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The story so far...

Tyrannia is in disarray; but this is normal for those who call it home. King Valdez and the Amorynthian council are greedy as ever, the once-great nation of Tumeken is struggling to find its feet, and the Dwarven Rebels are coming to resent their subterranean existence in the far North. Yes, by Tyrannian standards, all is at is usually is.

Slowly increasing the taxes on the still-loyal Dwarves of Gard, Valdez' grip on the race is tightening once more and the threat of another Dwarven Exploitation looms overhead. Naturally, eyebrows were raised when King Valdez announced he was searching for a party of the land's finest adventurers, to send North into Vastorian territory. "Not an army," he had specified. "A diplomatic party."

After centuries of an enforced embargo on any rebel goods, what could Valdez possibly want from those Dwarves who betrayed his ancestors all those years ago? Regardless, when someone of Valdez' position puts out a request, he tends to get what he wants.

And so they came, heeding his call; fearless adventurers from all four corners of the earth. Some came for money, some for fame; others, to get an inside look at whatever it was Valdez was plotting. Whatever their motives, the final group was selected and tasked with their mission. And whether they knew it or not, this small foray across the mountains was not likely to be as it seemed.

For you see, there are many mysteries in Tyrannia, and those who venture into untouched territories tend to discover more than they bargained for. With knowledge and duty, even the smallest errands can escalate beyond comprehension; the stakes raised with each new discovery.

Of course, the question is... Can they solve the mysteries of Tyrrania before the Dawn?

The premise...

You are a member of a small but exclusive group, assembled by King Valdez and consisting of what he considers to be the world's finest adventurers. Whatever your motives may be, you accept his task to travel North of the Amoryte mountains.

But your group soon realises that there is much more at stake than gold from the King. Will you rise to the challenge, solving mysteries and unearthing secrets across the continent? What is Valdez really up to? What curse plunged the Tumek region into an eternal drought? And what of the encroaching swampland to the East? Wherever you look in Tyrrania, there's something to discover... Where do you want to go next?


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