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    And the titans isn't our only problem anymore.

    A Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan RP where the canon peeps have been ditched between Jessica2477 and I.

    Our respective characters:
    Finhawk - Deke Ramon

    Name: Deke Ramon

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Deke stands at 165 cm (5'5'') with a weight of 54 kg (119 lbs). His body has lightly tanned skin and is pretty lean with slight muscle. Deke's brown hair is always cut short and he absolutely refuses to let it grow out even an inch. The boy's most eye catching feature is probably his bright green eyes that tend to stand out from the rest of him.

    Personality: Cheeky and somewhat bratty. Deke doesn't seem to take many things as seriously as he should and can be quite annoying if he wants to. The boy is usually quite overconfident and somewhat stubborn. He isn't one to stand still for too long either and grows bored rather fast if there's nothing for him to occupy himself with. However, Deke usually keeps on a happy face and his spirit isn't that easily crushed. He remains positive most of the time and refuses to believe he won't be able to dig himself out of whatever trouble he might be in. The lad is also quite loyal as a friend but getting on his bad side isn't recommended. Deke tends to carry grudges to the bitter end and can act quite immature when it comes to those he doesn't like.

    Bio: Deke hails from Wall Rose's Karanese District. Both his parents joined the military and Deke was mostly taken care of by his aunt while he was growing up. Deke's mother is a part of the Military Police while his father enlisted in the Survey Corps much to his wife's disapproval. Turns out the man should have listened to her as he never made it back from his first expedition. This was also why Deke's mother strongly disagreed when the kid turned 12 and announced he wanted to join the military as well. It wasn't until three years later when Deke finally stopped listening to his mother's protests and signed up. His mother obviously wasn't pleased but since she couldn't really stop him, she simply told him to work his ass off and join the Military Police as well. Despite his efforts, Deke didn't rank high enough when he graduated to do what his mother wanted him to. Though, that was merely a convenient excuse as he had had no intention of becoming part of the Military Police in the first place. In the end, Deke decided to join the Survey Corps mainly to piss off his mother.

    Skills: The lad is rather agile and adept at using the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and he's quick to make decisions when it's needed. However, whether those decisions are good is up for debate. Deke isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the box and doesn't think things fully through most of the time. He's not the best team player either.

    Other: Deke loves any kind of fresh fruits and has a distaste for meat. He also likes rain and has gotten himself sick way too many times by spending time just standing outside in rain.
    Jessica2477 - Lionel de Haven

    "You're either incompetent or a coward. Go ahead and cry all you want, I'll handle things from here..."

    "Our different judgement is the result of different experiences. Ignorance has nothing to do with it- at least not now."

    "Once I'm dead, there will be no one to protect you... I'll keep fighting until I have nothing to keep me going."

    Name: Lionel de Haven

    Age: 18


    Lionel stands at 172 centimeters (5'8) and weighs 154 lbs with only 4% body fat, meaning the extra weight is mainly muscle. His skin holds a slight tan with a lean and noticeably strong physique. He has dirty blonde hair kept somewhat long though his bangs are cut high enough to keep from getting in the way. He holds hazel eyes and a scar under his eye from a Titan attack many years ago.


    Opposite of his good friend, Lionel is often level headed and does what he can to keep himself together in front of comrades, friends, and superior figures. He also is a compassionate being who does do good when he can, because he doesn't want to be remembered as a horrible person. He is seen as an "older brother" figure over those he cares for, and those that hold a special place are protected and sought-after excessively. After losing his mother, Lionel didn't want to have to go through the same pain again. Though he understands he is over protective and cold hearted, it is something that cannot be helped. It is a trait Lionel will and can never change for anyone. However, the only person that would be able to get him overwhelmed is Deke.


    Lionel had been born and raised within the Walls of Maria, where he and his parents resided in a small home just away from the main town. They lived a happy life until something occurred that caused a hole in the wall. He had been playing outside when a large piece of gravel struck him, cutting him deeply and nearly fracturing his cheek. The hit itself caused him to hit his head when he fell back and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was on a ship to Wall Rose with his father and what he could carry on his back. It was on that ship that he was told his mother was dead, and every day still holds deep regrets about not telling her he loved her and thanking her for everything she has done. He and his father soon moved into a small house in Karanese District, where he befriended Deke. As they grew up, he went from a traumatized and shy child to what he was today. He had grown very fond of him despite his immaturity and cheeky behavior. Because he feared that he would lose his best friend and the idea of Wall Rose being attacked, he joined the military alongside Deke.

    He ranked number one in the trainee squad and joined the Recon Corps alongside his friend. Since his father was growing quite old and was becoming ill with an unknown disease, he figured he would be able to look at what was beyond the walls and tell him all about it. He and his father Bernard had received word of Wall Maria being reclaimed and stable again, but they decided to stay in Rose to be safe rather than sorry.


    He is extremely agile, holds catlike reflexes, and his combat skills surpass most of the Recon Corps members. His wits are sharp and is known to make quick decisions last-minute and listens to whatever orders are given to him. However, his need to protect is greater than his common sense. Deke can be his greatest asset or his biggest downfall given the situation. Not only that, but if he is upset, his combat and reflexes decrease drastically.

    Other: Lionel is the type of guy to donate his dinner to children if he sees they are hungry. He has to wear a medical mask when he visits his father and urges any guests he brings to do the same.

    Deke "Hey Lionel, do you think humans taste good? Do you think we taste any good?" Deke cocked his head slightly as he voiced his question, not really sparing as much as a glance at his friend. The young man didn't really know whether he expected Lionel to actually give him an answer or not. Deke was simply getting bored of travelling and his back was starting to ache from riding a horse. So thinking about what he might taste like if he got eaten in the near future was obviously what a normal person would entertain themselves with. Alright, maybe not a normal person but it wasn't that out of the ordinary for Deke. A small grin formed on the lad's face as he opened his mouth again, "I hope I taste horrible." If he was going to be lunch, he damn well wished the titan eating him wouldn't enjoy its snack and got indigestion as a bonus.

    A titan might actually get to snack on Deke soon enough as he had been crazy enough to join the Survey Corps and everyone knew what happened to most newbies of that branch. However, nothing bad, including being eaten, could never happen to him with Mr. mother hen following him around. Deke gave said hen, his ever faithful Lionel, a quick glance. The two of them had been more or less glued together ever since Lionel popped up in the Karanese District all those years ago. It kind of annoyed Deke, especially when the other wanted to play the knight in the shining armor, but he didn't want to think about what he'd do without his unofficial shadow either. He very much enjoyed hanging out with his friend and therefore Deke was just going to have to deal with Lionel's infuriating mission to watch his every step. After all, Lionel was putting up with his annoying ass so it was just common courtesy of him to do the same, right?

    However, Deke had a hunch him joining the Survey Corps had at least something to do with Lionel being there beside him and that pissed him off. What if the other teen was the one to get eaten? That was quite unlikely considering Lionel was some kind of god's gift to slaying titans judging by their training alone but it was still a possibility and honestly, it terrified Deke. Which was exactly why he'd rather not think about it and he focused on the biggest reason he joined the suicide candidates in the first place, his nagging mother. It was probably one of the worst reasons of making yourself titan bait but he didn't really care. Sadly, he most likely wasn't going to see her face when she hears the news. The people had started to fall under some kind of disease lately so setting foot in and out of the inner wall had been restricted to avoid further spreading and as a part of the Military Police, his mother was kind of stuck there. She probably didn't mind though, she was safe there, from the titans and from the disease. Deke scowled slightly as he thought about it, she wasn't going to be home when he got there this time either. He might be visiting home for the last time and his mother was safe and sound along with the rest of the douches.

    He hated her.

    Sonja, his aunt however was going to be in that simple old house like she always had been. That woman was more like a mother to him than his real mother has ever been. Which was why he was hoping she hadn't caught the same weird disease Lionel's father had. Which sounded bit of a douchebag thing to hope considering his friend was probably worried sick about his only family left. Though it was nothing more than a weird flu that would blow over in no time so there was no real reason to worry, right? Just as Deke was about to ask Lionel about his thought on the matter, he spotted something further ahead that made his face lit up like a kid's on a Christmas morning: a gate. A gate behind which the Karanese District was located, the place Deke preferred to simply refer as home. "Yesh! It was about time!" The lad spread his arms wide as they drew nearer the gate and announced his arrival to the gatekeeper with a wide grin on his face, "Your lord and savior and his loyal servant have returned. Let us pass." The surly man surely wasn't as amused as the comedian himself.
  2. Lionel

    Lionel had been lost in his own mind, listening to the idle clopping of their horses' hooves as they traveled along the path. The traveling from point A to point B had been tedious with nothing to do but watch the environment gradually pass by whilst his friend either remained silent, asked questions, or complained about how bored he was. Some received answers, and some didn't. The particular question his crimson haired friend had in mind though earned Lionel's attention almost immediately. "Excuse me...?" He asked, though already knew what had been the question and decided not to answer. He never wanted to think what might a human taste like to Titans... It was a disgusting thought.

    The normal Recon Corp members would have looked at Deke as though he was losing his mind, or this new world was getting to him, if they had heard his question. Both those assumptions were wrong. The truth was, Deke has always been like this. Ever since the two were children Lionel could only recall the crimson haired boy doing or saying something reckless, which resulted in Lionel fighting for said crimson haired boy. As the years progressed, the dirty blonde's natural need to protect grew stronger and stronger until it became what he was today. However, Lionel didn't regret protecting his friend all those times. Not one bit. Even if it meant being verbally or physically attacked by other children at least it was alongside his good friend. Deke had given him friendship and a sense of security with his cheerfulness and high spirits. It reminded Lionel that humanity wasn't completely dead, and saw it as a sheen of light in the middle of this dark world. It was that kind of sense that gave him hope, ignoring Deke's bad qualities (which superceded the good). A precious gem he wanted to keep safe.

    Lionel knew what it was like to lose a loved one. He knew the pain of realizing that person was gone forever. When his mother died, he had been in a sense of grief and denial. He would not accept the death of his mother until his father yelled it into his head... It was an awful feeling, and he didn't want the youth of the next generation to go through the same loss. Not if he had anything to do about it. Not only that, but his father had been growing quite ill with some sort of disease that had been lingering around the town. He wasn't sure what it was, and it terrified Lionel to no end. All he had left in his life was Deke, his father, and a girl whom he befriended named Mya... The thing was she wasn't a big fan of his good friend, so it limited any time together because Lionel wanted to ensure Deke's safety.

    Despite that, he didn't want to lose any of them. It took a while for him to recover from the pain of losing his mother. Lionel just didn't want to go through that again.

    The two of them had arrived to the large gates, Lionel not needing to turn to his friend to see the childish look on his face. The "Lord and savior" comment made the dirty blonde sigh softly, knowing how idiotic his friend could be most of the times. The other gatekeeper next to the one being spoken to simply stared at Deke, since said redhead was notorious for his personality and Lionel famous for his skill.

    "Opening the gates for Lionel de Haven and his sidekick!" He called as a precaution to the other gatesmen that were around. This was to ensure that entrance was confirmed by a fellow gatekeeper; opening the doors in silence or with a different sounding voice meant intruders.

  3. Deke Deke's goofy smile melted away rather quickly as he gave the gatekeeper a nasty glare. The lad had referred to himself as the 'lord and savior' but obviously such comments were never taken like he intended. Deke pouted slightly as the gate was opened and they could resume the journey. Lionel was the one with the talent and a hell of a lot closer to being a lord and savior than his loudmouthed friend. Most people didn't understand why such a skilled young man would bother to put up with such a mediocre brat, Deke wasn't stupid enough not to notice it. Sometimes he wondered it himself. He was most likely just slowing Lionel down but he was selfish so he let himself be the shackle on his friend's leg. However, that was also why he needed to be stronger too. Deke straightened his posture slightly, he had no time for pouting. It was true most new Survey Corps recruits didn't come home from the first trip but the ones that survived became stronger with every expedition. Which was why Deke would not die, he refused to. Screw logic, he'd hang onto his life with pure willpower if he had to. He'd survive and then Lionel wouldn't have to worry about him. Yes, it was the perfect plan, nothing could possibly go wrong.

    Once Deke could start spotting familiar houses and corners, his mood lifted again. Screw that stupid nobody gatekeeper. It didn't take long until the lad noticed someone walking down the street in the same direction they were going. The woman's dark brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail and her simple clothes had seen far better days. Deke recognized her right away: Sonja. With a sheepish smirk, the boy hopped off of his horse and landed on the ground as gracefully as he possibly could. With the reins in his hand, Deke successfully caught up his aunt with a few quick steps and extended his unoccupied hand, intending to grab her shoulder. However, before he could do that, Sonja spun around and grabbed his arm by the wrist like she had seen him coming from a mile away. "You're gonna have to do better than that." Sonja smirked as she tapped the side of her nose with her free hand, "I could smell you coming." Deke tried giving his aunt a glare but failed miserably as he snagged his arm free, "I don't smell." Though the boy still grabbed the collar of his jacket and gave it a sniff to make sure nevertheless. While Deke was occupied smelling himself, Sonja turned to look at Lionel, "Hey Lionel, thanks for looking after this goof for me." She ruffled Deke's hair despite the boy's protest as she smiled at her nephew's friend. However, the smile wasn't quite genuine, it was forced. Sonja was upset about something and her eyes gave it away.
  4. Lionel

    Lionel looked over to his friend after the gateskeeper claimed the blonde to be their 'Lord and savior' rather than Deke. The scout wanted to say more, but he then turned his passive gaze forward, since there was nothing he could say to make Deke feel better that wasn't a lie. He thought his friend to be a less than talented soldier, but that didn't mean he didn't think him to be a good soldier either. Deke was right on average in the eyes of Lionel. He was agile, quick, and landed hits on the nape whenever needed, but he had his own outstanding qualities. The crimson haired man was spirited and much more cheerful than the other soldiers, which was useful for making a grim atmosphere lively. Some could say he was quite charismatic. The other scouts didn't realize it, but in order for their 'Lord and Savior' to function correctly, he needed Deke, making him their savior... If Deke died, it wouldn't be long before Lionel followed suit.

    The familiar houses came into view, making Lionel relive a part of his childhood in his mind. Deke and himself playing with each other or traveling around the town. Even back then Lionel was so protective of his best friend... Next to his father, he was all he had. He never wanted to leave Deke alone unless it was time to go home. He stepped off his horse as gracefully as his friend, standing by him as he and his aunt interacted with one another. He didn't want to step in or say hello while Sonja was talking to her nephew. When he was acknowledged, the blonde gave a small smile and bowed his head. "You're welcome Sonja-" He began, though caught the look in her eyes. "Is something wrong?" His voice was quieter, Lionel visibly tense about what could be the issue. What had her looking as she did? What happened?

  5. Deke Deke averted his attention from his mission to fix his hair after his aunt's vicious attack, even though there really wasn't much to fix due to the short nature of the lad's hair, and looked over at his friend. "Is something wrong?" Why'd Lionel even ask that? A quick glance at Sonja was a good enough answer for that as she seemed rather distraught upon closer inspection. The mood had taken a quick turn in just a matter of seconds. A way too quick. Deke wasn't liking it, he didn't come all this way just to brood around. So he replaced the grin on his face and clapped a hand on his aunt's shoulder, "Nah, it's prolly nothing. I bet she was just turned down by a gorgeous guy she had a five minute crush on." This earned Deke a quick slap to the back of his head from his slightly embarrassed aunt, "I don't have five minute crushes. And look whose talking, what about that two day girlfriend of yours? Adelinde was her name, right?" It was Deke's turn to be embarrassed then, "Oh, come on! We were friggin' stupid 6-year-olds playing grown ups. Just when are you going to let that go?" Deke lightly punched his aunt's shoulder before crossing his arms with an annoyed huff. Sonja merely responded to this with a smirk, "When you bring home an actual girlfriend for me to judge." The boy merely muttered a barely audible "Yeah, right." under his breath when Sonja turned her attention back to her nephew's friend and the playfulness melted away from her once again, "You two must be tired and hungry, let's just get back home and I'll get you boys something to eat and drink." At this, Deke opened his mouth to protest something along the lines of 'I don't get tired or hungry' but he was silenced by his aunt's Do as I say, dammit! -look before he even got a single syllable out. Clenching his mouth shut again, Deke silently agreed to follow his aunt as she started heading towards their home. They weren't so far away from their destination anymore so Deke was more than content with just leading the horse beside him by the reins. Walking felt great after sitting on that damned animal's back for some time. "I'll tell you all about the latest news once we can all sit down, alright." Deke didn't bother even glancing at Sonja as she spoke since he was busy kicking few unfortunate rocks. Besides, there was hardly anything interesting she could possibly tell them, right? He might not have been so sure about that if he had bothered to look at his aunt and had seen the serious look on her face.
  6. Lionel

    He kept his eyes to the other woman, awaiting his answer until the playfulness between herself and Deke occurred. Lionel gave his own little grin, listening to the two have their playful argument. There weren't many people who enjoyed being around Deke for his foolhardy behavior. Especially the realists, they were not fond of his friend and questioned the blonde many times about why he chose to guard his friend with his life, and make sure he lived on. Those reasons could be seen as personal.

    Lionel had already been suspicious before, but now it had been given more fuel. Something was going on, something that Sonja just wasn't telling him. He needed to know. Whatever was being kept from him he had to know. He had the right to know what in the world the other woman was keeping from him. He said nothing though, and instead walked alongside her and her nephew on the way there. "May I have an idea of what had occurred?"

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