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Before Neverland

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by evanallmighty, Aug 31, 2014.

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  1. my only rule aside from site rules is that you post at least a paragraph per character per reply and yes please be willing to have more than one character as i dont like huge groups and i feel that smaller ones have less active people problems

    having said that let me introduce you to my idea

    if you havent guessed yet this is a fandom type fantasy rp i put it up here because i think ill get more intrest if i was wrong ill gladly move to the fandom section. this isnt going to be exactly like the mini series, disney movie or really any specific version of this story

    I'd like to be peter if you dont mind other than that i'll deem everything else a free for all i only require that there are some of four types of characters please please please double up with characters if you can

    lost boys(&and girls) age range:10-18

    pirates:age 10+ please if you have a young character make the position on the ship believeable

    indians: age:10+

    fairies:age: old enough to think for themselves

    *required characters:

    everyone else is oc. if you have anyquestions please ask.
  2. Name: Peter
    Age: 15
    Lost Boys
    Extras: Born a son of a Duke but fire ravished his home and killed his family leaving him an orphan on the streets leader of the Lost Boys

    Age: 35
    Extras: Medicine man of his tribe

    Age: 13
    Extras: Was captured and forced into service on the ship

    North Silverwand
    Age: 105
    Extras:She protects people from ghosts and demons. She lives where the Celts and the Norse people live. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a four-leafed clover. She wears pure white and has shimmering translucent wings like a cicada
  3. so... any takers?
  4. Name: Dean
    Age: 19
    Looks: (open)

    Group: Pirates
    Extras: Orphaned and recruited on board, known for hand to hand combat, claims to have no feelings

    Name: Alie
    Age: 16

    Looks (open)

    Group:Lost boys
    Extra: Lost girl, knows she's a girl and and tries to get everyone else to know it too (huge flirt)

    **I've never seen the movie but I would love to, and I started watching Red Band Society staring Charlie Rowe and I may or may have not fangirled so I can't wait to start.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.