Before I Wake MxM (Inspired Plot)

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    Plot credit to the respective author. I'm merely inspired by the story.
    This is a an interesting story involving your character (YC), a nurse's aide who is drawn to my character (MC), a comatose victim of a hate crime whose homophobic parents have rejected him. YC often spent time next to him as he reads to him and encouraged him to wake up.

    MC is lost in the world of his own and he's slowly losing the battle to the darkness. What kept him hanging on a thin thread was the voice of YC, his only comfort. Question is, will MC wake up? Does he want to? Is there anything he can look forward to?

    I hoped in this roleplay would involve MC asking questions in the unconscious world and YC unconsciously answering it in the real world. This would appear that they're having an indirect conversation.

    Also I wish that after MC has woke up, he would be highly depressed and would self-harm before starting to abuse drugs.

    If you're keen, please drop me a pm. Just one slot available. Thanks.
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  2. Wow! This is an interesting idea. If no one comes forward for this one, then I'll be up for it.
  3. Just giving others a chance to RP with ya. *snickers* Don't want to hog you all to myself, ya know. :D
  4. Hahas, that's very kind of you to say so.
  5. Still looking for player.
  6. Okay, I'm still game of this one - it just draws me in.
    My time is still a little strained, but you already know that. Nevertheless, a lot of the Group RPs I was in just dropped out of the sky and cratered in concrete; they're not coming back after that. So, space is free for something lasting and worth keeping.

    Therefore, if you're still looking, I'm good. I'll throw up a charrie via PM soon.
  7. Yup yup, I'm getting back to the grove but I need strict routine so it's sleeping time for me now. Catch you later, will reply for the other one tomorrow.
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  8. When you return, do you want me to PM my template and use that as a OOC, or post it here and use this thread as a OOC?
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