and how he became so mean. They are all very good and amazing renditions. If you ever have the chance go to DeviantArt and look some of the up, defiantly worth it. For us though, we are going to create our own story. Our own version to all of this. From the day they are born to the day that Mufasa takes his place as King.

    What does this role play need from you?

    Why I am glad you asked,
    >Dedication is key, This role play, is going to be long, its going to be elaborate and it is going to need people that are in it for the long haul, if that's not you...sorry.
    >Originality, you have to come in with an open mind, if you have read the other plots for this, don't come here thinking that is what we are doing, CAUSE IT'S NOT! we are making this our own and starting from the very beginning.
    >Respect. Even though we are playing as ruthless lions and hyenas that all wanna kill each other, it is just a role play. out side of the role play you have to be respectful of each others ideas.
    >Open Mind. we will plot this all out from beggining to end, TOGETHER! so if someone suggests something for the plot, don't be a Scrooge and tell them BAH-HUMBUG, or "Your idea sucks" or anything like that. its just rude and goes with respectful, we will keep an open mind to your ideas so do the same for every one else.

    >No God-Modding; yes there will be a mate system and I know in that sense it can sometimes happen, because your like, together and such, but even with your mate, don't God Mod. I hate it, you hate it....everyone hates it. so don't do it.
    >Follow all Iwaku rules and regulations
    >No Animal Sex; Yea again, I know there will be mates, but no one wants in depth details about how Mufasa mounts Sarabi on pride rock and shows her who's boss *shudders* just no, keep it fade to black.

    How is the mating going to work?
    I figured I would make a special thing for this, because i feel if I don't I will have people wanting to mate with with people they shouldn't. So, this is how mating will work. If they were mates in The Lion King, you will at some point become mates in this. Taka will NEVER be with Sarabi, mufasa will NEVER be with Zira. Sorry, not sorry.

    Now for the fun stuff.​
    Characters that are needed:
    -Mufasa @LogicfromLogic
    -Ahadi @TheScalesofJustice
    -Uru @ResolverOshawott
    -Sarabi @MiraiNikki021209
    -Sarafina- @HollowEastWord
    -Zira @Savannah-Clause
    -Rafiki @LoitaHaze
    -Shenzi @Savannah-Clause
    -Banzi @That0nePasta
    -Ed @Princess of the Teacup
    -Zuzu @MiraiNikki021209
    -Freya (hyena leader)
    -OC characters for mother @ResolverOshawott
    - father for Zira,Sarabi,Sarafina and
    -Sarafina's husband.

    *note: OC's are smaller characters, your part will be little to none, so if you want a part will less dedication, pick one of those, because you really won't be a big part, sure in the beginning you will be but after they grow up...not really. Unless you wanna make them a bigger part, in which case, Pm me and we can discuss*
    **Note2: Taka/Scar will be played by me, so do not ask if you can have his part, because its taken :)**

    Character sheet (open)
    Picture:(baby,child,teen and adult)
    Future mate:

    I was gonna have a personality thing, but I feel like that is gonna change with our characters. So unless you make an O.c you don't need it.

    Taka (open)
    Character Name: Taka
    baby (open)

    Child (open)

    Teen (open)

    Adult (open)

    Future mate: Zira
    Mother/Father: Uru and Ahadi
    Siblings: Mufasa

    *Final Note: When this all starts you will need to still stay subscribed to this thread because we will do our plotting here*
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  2. Character: Sarafina


    Future mate:


    Siblings: Sarabi and Zira
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  3. Sarafina's mother and father will be o.c's your siblings are Zira and Sarabi. your mate will be an Oc as well.

    Before Sarafina gets her mate there is a love between her and Scar, but its only one sided and Scar ends up getting hurt so in the beginning you do not have to worry about a mate so its fine.
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  4. Thank you so much!
  5. I'll have a Shenzi sheet up, soon. :D

    Can I swap out on Sarabi for Zira?
    I just watched TLK II: Simba's Pride, and it gave me the urge to play her. XD
  6. Yes sir. Just be aware that from like the age of young cub to teen, you have an undying dedication to Taka.
  7. Alright! I'll have both CSs up as soon as I reach my laptop. :)
  8. Character: Zira
    Couldn't find newborn photos.
    Cub (open)

    Teenager (open)

    Adult (open)

    Future mate: Taka
    Mother/Father: To be determined
    Siblings: Unknown


    Character: Shenzi
    Couldn't find young pics of Shenzi, either.. These are the best I found: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Future mate: Undetermined
    Mother/Father: Unclarified, cared for by Freya
    Siblings: Banzai and ed(unclarified, and countered by this )
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  9. Can I reserve Mufasa?
  10. Character: Mufasa
    Picture:(baby,child,teen and adult)
    Baby (open)

    Child (open)

    Teenager (open)
    (in thumbnail because my fucktard of a computer won't put it here)

    Adult (open)

    Future mate: Sarabi
    Mother/Father: Uru and Ahadi
    Siblings: Taka

    Attached Files:

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  11. @Sav The Zombitch
    That's great. I am aware they are not like legit siblings but they are family through like the closeness of each other...if that makes sense. The mother and father thing also never clarified but the heyena leader Freya, raises them. No other heyenas are mentioned throughout TLK besides the 4 of them so they are like their own little pack. Also Shenzi doesn't come in until Taka first ventures from the pride so you wont have to post as her for a while but if you want you can other than that you are all good :)

    @justice hunt
    Okay. I look forward to seeing it :)

    That's great. Accepted.
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  12. Can you reserve a spot for me?! LION KING WAS MY CHILDHOOD
  13. May I reserve Sarabi?
  14. Yay! I'll start the CS now.

  15. Character Name: Sarabi

    Picture:(Baby, Child, Teen, Adult)

    Baby (open)

    Child (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Teenager (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Adult (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Future Mate: Mufasa

    Mother/Father: Yet To Be Determined

    Siblings: Sarafina and Zira
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  16. I can't find a baby picture for Sarabi.
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