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  1. At night, the hunters become the hunted. Don't be caught out after dark...
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    U P D A T E S & I M P O R T A N T
    I N F O


    Rule Refresher:

    -After Dusk, the hunters...become the hunted (DON'T FORGET THIS!)
    **All General Infected turn into Savage infected after dark, and the special infected; as well as mass infected start to come out**
    -Your character is not invincible
    -All characters have flaws and fears

    -It is not possible to get to IRHQ fast, it's going to be a long journey and a battle.
    -Patrols will try to kill you if you're caught out after dark and they are supplied with military trucks, armor, and weapons.
    -Zombies cannot be reasoned with
    -Homebase has what it has, but it won't last forever.
    -Our main goal, as a team, is to make it to East Asia, and to the Infection Restriction Headquarters!

    Ooo wow...I'm a bad game master Q_Q
    Busy weeks over. Back to posting for me.
    Sorry everybody! The plot is moving forward, I swear!

    Active Players:
    EMajyyks (Away)
    **Others not mentioned have yet to submit a bio**

    Have fun and stay safe!! ;P
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  2. Deyja sat in silence. An eerie silence; added to by the splashing of rain against the hard metal steel Homebase was made of. This was her home now...not a quaint little apartment, not a simplistic house with a doting husband and loving children...a warehouse, filled with supplies for survival, yet no working electricity to power the dam lights. She sighed, leaning her back up against the cold steel of the wall. It felt alien, but at the same time comforting in the fact that she had something to lean up against, and wasn't out there in the cold...facing...those things. The infected...grotesque beings who would rip a beating hearts head off in 2 seconds flat if they could. Deyja had come to the discovery 5 years ago, that during night, those things out there became volatile and vicious. New ones even surfaced from the depths of hell itself -metaphorically speaking- to torment her very mind. She pulled herself forward from the cold steel, sick of the tingling feeling that was running up and down her spine. She had to position herself so that her weight wasn't directly put onto her guns, or her knife. She crawled forward to a large hunter green tarp directly to her right. There were rusty tools surrounding the mound as well as some rolls of almost fully used duct tape and a couple well savaged canisters of gas. She was more thankful then a surviving cancer patient for the things Homebase had now. As she brought herself up to the tarp, she whipped it off the beautiful instrument underneath it. Exposed instantly was her most prized possession. It was her Purple Kawasaki ZX-14R Motorcycle, and boy was it a beauty. She sat down in front of the left side of the bike, crossing her legs, and getting right into her tinkering. It was a favorite pass time for the young woman, she enjoyed keeping her mind off the outside world; at least ever since the apocalypse had occurred. She tried to keep her mind off the low growls, hisses and screams coming from outside the building. These days it seemed like ambient noise, but tonight, accompanied by the loud thunder and harsh lightning, it seemed much worse. She hummed to herself, an old song that used to play on the radio when broadcast stations were still up and running. There were often times when Deyja would sit at her motorcycle...just sit, and think, think about what was happening, what had happened, and what could happen. The thought of the state of the world scared her, and a lot of it had scarred her, literally. That thought in mind, Deyja's right arm reached up and behind her back, to softly rub the now irritating scar on her back. She had received this claw mark from an infected, one which she now understood was fast, dangerous, and outright cruel. She liked to call this thing the Bitch; clearly it had a real name, but she had yet to figure that out. Her slender digits softly caressed two of the three long claw marks -now scars- on her back, her mind in a daze from remembering that awful night 4 years back. Out of the blue, she turned her head to face the familiar face behind her, question in mind. "Any marks? I'd think after seven years...everyone ought' to have at least one..." She silently waited for an answer while tinkering with her baby.

    ((Anyone is free to answer that c:))
  3. Eudran could have easily been a cat in his past life. To start with he had a cat's grace, being able to leap from one building to the other with astounding elegance. His body flowed through the air like a ribbon in the wind, and while he didn't always land on his feet, he rarely missed a landing. Eudran also had acquired the charm of cat. The internet is flooded with pictures of cute little kittens for a reason-they're popular. Likewise, Eudran had a way with words that made him many friends. But there was one more quality which Eudran shared with cats- a hate for the rain.

    Rain drops bashed again Eudran, tiny bullets of water trying to impede his journey. Thunder could be heard rumbling in the distance, as if it was imitating Eudran's grumbling thoughts on the weather. It wasn't just the fact that the rain made his clothes cling close to his skin that made Eudran loathe the rain, or because it sent cold shivers down his spine. The real reason why Eudran despised the rain was because it made all surrounding surfaces wet, and more importantly, slippery. And a slippery surface is extremely dangerous if you're trying to leap off it while ten meters above the ground. Trying to land on slick surface isn't exactly much fun either. Which is why as soon as Eudran felt the first droplet fall onto his head from the sky above, Eudran had gone shooting off back to homebase. Now, with the thunderstorm at full rage, Eudran was less than a minute away from homebase. He approached with mixed feelings, glad he'd soon be out of the rain, but upset his parkour session had been cut short. It was especially annoying because he'd have to waste the buzz leolayrandi had given him stuck at homebase.

    Nonetheless, Eudran dived through the window onto the familiar stack of crates with utter relief. He quickly shut the window, and shook the rain out of his hair, sending water splattering onto everything around him. Then Eudran sprung off the stack of crates, the short drop to the ground meaning nothing to him. After rolling, Eudran looked up to see Deyja playing about with her precious motorcycle yet again. Eudran strolled up behind her, just wanting to check she was alive and well, what with the horrible rain and Dejya rubbing her back scar. It required a bit of extra to tell how Deyja feeling if she was tinkering with her motorcycle- she got so immersed in it that she seemed to forget about her immediate surroundings. Which is why Eudran was surprised when Deyja turned around and asked, "Any marks? I'd think after seven years...everyone ought' to have at least one..." Eudran processed the question for a moment, his brain still out of it from the leolayrandi. "Um...yeah, I've got plenty of them. Most of my scars from my hobby come though," Eudran answered, trying not to mess up his words, "In fact...only one comes from those things. What about you, Deyja? Other than the back one on, that is. Which, by the way, how is it?" Eudran didn't particularly like talking to other people while on leolayrandi. It was too confusing. Normally he'd be outside, leaping across the rooftops, but he was inside now because...why was he inside again? Eudran couldn't remember, but there had been definitely a good reason.

    Deciding to forget about it, Eudran walked over to his bag. He kept all his most important possessions in there, such as...stuff. It didn't matter what stuff, just important stuff. He'd come over here for a reason though, to store some important stuff in there. Which was...oh ,yes, his bladed whip. He placed it in there, alongside his dual knives. As for his switch blade, Eudran always kept than on him, in case of...well, something. There was something else Eudran wanted out of his bag, hair gel, that was it. Even if he was feeling dizzy, Eudran could apply hair gel. It was a simple activity he could occupy himself with while he waited for the leolayrandi to wear off. Anyway, his hair was a mess from the rain, which wouldn't do. Eudran sat down, and began to style his hair, having to make do without a mirror. He would have been in anticipation of Dejya's reply, if he could have remembered he'd asked her a question.
  4. It was dark black. There were loud roaring and cracking sounds followed by flashing blue and white lights from the windows above, Yet there was a small light in the warehouse. A bright yellow, reddish color of a small fire and an oil lamp besides it. How'd they do a fire place? The plan was long suggested by one of the surviving members, Levai. Levai Alvarez, whom had suggested digging up a small slightly deep pit hole at the center of the warehouse and creating a fire. That way the fire can't go out, go out, nor attract 'unwanted attention'. Levai was silent as usual and was finally beginning to eat his dinner he had saved in a way. He always ate last, preferring to eat last or the remaining leftovers. This was no longer unusual to the gang, as they now knew why he ate last and he never seemed to mind being starved either, be it if his hunts weren't enough or were a smaller portion then usual. He ate last as his own act of selflessness meaning, he wanted the gang to eat and enjoy more then him -which he of course didn't mind how much they ate- and then would eat left overs -that they would naturally save for him every single time-. Not once did they leave him out for eating, but if they did he also wouldn't mind that and he grabbed the left over saved up food for him, which was a small portion tonight.

    If there wasn't enough food for everyone, the group would simply decide to share food and split it to a tiny portion. Tonight? Was a special feasting dinner. Tonight, was Pigeons. Fresh Meat, clean, finger licking birds to eat. At a time like this no ground animal was safe nor clean even if they looked untouched by the dead. They relied on the 'high animals"like squirrels or birds and it was usually always Levai who came back with more kills then the others. And tonight, he had managed to kill a lot of pigeons since the early morning of 7 am, and didn't come home until 8 PM, about an hour ago. So he had plenty of time and this meant probably almost a weeks worth of real food, saving canned foods for future and dire situations.

    Levai had a simple outfit on. He wore puffy looking sweatpants that were black, and a 'women beater' tank top on which was also black, and a black poncho hoodie. If the hood was off it simply looked like a scarf around his neck and he continued to eat, looking around. The was he was sitting, he was slightly leaned back with a hand supporting him from behind while he used his other hand -his left- to eat. His legs were half crossed, one leg in a criss cross position under the other leg which was straight out. It revealed his 'Huf' socks or 'Weed socks' -Despite being drug free- since the bottom part of his pants were zipped open and he seemed relaxed and calm as usual.

    Soon, the topic of scars and markings over the years had come up. He felt like taking off his shirt and cleaning it, but didn't want to. Why? What was funny was that Levai never actually took off his shirt, ever no matter the occasion. With a drumstick sticking out his mouth he let out a deep sigh and decided why not? Several years he was with these people, so he shouldn't hide and he soon took off his poncho, taking off his women beater shirt.

    "Ex-cuse.. Me."

    He groaned in a tired, slightly raspy voice. The male cleared his throat and soon continued to eat. His body was literally all covered in tattoos, scars old--new--and even recent, and bruises. Levai was quiet and rolled his neck around, before cracking it as the drumstick was still sticking out his lips. He then took the bone out and tossed it in the fire in silence."I'm tired. Figured several years and I can finally actually be relaxed like a man." He groaned, stretching out his legs and leaning back where his hands supported his upper weight. He then laid on the ground over his poncho and tank top stretching and sat back up.

    "One of you, scratch my back...please."

    He said kindly. If you did t know him, it would seem like sarcasm. If you did know Levai, you'd know the difference between his brash personality to his polite and mannered one."Let me relax for once, I mean you guys have to admit... This is the first time I'm actually relaxing." The male mutters gesturing up and walking to the back of the warehouse washing his hands. He then drank some water and plumped right back next to Jo, looking at her in his leaned back position with his legs stretched out. He stared at her for what seemed to be forever and leaned his head towards her, burying his face in her neck and ear."Your hands, my back." He ordered being part playful, part serious."Pleaseee." he said continuing to bury his face into her neck.

    The male then tries to convince his best friend, Jolina."You play around with cards, and do easy work." He then grabbed her hand showing them to her, with a bright grin looking at her as he shook them when he spoke and said certain words. "These are baby hands! Not working hands! Do you see a single working vein visible?!" He chuckled putting her hands closer to her face."No or no?!" He grinned playfully." Pretty sure they're still soft and smooth. Now work those baby hands" He said sliding her back with ease and sitting Infront of her."I'm waiting.~" He chuckled grinning warmly.

    It was a rare sight to see Levai actually grin or laugh to the group, they'd only see an occasional smile but nothing more and the tattooed male sits there criss crossed Infront of Jolina.
  5. The Streets, 9:12pm

    J i l l

    "Shit. Shit, shit, shit. God fucking Damn it Mira." A harsh voice swore under her breath against the loud clash of roaring thunder and violent snarling in the background. It was raining, something they hadn't anticipated, then again nothing that was occurring right now was something that they anticipated. The storm, the darkness, the danger. They hadn't prepared for being caught outside in the night with the creatures from a thunderstorm. All they were going to do was scavenge for some water, but of course something just -had- to go wrong for them while Mira was out. Mira had fainted from the heat, out in the open, for anybody or anything to do god knows what to her. She had laid there out in the open until dusk, and nearly got them both killed. If Mira hadn't woken up to the small hoard of hellions she would have died, and Jill along with her. The suddenness of it was enough to trigger Jill and take the lead for the both of them. Unfortunately, they were a long way away from their crows nest on the tenth floor of their psychiatric building. Since it was nearing dark, the hoard began to pick up in speed as she ran from them, and soon enough it had grown pitch black and she couldn't help but feel as if the hoard was on her heels with how loud their roars and snarls were.

    "I'm so sorry Jill..." A voice rang out to Jill as her light brown boots, stained red and dark brown from skull smashing and muddied water, hit the pavement hard. She ignored the voice, shaking her head, and focusing on where she was running. It was so hard to see where she was going due to the rain blurring her vision, and the sheer darkness of night. If she wasn't careful she could very well run straight into an infected. Her matted and wet rustic brown hair clung to her face and back as she ran through the storm. The occasional flash of lightening her only source of light to see where she was going. She could faintly see the two bodies running towards her with another flash of lightening, and she gripped the handle of Lucy, her tomahawk, with her left hand. Her body tensed as she could hear them get closer, and when their bodies collided she pushed one to the ground away from her. She lost balance, but used this to pivot and swing her left arm down on the second creature in her path. Unfortunately, with the second flash of lightening she could see that she had missed the head, and wedged the blade into the man's shoulder.

    "Shit!" Jill swore again as she slammed her foot into the gut of the creature and pushed him back, while her blade was pulled out of the arm socket. She dashed forward quickly, twisting her hand slightly so the blade was facing upwards, she swung up. The creature was smart though, and staggered away from the blade. At this point the first god forsaken beast had got back on it's feet to enter the fight. Jill began to feel the adrenaline course through her veins as the violent growls of the hoard she was originally running from began to close in on her. If she did not end this fight soon she would be dead. Timing just right, she dodged their attacks until she could actually grip onto one of them, hold them in place, and then bring down her tomahawk's blade. She buried the blade deep into the skull of the second creature, then pushed it's corpse into the first creature before spinning on the heel of her boots and fleeing. "Just around the corner and down two blocks. You're almost there. Don't. Stop." Jill hissed at herself, pushing her to keep moving. She darted to the light post at the corner of the street, and used that to swing her body around the sharp turn and push her body forward in the new direction. Her shoes splashed through the puddles noisily, soaking her feet, but she did not care. All she cared about was reaching safety. The lightening flashed again, and in the distance she could see the rope swaying with the harsh winds. She just had to reach it, and the climb up to safety. Though she never had to do that while it was storming, and the ten feet climb would be quite the task because of it. She ran down the first block, and took notice that she was beginning to run out of breath and slow down. She refused to falter though, she couldn't falter. If she stopped her current pace she wouldn't make it. Eventually she had ran down the second block, the rope almost within grasp. Reaching the rope she shoved her tomahawk away; her hands and legs quickly went to work as she dexterously clambered up the thick rope. When she was well of the ground, she looked down to see if any of the hellions had found her. There was nothing. Jill let out a sigh of relief and continued her rough ascending of the psychiatric building. A good twenty minute to forty-five minute climb. As she passed the sixth floor she stopped again, and released the rope with one hand. Positioning her feet against the glass and tightly gripping the rope with her right hand, Jill Hung on for dear life as she used her left hand to wrap the rope around her waist. She kept wrapping it and wrapping it until she was sure nobody else would be able to reach the end of the rope and follow after her. That little task took her an extra ten minutes to do, and it was dangerous since it was storming, but she wanted to be sure that absolutely nothing could climb up after her. Securing that end of the rope, she looked back up at how far she still had to go. Still a long way until reaching the nest. A strong gust of wind bellowed against her frame and caused her foot to slip off the side of the building. She gasped and clung to the rope in a panic, and dangled there briefly before gaining her nerves once again and continuing her climb. One foot forward, one hand upward, second foot forward, second hand forward, she kept moving up at a steady pace, and with in a half hour Jill had successfully reached their nest and heaved her body through the window. Jill let out a sigh of relief and sat beside the window, her back pressed against the wall as she relaxed her muscles, until she gained her breath. Her work still wasn't done. She still had to pull the rest of the rope up and into the room with her. She stood up straight, and slipped the rope downward off her waist. It fell into a neat coil, and she stepped out of it easily. Though when she did so, the rope heavy from the rain began to uncoil and slide back out the window.

    "Should have held onto it." The voice from earlier rang out inside Jill's mind. Jill simply sighed in annoyance finally acknowledging the voice, her other half, and former owner of the current body Jill now possessed. They were two people in the same body. There was the girl named Mira, who was the original owner of their body and born with a split personality disorder. Then there was Jill, the second personality that developed with in Mira's mind. Mira and Jill were close, but had their troubles. Mira blatantly ignored Jill for a good portion of their lives, and kept her a secret from others. She even went as far as kept Jill locked away at the back of her mind, never allowing Jill to take control for simple relief. This caused Jill to develop a deep hatred towards Mira, and the people around her. Unfortunately, Jill realized a long time ago that if she were to ever get what she in life, she would have to work together with Mira to accomplish it. Though this didn't make her any happier.

    "Shut up Mira." Jill muttered, her words dripping with agitation and hate. The girl ran her long skinny digits through her wet hair, brushing back the wet strands so they were no longer clung to her cheeks. Jill looked out the window down the the pavement below. Everything was so much smaller in their nest. Jill sort of liked that.
    "Maybe we should keep the rope down so other survivors can climb it for safety?" Mira spoke up softly once again.

    "Don't be stupid Mira. We don't know if the creatures can climb it too. We have to pull it back up." Jill retaliated.

    ((If anyone wants they can use that rope as a means to get up and ultimately meet Mira and Jill. I'm thinking that the two get in an argument and don't notice that the rope is shifting due to someone climbing up it. Then when they're close to the nest, Jill will notice and try to cut the rope with her tomahawk but Mira immediately takes control of her body to stop her. That's only if anyone wants to use that option. If nobody goes for it, I will bring up the rope in my next post.))
  6. Initalizing........
    Startup Complete.........
    Checking Ram........
    Check Complete.......
    Checking Database.........
    Check Complete.......
    Please enter Passcode.......
    Logging In........
    Welcome Admiral Davis.

    Zane smirked as he hacked into T.A.R.G.E.T.'s database to find out what little secrets they were hiding. He had to be quick though, their firewalls were the strongest he had ever hacked through. He took a drag off his cigarette as he looked through their files. One file was the most intriguing to him though. Since it was name ‘Top Secret: Officials eyes only’ “That sounds juicy enough.” he clicked into it. Once he did he eyes widened at the information within. “So, a new toxin huh? Just what are you people up to?” he asked himself as he began reading through the document. The document spoke of a new Toxin to increase human ability, but many tests have gone wrong and it seems the infection got out. Zane wasn’t necessarily surprised by this, nor was he shocked. “Figures...they always mess with something they arn’t supposed to.” He read the diagnosis of a infected human and found out that they become volatile.

    After that intial reading there was a pounding on his door. He widened his eyes and quickly shut his laptop and ran a magnet across the whole thing. The pounding started again 'BANG, BANG, BANG’ “Open up, we know you’re in there Zane. Come out with your hands up!” the police said on the other side of the door. “Hold on assholes, i’m taking a dump!” he yelled back. But as Zane waited for an answer or the cops busting through the door, none of it happened. Instead there was a gurgling sound and a hard thump, that he felt through the floor. “What the hell?” Zane walked over to the door and looked through the peephole of his one room apartment. Outside he saw some movement. But a couple of seconds went by and blood washed up on the hole. Zane stepped back with widened eyes, his skin ashen. Zane’s thoughts went back to that document. 'Many tests have gone wrong....Infection got out...” Zane couldn’t believe his own mind. “Bullshit...Not here...Not now...Not just when life was about to be fulfilling.” Zane immediatly went to action and grabbed his backpack and put some supplies within. That was wehn the door burst open. And yeah, an infected person just busted into his apartment.

    WHY ME!? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME!?” he yelled at the thing as it charged at him. He grabbed his laptop and smashed the infected in the head with it. “Come on sucker! I’m a gamer! I’m prepared for this shit!” He immediatly brought out his serrated knife and started stabbing the infected’s head with it. After murdering it Zane looked at his handy work. “Totally serious about kicking zombie butt.” He said with gusto. Looking out the doorway he grabbed his bag and knife and looked up and down the hallway.

    _________________________________7 years later___________________________

    Underneath an old shab of a steel roof that was somehow on the ground now, a small light was visible. How anyone got electricity was tough to do after the initial outbreak. Luckily, the man seated across from it learned to use different small materials to make electricity. On the ground in front of him he had a thick piece of infected meat on some type of contraption. “This will bring em in.” he said to himself as he finished his ‘trap’. Once it was finished he shut the light off and walked a small distance out and set it on the ground. Then he went back and waited with his .22 sawed off aimed at the spot. “C’mon you freak. Come to the free meal.” He waited, cause maybe this one would have some things in it’s pockets.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Much to everyone's disbelief, Deyja always had watch of at least a 20% sense of her surroundings regardless of what she was doing.
    It was almost like a sixth sense, or amplified hearing, however she had never popped any drug aside from Exontia.
    Thinking on that fact, Deyja brought her hand up to her left eye, rubbing it furiously; the burning never seemed to
    cease...she considered that payment for her abuse of Exontia, even though previous to the slight addiction, she had
    excellent eyesight.
    Deyja wasn't the only one whom she had come to know with a drug addiction problem. Eudran -or parkor master as Deyja liked
    to call him for jokes- was addicted to Leo, a short term for Leolayrandi; a drug that drastically enhanced dexterity. Deyja had
    always been able to move fast on her feet with haste, but seeing Eudran in action, while on Leo...was something else. She had
    wondered multiple times if he felt like a bird, soaring high in the sky when he was on Leo. As for herself, Exontia was a different story.
    To Deyja, it felt like she had a sniper scope attached to her left eye sometimes. She could see great distances; aiding her lookout. She could see the infected from miles away and regardless of the drug, had always had incredible accuracy, Exontia has amplified it times 10.
    Since the break out seven years ago, Deyja had come across the drug, and began taking it from that point until the current date.
    It had permanently affected the young woman, causing her chocolate brown eyes to become rimmed with a poisoners looking gold, however
    only her left eye was affected. Exontia was both a blessing and a curse, it allowed Deyja to become lethal with her pistols and shotguns,
    it allowed the woman to know what was coming before anyone else could see it. But the drug itself hurt her as well, time and time again
    Deyja would have to pull back from whatever she was doing and tend to her temporary blindness. It didn't happen as often anymore as when
    she started taking Exontia, but it was still something that came, and of course at the worst times.
    Deyja looked back to Eudran, focusing now on the topic.
    "Fine I suppose, it annoys me from time to time, but it's to be expected."

    She paused, amazed that Eudran was even able to keep a coherent conversation up with her, she knew from watching a friend on Leo,
    it -for lack of better term- fucked with your memory.
    "I almost bled out...once, my own fault...but it caused a massive deep scar underneath my pistol holster on my right leg. Definitely not

    as annoying as this one_"she pulled her hand from the scar on her back, pushing herself away from her bike and standing up to face Eudran"_but I'm sure that's just the after effects of the 'Bitches' claws..."
    She had never actually openly admitted which infected had caused her scar, but if you got a good look at the thing, it was quite obvious.
    As she stood, she stretched, raising her long slender arms above her well sculpted and tattooed body. Most people were shocked at the amount of tattoos Deyja had, and she honestly adored the attention. She had stories behind them all and loved sitting down with people and telling them about all the ink in her life. Her favourite piece was her right leg, it had everything from her favorite game she'd ever loved. There were days before the apocalypse she had wished to exist in that world; but this was real life, and real life had limits, not Insidious Ruin.
    Deyja started walking past Eudran towards her shoulder bag, laying in the corner near the walkie-talkies and all Homebases still functional supplies.
    "You know, the reason I chose this place as a base, was because it was large, open, with plenty of room to move around. I'm sure nobody would mind if you played around from story one to story two.."

    She winked, smiling her tell tale smile of mischief, shuffling past him to her shoulder bag. She crouched down flipping the top open and digging her hand into the bag, pulling out a pack of Canadian Classic Silver Regular cigarettes. Smoking was bad, but Deyja figured if it didn't kill her first, the infected would. She grabbed her cobalt blue BIC lighter out of the small side pocket, bringing a single cigarette as well as the lighter to her mouth, igniting the tip and inhaling a deep breath. The droning of infected outside the uninsulated walls seemed to disappear in her ears as she threw her light and the pack of cigarettes back into her back, standing up and flipping the shoulder bags flap with her foot back over to cover the contents. People knew Deyja would stab them if she caught them stealing her cigarettes; seeing as she had only the three packs left, currently residing in her bag.
    Her attention shifted over to Levai who was currently sitting against a wall, begging for someone to itch his back.
    She laughed to herself, half a mind to throw a wrench from her workstation right at his thick skull. She loved the man, but she always seemed to want to assault him violently.
    "Pay me 10 bucks and I'll do it. Maybe I can find a strip club with uninfected meat sacks and let loose."

    Deyja laughed to herself treading the inside of the building and coming close to the hand-dug fire pit. She sat softly, crossing her legs and undoing the straps of her shotgun holsters from her chest, setting the violent weapons to the ground beside her. She sighed, relieved of not having the heavy feeling of metal weigh her back down. Absent mindlessly, she inhaled her cigarette once more, watching the fiery blaze of the flames dance around like they were alive.
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  8. Lightning rolled across the sky, illuminating the Earth for one quick second, enough for Xun-Long to see where he was going and what was ahead. He continued running, his feet soaked all the way to his socks. He could hear the growls and screams of the infected behind him, their otherwise sluggish nature heightened by the night.

    Shelter, shelter, find shelter, he told himself, evading an infected that appeared in his path. He cursed in his native tongue, not seeing a single place to hide.

    Still, he continued, passing by a grounded roof. He avoided another building with a rope dangling from its tenth floor as infected were gathered around it, trying to grab and climb the rope for whatever prize was on the other side. If he didn't find anything soon, the Darstenol would wear off and he'd be infected meal in seconds.

    He turned a corner and saw an old apartment building where on one side the fire escape ladder was down. He ran faster, literally flying at the ladder and climbing it as fast as he could. Once on top, he pulled back the ladder, kicking and stabbing at any infected who dare try with the knife tapped on the end of his rifle. The ladder made a loud click and he landed on his bottom, panting heavily as the Darstenol wore off and his legs started to feel numb. He watched the monsters below, reaching and trying to claw up to him.
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  9. "I suppose it's fine it annoys me, it's to be expected to time from time. Once I bled out...almost my own fault...but it was caused by a pistol holster underneath my massive deep scar, my leg on right. But this knot one is definitely as annoying as the after Bitches just clause effect..." was what Eudran heard Dejya say, rather than what she'd actually said. Which, inevitably, led Eudran to think, "What in f*** is she going about on?" Thankfully, while continuing to style his golden locks, Eudran miraculously managed to figure out it was the leolayrandi messing with his brain. Which left him with a task harder than killing a savage infected- trying to decode leolayrandi interpretations while on leolayrandi. Or it would have been, if Eudran could concentrate on it for more than 3 damned seconds. Leolayrandi was not something you took of you wanted to have intellectual or coherent thoughts. It was fine to use for sports, or straight-forward exercises, but anything requiring meaningful concentration for more than a few moments was out of the window entirely. Which meant dialogues were totally out of the question. Listening to monologues, on the other hand, was something that wouldn't require any input from Eudran, and it would distract him from the glaring insignificance of life he sometimes felt in these apocalyptic times. So when Eudran saw Deyja's tattoos and had the idea of asking her about them- knowing how much she adored explaining them to others- before the thought was lost he immediately shouted out, "TATTOOS! About tell me! Tell me about your tattoos, Jahde, Dayjee, Deyja!" Eudran dashed over to Deyjah, next to her side again in mere seconds, the leolayrandi working it's magic. Then he sat down by the glowing fire, forgetting yet again what he'd asked Deyjah. Back to the confusion that Leolayrandi was famous for.
  10. The Streets, 9:12pm

    J i l l

    "Don't be stupid Mira. We don't know if the creatures can climb it too. We have to pull it back up." Jill retaliated. She was growing ever more annoyed with Mira's constant concern of people that really didn't concern them. She rubbed her eyes as another flash of lightening illuminated the sky behind her frame. She shook her head and slapped her cheeks twice before turning back to the window. Sticking her body out the window she looked down at the swinging rope to find that the infected were indeed trying to climb up it, but hadn't really grasped or remembered how to do so. Another flash of lightening illuminated the small group of five infected and she could see one starting to climb up it. Once it was a few feet off the ground, the creatures foot slipped and he fell onto his friends knocking them all back. Jill laughed at their efforts finding it simply delightful.

    "That's not very funny Jill....come on, just pull the rope back up before they actually figure out how to do it."

    "It's not funny?'s hell a' funny Mira. Very amusing too, but you're right. I'm really not in the mood to fight those Hellions tonight."
    Jill chuckled to herself again as she peered down at the scrambling silhouetted infected. There was another white flash that illuminated the ground below, Jill squinted as a figure ran passed the small hoard. Then another group of zombies chasing after the person. Jill shook her head curling her fingers around the rope and slowly pulling the rope up and away from the other creatures. "Well he's dead." Jill cooed to herself as the rope came int and coiled beside her feet.

    "I don't know, maybe he'll live?" Mira's voice butted in, which caused Jill to scowl. Jill really wished she'd just shut up and let her do her own thing.

    "They looked like they were gaining on him though, but I guess you're right...again." Jill admitted with a scoff.

    After officially pulling the rope all the way into their little nest, Jill outstretched her arms above her head and groaned. It felt good to finally be home and safe for some relaxation. She didn't have to worry about infected getting the jump on them at all after spending almost eight weeks clearing the building of the "hellions". She still had a few stragglers in the building though, and some times some fresh ones will wander in from the first floor. She made sure to go and clear the building at least twice a week. Once on Monday, and again on Thursday. Jill and Mira liked to call it "Crowd Control" for chuckles. Sometimes they, more like Jill, would go into other buildings on this street and clear them out. They did this rarely though, and it hardy ever did much good since there were so many of the damn things. Jill thought it as something to simply pass the time with, but when Mira started complaining after a few close calls Jill stopped going on her cleaning sprees to get Mira to shut up. Never the less, they had their own building to worry about anyways, since Thursday was just around the bend, only two days away. It was hard work cleaning out the building, once she killed them Jill would always have to drag them outside and set their lifeless bodies aflame. Recently Jill has been thinking of a way to lock the back doors on the first floor so the infected couldn't straggle in anymore. The automatic sliding doors where already taken care of due to the lack of electricity, so they would never open again unless a large hoard crowded around the front of the building and broke through the glass. Fortunately for Mira and Jill, the glass was actually pretty thick, the windows that is not the sliding door, so they didn't really worry about boarding up the windows. Although, they might want to reinforce the front door just in case.

    "Hey Mira, do you have any idea where the keys to the back doors might be for this place?" Jill asked her aloud as she reached over head the window pane. She fiddled with a rolled up plastic sheet, releasing the straps that held it in place and let it fall straight. The entire water proof sheet covered the gaping hole of a window, and after Jill tied it in place, kept the rain out. Jill and Mira had installed this contraption after it had rained a couple times. Jill had noticed that it soaked the floors, and Mira mentioned that if it continued the floor boards might rot out and collapse after a long period of time. Jill had found that scenario extremely not comforting at the time since he easily allowed for any stragglers to climb up into their nest; so as an attempt to prevent that Jill and Mira created that to keep the rain out. After some more storms it seemed to do the trick at keeping the place dry.

    "No, I don't believe so. One of the original bodies might have had the key on them, but we burned all those corpses to dust in the alley. If there was a key, it probably melted and became disfigured in the flames."

    Jill clicked her tongue in annoyance but continued with her chores. She moved about the room lesuirely, looking through their boxes of supplies, or random junk, for something to mop up the puddle by the window. Eventually she found a box of towels, blankets, and sheets that they had collected either from the current building or the buildings they had scavenged from. A lot of them had grown tattered and worn from aging but they were still useful. They had two sheets, five blankets, and three towels total. Taking one of the towels from one of the many boxes that were scattered around the room, Jill returned to the puddle at the window and dropped it on top of it. She pressed her soaked boots into the towel, and shifted her legs back and forth to move the towel around. Eventually it soaked up the water, and became very wet itself. Jill let out another sigh as she got another towel and folded it in half once. She kicked the soaked towel away, then laid the second towel on the floor that had just been mopped up. There wasn't much water left but any that remained would be soaked by that towel. Jill then picked up the damp towel from earlier and tossed it onto the drier one. Jill spun on her boots soles and strides over to the couch in the room, her shoes squeaking quietly with each step due to being soaked to her socks. Lying next to the couch was a back pack, which Jill crouched next to and opened up. Opening the back, and larger, pocket she began searching for something inside. Her digits brushed up against the item, and gripped it. Pulling it out, her lighter, Jill stood up again and moved to the desk where the doctor had sat. There Mira had a large amount of candles for them to set a flame and light the room. Jill flicked the lighter with her thumb a couple times, each time only a spark could be seen. A sign that the lighter was running out of fuel and that Jill and Mira had to go hunting for a new one. There was probably a few in the employee locker room that they had missed so it might not be that big of an issue at the moment for them.

    "J-Jill when you're done I want to come out. I'm starting to feel....uneasy."
    Mira's soft voice spoke out to Jill a bit hesitantly.

    "Aaaw, poor baby," Jill coos with a sarcastic and cynical hue to her words, then continued in their normal harshness "Sucks dun' it?". Jill managed to finally start the lighter and light the candles. It illuminated the room only a little, and that's when the itchiness flared up. Her skin was starting to get irritated by the wet clothing clinging to her flesh, and Jill let out a sigh as she came to a conclusion. "Once I strip of these clothes I'll go to sleep and let you have it."

  11. **Next Day**

    ((I don't mean to skip the night, but I wanted to move the plot along and get everyone to meet up and actually be able to go outside without dying ^.^))
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  12. Eudran was still trying to figure out what had happened last night. He'd been wondering about it all morning. The last thing he could remember was sitting down next to Dayja by the fire, and from there on it was all blank until the point where he had woken up. As Eudran been preparing for today's scouting mission, he just couldn't get last night out if his head. He considered asking Deyja about it, but decided against it. It'd be an awkward conversation, and Eudran didn't want to make Deyja uncomfortable by asking her how much of an idiot he'd been last night. However, even though Eudran didn't know what happened last night, the incident did manage to help him come to an important conclusion: he needed to learn how to forecast the weather. Then Eudran could 'safely' take leolayrandi when going outside, without having to worry about a storm coming along and raining on his parade. What, did you expect Eudran to conclude he should stop taking leolayrandi? That wouldn't be happening any time soon. Eudran would do almost anything to support his leolayrandi habits, as this incident had proven.

    Finally pushing his thoughts to the back of his mind, Eudran did a final survey of the contents of his bag. Normally Eudran wouldn't take his bag with him, but today's scouting mission was a big one, and Eudran didn't want to go unprepared. Alongside his bag's normal contents was some rations, some water, some hand sanitizer, and a wind-up torch in case of emergency. After verifying he had everything necessary in his bag, Eudran went on to check his weapons. A knife in a make-shift pouch on each side of his hip, in a position which wouldn't obscure his movements- check. His coiled up whip in a pouch (so it's spikes didn't hurt him) on the back of his belt, with the handle hanging out of the right hand side ready to draw at any moment- check. The trusty switchblade in his pocket, in case worst came to worst- check. Satisfied he had everything ready, Eudran started to inspect how everybody else was doing. Being the scouting general, Eudran wanted to make sure nobody would be screwing up today's scouting mission. Looking around, Eudran smiled at the person nearest to him. "How are you today then?" Eudran inquired. ((Anybody can react to this))
  13. Long sleepless nights seemed to be the usu' for Deyja these days. She had tried in the past to close her eyes for more then an hour, only to be woken back up with horrifying images of the bloodbath her life had been since the beginning of this apocalypse. There were nights when it got so bad, she would wake up screaming, grabbing the knife holstered to her leg out of the need to defend herself from dream monsters...monsters that haunted even her conscious mind.

    Deyja flung her arms over her face, blocking out the sunlight reflecting off the metal panels and right into her eyes. She made a mental note at the moment: curtains..electricity too. Perhaps their grab tag crew could find some new faces, ones with potential in the electronics field. She was happy for the fire, the warmth, the slight insulation homebase provided, but it could use some serious upgrading, and by upgrading, she meant a serious over-hall.

    Deyja removed her arms from her eyes, squinting them against the harsh light before sitting up, still in the same place from the night before. Most everyone else had shuffled their was to the second story of the base, in hopes of getting some shut eye. She wondered sometimes if she was the only one who got nightmares; doubtful, but a possibility. She sighed, lulling her head to the side, brown eyes glancing at her shotguns which were still lying, in wait of a fight beside her. She scowled, wishing that the only reason their were shotguns beside her were for hobbyists' target practice, but no such luck.

    As she sat up, a small crack, followed by a pop and a long sigh fell from the petite lips. That satisfying crack could keep the woman going for hours if you'd believe it or not. She missed the massage appointments she used to go to where her massage therapist knew just how to crack her back and every other stiff part of her body, it was a heavenly 2 hours. She reached over, grabbing the guns that lay to her side and stringing them across her back once more, clipping together the buckles and tightening the straps. She stood, too fast apparently, and began to wobble in a forthwith fashion. She sighed, berating herself for not sleeping, cursing her memories and guilt ridden conscious for not allowing her to close her eyes without witnessing the horrors of her past.

    As her dizzy spell ceased, Deyja turned around, walking over to her bag, sitting close by on the ground. She was debating if she wanted to bring it with her today, seeing as a couple days back, her, Levai, and Eudran had worked out today's date as the best of the month to find some new things for homebase and scout out the changes in the infected. Deyja always hoped in the back of her mind they'd find new survivors on these trips, she wanted to help others who were trapped in this hell hole of a world, but each time they made leave from homebase, they only ever came back with materialistic things, and sometimes not even that much.

    She could see blood, tons of crimson liquid spurting up from her fiances body...from James' body.
    She could feel wet lines down her cheek, tears, coming at a rapid pace.
    And then everything stilled, as she made eye contact with the beast that had finished devouring the love of her life...

    No. She shook her head forcibly to try and rid it of the images plaguing her consciousness. She turned around, facing Eudran, and offering a smile before she continued over to her bag and pulled out one of her favourite 'Sweet n' Salty' granola bars. She ripped off the peal, cracking the bar in half and offering the rest to the tall blonde man behind her.

    "It will give you energy before we head out. I want to get this done as fast as possible today, in hopes we find others, and not end up getting rushed like last time by the infected."

    Deyja popped one of the halves in her mouth, placing the other half in Eudrans. She turned from him, walking closer towards the door, pulling her left pistol from it's holster and checking it over with her eyes, before doing the same with her right and re-holstering both. Alright...another day...another game with those infected bastards.
  14. One of the first things Eudran noticed about Deyja was the dark rings framing her eyes. It reminded Eudran that not everybody slept as well as he did. Eudran might have also been kept awake by nightmares if it wasn't for the sleepy after-effects of taking leolayrandi. Of course, he could only speculate if that was the case or not- Eudran was always going to take leolayrandi.

    "It will give you energy before we head out. I want to get this done as fast as possible today, in hopes we find others, and not end up getting rushed like last time by the infected," Deyja told Eudran. At the mention of last time, Eudran grimaced. That had not been fun. However his grimace was soon broken by having half a granola bar shoved in his mouth. Eudran swallowed it whole, not bothering to chew. Who had time to chew when there are infected to slay?

    "Thanks muchly!" Eudran exclaimed to the back of Deyja's head, "Energy appreciated, K!" After that Eudran went to make one final preparation for today's trip- taking a dosage of leolayrandi. Eudran snuck off to a more private part of the base, not wanting to do his daily ritual publicly. He opened his bag, which was hanging from his shoulder, and pulled out a small rectangular case. Inside was his stash of leolayrandi, glowing bright orange. Taking a deep breath Eudran picked one up, packing the rest away again. Eudran closed his eyes for a second, his sin resting in his sweaty palms. Then, it was time.
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  15. Genevieve yawned and stretched out, her limbs sore from sleeping in a small ball. Sitting up she ran her fingers through her hair top smooth it and then crawled to the edge of the platform she slept on to see what everyone else was up to. Suddenly she stood up, banging her head on a bar. "Ow! Shit!" She shouted loudly and then blushed from the attention it gained her. Crawling back onto the platform Genevieve grabbed her notebook and flipped through to check how many available pages she had left. 'It's definitely time for a new notebook.' She thought to herself, with only six pages left. Reaching over she pushed on the retractable ladder and began to climb down. Halfway down Gen remembered her pistol that was now laying on top of her jacket and giving another sigh she was forced back up the ladder to grab it.

    When she finally hit bottom Gen latched the ladder down, making it so that it would stay in place and all of her stuff wasn't stuck up top like last time. Holstering her pistol Gen made her way over to the rest of the group and gave Deyja a small salute. "Sorry I'm so late to wake up. I was studying the habits of the special infected most of the night, I think I might be close to some sort of breakthrough." She said. 'I wish I was as close as I tell everyone I am. I still don't understand these creatures and time is running out.' Gen thought to herself, remaining optimistic on the outside for everyone else. "I want to go today. I need to look for some more medical supplies, we're running low and I can only do so much with what we've got. That and I need to find a new notebook and maybe some pencils or a pen." Gen scratched her foot across her other one, never having been very good with social interactions. Her mind was always working and going at top speed so taking time off for concentration on conversation somewhat irritated her, but doing so improved her life style and she was ok with that.
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  16. Levai had awakened in silence. He sat up stretching his arms up in the air and soon after reached down to his toes, continuing to stretch. The male groaned... What was today again? Oh yeah, today was the day to do whatever he wanted as usual as long as the group can benefit from it. Basically, as long as it was to help survive. Levai walked over to a sink to wash his face and walked away. Should he go hunting again? No.... He already went yesterday so they had plenty of meat to eat. Then what should he do? The male pondered and bent down to grab his clothes he took off last night and wore them back on. He then followed Deyja, the other blonde quietly and yawned. He seemed dissatisfied today... Despite always having a blank expression.

    "Ugh....." Groaned Levai. He felt like complaining and it was obvious too, however he held his complaints in and let out a small frustrating deep sigh. He hated this apocalypse that kind of took his fun, but on the bright side all crime was legal now--Right? No.... It still wasn't the same. He was tired of looking and socializing with the same old people he already knew enough about for so long now -like an open book- and he tousled his hair.

    "I don't even wanna do this shit... Yet I have to..." He muttered raising his eyebrows and widening his eyes momentarily. Levai was very annoyed for whatever reason and he flicked out his butterfly knife, simply doing tricks swiftly with his fingers and hand alone.
  17. Bouncing back into the main area of the base after taking his dosage of leolayrandi, Eudran heard the end of Genevieve's request. "We'd love to have you with us! Some new stationery sounds like a great idea," Eudran replied cherril, "I need some too- my current sketch book is filled to the brim with maps and outlines of the area, while my person is worked down to a stub. I'm sure we can get you everything you need, Gen sweetie." Knowing she uncomfortable in social situation, Eudran gently beamed at her, trying to be as friendly as possible. But his concentration was quickly stolen by the poison leolayrandi in his mind, making him turn away to wonder in circles for a bit. He even did an impromptu somersault, purely for the hell of it.

    Eudran's ear picked up at sound of Levia's moaning. Without thinking, Eudran slung his arm around Levai's neck, despite the danger of getting cut by the flying butterfly knife. "Cheer up Levai~," Eudran lilted, "Think of today as an exciting adventure! A chance to be free, out of this dark warehouse, and doing something vaguely meaningful with out lives!" Still with his arm around Levai's neck, Eudran tilted his head to face Levai's and gave him a wink. For some reason Eudran thought this might actually cheer up Levai, in spite of the fact it was most likely just annoying him. You had to give points to Eudran for trying though, even if his optimism was idiotic.
  18. The afternoon sun hung high in the sky, shining over puddles and water droplets from last night's rain. Xun-Long peeked out of the window, the group of zombies that chased him last night long since gone docile, shuffling around the area. He debated on using Darstenol again to get away but in the end decided against it. He hated the lack of feeling his legs get after using the drug anyways.

    He left the window and scavenged around the drawers of the apartment he took shelter in. Seemed whoever lived here didn’t have much, the space alone very cramped. No couch, no chairs, only a single moth-eaten mattress tucked in a corner on the floor. Guy didn’t even have any plates. Xun-Long found only two rusted knives which he threw in his backpack.

    One thing he knew for sure the guy had stocked was an overbearing amount of bottles. Literally almost every cabinet had one. After some raiding in other apartments, Xun-Long was able to snag a motor oil bottle and a lighter. He returned to his cozy little shelter and replaced the alcohol with motor oil. He cut up a rag he found and soaked it in some alcohol from another bottle then stuffed some of it in the bottle. He made two more cocktails and tied the bottles to his bag.

    He tiptoed out of the apartment and to the front entrance of the building. There was a small horde of the infected shuffling about outside. Xun-Long lit the rag and tossed the bottle at a nearby car, engulfing the vehicle in flames. The zombies clambered around the flaming car leaving Xun-Long time to get out of the apartment and sprint away from there, slicing of the heads of any infected who dare approach him instead of the car.

    Run. Run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. There is no place for you anymore.
  19. The Nest, 9:12am

    J i l l

    Jill peeled the wet mass of clothing off her skin, the draft in the room gave the young girl a chill causing her to shiver. Of course Jill liked it, she liked every sensation, because it was proof she was existent. That she was real. She let out a displeased sigh as he pulled on a dry night shirt a fresh underwear. Jill surely didn't want to give the body back to Mira, but she said she would. If she didn't the little wench would just keep bitching about it nonstop. Jill tossed herself unto the near by couch and relaxed her body. She shut her eyes and simply listened to the rain falling outside the window, letting it wash her away. Moments later she was finally sound asleep in her safe little nest in the sky.

    Three hours later, at the sound of a thunder clap ringing in her ears, the young woman shot up from the couch in fright. She looked around in a paniked manor but never once left the couch.