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    "At night, the hunters become the hunted"

    T h e • B a s i c s

    The year is 2056. Seven years have passed since the infected outbreak. Few survived the first wave; and only the prepared escaped. Most have found shelter in abandoned buildings and towns around the world. Talk has escalated about a "Outbreak Restriction Headquarters", somewhere in East Asia. Safety and permanent shelter await, but can you find your way to this base without succumbing victim to these special infected?

    A l l • A b o u t

    You have been surviving in this infected ridden world for seven years now. You were smart enough to get out while you could and now have the skills and abilities to defend yourself. One problem however, the infected become crazy strong after dusk. It seems that these beings thrive in the dark, much like a make believe creature of pain and torture. Staying out after dusk is NOT recommended.
    Story has told of a base, not far from where you are currently stationed. Shelter, peace, and infected free quarters await, as well as others who understand what is happening and quite possibly have a way of fixing it.
    Your travel options are simple. Try it alone and see how you fair, or use your brain and team up with others. Anything can happen when you spend time with others. Trust? Relationships? Fighting? Killing? It's all possible when the world is ridden with zombies and no one cares anymore.
    Certain towns are under "patrol" by the remaining military forces. They have instructed that anyone who plans of venturing outside of their shelters after Dusk, are to be shot and executed upon sight. This hasn't stopped the survivors, and just like the infected, they consider the Patrols their enemies, as well as their entire army.
    As a survivor, your main goal is to reach T.A.R.G.E.T, the Out Break Restriction Head Quarters.
    Along the way you will face terrifying creatures and may end up loosing people close to you.
    Special Infected, Savage General Infected, and Mass Infected are TO BE FEARED. They are lethal killers that won't stop at anything for a meal; say for one. The legend behind the Infected: Night. Night is a one and only, he is the strongest infected in the entire world. Nobody knows too much about him, however he has been spotted and ran from; all in vein sadly. What is going on with Night? Will the survivors ever make it to East Asia and the Outbreak Restriction Head Quarters? Or will they be doomed to the life of a creature?
    Only time will tell....

    T h e • R u l e s

    1. Characters CANNOT have special/mythical abilities.
    2. Being out after dark is a federal offense. Patrols WILL attempt to kill you.
    3. No one can survive full days on end without food or sleep, you are NOT invincible, you're human.
    4. Zombies cannot be "reasoned" with, they will kill on site, and viciously.
    5. Ability enhancing drugs are a reality in this RP. They are allowed, but have limits to how often they can be used and the side effects the cause on your characters body.
    6. Any age is allowed, just be warned that the younger people are not likely to survive unless the have an able adult on their side.
    7. If you are bitten by an zombie, you become a "creature". Creatures are amplified zombies with near human intelligence who only surface after Dusk
    . These infected have the ability to use human weapons, and possess in-human strength, as well as speed; they are NOT to be trifled with.
    8. Patrols are NPC's and cannot be joined.
    9. There is no possible way to find/get to the "Outbreak Restriction Head Quarters", overnight or easily, the journey will be a battle.
    10. HAVE FUN! That's what RP'ing is all about anyway c:

    I n f e c t e d

    There are different types of infected throughout the RP that your character WILL encounter.

    General Infected - These infected are slightly dangerous and appear at all times. A bite from them will turn you into a creature, so be wary. They are moderately fast, only able to walk as fast as a regular human. Their strength is nothing to be concerned about, however they do group in hordes, so be careful not to be caught by yourself. All General Infected transform after Dusk.

    Savage Infected - This is the aftermath of a General Infected. After dusk, all General Infected turn into volatile, vicious monsters, capable of chasing after a survivor with ease. DO NOT engage with these monsters unless you KNOW what you're doing. All Savage Infected' have the speed of a human in sprint, the strength of a body builder and the killer instinct of a great white shark towards a bleeding seal. A bite from a Savage Infected will turn you into a "Special Creature".

    Docial Infected - These infected a the generic type of zombie. Slow, weak, and easy to kill. When a "special type" infected is exposed to direct sunlight, they will revert to a "Docial Infected". Being bitten by a Docial Infected won't do much changing wise, however, they still offer up NASTY bites.
    Creature - Creatures are the making of a bite from a General Infected. Existentially dangerous beings that roam only after Dusk. They are fast, strong, and more deadly then all general class infected (including savage infected). Creatures have near human intelligence and are able to wield the weapon of the former human that was turned into the creature.

    Special Creature - Special creatures are the turn over of a bite from a Savage Infected. Quite deadly and much more powerful then a simple "creature". Special Creatures have certain abilities attributed from the original human owners of the body. Their appearance is that from mythical fairy tail and can range from the body of an animal, to the teeth of a savage shark; anything is possible with special creatures. All special creatures attuned abilities steam from a "feeling" the original human had. (Ex. Human felt constant hate - Special Creature has the strength of a tank/The wail of a banshie/The Intelligence of a master criminal)
    Gutterol Infected - These infected are created right from the get go. They have the ability to "squeeze" through impossible spaces. (Ex. Netting, Small Cracks in the walls, ect..) These infected make loud gushing noises when moving around. Easily detectable. If bitten by a Gutterol Infected you will turn into a Creature.

    Witching Infected - Most infected classified under the "Witching Infected" have grotesque, long, and sharp nails protruding from their fingernail beds. These are lethal weapons that can cut through steel. They aren't easily broken and will cause mass damage if they cut a survivors body. If bitten by a witching infected, you will not become a zombie; you will, however, loose quite a bit of your strength and if scratched by their nails, suffer traumatic injuries. Witching zombies can be heard "wailing" and "crying" from quite the distance. They dislike loud obnoxious noises and are deadly fast.

    Sputum Infected - Sputum infected have the ability to spray acid from their mouths. A deadly poison which will eat away at whatever it touches. These infected are relatively silent, so they are hard to spot. DO NOT come within a 2 meter radius of these infected, the acidic spit will kill you. These infected crave the flesh of decaying victims. If bitten by a Sputum Infected, you will turn into a decaying Creature (not as strong as a regular creature).

    Modifying Infected - Perhaps one of the most dangerous infected you can come across. Modifying infected can take the shape and appearance of another human. These creatures (when altered) possess human intelligence, human wit, and the skill of a survivor. Spotting these creatures is difficult, they are masters of disguise (One tell tale sign is not wanting to go outside). There is no time limit to how long a Modifying Infected can stayed altered, and there are no set perimeters to what they can change into (aside from non-human objects and animals). Modifying Infected can survive day time without reverting to a Docial Infected, as long as they stay indoors.

    Crook Infected - Crook Infected have long, snake like tendrils stemming from the joints of their backs. These tendrils are wickedly fast and unnaturally strong. Their reach extends to 15 meters. Easily detectable; these infected make louder then normal growling noises. The whipping of their tendrils back and fourth can also be heard. If caught by a tendril, you will be pulled into the embrace of the infected and bitten. When bitten by a Crook Infected you will become a creature.

    Pursuit Infected - A Pursuit Infected is an Infected to be wary of. When human, all Pursuit infected had special physical abilities. Strength, Agility, Speed, Dexterity, ect. Pursuit infected will chase down a survivor to no ends, and won't stop until killed or lost. They are quite fast in general. Moderately easy to detect, this infected will growl upon "line of site" with a human. Being bitten by a Pursuit infected will turn you into a Creature.
    Mammoth Infected - Two classes of VASTLY STRONG infected exist on the planet, the first kind is known as the Mammoth Infected. Like the name suggests, the Mammoth Infected is massive, gargantuan and incredibly dangerous. Confrontation with a Mammoth Infected is best done from a distance and up high. Able to charge with great speeds and bash with tremendous strength, the Mammoth infected is a force to be reckoned with. All mammoth infected are 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The only known weak spot of a Mammoth Infected is their eyes, their skin is also nearly impossible to pierce with a blade or puncture with a bullet.

    Night - Night is a massive, grim-reaper'esq looking Infected. Gifted with Human intelligence, wicked speed, insane strength and trained senses, this is the most dangerous infected known on the entire planet. Night tends to only come out after dusk, however he has been reported to whisk around during the day. Night has a tall, lanky body cloaked in a black cape. The bottoms of the cape look to be made of shadows; according to eye witness reports. Night is able to "track" his targets, and possess the Modifying Infected's ability to morph himself into the appearance of any human. It is said that Night only hunts those who pose a threat to him. He is skilled with all human weapons and according to legend, posesses the ability to "manipulate shadows"; no conformation has yet to be made. Nights face is never seen, always hidden by a hood attached to his cloak. His hands are decaying flesh, and he stands at the height of 7'5'. He is said to be Bi-Lingual in every language and can easily deceive the unwary human. Legends tell us that Night is able to fool the human emotion by displaying emotions of his own. There is no telling how this Infected came to possess this ability, but there is definitely more behind the story of night. If you encounter this for Infected, your best chance would be to run.
    Note: All "Special Infected" (A.K.A Crook Infected, Sputum Infected, Ect.) will only appear after Dusk. If caught by the sun, these Infected WILL revert to Docial Infected. Also, anyone who has transformed into a Creature or Special Creature will loose their abilities for an extended period of time if exposed to sunlight. (Artificial Light DOES NOT count) Any "Mass Infected (A.K.A the Mammoth Infected or "Night" are NOT affected by daylight, however, they prefer to come out during night.)


    A b i l i t y • E n h a n c e m e n t
    In the current time period, ability enhancing drugs exist. They can be used to up your speed, strength, dexterity, Agility, and even eyesight! Bellow are just a few drugs that can be found and purchased or stolen...if you know where to find them ;)

    Hetomorphi (Strength Drug)
    Increases the users strength ten-fold. While on this drug, you will be able to lift things with the weight of a car. This drug will cause hallucinations during use and will leave you feeling incredibly flimsy and weak.
    Darstenol (Speed Drug)
    Not to be mistaken as a drug that causes mythical speed abilities. While on this drug, you will experience the feeling of adrenalin, as well as the feeling of vertigo. It will increase your running and walking speed by 15 kph. This drug will leave you with the feeling of numb legs and no appetite.

    Leolayrandi (Agility Drug)
    This drug will drastically increase your reaction time, as well as your ability to move from place to place (within a meters distance) extremely quick. While on the drug, you will experience the feelings of being light headed as well as not being able to think straight. This drug will leave you nauseous and sleepy.

    Natecraio (Dexterity Drug)
    This drug is mostly used by weapon specialists. It allows the taken to greatly increase their weapon skill and preform feats normally impossible for the human body with their selected weapon. While on this drug you will feel invincible but there will always be a nagging feeling of sleepiness in the back of your mind. This drug will leave you feeling worn out and limp.
    Naeinfita (Immunity Drug)
    Not to say this drug gives you immunity towards poisons or illnesses; this drug has been crafted to deter or completely put a hold on the effect of an Infected bite. This drug CAN NOT stop the effects of a Special Infected, Mass Infected, or a Creature (including special creature). Being on this drug will have no side effects. This drug will leave you feeling nauseous, dizzy, and sickly.

    Exionta (Enhanced Eyesight Drug)
    As if attaching a snipers scope to your eye, this drug will increase your vision, give you the ability to see great distances and alert you of infected presence. When a infected (Special, Mass, or Creature) is nearby, the rim of your vision will glow a light purple. Being on this drug will make you feel disoriented. This drug will leave you blind for 10 minutes and if used more then once over the course of 2 days, deathly ill. **Note** This drug only affects one eye.

    Xytolpronamein (Enhanced Hearing Drug)
    To hear a zombies growls close up sends chills down a persons spine, as they known what is sure to come. No need to worry anymore! With the Enhanced Hearing Drug you will be able to hear for a mile radius. Will-power can adjust just how much you hear, but causes the user to feel extremely weak during adjusting. While on this drug, you will always hear a slight buzzing in both ears and you will be extremely sensitive to your surroundings. This drug will leave will impaired hearing for a full day.

    Burdefitoriae (Enhanced Smell Drug)
    Not often the first choice of a survivor, this drug allows the users to pick up smells a normal human could not. It enhances the smell sense ten fold and allows the user to smell like a bloodhound. Infected are easy to pinpoint using this drug due to their foul stench. While on this drug a user may end up confusing different smells and will feel very "out of it". This drug will leave you with no side effects.

    All of these drugs, if used properly will enhance the users chosen ability for 2 1/2 hours. No longer.
    If used improperly, these drugs will cause body convulsions, vomiting, headaches, and an unnatural lure towards infected.
    Some people say these drugs were derived from the Infected DNA themselves!


    Thanks for your interest in this RP idea! If I get enough people interested, I'll start sign up's and reveal more of the story!
    If you want to know more, just ask, I don't bite!
    Thanks for checking this out c:
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