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    At Night, the hunters become the hunted.

    Seven years have passed since the infected outbreak. All around the world, single survivors as well as groups are still clinging onto this torture they call life. Recently, there have been escalated rumors and talk about a "Infection Restriction Head Quarters", run by the world post-largest consumer Scientology center; T.A.R.G.E.T These rumors have given our survivors hope, it is said that the IRHQ is infected free, supplied with weapons, food, and is open to anyone who has the willpower to find their way. Radio broadcasts have been made once every four days, in attempts to reach any survivors. According to speculation, the IRHQ is stationed somewhere underground in East Asia, it is your job as a survivor to find your way their alone, or with a group, without falling victim to the deadly infected that roam the streets of the world. Each infected is different from the next, you WILL run across general infected, savage infected, docial infected, special infected, and mass infected. You may also fall to the level of becoming an infected yourself; or in this world, known as a "creature". After dusk, the hunter becomes the hunted, and interacting with any infected after dark isn't a wise decision. You'll have many enemies throughout your travels, the question is, are you brave enough to make it, or will the next thing you see be a bullet piercing your skull? Be safe, be cautious, and good luck.


    General Infected General Infected - These infected are slightly dangerous and appear at all times. A bite from them will turn you into a creature, so be wary. They are moderately fast, only able to walk as fast as a regular human. Their strength is nothing to be concerned about, however they do group in hordes, so be careful not to be caught by yourself. All General Infected transform after Dusk.
    Savage Infected - This is the aftermath of a General Infected. After dusk, all General Infected turn into volatile, vicious monsters, capable of chasing after a survivor with ease. DO NOT engage with these monsters unless you KNOW what you're doing. All Savage Infected' have the speed of a human in sprint, the strength of a body builder and the killer instinct of a great white shark towards a bleeding seal. A bite from a Savage Infected will turn you into a "Special Creature".
    Docial Infected - These infected a the generic type of zombie. Slow, weak, and easy to kill. When a "special type" infected is exposed to direct sunlight, they will revert to a "Docial Infected". Being bitten by a Docial Infected won't do much changing wise, however, they still offer up NASTY bites.

    Bitten Survivor Creature - Creatures are the making of a bite from a General Infected. Existentially dangerous beings that roam only after Dusk. They are fast, strong, and more deadly then all general class infected (including savage infected). Creatures have near human intelligence and are able to wield the weapon of the former human that was turned into the creature.
    Special Creature - Special creatures are the turn over of a bite from a Savage Infected. Quite deadly and much more powerful then a simple "creature". Special Creatures have certain abilities attributed from the original human owners of the body. Their appearance is that from mythical fairy tail and can range from the body of an animal, to the teeth of a savage shark; anything is possible with special creatures. All special creatures attuned abilities steam from a "feeling" the original human had. (Ex. Human felt constant hate - Special Creature has the strength of a tank/The wail of a banshie/The Intelligence of a master criminal)

    Special Infected Gutterol Infected - These infected are created right from the get go. They have the ability to "squeeze" through impossible spaces. (Ex. Netting, Small Cracks in the walls, ect..) These infected make loud gushing noises when moving around. Easily detectable. If bitten by a Gutterol Infected you will turn into a Creature.
    Witching Infected - Most infected classified under the "Witching Infected" have grotesque, long, and sharp nails protruding from their fingernail beds. These are lethal weapons that can cut through steel. They aren't easily broken and will cause mass damage if they cut a survivors body. If bitten by a witching infected, you will not become a zombie; you will, however, loose quite a bit of your strength and if scratched by their nails, suffer traumatic injuries. Witching zombies can be heard "wailing" and "crying" from quite the distance. They dislike loud obnoxious noises and are deadly fast.
    Sputum Infected - Sputum infected have the ability to spray acid from their mouths. A deadly poison which will eat away at whatever it touches. These infected are relatively silent, so they are hard to spot. DO NOT come within a 2 meter radius of these infected, the acidic spit will kill you. These infected crave the flesh of decaying victims. If bitten by a Sputum Infected, you will turn into a decaying Creature (not as strong as a regular creature).
    Modifying Infected - Perhaps one of the most dangerous infected you can come across. Modifying infected can take the shape and appearance of another human. These creatures (when altered) possess human intelligence, human wit, and the skill of a survivor. Spotting these creatures is difficult, they are masters of disguise (One tell tale sign is not wanting to go outside). There is no time limit to how long a Modifying Infected can stayed altered, and there are no set perimeters to what they can change into (aside from non-human objects and animals). Modifying Infected can survive day time without reverting to a Docial Infected, as long as they stay indoors.
    Crook Infected - Crook Infected have long, snake like tendrils stemming from the joints of their backs. These tendrils are wickedly fast and unnaturally strong. Their reach extends to 15 meters. Easily detectable; these infected make louder then normal growling noises. The whipping of their tendrils back and fourth can also be heard. If caught by a tendril, you will be pulled into the embrace of the infected and bitten. When bitten by a Crook Infected you will become a creature.
    Pursuit Infected - A Pursuit Infected is an Infected to be wary of. When human, all Pursuit infected had special physical abilities. Strength, Agility, Speed, Dexterity, ect. Pursuit infected will chase down a survivor to no ends, and won't stop until killed or lost. They are quite fast in general. Moderately easy to detect, this infected will growl upon "line of site" with a human. Being bitten by a Pursuit infected will turn you into a Creature.

    Mass Infected Mammoth Infected - Two classes of VASTLY STRONG infected exist on the planet, the first kind is known as the Mammoth Infected. Like the name suggests, the Mammoth Infected is massive, gargantuan and incredibly dangerous. Confrontation with a Mammoth Infected is best done from a distance and up high. Able to charge with great speeds and bash with tremendous strength, the Mammoth infected is a force to be reckoned with. All mammoth infected are 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The only known weak spot of a Mammoth Infected is their eyes, their skin is also nearly impossible to pierce with a blade or puncture with a bullet.
    Night - Night is a massive, grim-reaper'esq looking Infected. Gifted with Human intelligence, wicked speed, insane strength and trained senses, this is the most dangerous infected known on the entire planet. Night tends to only come out after dusk, however he has been reported to whisk around during the day. Night has a tall, lanky body cloaked in a black cape. The bottoms of the cape look to be made of shadows; according to eye witness reports. Night is able to "track" his targets, and possess the Modifying Infected's ability to morph himself into the appearance of any human. It is said that Night only hunts those who pose a threat to him. He is skilled with all human weapons and according to legend, possesses the ability to "manipulate shadows"; no conformation has yet to be made. Nights face is never seen, always hidden by a hood attached to his cloak. His hands are decaying flesh, and he stands at the height of 7'5'. He is said to be Bi-Lingual in every language and can easily deceive the unwary human. Legends tell us that Night is able to fool the human emotion by displaying emotions of his own. There is no telling how this Infected came to possess this ability, but there is definitely more behind the story of night. If you encounter this for Infected, your best chance would be to run.

    Note: All "Special Infected" (A.K.A Crook Infected, Sputum Infected, Ect.) will only appear after Dusk. If caught by the sun, these Infected WILL revert to Docial Infected. Also, anyone who has transformed into a Creature or Special Creature will loose their abilities for an extended period of time if exposed to sunlight. (Artificial Light DOES NOT count) Any "Mass Infected (A.K.A the Mammoth Infected or "Night" are NOT affected by daylight, however, they prefer to come out during night.


    1. Characters cannot have mythical abilities (a.k.a demonic, vampire, ect powers}
    2. Being out after dark is a federal offense. Patrols WILL try to kill you.
    3. You can't survive more then one full day without food or water. You are human, act like one.
    4. Zombies cannot be "reasoned" with. They will attack, and viciously.
    5. Ability enhancing drugs are a reality in this RP. They are allowed, but have limits to how often they can be used and the side effects the cause on your characters body.
    6. Any age is allowed, just be warned that the younger people are not likely to survive unless the have an able adult on their side.
    7. If you are bitten by an zombie, you become a "creature". Creatures are amplified zombies with near human intelligence who only surface after Dusk. These infected have the ability to use human weapons, and possess in-human strength, as well as speed; they are NOT to be trifled with.
    8. Patrols are NPC's and cannot be joined.[
    9. There is no possible way to find/get to the "Outbreak Restriction Head Quarters", overnight or easily, the journey will be a battle.
    10. HAVE FUN! That's what RP'ing is all about anyway ;)


    In the current time period, ability enhancing drugs exist. They can be used to up your speed, strength, dexterity, Agility, and even eyesight! Bellow are just a few drugs that can be found and purchased or stolen...if you know where to find them ;)

    Hetomorphi (Strength Drug)
    Increases the users strength ten-fold. While on this drug, you will be able to lift things with the weight of a car. This drug will cause hallucinations during use and will leave you feeling incredibly flimsy and weak.

    Darstenol (Speed Drug)
    Not to be mistaken as a drug that causes mythical speed abilities. While on this drug, you will experience the feeling of adrenalin, as well as the feeling of vertigo. It will increase your running and walking speed by 15 kph. This drug will leave you with the feeling of numb legs and no appetite.

    Leo/Leolayrandi (Agility Drug)
    This drug will drastically increase your reaction time, as well as your ability to move from place to place (within a meters distance) extremely quick. While on the drug, you will experience the feelings of being light headed as well as not being able to think straight. This drug will leave you nauseous and sleepy.

    Natecraio (Dexterity Drug)
    This drug is mostly used by weapon specialists. It allows the taken to greatly increase their weapon skill and preform feats normally impossible for the human body with their selected weapon. While on this drug you will feel invincible but there will always be a nagging feeling of sleepiness in the back of your mind. This drug will leave you feeling worn out and limp.

    Naeinfita (Immunity Drug)
    Not to say this drug gives you immunity towards poisons or illnesses; this drug has been crafted to deter or completely put a hold on the effect of an Infected bite. This drug CAN NOT stop the effects of a Special Infected, Mass Infected, or a Creature (including special creature). Being on this drug will have no side effects. This drug will leave you feeling nauseous, dizzy, and sickly.

    Exionta (Enhanced Eyesight Drug)
    As if attaching a snipers scope to your eye, this drug will increase your vision, give you the ability to see great distances and alert you of infected presence. When a infected (Special, Mass, or Creature) is nearby, the rim of your vision will glow a light purple. Being on this drug will make you feel disoriented. This drug will leave you blind for 10 minutes and if used more then once over the course of 2 days, deathly ill. **Note** This drug only affects one eye.

    Xytolpronamein (Enhanced Hearing Drug)
    To hear a zombies growls close up sends chills down a persons spine, as they known what is sure to come. No need to worry anymore! With the Enhanced Hearing Drug you will be able to hear for a mile radius. Will-power can adjust just how much you hear, but causes the user to feel extremely weak during adjusting. While on this drug, you will always hear a slight buzzing in both ears and you will be extremely sensitive to your surroundings. This drug will leave will impaired hearing for a full day.

    Burdefitoriae (Enhanced Smell Drug)
    Not often the first choice of a survivor, this drug allows the users to pick up smells a normal human could not. It enhances the smell sense ten fold and allows the user to smell like a bloodhound. Infected are easy to pinpoint using this drug due to their foul stench. While on this drug a user may end up confusing different smells and will feel very "out of it". This drug will leave you with no side effects.

    All of these drugs, if used properly will enhance the users chosen ability for 2 1/2 hours. No longer. If used improperly, these drugs will cause body convulsions, vomiting, headaches, and an unnatural lure towards infected. Some people say these drugs were derived from the Infected DNA themselves!



    Skeleton Character Name: What your characters full name is
    Alises: Names people only know you by/names your character prefers to be called
    Gender: Male or Female.
    Species/Race: Human, Demon, Etc. Or even Race and Nationality.
    Age: How old is your character.
    Birthplace/World: Where the character comes from.
    Occupation/School/Grade: Their job or their school grade.
    General Appearance: Eyes, Hair, Height, and other visual details. Pictures also work.
    Strengths:These are the thing your character is physically good at doing.
    Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.
    Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
    Inner Personality (You don't HAVE to have this ;P): The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.
    Weapons and Personal Possessions: Weapons your character constantly uses, as well as personal possessions they have on them or have brought with them from their old lives.
    (Anything more you'd like to add)
    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.
    Present Life:The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!


    Homebase Captain - Taken (Ali)
    Responsibilities: The homebase captains responsibility is to make sure that all other positions work together in order to keep everyone alive. They are responsible for leading the group, protecting it's members and helping in anyway possible with any other positions. The Captain makes final call on any decision that would effect anyone in the group.
    Homebase Co-Captain - Taken (Noceur)
    Responsibilities: Homebase co-captains responsibilities stem right underneath the captains. They are responsible for overlook of all other positions as well as assisting the captain in keeping the group together. The co-captain of homebase takes over the captains position if they are unfit for the job at hand.
    Scavenge Leader - Taken (EMajyyks)
    Responsibilities: The Scavenge leader is in charge of leading groups anywhere supplies may be available. They are the ones with the list of things needed and the "go" or "no" instruction that will get the job done. The scavenge leader is one of many who keep homebase running properly.
    Scouting General - Taken (Cassette)
    Responsibilities: The Scouting Generals responsibilities are to canvas new areas in advance before alerting the group of new areas. They are responsible for telling apart the safe and unsafe places within our world. They are also responsible for picking new bases when it's time to "up and leave."
    Communications Leader - Taken (D3M0NIX)
    Responsibilities: The communications leader is the tech specialist of the group. This persons responsibility is to keep homebase and everyone connected with all times. Communication is one of the most important things now a days during the apocalypse. Your job as the communications leader is to keep coordinates for future destinations and throughout the plot you will have access to IRHQ, and you alone.
    General Defense Officer - Taken (Yuuki_Tatsunohi)
    Responsibilities: The General Defense Officers job is just as it sounds. You are in-charge of sending different people out to different positions in action to fight. You are responsible for taking care of everyone during "battle" and tending to wounds afterwards with the help of others. The General Defense Office needs to be strategic and cunning in order to aid homebase.
    Rations Director - Taken (Vio)
    Responsibilities: The Rations director is in charge of all supplies in home-base. They are in charge of keeping track of what is low, what is full, and what is needed. They are also in charge of separating rations evenly between who needs most and who needs less. Overall, they are in charge of inventory.
    Endurance Specialist - Taken (Lonewolf888978)
    Responsibilities: The Endurance Specialist's job is to help fellow survivors with tactics in survival and train them better with weapons. The Endurance Specialist must be skilled in at least 3 weapon types.
    Informant Scout - Taken (EpitaphQueen)
    Responsibilities: As the informant scout, it is your job to understand the infected as if they were your own children. You must convey weaknesses, strengths and anything of importance towards the rest of the group. If anyone needs info on the infected, you are the straight and best source.

    First Aid Specialist - Available
    Responsibilities: Just as the title of the job sounds, you will be responsible for tending to the well being of any and all injured survivors. It is your job to patch up wounds, treat ability enhancement after effects, and nurse those who are sickly back to full strength in the hopes that they may soon aid the rest of the survivors in our ultimate goal.

    Note: This roleplay has an unlimited amount of positions. The only reason a select few people have "ranks" of sorts, are because they "dibs'd" them first. So not every survivor has to have one of the positions listed above. You can just be a survivor, who helps out and sticks with the team like family :)

    If you want one of the open positions just write "DIBS! (Title you want) in a new reply c: And if you're feeling extra saucy, add a random cat gif ;)



    Mira Clearson
    Played by Vio
    Rations Director
    Jolina L. Persinette
    Played by EMajyyks
    Scavenge Leader
    Deyja R. Kamelot
    Played by Ali
    Homebase Captain/Leader
    Eudran Kindra
    Played by Cassette
    Scouting General
    Zane Shadiere
    Played by D3M0NIX
    Communications Leader
    Drake Forester
    Played by Lonewolf888978
    Endurance Specialist
    Levai Alvarez
    Played by Noceur
    Homebase Co-Captain/Co-Leader
    Xun-Long Wuyue
    Played by Yuuki_Tatsunohi
    General Defense Officer
    Genevieve Carson
    Played by EpitaphQueen
    Information Scout
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  2. Mira Clearson
    After Dusk RP

    "Jack and Jill when up the hill
    to fetch a pail of water
    Jill pushed him down and he broke his crown
    her laughter came following after"

    "The Girl With The Split Personality"
    N a m e
    Mira Clearson
    - Jill -

    A l i a s e s

    When Mira was younger, she would often play cops and robbers or secret agent. Her "code name" was always Cee. Whenever someone asks for her name, and she doesn't trust them, she simply tells them "Cee".

    G e n d e r

    Species / Race
    though, some consider Jill to be a demon






    A g e

    January 29th, 2024

    Birthplace / World

    Occupation / School / Grade
    St. Jose Boarding School
    Third Year
    Shop Clerk & Item Detailer.

    A p p e a r a n c e

    Mira was blessed with beautiful russet brown, wavy hair and stunning, wide green eyes. She has a slender nose, and thin lips. She has a fairly petite build, with broad shoulders, however, her biceps and triceps are toned as well as her calves. Before the apocalypse you would often find Mira wearing sun dresses, or a tank top with a skirt. She kept her outfits simple, yet eye catching. Unfortunately, after the apocalypse she stopped wearing dresses all together, however, still wears a faded floral skirt with grey leggings. To match her bottoms she wears a grey tank top. She accessorizes with a simple beaded necklace, and a small hiking bag. She wears tennis shoes. Often ties her long hair back to keep it out of the way, but is currently debating on cutting it.

    Her expressions are often subtle, hard to catch, and often soft. However, there are periods were she looks strained or in pain, and that is often when Jill is raising her voice or in a frenzy. When Jill finally comes out to play, her expressions are dark, angry, disturbed, and often looking with intense eyes and crooked smile.

    S t r e n g t h s
    While Jill can serve as a total hindrance to Mira, she also serves as an important asset to have. When Jill takes over, she does things with Mira's body that Mira her self is incapable of doing. Her strength and reaction time increases, but her cautiousness and stealth decreases. Jill is skilled in the weapons that she carries, and how to utilize them in ways Mira would never think of doing.

    Her cautiousness is what often saves her life, if something seems to risky she will not do it. This allows her to find the safest options and save her self. If one route seems to dangerous, she will take a different one, even if the safer one is longer or more tedious. If water seems to sketchy to drink, she wont drink it until she finds a way to purify it or a different source. If food looks to unsafe to eat she will not eat it. If she meets people, she is wary of them and does not openly trust them, but will often help them and then be on her way.

    Mira, due to her nature, is very quick on her feet with out being noisy. This often allows her to move about unnoticed by creatures or other people.

    Wall Flower
    Mira, despite her pretty looks, is often unnoticed by others or over looked. Meaning she would be great at infiltration with out getting caught or disguised. This also means she easily adaptable to whatever social environment she is in, so long as it does not bring attention to herself.

    W e a k n e s s e s
    Jill is Mira's weakness, Jill often leaves Mira aching, sore, and exhausted both mentally and physically from whatever it is she does when she takes over. This puts Mira at a horrible disadvantage when she's in control, and slows her down. Often she'll wake up in a place she wasn't before, and not remember anything that had happened. This is also dangerous since Mira would be unaware as to what is lurking in the new area she's awoken too. Also, Jill dislikes Mira, so Jill often keeps important information from her and increase her risk of running into infected. Jill does this so she can remain the dominant personality. Jill also developed the habit of using Natecraio, then switch so Mira is the one suffering the side effects and not her. Frankly, it is safe to say that Jill is a total bitch, and often makes it difficult for people to get close to Mira or will sometimes purposely ruin established relationships without really meaning too.

    Jill, while it is true she is capable of fighting and strong, does not know how to be aggressive or how to fight unless Jill were to take over. She believes she is incapable of fighting, and dislikes being violent, so any strength she has is useless until she realizes she is a strong woman.

    Jill is easily scared, and incapable of fighting once scared. When caught in a dangerous position, like a zombie was charging her, she would freeze on the spot unable to move. If in a safe location she will remain there, not wishing to risk leaving. She won't even leave for food and water, which often causes Jill to take over and force the both of them to go scavenging.

    Jill is sympathetic towards the creatures. She thinks about how they were once people, just like her. With a family, friends, a life that was wrongly taken from them. She knows they are no longer human, but that doesn't change the fact that they used to be, and what they are now are just new creatures trying to survive like all other creatures do. They may be monstrous, but that isn't their fault, and what they do isn't their fault.

    Easily Manipulated
    Mira isn't naive but once you gain her trust she is easily manipulated due to her caring and timid personality. She is submissive, and will often avoid anything that will cause a fight or single her out. If she is being guilt tripped or pressured she will cave and do what is asked of her.

    T a l e n t s
    Mira is good at planning ahead, and often makes her prepared for certain situations she might have to face.

    Mira is exceptionally great at keeping things organized, neat, and tidy.

    Mira was taught by her elder brother how to play the Harmonica.

    She was taught by her mother how to cook.

    I n a b i l i t i e s
    Self Defense
    Mira is horrible at defending herself or being assertive.

    F e a r s
    It's safe to say that the creatures scare her.

    Mira likes the comfort of routine, and what she knows. "Different" scares her and she often finds it risky.

    General Personality











    S e c r e t
    Jill is Mira's other self. Jill is narcotic and uncontrollable, and does things that incredibly frightens Mira. Since Mira is the dominant personality, she has more control and often tries to hide or even ignore Jill's existence. Unfortunately, this is the reason Jill is always angry.

    She is a soft singer, but is to shy to sing in front of others or in groups, so she sings in the shower.

    H i s t o r y
    The Other Personality
    Mira was perfectly normal baby at first, until she turned the age of three. She had a weak immune system and fell terribly ill. The illness progressed until Mira over exerted herself and fainted. She remained in a coma for a week and a half before waking up again perfectly fine. Though Mira was never the same after the incident. Something had changed with in her. Her parents were shocked to find their little Mira acting so misbehaved and rambunctious. Though over a course of a few days she had switched back into the Mira they had known the previous three years of her life. Unfortunately, this did not last and her personality kept changing every so often, before eventually ceasing. Mira began to speak of a strange voice in her head. This immediately grabbed the attention of the entire family and Mira was sent to a specialist. She was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. The doctor asked Mira how many voices did she hear, and she responded with

    "Just one. She doesn't like you very much. She says I should push you out the window, but I wont."
    "Does she have a name?"
    Mira stared blankly at the man, blinking three twice a small devilish smile plagued her small baby face. She started humming to herself as she smiled, kicking her legs back and forth as she ignored the man. The doctor listened carefully and realized she was singing a nursery rhyme. Jack and Jill. He repeats his question to her. In response "Mira" holds up a single finger with a giggle, then began to sing a song for him.
    "Jack and Jill when up the hill
    to fetch a pail of water
    Jill pushed him down and he broke his crown
    her laughter came following after"

    Her small eerie smile turned into a Cheshire-like smile that seemed to spread almost ear to ear, her expression clearly disturbed.
    "I'm Jill. You're annoying. I'm going to push you out that window one day."
    The doctor prescribed Mira with heavy medication after that.

    The Apocalypse
    Since then Mira has kept Jill completely under control, though the medication caused her to loose the desire to eat, and she never exceeded ninety-six pounds. Eventually, due to her parent's protest, the dosage was brought down, and Mira began eating again. Reaching to about one hundred and ten pounds, she became a healthy girl with a healthy life. She made friends, but Jill was always there making things difficult.

    The apocalypse came while Mira was visiting her psychiatrist. The doctor was checking on Mira's relationship with Jill, and trying to establish a proper arrangement with Jill. There was a commotion in the hallways, and the doctor left to see what the matter was. Mira sat there talking to Jill for a sum two hours, before getting bored and turning on the TV. She watched as the world turned to chaos, and eventually the doctor game back out of breath. He slammed and locked the door behind him. Then pushed to file cabinets over to block the door. The two remained in that room for another few hours, watching the TV. When no more news was being brought to them, and the standard issue emergency broad cast began, they watched the city around them turn to hell from their twenty story window. Eventually night fall came, and Mira curled up in her chair as she listened to the snarls from outside their door. They were out there. Waiting for them to come out.

    Morning came quickly, and she was awoken to a nasty surprise, the doctor had been bitten and he had changed shortly after she awoke. He jumped her as she was staring at the TV. She fought back, desperately trying to keep the creature off her. She took a lamp from a near by table, and began to beat him with it repeatedly, but it wasn't enough to kill him. When she was about to be attacked, Jill took over and beat on him twice as hard. The blood stained the floor as she pushed the doctor back, and then out the window. She looked out, and watched his body hit the pavement and die.
    "Told you I'd push you out this window one day."

    P r e s e n t
    Mira and Jill have been living in the psychiatrist building, having killed most of the creatures residing there. They made a camp out of the room they had their past sessions in. There they have been living safely, only ever leaving to gather food and other supplies. One would think that living alone like that would drive a person insane, well Mira was never sane to begin with and she always had Jill to keep her company.

    B a g
    Wild West
    Her elder brother's, who is now dead, harmonica. She only plays it when she is one hundred percent certain it is safe to play it. She does not play it often since the apocalypse.

    Sudoku Book
    She keeps an unfinished Sudoku book on her. She and her family would play Sudoku every Saturday morning. Once she finds some more she will finish the original one.

    The SOG Voodoo Hawk, a Tomahawk. Light, but deadly. She is able to decapitate an individual with a mere two swings. It takes little force to do damage with this weapon, the perfect weapon for a girl like Mira. Named after the famous "Peanut" character Lucy.

    An M48 Tomahawk. Only slightly heavier than Lucy, but just as light. Easy to maneuver, and cause extreme damage. Can decapitate a zombie, or human, with a mere two swings. It takes little to no force to apply extreme damage. Garentee kill strikes. Named after the famous "Peanut" character Charlie.

    Cold Steel's Brooklyn Smasher, a metal baseball bat. It weighs only two pounds and can smash through bricks, cinder blocks, and wood like they're glass. It can crush the skull on the first swing, then totally obliterate the top half of the entire head with the second swing. It requires some force to do immense damage.


    Used to store fresh water.

    Mira has a few cans or bags of food on her.

    Sleeping Bag
    Something for her to sleep in, it comes with an attached pillow.

    For starting fires.

    To see things from a far.

    M i s c

    Welcome to the nightmare in my head
    (Oh God!)
    Say hello to something scary

    Welcome to my other side
    and now it's Mrs. Hyde

    She has a Spanish accent.

    *Inspired by Jack and Jill, Yuno from Mirai Nikki, Mrs. Hyde by Halestrom, and NANA*
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  3. Jolina L. Persinette


    Jo, The Card Whisperer, Psych, Cowgirl


    Caucasian slash Irish slash Mutt

    June 6, 2030
    Gemini ♊
    Pearl, Alexandrite, Emerald
    + Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable
    - Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious, Indecisive


    It was an incredibly small town. She doesn't even know how to go back and visit.
    Earth (???)

    Worked in an old magic shop called: Geezer's Magicz
    Finished College

    Majored in Psychology and Astrology, but got a Bachelors degree in Philosophy.

    General Appearance
    Jo is tall and tough. The typical country girl you could say if you took a long, hard look at her tan skin, dirty boots, and fiery attitude. Her face is long and angular with dark blonde hair falling to her breasts. Her lips are always pulled taunt as if she's thinking hard or possibly planning something. She comes from an Irish family, but her mother married a European man and had her, despite her Grandfather's furrowed brows. She bites her lips whenever she's nervous and there is a strange four-claw swipe scar going down the left side of her neck. It's completely white and sort of upraised from her natural skin, it is constantly a turnoff to others. There is also a matching bite mark on her right thigh towards the side. Jo typically wears comfortable and ratty shirts covered in paint as well as ripped jeans or shorts and her trusty brown boots or sneakers if she feels up to finding socks. All her bracelets and rings means something or belong to someone else.

    · Height: She is 5'7 and that may be as tall as she gets.

    · Weight: About 145, she used to do boxing.

    · Hair Color: A dark and light blonde mixture.

    · Eye Color: Honey brown.


    As mentioned before Jo boxed for awhile and then quit soon after the camping incident. She didn't even know what she was fighting for anymore. In college she took an extra class, Philosophy, and eventually got hooked. Her Psych class taught her to pick out the liars and learn to empathize with people.

    Jo is extremely insecure about her scars and uses make-up to cover them most of the time. She sometimes can also get to involved with her own thoughts and be detached from the group or topic. She's afraid of storms.


    She thinks her art is pretty good and she's got a knack for reading Tarot Cards and palms. Give her a deck of regular playing cards and she could show you hundreds of magic tricks in under thirty minutes. Neat huh? As stated before she is good at talking to people and sympathizing with others.

    She can't swim and that's a problem. She also can't withstand heights and is unable to control her temper when people press her buttons.

    As stated before, storms as well as the ocean. What lay below the waves is the worst nightmares she's ever experienced. She's also rather afraid of large animals or people or zombies because of the camping incident.


    General Personality
    Fiery & Bubbly.
    She can get sarcastic and blunt when someone is deliberately asking for it, but truthfully she's a big softie and enjoys showing off her card tricks to those willing to watch. She is usually in the background of a conversation and tends to have a look of thoughtfulness during a dispute. She believes not to give people advice until they ask for it and not to put your nose into other people's affairs. It's how she grew up. She's an old soul and believes the zombie's sudden interest in Earth is fate. The world was in dire need of a cleanse and so it begun. She keeps this theory to herself though and simply draws cards every day to determine whether she was going to live or die.

    Inner Personality
    Laidback & Peaceful.
    She can be found lounging around the camp or playing with her many decks of cards, even giving palm readings to willing customers. Jo is tough, but peaceful, not getting into conflicts anymore because she is in tune with her Chakras and enjoys helping others instead of hurting. When you tick her off though she can be your worst nightmare. Revenge is practically her middle name, whether its serious or just a simple prank. She is now incredibly lazy since graduating from college and has been fired seven different times in two years. Her recent employer has threatened to fire her for a few months now, but it's her Grandpa, he can't just fire her. In all, Jo is impulsive, cunning, sweet, lazy, quiet, and all around full of knowledge that nobody gives a shit about.


    Let's skip through her childhood and get too the juicy details, shall we? When she was sixteen she had decided to be rebellious and go to the biggest party of the year at the nearby college. She looked a bit older than her real age so she hooked her arm through a cute boy's and was on her way. Back then she was a little less cunning and smart, meaning she took whatever drink that was handed to her. At midnight, she awoke in a dark cellar where the fraternity boys (or they sounded like the fraternity boys; dumb and drawling) were dressed in maroon robes. Upon looking down she noticed her ankles and wrists had been shackled to the cement floor. The robed boys had been chanting as her and another girl tried their hardest to break out of the shackles.

    In all, there were five girls down there. Hour after hour passed as each boy took a girl and literally sacrificed them atop a stone slab as Jo watched their blood fall and their screams die. The party continued upstairs though and soon the cops were called, causing the boys to frantically scramble about, throwing their robes off and pushing the dead girls into trash bags before huddling back upstairs and leaving Jo down below.

    Miraculously, the shackled key was in one of the robes a boy had thrown off near her and Jo quickly escaped out the small cellar window. She was only sixteen; frightened, sobbing, and humiliated, Jo skipped the police station and returned home. She wasn't surprised anyone did that out here, the Kansas scenery wasn't too exciting. The blonde had nightmares for months, but eventually she dubbed that night as a nightmare in itself and forgot all about it and those four other girls.

    This is when she buried herself in the way of the cards.

    When she was twenty, and a bit more knowledgable, Jo and a few friends went camping. After a day or so the Ranger came by to tell them there were angry bears around those parts and they better just stay home. Out of four friends, two left, excluding Jo and her boyfriend. They continued to camp, but she really wishes they didn't. A day later the feral wolves raided their camp when they were out swimming and upon their returned it looked like they had left. But, unbeknownst to them at the time, there was one who just couldn't stay away. It attacked Jo, leaving those scars, and when her boyfriend smacked it upside the head with a log it only seemed to make it angry. Bleeding and practically unconscious, Jo watched the wolf chase after her boyfriend and then woke up four hours later in a nearby hospital.

    Authorities said they never found the boy.

    Jo knew the truth though. She never actually blacked out, that was just what she told the police. She had chased after the large wolf and her boyfriend until they came to a clearing. He yelled her name, but she was paralyzed as the wolf growled and then charged, taking him down in one full swoop. She watched in fear as the wolf tore him apart and sauntered off, bored. Jo couldn't move as the blood stained the grass.

    At the end of it all, Jo had to put him out of his misery, which meant pulverizing his brain with a rock and dumping him into some sort of cave not too far from that. That was the worst day of her life.

    This is the reason for her fear of large and furry animals.


    Weapons and Personal Possessions
    Jo uses a wooden bat with about a hundred nails poked through it to tear flesh and cause mayhem. She is peaceful to the humans, but the cleanse is over and those zombies need to be put back to rest. She doesn't have many possessions really, except her playing cards, Tarot Cards, and tan schmegh.



    image.jpg image.jpg


    General History
    Jo was born to a cocaine-high mother and an actually decent father. He was in the Navy and constantly gone, day in and day out, which meant her mother was lonely and pathetic. She raised Jo on corn dogs and only fed her decent meals when her father returned home. School was a constant struggle due to her vapid home life and she got into too many fights out of boredom. She managed to pass elementary a school with low 'N's' and she got into middle school with the same demeanor. Snore through classes, bullshit the work, and defend herself from the bitches that pranced around with money and Smuckers Starburst Chapstick on their lips.

    Eventually, her mother was busted for dealing and making heroine slash marijuana. She was given jail time and a Drug-Use rehabilitation course. Her father came home and divorced her mother, taking little Jo to Kansas where her Grandparents lived. A tutor was hired and Jo somewhat got better in her school work, even going as far as joinig an art club after school. In highschool, she was a straight 'A' and 'B' student despite it all, making her father the proudest man when she walked across the stage in a special gold gown to get her diploma.

    She moved a few towns over after that. Getting a job, buying a car, and finding a small condo to stay in for the time being. This was when she began online courses for college before transferring into the nearby community college. Jo was a dreamer and she really wanted to travel the world like any other girl. She was a free-lance artist and she sold some of her work for extra money, which she saved up to get a ticket to Italy.

    Present Life
    Jo was at her job in Kansas when the outbreak occurred. Somehow she managed to get back home, pack all her stuff, and get the hell out of there. She was going to let the zombies do their job while she found a nice abandoned place to camp.

    For awhile she made it on her own and the joined two other groups before Homebase. Obviously, they all died horribly by the undead's hands, but Jo was still intact and fighting. She continued her travels, staying here, staying there--then one day she comes across a feisty group and miraculously they take her to Homebase where she fits perfectly. She reads her cards, cleans her knives, and ultimately keeping to herself until she is sent on a scavenging mission. She is of course the Scavenging Leader, which was appointed to her when the last one died due to an overdose of one of the oh-so-awesome drugs.

    Jo is well know in Homebase, giving people advice or reading their fortunes, but she isn't really at the top of the pyramid until someone brings her up. She likes her independence really.

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  4. @EMajyyks Hey just so you know, the birth year isn't right :P The RP is set in the year 2056, so technically if she was born in 1988, she'd be 68 years old X'D
    2030 is what it should say, if you still want her to be 26 ^.^
  5. @Pluviophile: OMG I was wondering what I was missing. Let me just cough fix that xD
  6. [​IMG]

    A small glimpse
    Character Name: Levai Alvarez

    Alises: No known names. Will update this throughout the roleplay c:

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Human

    Age: 26

    Birthplace/World: Queens, New York. Earth.

    Occupation/School/Grade: Former tattoo artist.


    General Appearance:
    Levai is 6"1 brunette male weighing roughly at 57 kg (125 lbs) and has green eyes. He is muscularly built up to be burly and bares many tattoos and some scars here and there.

    - Fighting (Kick boxing)
    - Observation
    - Hunting
    -Lying, deceitfulness

    Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.

    - Coin walk
    - Kickboxing
    - Observation
    - Acting, lying
    - Hunting

    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.

    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.


    General Personality:
    From an 'outside appearance' people believe that Levai is strictly a harsh person whom shouldn't be fucked around with. And in truth, it's true. He's a snarky and cynical guy upon first meeting, however is overall a quiet and calm person whom would often observe his surroundings before interacting with others truly. Once he thinks you've earned his respect, he'll simply begin to slowly talk more and will show his fondness in a much sarcastic and crudely humorous way. Almost like 'tough love' with a 'zero fucks given' face. To others whom didn't even bother trying to know him, he'll look like he didn't change one bit of his attitude however to those who have patience and took the time to know and understand him he seems slightly kinder.

    Inner Personality:
    Levais inner personality is no different, however it is much complicated. In the inside he can be much more kinder and warmer towards people in certain cases. By instinct -like towards kids- or by choice of his own which isn't very rare as he acts nice. In truth when he actually shows kindness, it's his deceitful side. His main group should know his attitude , his true attitude only and leave him be when he's doing his 'acting moves' for survival. The male has proven himself to be very skillful at acting, lying, even deceiving and if you've known him long enough to title him as a "pathological liar" of some sort, or know him as a liar--he will without doubt always get to you without you yourself knowing he's lying.


    Secret: Arent secrets meant to be kept as secrets? Between yourself and no one else?

    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life:The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

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  7. @EMajyyks Ahaha no problem X'D I did the same thing the other day, my character was apparently "207" years old....sooo you're definitely not that bad X'D <3
  8. Sorry guys, I forgot to add something to the skeleton before: Weapons and Personal Possessions. Also, I've made "Inner Personality" an optional write up, no need if you include everything in general personality c:

    Two posts in a row and apparently I'm in iWaku limbo -.-
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    "Some People Just Wanna Watch The World Burn"
    Character Name:
    Drake Forester
    American, Human


    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Ex-Convict and "Repair Man"
    General Appearance:
    (View Picture Up Top)
    Blue Eyes
    Muscular Built
    Scars on his face and back
    Tattoo on his arm and torso:



    Brute Force
    Melee Combat
    Fire Arm Combat
    Un-Armed Combat

    Can be unpredictable
    Rarely follows rules

    Various Weapon Training

    Robbing Survivors
    Being Chill

    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.


    General Personality:

    Loud Mouth

    Inner Personality:

    His past, and who he was before. He also doesn't want them to know he is afraid, and any of his weaknesses.

    Weapons and Personal Possessions: Weapons your character constantly uses, as well as personal possessions they have on them or have brought with them from their old lives.
    (Anything more you'd like to add)

    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life:The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!
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  10. [​IMG]
    "I always find something to mess with..whether it be my bike or the heads of zombies, one is going to get tinkered with."


    N a m e
    Deyja R. Kamelot
    "K" - A simple divy' of Deyja's last name. Most people call her K out of ease, instead of calling her Deyja.
    "Arthur" - People sometimes refer to Deyja as "Arthur" out of comedic style. It's a joke of her last name "Kamelot", spelt differently but still sounding like the old wise tale.

    A g e
    October 1st 2032
    Libra ♎

    G e n d e r/ R a c e
    Female ♀
    ♠ Canadian ♠
    Opal ♦

    B i r t h p l a c e
    Prince Edward Island,

    O c c u p a t i o n
    Former Freelance Journalist (Previous)
    Derek's Motor shop, PEI (Previous)
    Captain/Leader of Homebase (Current)

    G e n e r a l • A p p e a r a n c e
    Deyja is a physically appealing woman who prefers wearing summer styled cloths more often then not. She stands at a decent height for her figure; 5'10'. Her hair is naturally curly and blonde, it falls slightly past her shoulders and tends to tangle more often then not. She has a slender frame, capacious endowments and small feet. She likes to spot more of a "country" girl style, even though the thought of country music drives her insane. She will alter her top garments between leather jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, and midriff exposing attire. For bottoms she prefers shorts over anything, but will happily switch to long, ripped, light blue wash jeans or leather pants. For shoes, she has a favorite pair of short cut pleather boots. Covered in strings from old laces, lucky coins and stones she's found, as well as chains that make quiet a racket when she moves around. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, rimmed with a shiny gold (after effects of taking the eye enhancing drug). She never tends to wear more then eyeliner and a little bit of mascara as makeup, seeing as her naturally clear skin doesn't require foundation or anything of the sorts. Her wrists are always wrapped in some kind of black fabric, she is never seen without it covering both her wrists, nor is she seen without her favorite beige biker gloves; clearly worn and torn from working in her fathers motorcycle shop before the outbreak. She has a small pouch that hangs low on her hip, connected doubled belts which tends to hold her amenities and sometimes her ammo. She always has two pistol holsters strapped to each of her legs about 30cm down from the top of her thigh. As well as a sheath for her knife, strapped right underneath her right legs pistol holster. Even though Deyja wears revealing cloths, her body is marred with scars. Many from some of her first attacks where she wasn't prepared and didn't know what to expect. She has three long claw marks covering her back, flowing from her left shoulder to the bottom right side of her back. Different injuries reside underneath her pistol holsters, as well as her knife pouch. She weighs 137 pounds and thanks to the running from the infected, she won't like gain weight anytime soon. Deyja's body is heavenly tattooed, at least for a petite blonde such as herself. Both her legs are full sleeves; her left leg is covered in all enemies, weapons and more from her favorite game of life: Alice Madness Returns. Her right leg is covered, but separated by two categories. The bottom half of her right leg is all Mario and the top half, all Left4Dead; kind of ironic now that the world really has gone to shit like the game. Some of the real life infected even reminded Deyja of the fictional characters and zombies in the game. The entire left side of her back is tattooed with beautiful magenta pink leopard spots which have been mauled by her large three claw scar mark, containing the names of her family members and small astrological symbols besides their names. Both side of her neck have large, plum heavy feathers, reaching from her sternum to her jaw line. Last but not least, her entire stomach is covered; two large peacock feathers come down from the mid left side of her stomach, rounding underneath her belly button and connecting to an old fashioned "Russian roulette" style gun, covered in vines and beautiful flowers. Beside the feathers are tons of small diamonds, stars and flowers as well.

    G e n e r a l • P e r s o n a l i t y
    Deyja is a generally happy, bubbly spirit. She is kind, tough, and a good comedic relief in times of stress. She can always be found working on things, playing with technology, or messing with her guns. She has a tendency to collect small meaningless things to show her appreciation for the life she once had. Some days she drifts to the complete opposite side of the emotional spectrum; sad, gloomy and brooding. This is mostly the cause of remembering her past. She had a lovely family, one that treated her like any little girl wished to be treated, but they, along with her fiance were lost. Deyja has an affinity for fixing broken things. She will always go deep into though while working on a project, and it tends to end well for everyone she's around. She adores motorcycles, and everything to do with them. After getting away from the infected, she managed to salvage the motorcycle she had been working on for quite a few years before the outbreak: a Kawasaki ZX-14R, her pride and joy. She keeps it very close to her person at all times, and whenever she can find the supplies, she tends to beef it up even more then it currently is; it is her favorite pass time. On most days, she's very "in your face obnoxious" with tons of conversation topics and the need to talk to everybody that she can, but when things start to get serious, she shuts up and puts her god gifted skills to work.

    C h a r i s m a


    Deyja has always had the strength of sneak attacks on her side. She is able to remain undetected when need be, making it easy for her to sneak up on an infected, pass by a horde, or even eavesdrop.
    Her Sight
    After a couple years of stupidly abusing Exionta, Deyja has developed greater then average human eyesight. However, the edges of her eyes have forever been stained with a goldish shimmer that won't seem to disappear. She can see generally further distances without the use of the drug, and when on the drug, she is able to see extremely far.
    As a young girl, Deyja worked closely with her father in is Motorcycle Shop. She learned the in's and out's of fixing up these beautiful devices as well as how to take apart and remake custom motorcycles. She is extremely gifted with riding them as well, able to pull off unnecessary tricks and able to go at great speeds.
    Deyja can always be found tinkering with different things. They keep her mind off the worlds current state and bring her back to the days off assisting her father and playing around like a normal child does. Her favorite things to tinker with are abandoned cars, motorcycles, and anything tech-wise.


    Deyja has tried many times to create "edible" meals, however the closer she gets to a kitchen, stove, oven or anything of the sort, bad luck seems to follow. Allowing the woman to cook isn't the greatest idea.
    Deyja will gladly accompany anyone on a scouting mission as backup, however asking her to find important things won't always turn out well. She'll end up coming back with exactly the opposite of the requested item. She can however scavenge quite well for technology, and the bits and parts used to make it run.


    Gifted Gymnast
    Deyja learned at a young age that she was unnaturally skilled in gymnastics. She could flip, spin, tumble, and roll without pulling muscles and with no difficulty. This aids her greatly to this current day, seeing as she constantly needs to evade the foul mouths of the infected.

    Excellent Accuracy
    Deyja isn't exactly sure where or when this skill arose, but she has come to discover she is gifted with the skill of perfect accuracy; no matter the target, she gets bulls-eye.

    Quick On Her Feet
    Tag with her younger brothers as child aided Deyja greatly in quick escape and quick movements. She is able to dodge with great ease and fast. This has helped her avoid the infected and make quick time to different scavenge sites.

    Repairing Broken Things
    Time in her fathers workshop as a child gave Deyja the skills and experience to fix broken things. Her skill set is in motorcycles, some automobiles, and anything technology.
    MMA Hobbyist
    During her "rebellious" teenage years, Deyja took up Mixed Martial Arts lessons. Never knowing that they'd have come in handy in her future, she is more that glad she spent her own money on learning to kick ass.



    Awful Memory
    Unfortunately, Deyja has always had an awful memory. Sometimes she will forget what she did a week ago, and other times, what she had for breakfast. It isn't very handy to have an awful memory when you're a tinkerer.
    Easily Succumbs to Flirting
    Deyja is the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, open for all to see and mess with. Regardless of real flirtation to playful flirtation, Deyja will succumb to it and flirt back.
    Standing to the Side
    Deyja can never seem to "stand to the side" of a fight when people need her. This trait constantly puts the young woman in danger of being hurt, but after not revealing her secret for so long, Deyja figures that fighting along side her fellow survivors, is adequate payment for keeping her secret.


    Who wouldn't be afraid of something with eight legs, eight eyes and the tendency to drop onto your face or crawl into your mouth while you're sleeping?!
    Stinging Insects
    Deyja has never -in her life- been stung by a wasp, bee, hornet, or anything of the sort. Therefore, she fears being stung.
    Mammoth Infected & Morphing Infected
    Anyone who isn't afraid of these monsters is insane in the membrane. These creatures haunt her nightmares. She is always untrusting of any new person she comes across due to that fact that she has learned of a zombie who can morph into a human and possess human intelligence. She is also incredibly scared of the mammoth infected, seeing as they are almost as big as buildings and would end Deyja's life easily.
    Night (Infected)
    She has only ever seen this creature once, and more then anything, this creature scares her literally to cowering in a corner. Normally strong-willed and tough, the infected creature named "Night" is what can easily bring Deyja to her knees. Her experience seeing this creature was when she had left 'homebase' to collect some parts for her bike. This monster was towering before a wrecked, junk yard bike; back faced to Deyja. She had turned white as a ghost and took off, not daring to look back.
    Being Left Behind
    Deyja is always worried people will leave her behind. This feeling most likely stems from her experience as a teenager in T.A R.G.E.T.S underground lab, when she couldn't save the men she saw being ripped apart.

    H i s t o r y

    Deyja grew up in a loving household, surrounded by her "paps", mother, and two younger brothers. She loved all her family and never seemed to fight with any of them. At the age of 7, her father got her involved in mechanics; which Deyja instantly took liking too. She had been naturally gifted with figuring out mechanical problems, even to the point that her father couldn't; which only made him prouder of the young girl. At the age of 10, Deyja put a pause on her mechanics obsession and took a liking to journalism. She enjoyed writing about things that gave the world an insight into the inside of things. This hobby lead her to take up a position in a local newspaper that allowed her a weekly column of "what was big" in Charlottetown, PEI. She stayed with this newspaper for 7 years, before being given an actual job that allowed her to travel to a country she had always wanted to go too. However, this experience wasn't all fun and games as she soon discovered. One year after the problems she faced, Deyja started noticing reports of "Mass Murders" in Tokyo, Japan. Internally she knew what was happening, but she didn't have the gull nor the guts to explain to somewhat what was going on without being hunted down by T.A.R.G.E.T or called a "freak". Passing the reports off and hoping for everything to go away, Deyja returned to college where she studied communications and journalism. She was there for almost 2 months before meeting a man named James. James and her instantly found in love and for a short period of time, they were happy and she forgot about everything dark eating at the back of her mind. James (20) was four years older then Deyja (17) at the time, but that didn’t stop him from proposing to her and asking her to move in. Ecstatic, she happily told her family who supported her to no ends, offering her money, furniture, and a place to stay should anything go wrong. She hugged them all -one last time- and was on her way to live with her new fiancé. 6 months passed and Deyja was happier then she had ever been. Date nights went by, cross country trips to British Colombia and everything she had dreamed of as a little girl. A few week before Deyja was scheduled for a dentist appointment, she heard news of the killings once more. This time, spreading to the East Cost of America. She internally worried, but never let out what she knew, even though it was gnawing at the back of her mind, screaming "TELL SOMEONE!". A month later, Deyja and James were relaxing in front of their TV, watching "Zombieland" (what a coincidence). Deyja had gotten up to rinse her face from the terrifying images on the screen, it was only then that she heard the TV click off. "Honey, what's wrong?" No answer.
    Deyja was now insanely worried, she cracked open the door to see in anyone was still sitting on the couch; there was no one. Slowly, she came out of the bathroom and canvased the loft she called home. "James……."Without warning, large hands grabbed her by the waist, lifting her into the sky as she screamed like a little girl. Annoyed and happy at the same time, she flicked him on the head before being lowered to eye height and planting a soft kiss on his lips. "You asshole, you scared me." She giggled before wrapping her arms around his torso and hugging him close. "I'm sorry babe, you're just too easy to scare." She heard the deep gravely laugh coming from his throat, she loved the sound of his voice. He wasn't to bad-looking of a man either. His hair was short, spiked and dark brown. He always seemed to have an array of stubble on his jawline, however in his case, it worked. He was tall, about 6'3', she always had to stand on her tippy-toes to kiss him. He was her rock, her savoir, her lover and her forever. She took in the scent of his cologne, enjoying every second she had with him. Nothing could have prepared her for what had happened next. A sharp pain in her back, she had been thrown to the ground -violently- and landed in a very uncomfortable position on top of their glass table, luckily not shattering it. Before screaming curses towards him, Deyja looked up to see the worst sight she had ever witnessed. Her fiance, the love of her life, was punching it out with a man, a man who looked like any ordinary guy from behind, but Deyja knew differently. This man was one of the experiments from T.A.R.G.E.T, or maybe even an after product of the first experiment T.A.R.G.E.T made. She screamed, watching this man violently push James to the ground. She watched as this creature bit into his neck, face, arms and chest. She heard blood-curdling screams from his mouth, as roars from the infected's. Tears now streaming down her eyes, she noticed that most of the feral roars had ceased. Deyja opened her eyes only to see the creature slowly turn around to face her; James blood coating his mouth. Shock coursing through her body, she knew she couldn't sit there or she would be dammed to the same fate as her beloved. Regardless of the pain in her back, she shot up and ran over to the kitchen, ducking behind the middle island. She knew there were old knives under the sink she had yet to get rid of and in haste, she opened the cupboard, grabbed the knife and turned to her right, heavy breath coursing through her lungs as she heard in-human screams coming from around the corner, getting closer and closer. As the infected creature reared the corner of the island and lunged at her, Deyja timed it just ride, sliding under the beast and pivoting around before stabbing the creature right in the back of it's skull, with a serrated bread knife. Screams were heard from the creature, before turning into soft squeals, and then nothingness. Deyja sat, back against the cupboard, breathing heavily. This was her first encounter with the outbreak of 2049. And the first traumatic loss of her life...


    •• S e c r e t ••

    Back when Deyja was 16, she did freelance journalism for a local newspaper. She was given the opportunity to take a trip to Tokyo, Japan. On the far side of East Asia, there she was asked to get the "Scoop" on a small time consumer products factory (at the time they had been small) who were -according to sources- illegally shipping body enhancement drugs out to North America and South America. At the time, body enhancement was a new-ish thing, taking the world by storm. But the FDA did not approve of these drugs, so they were being sold on the black market illegally. This factories name was T.A.R.G.E.T; standing for Tech Advance Resources and Global Entertainment Technologies. Deyja had found a way to sneak into one of the head factories T.A.R.G.E.T ran in Tokyo (through her nifty little skill of pit-pocketing). When she entered the building, it seemed to look just like a normal factory, and lucky for her, the badge of the woman she had pit-pocketed looked decently like Deyja herself. There were a few odd looks as she passed by different employees, but none stopped to accuse her of trespassing or not being who her badge said she was. While Deyja looked around the factory, she noted to herself it was quite small to correlate so much mass production, this instantly peaking her suspicions and curiosity. When she passed a workers line of the new iPhone24's she noticed two men descend through a camouflaged door, using a technology that Deyja wasn't aware of. It made it seem like the two men had walked right through the wall, but when Deyja got closer, she noticed it was merely a projection of great detail that was made to look like a regular wall. Curiosity nearly wanting to rip itself from her body and descend in the elevator she found behind the projection, she slowly and casually slipped past the wall to ride the elevator down. Now she knew she was onto something.

    The ride was almost 5 whole minutes, telling her that she was DEEP underground. As she exited the elevator, it was quite. Everything was chrome, white tile and windows. It seemed very laboratory like, which was odd for a factory...actually, having a large underground set-up was odd for anything in general. As Deyja canvased the area, she noticed a couple individuals behind some glass pains, picking a prodding at what seemed to be a lump covered in blue surgical sheets. Slightly disgusted and terrified, Deyja also noticed that these two men -whom she had now identified as men- were also wearing white lab coats. Mentally berating herself for entering an unknown place without proper disguise, she exited the elevator and slipped inside the first unlocked door she could find. Inside the room was dark, there was a soft glow in the front-center of the room illuminating what looked to be another layer of glass panels. Without warning bright, fluorescent lights lit up the entire room, shocking Deyja into immediate action as she took a hiding spot under a panel of technology with a large metal panel blocking her from any visitors views. Keeping as quiet as she could, Deyja sat there, listening to new footsteps entering the room. There sounded to be more then 5, however it could have just been the amount of chatter and footsteps she heard. Deyja made sure to keep as quiet as a cheetah before capturing it's prey. "Alright gentlemen, welcome to test number fifty-seven, subject two o' one." This mans voice was course and heavy, but it seemed to have a gravelly tune due to the speaking over the microphone. "With your permission, we will begin injection." Clearly the answer was yes, as a large red light blasted through the white light of the room, turning the atmosphere a scary crimson colour. Deyja was terrified, not sure what was occurring and scared that she would be discovered. She could hear the beeps of a heart monitor as well as the pumps of an oxygen machine. Were they experimenting on a human? "Injecting" Deyja held her breath, the silence was torture, but what followed next; she would have taken the silence any day. Deafening screams echoed throughout the room, followed by feral roaring as well as human screams, screams of pain. Deyja's eye's widened, she had never heard this sound before. It sounded like an animal was loose in the room next to this one, gnashing it's teeth and ripping at something that seemed to cause the men in the other room pain. Loud alarms blared across the speaker system with one continuous word after another "Lockdown!" Deyja knew it was now or never, this was her chance to get out, she heard sneakers hit the floor, creating squeaks and loud stomps as the rooms other inhabitants desperately attempted to evacuate the room. Once Deyja was sure no one but the others in the now locked down room were left, she peaked out from under the control panel and bolted to the door. Panic on her face, she turned around to see what had cause this evacuation, only to be met with a face that haunts her nightmares. A man, no older then her father, gnawing away at a white-coated mans neck. His face was covered in blood and bile, and his eyes…they were bright yellow with hollow black pupils. Deyja turned to exit the room, running from what she had just seen. Deyja had been witness to the outbreak...and she had done nothing to stop it, or to let anyone know...that, is her biggest secret. She also knows about T.A.R.G.E.T's biggest secret and intends to figure out 'why' the moment she reaches that facility once more, however, she intends to keep this her utmost secret until time needs her to reveal it. Internally, she blames herself for the outbreak.

    P r e s e n t • L i f e

    After the loss of James, the rest of Deyja's year was preparing for the inevitable. She would have warned people, would have told others what was coming, but who would have believed her? She spent the next 4 months, stocking up, preparing for the announcement she knew was to come. January 16th 2049 a worldwide announcement was broadcast on every news station available: "ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF ASIA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA AND ALASKA...THIS IS AN EMERGENCY BROADCAST! INFECTED BEINGS HAVE SPREAD WORLDWIDE, REPEAT, INFECTED BEINGS HAVE SPREAD WORLDWIDE! GATHER ANY SUPPLIES YOU NEED AND FIND SHELTER, THIS IS NOT A DRILL...REPEAT...THIS.IS.NOT.A.DRILL. After that announcement, all broadcasting stations had shut down, everyone was scrambling for food, weapons, vehicles. There were many robberies and murders for supplies and at that moment, Deyja was just grateful she had everything she needed. Her next 6 years were spent hiding, surviving and gathering clues. About 4 years after the initial outbreak, radio broadcasts were made of a "infected free, and safe" area in East Asia. "Food, Shelter and Safety were promised. After checking the coordinates, Deyja realized they were coordinates leading everyone to T.A.R.G.E.T's "Infection Resistance Head Quarters", otherwise known as the place that started this all. The year is now 2056, Deyja isn't sure how many people have attempted to find this place, but she has had only one goal for the past 7 years...avenge her dead husband and kill everyone...associated with T.A.R.G.E.T. Currently, Deyja has stationed herself in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Washington, DC. She had managed to acquired ample food supplies, weaponry, walkie-talkies and pretty much anything anyone would ever need for surviving this shit storm. Deyja has had visitors come and go, and some even risk their lives on their own, she has realized, if people are going to be dumb to venture outside of a safe zone alone, that is their death. Currently, she calls this warehouse; homebase.

    W e a p o n s

    ||Twin FN 57 Pistols||
    On her person, Deyja carries twin FN 57 Pistols with attachable scope lights. These pistols are deadly, and Deyja's second favorite weapons. She stores them in thigh-attached holsters.
    ||Sawed-Off Twelve Gauge Double Barrel Shot Guns||

    Deyja's shotguns are her favored weapons that she saves for special fights. Mostly against Mass Infected, Creatures, or Special Infected. These two double barrel shotguns are quite powerful. Deyja enjoys using them at super close distances for maximum effect. A quirky side about Deyja; she enjoys using old quarters as ammo in these shotguns. She finds the range and destructive impact makes everything as fun as it can. She likes to holster these guns on her back with straps made of leather that are criss-crossed against her chest.

    ||KA-Bar US Army Knife||

    A gift from her grandfather before he passed away. This KA-Bar US Army Knife is holstered right under Deyja's right-thigh pistol holster. She uses it in up-close fights and sometimes first human encounters.

    P e r s o n a l • A f f e c t s

    ||Purple Kawasaki ZX-14R Motorcycle||
    Deyja's baby. Her pride and glory and the one thing she never wants to part with. After Deyja's escape from her infected fiance, she had run to her garage after quickly remember she had her brand new, beef up Kawasaki Motorcycle waiting in there for her. This bike is her pride and joy. Some say she would die for it...true? Possibly.
    ||Original Nintendo DS (Red)||

    A device from Deyja's childhood, one of the original Nintendo DS game systems. She likes to use this device to pass time, however the only game she is in possession of is Mario Kart.
    ||Other Personal Affects||
    A decent sized shoulder bag
    Swiss Army Knife (all miniature tools included)
    A bottle of Exionta
    A cobalt blue BIC lighter
    3 Packs of Canadian Classic Silver Regular Cigarettes
    2 glow sticks
    Three of Deyja's favorite sweet n' salty granola bars
    Her fathers old Cheri bandanna

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