Before The Horizon: Supernaturalverse Short-RP

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  1. This isn't how it all started, there was The Road So Far... but now a new path is being discovered, and its destination will lead to something bigger than previous ripples could ever form. A band of individuals marked by fate, maybe free will, or perhaps it was scribed even before the tides of time began to flow, but these individuals would be matched by an unlikely cause. Some are lost, some are running, some are searching, but they all share one thing.

    Survival. These beings, mortal and supernatural, will become the fittest. Their reasons known to them to hold true in their lives. In the end, their paths are determined by their resolve and will.

    Even they have to begin somewhere.

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  2. Sandy


    Sandy peers through the cold morning glass of the window as a slight breeze reaches her from the air conditioning of the truck. Those weeks seemed more like years to her, yet also like mere moments ago. Awakening to a neon orange sky, with the most beautiful of all sights and scenery alleged to feelings of fear and complete shock. Not knowing who she was nor where she'd come from. But the most badgering thing of all....she didn't know where she belonged. She could still see the look on the officers' faces when they questioned her, complete with video camera documentation like some Paranormal Activity intro. She replayed their questions over and over again.

    What's your name?....Where are you from?.... Is there anything you can tell us about yourself?.....Why did you have a phone with no contacts?....And the cash?....

    All of her answers were unified in response.


    The feeling of being released from that station was more burdening than liberating. Wandering the vast beachside of Los Angeles for hours on end before coming to a stop at a motel in the middle of the valley. Thanks to a trucker, Dale. She still remembered his name. He'd been driving for 12 years now, with his family adapting to his absent lifestyle. Her memory recollection was ironically intact when it came to detail retaining, however her mind still alluded her from the events of past before waking up. It was like being stuck in a dream where you don't know what's going to happen next, like you're falling and you don't know when you'll hit the ground. She was caught in a loop. Dale gave her his number in case she had no one to turn to, and left that morning. She stayed for two more nights, and then it happened. The incidents that would spark her newfound journey and drive to discover who she is. She closed her eyes and jerked her head mildly remembering the screams. Poor young lady.


    She balled her fists at the vivid memory of the feeling she'd gotten walking past the attacker the first time she encountered him. It was no Twilight feeling that's for sure. His aura was damning, eyes hollowed in soul like an abyss of chaos, and his entire being wreaked of nothing but pure darkness. Like that of a shadow. It was the first time (since waking) that she'd ever experienced anything like that. It made her blood run cold as ice inside her veins. She thought it was nerves, but something in her gut said it was more... It was then the day after a man turned up murdered, bitten savage but precise like. Her mind rejected the concept but she knew even in was he who caused it.

    Then the night came. Nothing but being alone all day and staring at that God awful note: 'Happy 24th!!!'. It was evening before she even realized it. She didn't sleep, how could she? How could you sleep knowing you'd just wake up again not knowing a thing? Waking up into a nightmare day after day. The thought of it frightened her, but something or someone somewhere must've appeased to her, because that night marked something of importance. The flashback begins...


    An abrupt bump in the road causes the truck to hiccup over it, jerking Sandy up and down even with her seatbelt on. The hunter who she'd been traveling with for some time now at the wheel, a look of obligation on his face while staring over at her. The same one who had scolded her about what she'd witnessed until she uttered things that would make any hunter tilt their heads in puppy confusion to an unsuspecting 24 year old gentle-looking lass. Now he was seeing her with interest, and mild persecution. The thoughts rung in her cortex.

    'Vampire....Dead Man's Blood.....'

    She remained silent, thinking of the road ahead, literally and figuratively. Besides, it wasn't like she could think about the road so far...according to her, there wasn't one. The truck hums boldly as they make for the center of the country, where a new case was being sought, and the referred expertise of 'The Silent Chick' was needed. That, and some new hunters wanted to see if Sandy was all she cracked up to be, and if she was really as mysterious as the rumors say. She was like the shiny new toy of the community. How she knew, and why she knew all she did escaped her. She didn't care for the attention, but it beats ending up in a ditch somewhere, or worse...subject to the foul of the unknown as she witnessed.

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  3. — Name —
    Cordelia Chase

    "Oh Cordy, I'm so proud of you!" Her mother said, gushing over the phone.

    "Thanks, mom," Cordelia said, not correcting her mother when she used the annoying pet name 'Cordy'. Despite the annoyance, she smiled fondly as she spoke on the phone. It was three weeks before her graduation, and Cody exempted out of finals so with above a 95% in every class she was graduating ranked number 3, below only a legal genius and a girl who had a mental breakdown every semester until junior year where her parents filled her up on so much paxil that she no longer smiled. So, as far as Cordelia was concerned, she was a winner.

    "What are you going to do in your last two weeks without mom?" Her mother asked jokingly, smile heard on her voice.

    "Party, do drugs, endorse teen pregnancy and the worship of satan," Cordelia deadpanned her joke. She knew, on the other end, her mother was rolling her eyes.

    "Okay, you have fun with that Cordy." She said, "You've earned it." Her mother paused and for a second the phone was dead silent, "I'm just so excited for you!"

    I really really really really really really like you
    And I want you
    Do you want me
    Do you want me to?

    Cordelia sighed as she drove from Odessa, Texas to Roswell, New Mexico. The drive was long and boring, good for flashing back to memories (good and bad) of her late mother. She'd hoped that leaving Odessa would make it so she could take her mind off of her mother, but it was proving ineffective. Why had her mother been killed by a demon? She was more than able to protect herself and like Cordelia she had an anti possession tattoo. What was her mother hiding? What was so important it was worth dying over?

    63 miles to Roswell, Cordelia was soon going to find out.
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  4. Adam

    "Yeah. I've been doing some research here. Local history, death records, even gossiping at the local hotspots. The patterns are there. I think we've got a Woman in White here. Been taking passers-by for the last couple of decades. The sooner you can get here, the better."

    A young man spoke evenly into a landline phone, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer. Several files were scattered about the desk, a small pile of books off to the right. He adjusted his ballcap, glancing over to the images on his screen again.

    "Alright. When you get into town, I'll give you the specifics. See you then."

    Adam hung up the phone, sighing softly as he leaned back in the chair, exhaling a low sigh. What to do now? He supposed he should stay on the lookout for other jobs in the area, keep his contact lines open. At the very least, he figured he should go and disable a couple of his traps so when the hunter showed up, they wouldn't risk injury or being drenched.
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  5. Sandy

    What was... (open)

    A night sky. Bright and radiant stars littered the sky, and a full moon that's glow covered the landscape in a beautiful white-blue aura. Sandy just sat there, by the ice machine. She was simply staring. Her eyes focused to a sky in a ray of vision that never diverted gaze. Inner thoughts worked against her heart, for she felt no peace, nor did she feel any tranquility looking at the commonly positive annotated scenery. This was the second time she's felt like this, the other waking up to this foreign place. She clutched the crumpled not in her hand tightly, making sure to feel its texture to assure herself that this is real. She didn't know if she should just scream, cry, or stow her anger inside. Her gut nagged with an annoying tug of intuition, like something was eating away at her. What seemed like minutes to her was actually a couple of hours, listening to the cars go by on the road in front of her. The crickets chirping away in the night, Sandy closed her eyes and meditated her spirit on peace. She thought about the man that died the night before, picturing his soul ascending to Heaven.

    That's when her eyes shot open to a feeling of coldness. Not physical, but more like spiritual. It was a whisper, beckoning her to follow its voice. With an unknown force of movement, Sandy began to step slowly towards the feeling, her hand brushing the brick wall of the motel as she drifted about around the corner. She could feel something else, something tender. Something pure, like that of a delicate was emanating. Sandy felt its resonance, in fact it was almost mesmerizing to her. She could deviate between the two feelings, one of despair and darkness and the other of radiance. It caused her heart to rampage out of control, shocked and scared of these unexplainable feelings going on inside of her.

    Sandy heard the sound of something clicking against the pavement. She peered the corner to see a young woman, quite pretty if she had to say, walking along a narrow alleyway. She was alone...or so she thought. Sandy still could feel the other...thing. The woman stops dead in her tracks and shoots her head around to look back, but there was nothing. Sandy had taken cover behind the wall to conceal her suspicious ways. And then everything changed. Sandy posted against the dry and warm wall, only to hear a sharp, but brief, muffled scream. It was still distinct and clear in Sandy's mind.


    Her eyes shot open as even before she turned to see what was happening her emotions became clouded with morbid fear and helplessness. Sandy turned into the alley to see a man...the man from before sinking his teeth into the woman. Sandy didn't scream, and it was if time slowed down. She treaded backwards from the sight in disbelief, the smell of blood even in her nostrils. The man looked up from the limp woman with eyes of pure primal rage. That was the last thing would see.

    The sound of a needle piercing into flesh could be heard.

    The sound of a thud against the windshield could be heard.

    Sandy looked up from her passenger seat out of her trance and to the windshield, as a bee flies off the side from the impact. Sandy cups her hands together and tries to stifle her inner primal inhibitions. They'd been going on for a while now, she didn't know why. It was like a slow acting poison, gradually eating away at her until she knew she'd eventually snap. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case. Maybe it'd be in her best interest to tell him about her 'abilities' and what's going on with her, but she still didn't know the hunter all that well. She didn't trust him. However, weeks with him and he's yet to ask for any of her money or tried to manipulate her, that's saying something considering what he does for a living. It was a quiet ride, no talking (at least from her), no radio. Just silence, but not peace. Not for her. She was still thinking about her past, the one she couldn't remember. No bits and pieces, not even a flicker. It was all gone.

    She had been through every test the hunter could think of. She was smacked with holy water, nicked with a silver blade, touched by iron, inspected orally for fangs, you name it. She had been through every test in the book by the man. She glanced over at Evan, the hunter who had taken her under his wing. He didn't have to, just like she didn't have to go with him, but he seemed fascinated that she even knew what a vampire and its weakness was. Since then she's been traveling with him, eating his food, staying at his favorite places, and traveling along his paths. She didn't have any of her own, which to her was just a matter of finding, but to anyone else it would come off as freeloading. She didn't know too much about him, other than he had a kid and Evan was tough. She knew he wouldn't trust her too easy. Once she started naming creatures and details about them off the top of her head when Evan would talk about characteristics, her amazing talent rippled through the hunter community by word of mouth. And alas this would be her first case since joining. She didn't know if it technically made her a hunter or not. She couldn't fight, Evan knew that. At this point she wondered if she was a liability instead of help. They headed towards the Midwest, almost reaching their destination a few hours out.

    She sighed a deep breath and reclined her head back on the seat, her vulnerable feelings returning once more. To take her mind off of it, she picked up the report Evan had printed off and began reading. A woman in white. Night after night people heard screaming, yet the police would find no one. Those same nights people ended up missing...the peculiar thing being that all three of them were outsiders not familiar to the town. None of them had ID, and all three were riding in either stolen or unregistered vehicles. Sandy tilted her head at this information, instantly recognizing the spirit in question. Nymph of the Air. Why it was there, she didn't know yet.

    But what eats at her the most is how she knows these things. If she could retain such ample knowledge about the unknown, then how could she not have withheld the most basic information pertaining to her life? She visibly begins to tense up just thinking about it. It almost drove her mad. She unintentionally stared at Evan for a moment, her mind lost in thought. When she finally did snap out of it, she had forgotten what was on her mind. To think she should be used to it by now...

    The truck rumbles as they enter into Belle Fourche, South Dakota. The hunters that had convened were housed in a small motel in the middle of town. The town was VERY small, with no more than 6,000 people there total. That would make the case relatively easy to solve. Sandy knew what the creature was, but why it was here was the more alarming part. The motel is spotted as Evan pulls into the parking lot. The hunter named Adam had told them earlier that they were staying in room 10A. Evan cuts the ignition, and Sandy gets out feeling like she was about to walk into a room full of wolves, and she was a sheep. She didn't have much memory, but word of mouth suggested hunters were very strict, cold, and ruthless people. She would just continue to keep quiet and decide not to bother anyone, unless her involuntary expertise of the supernatural was needed.

    A knock on the door of 10A. They awaited a response.

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  6. Adam
    The young man adjusted his cap when he heard the knock at the hotel door. He adjusted a wire in front of the door, removing it from it's stand. Disarming a trap so they could enter safely. Immediately after, he opened the door, eyeing the two suspiciously. He peeked out the door looking around them before allowing them inside, locking the door behind them.

    "Hey. I'm Adam. Normally, I'd give you some tests and maybe a longer introduction, but, well, frankly the sooner we do this, the better. We can get to know each other over schnapps when it's done."

    The young man's voice was friendly, but was betrayed by a serious expression. In truth, he'd never been good at meeting new people. But, he was good when he had gotten to know people. Adam moved quickly over to his desk, grabbing a fold before moving back to the pair, holding the folder out to them.

    "I've narrowed it down to two possible Id's. Christine Andrews, or Samantha Hoover. Both women worked at the local...ahem, gentleman's club. They live in opposite sides of town, and have very little in common. The former was divorced with no kids, the latter was married for only a few months before before she died. Anything else, you'll unfortunately need dig up on your own.

    If you need info I can dig up, just give me a call."

    Adam nodded politely to them, glancing back to his computer.

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  7. Sandy

    The head of an Asian guy peered from around the corner of the door amongst the morning. He checked the area for any stragglers before letting Sandy and her ward inside. She looked around the confined room, with the curtains fully covering the windows, and the Asian guy dubbed 'Adam' went right back to his laptop computer before crunching away at presumably more research.

    Adam: "I've narrowed it down to two possible Id's. Christine Andrews, or Samantha Hoover. Both women worked at the local...ahem, gentleman's club. They live in opposite sides of town, and have very little in common. The former was divorced with no kids, the latter was married for only a few months before before she died. Anything else, you'll unfortunately need dig up on your own. If you need info I can dig up, just give me a call."

    Sandy nodded before watching Evan do his thing, and she takes a seat on the far bed closest to the real wall. She'd thought about the names, and then she'd thought about the report. She had to add it up from an investigative standpoint right? She didn't really know how it was supposed to work, she just had a ton of unknown knowledge. These hunters were very reclusive, and paranoid from seeing what seems to be a trap at the front door. Sandy studied Evan and Adam in their natural habitat, Adam driving away on the computer and Evan gathering some tools for a hunt.

    She thinks back on the report and articles: Those same nights people ended up missing...the peculiar thing being that all three of them were outsiders not familiar to the town. None of them had ID, and all three were riding in either stolen or unregistered vehicles. Sandy thinks about Adam's part of the research, and connects the dots. Both of the alleged women were erotic dancers. One divorced no kids, another married a few months. She had to bet her money on the divorced lady, marriages can be messy. Really messy. How she knew that she'll never know. And like a random miracle, Sandy begin to utter from her mouth involuntarily the details of the deeper truth, saying it casually as if asking for a napkin.

    "Death Omen. Most people call them the Lady in White, or Llarona. But Banshee's are really peaceful in nature, it's their cries that cause terror. Some omens remain as lost souls until they have resolved their pain...but the actual omen itself represents the coming of Death. Three missing persons, all from outside of town. A very small town where everyone knows each other. Stolen or blank cars, no ID on any of them...they were either hunters or criminals, which would make sense to tie the cop in who saw the spirit last. He was the only one to see her out of the entire squadron. He's either tied to her, or he's about to die..."

    Sandy stopped talking and realized she'd done it again. She bashfully peered at Evan and Adam, before darting her eyes down and started reading again. That was the first time she'd talked in 17 hours. She brushed her hair aside and went back to her silent mode. Either she had went too far or was right on cue, because the silent looks from the two hunters filled the air with awkwardness.

    In Town. Later that night.

    A squad car pulls up to his quiet and isolated shack on the outskirts of Belle Fourche. His tag reads 'C. Thomas', as he removes it and throws it in his black duffel bag. He unstraps his utility belt and throws it in the bag as well, making his way up the stairs to his distanced home. He opens the cabin door, and slumps himself on the nearby chair, picking up a beer he was already drinking the night before. Work was eating away at him. Three missing persons, and the cries of a woman every night. It was strange, he hadn't had this much activity in life since he got here, and those missing persons seemed to have all things in common, it was no chance that three outsiders from different places in the world came here to turn up missing. Something was going on. Officer Thomas rubs his temples in stress as the distant echo of a squeal can be heard. He ceases all movement and hears it again. He rises and goes to the small window, peering out into the woods surrounding. A shriek came as loud and sudden as if she was right behind him.


    Officer Thomas stumbles back and jumps for his duffel bag and grabs his gun. He takes the safety off and aims at the window.

    Thomas: "H-Hello?..."

    Nothing. His vision peers around as he looks all around to simple wails at first, and then they slowly begin to get louder...and louder...and louder. His awareness increases greatly as he backs towards the door, swinging it open to see a woman clothed in all white, along with something peculiar. Her eyes were all white as well, as she begins to scream to the top of her lungs in morbid terror. Thomas shoots his gun once and she vanishes in thin air. He focuses his attention to outside, not hearing a peep once more.

    Something creaks behind him. And that was the last thing that he would ever hear.

    ??: "Thank you."

    A voice says grimly as the unknown person draws a blade, a sword particularly, and drives it straight through the officer. He screams in futility as his hands glow red hot trying to grab the sword pierced in his body, and his eyes flash a solid white with reptilian iris', before falling to the ground, lifeless.

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  8. Evan Abernathy


    "Woman in White? Fuck. We'll be there in an hour or so. Silent Chick's comin' along. Be expecting us." And with that, Evan hung up the phone with the other hunter. They were heading to Belle Fourche, South Dakota. It was a small town with no less than 6,000 people. It was a town where everybody knew everybody. Because of that, the hunter expected the case to be over with in no time. Once it was over, the two would be headed to their next destiny. To another job, another city. Evan glanced over to Silent Chick, who seemed to be in a daydream. He had picked her up a few weeks ago and taken her under his wing. Normally, that wasn't his thing. He was a solo hunter. It was rare when he worked with others. The only reason why he picked up the chick was because she had knowledge. Knowledge about the supernatural world and that was pretty much it. She apparently had no other memory than the supernatural shit and she even had no clue where she learned it.

    He had found her in an alley, where he had tracked a vampire. She was standing a few feet away from him when he struck the vampire with the needle. At first, he thought she was a innocent, a civilian. He was wrong. Once she saw the needle, she started naming things that only a hunter would know. She identified the creature and then told him what was in the needle. Dead man's blood. That's when Evan started believing she was something other than a civilian. It intrigued him and he wanted to know more about her. Why did she know about the supernatural world? Why did she retain only supernatural knowledge and nothing else? He intended to find out eventually. He just hoped that letting her stay with him wouldn't come back and bite him in the ass. He had done all the tests on her, but in the supernatural world, anything could happen. For all he knew, she could be a new breed of some sort of monstrous creature.

    "We're nearly there. Be prepared to use some of that knowledge of yours." He simply said, not expecting an answer. There was a reason why he called her the Silent Chick. The hunter returned his eyes to the road and drove the rest of the way in silence.

    Within an hour or so, the truck rolled into the small motel. The other hunter had told them that they would be heading to room 10A. The two got out of the truck, Evan grabbing his duffel bag out of the back seat. He had more tools, but his duffel bag was his to-go thing. If he needed something instantly, there it was. He slung the bag over his shoulder before following Silent Girl. He knocked on the door and awaited for the hunter to answer.

    Once the door was opened, Evan made himself at home. He tossed his bag onto the bed and took the folder from Adam. "Thanks. I'll look int-" He paused, whipping his head around to stare at Silent Chick. She was speaking, actually speaking. For the first time in 17 hours to be exact. Once she was finished, Evan was actually dumbfounded. A Death Omen! Of course. It all made sense. A Banshee was causing all this, or at least that's what he assumed. "Fucking Banshees. Normally, they follow a certain family. If they love the person, their wail can either be a soft, tender, soothing chant but if the person is their enemy, it can be a demonic howling of delight almost. But, why would a Banshee kill three person's with no connections? The only thing that connects them is the fact that the women both worked at strip clubs and they all had stolen cars and no IDs." He said, rubbing his face with his hands.

    (Hope this is good enough. I'll post with the other's later on.)​
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  9. Sandy

    Sandy had guessed that this was the part where they go investigate Christine Andrews or Samantha Hoover. Seeing as how Christine was the one that was divorced, maybe that depression or rage would cause her to be the omen, at least Sandy had thought. She walked over to Adam and pointed to Christine's picture, more of a silent way to acknowledge that they should track her background and address first. Adam smelled funny to Sandy. Not bad smell, but more of interesting. It would be like someone smelling a home cooked meal and perfume at the same time. She tilted her head in curiosity, before wandering back over near Evan and watching him rub his face. Now would be that part where they would gather their things and go stakeout or something? The knowledge was instilled, but this was all new to her. Unless they would split up and go check out two of the suspects at the same time. She didn't know how it worked.

    She looked over at the nearby table and grabbed the crumpled piece of paper, with the saying 'Happy 24th!!!' on it. She neatly folds it and places it in her pocket, giving a contesting stare to anyone who was watching her with a questioning look. She lays out all the articles, and went over to Adam's screen and began reading the reports from his side as well. Judging by Adam's reserved and relaxed nature, she'd just assumed that Evan was the one that was going to be in charge. That and his physique and presence was just that of someone who takes initiative. After gathering the data together, she looks at Evan.

    " I stay here?"

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