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  1. I'd like to challenge the community to not make a Nicholas Cage joke here: there's something more original in there somewhere!
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  2. Hmm didn't know honey bees went that far north. Usually they like to hang out in the Valley and Okanogan.
  3. [​IMG]
    The general feeling on George street.
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  4. The hope: 7:59 US Central Time - 9:11 US Central Time
  5. @J_"Kraken"
    You can't say you weren't asking for it.
  6. True enough, but come on, that's a knee-jerk reaction to anything bee related.
  7. @J_"Kraken"
    In my defense, I was going to go with something among the lines of:
    "The people on George street better bee careful
  8. You sure did sting my pride there.
  9. I heard ALL of the Bee puns today, I work right down the street from where that went down

    "it's un-BEE-lievable out there"
    "They're gonna call in the SWAT team"
    "It's a STING operation"
    "I think we should just let it BEE"

    Honey bees live anywhere where it's warm enough to grow pollinatable flowers. I know it's the frozen North but we still get summers :/
  10. I'll admit, the SWAT team one was a lot better then what I was coming up with.
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  11. I really have to say I am loving the fact that bees are becoming a hot topic, as far as news goes.

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  12. If only 'Beetles' wasn't already a word.
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  13. Cool! I wonder where the new hive frames with their new bees went. I hope they end up somewhere where they're appreciated.
    I would have liked to have seen that swarm - I wonder how loud it was?

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  15. Bees like poppy flowers? Are we talking about the ones they make herion out or the kind that end up in muffins?
  16. They're the same plant!
  17. Great never going to be able to look at poppy seeds the same ever again.
  18. I was going to repeat a lame bee joke I heard online, but I decided to wing it.

    I've actually seen a lot of bees swarming this year. Three separate hives, actually. O.O Interesting to know that it's happening everywhere, I guess.
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