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  1. I like beer. I like learning about new beers to try. I like talking about beer.

    What beer do YOU like? Do you have any recommendations for me/other people? Would you like recs from me/other people?

    Rule 1: Don't be a snob. It's okay if you don't only drink local microbrews; it's okay if you like beer that comes in a can. Let's not be pretentious hipsters. :U

    Rule 2: This is a thread for beer talk! If you prefer wine or hard liquor or cocktails- or you don't drink at all- that's totally cool. But please don't post talking about why you think beer is gross or talk about other kinds of drinks.

    My personal tastes run to porters and stouts mainly, but I also like brown ales and some pale ales/blondes/ambers and lagers and the occasional IPA. (I'm really picky with IPAs because I really only like an IPA with floral notes, not citrus or pine notes. I also have found I prefer IBAs). Don't like reds or lambics.

    Things I usually buy, depending on what I can find without going to a wine and beer store:

    - Guinness Extra Stout or Guinness Draught (Extra Stout much preferred)
    - Breckenridge Vanilla Porter (or the harder-to-find Oatmeal Stout)
    - North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
    - Young's Double Chocolate Stout
    - Corona Extra (fresh lime wedge mandatory)
    - Small Town Not Your Father's Root Beer
    - Anheuser-Busch Best Damn Root Beer (when I can't find Not Your Father's)
    - Samuel Adams Boston Lager
    - Shiner Bock or Dos Equis Special Lager (when I seriously can't find anything else)

    The people I hang out with buy a lot of Angry Orchard, but I really only like the Crisp Apple variety. I also end up with Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA a lot due to what other people buy, and that's not bad. (Black Cannon's good too.)

    I get Blue Moon Belgian White when I make beer brats, and I have no problem drinking it along with. :U

    For something pricier, my absolute favorite beer is Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Imperial Stout.

    I also like Victory Storm King Imperial Stout, Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Ale, New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, Southern Tier Iniquity IBA, Left Hand Milk Stout, BBC American Pale Ale, Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale as well as their Palo Santo Marron, Samuel Adams Thirteenth Hour, Jester King Thrash Metal Farmhouse Strong Ale as well as their Gotlandsdricka and their Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer annnnd their Wytchmaker Farmhouse Rye IPA. To name a few... >_>

    I also like getting mixed cases of Sam Adams/Magic Hat or going to local breweries/pubs/alehouses and trying new things.
  2. Oh also. The Game of Thrones Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison is surprisingly good for a gimmick tv-show-based beer. Haven't tried any of the others.
  3. Wish I liked beer. There's so many. Sorta like tea..

    Friend says I have shit taste. I tell him acquired taste is Stockholm Syndrome for your taste buds.

    Any suggestions? I've tried the normal ones, Guiness, Bud/Light, Six different craft beers including chocolate and some other stuff..
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  4. @Windsong

    You might try lambics, if you like sweet stuff at all. A lot of people who don't really like beer like those. They're usually mixed with fruit syrup. The hard root beer, hard cider, and hard lemonade brands are also good to try depending on if you like sweet drinks.

    Avoid IPAs, barrel-aged anything, rye beers, or Mexican lagers. Those usually have really strong and/or bitter notes that put people off. Stouts (like Guinness) and porters are also heavier beers that are not everyone's cup of tea pint of booze.

    Bud doesn't have much flavor and is little more than alcoholic water (it's meant to be that way, so that you can drink a lot) so it's not surprising that you didn't like it. Craft beers are also always gonna be hit or miss.

    You might try the Sam Adams Boston Lager, it's a really popular beer. Magic Hat #9 is something just a bit different from other pale ales. Blue Moon Belgian White is another good one to try (like I said, I use it to flavor food). Or try Left Hand Milk Stout, because milk stouts are not at all like traditional stouts or like other beer in general.
  5. @Windsong

    I would say drink one of those Apple Orchards. Not a beer, per se, but the crisp, sweet taste of alcoholic apple soda is amazing. Strongbow is really good too; I like getting the one with honey in it.

    I. Love. Beer.

    I will drink most anything beer, but my tastes have certainly evolved pretty hardcore over the years. I won't touch the cheap/domestic stuff anymore, not unless I'm at a party and I need a drink! Otherwise, I personally, when at a grocery store, go after:

    -Sam Adams
    -Fat Tire
    -Blue Moon

    Just a few that come to mind.

    I love amber ales and dark porters and bocks. Belgian witbiers are also really amazing, some of my faves. I'm actually NOT a big fan of IPAs, but apparently there's a "black" IPA I might like, so we'll have to find one of those!
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  6. @Seiji

    *"Doesn't touch domestic beers"*

    *Names five domestic beers*

    Domestic =/= Bud and Miller and Keystone, dammit, it means it isn't imported.

    I like the Strongbow Honey & Apple too, though I like the Angry Orchard Crisp Apple a bit better. I'll take either of those over Woodchuck though.

    Also I kinda still count cider and hard lemonade and etc. as beers. They're in the ballpark anyway.



    Now settle down, you can flirt with me on Skype.
  11. Corona fanboy here too! Although Stella Artois and Carlsberg are pretty standard UK beers that taste pretty cool too. :D
  12. I was about to pick on you for underage drinking before I remembered Ireland lets 16+ order drinks as long as they're not super strong.

    I've had Stella Artois. It's an alright pilsner. Haven't had Carlsberg though.
  13. Corona with a lime pressed down the bottle, a life saver on a hot day. Redline is a exellent choice if you are about to "pre-party". My favorite brewery is Wychwood. They make Hobgoblin Ale, which to date is the tastiest damn Ale I ever drank.
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  14. I can't remember another one I've had, I think it was San Pellegrino, which was delicious. XD Yeah, you better watch out ;D
  15. About the first time I agree with anything you say. I never will understand "Aquired taste"
  16. Does "culture shock for your mouth" make more sense? That's how I've always thought of the concept.

    Also yes, you are doing Corona right. That's my go-to when it's blazing hot outside.

    *Puts Redline and the Wychwood Hobgoblin on his to-try list*


    San Pellegrino? You sure? Don't they just make sparkling water?
  17. I got a bartender license. Of course I do Corona right!

    ALso. I cannot stress how good Wychwood is as a brewery. Small english brewery with some of the best stuff I've ever gotten drunk to. I didnt drink Ale or Beer before I tested their stuff.
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  19. Beer is groooooooossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

    I have no idea how people can drink it. It's always tasted like manufactured toilet water to me. I'll stick with my Jack Daniels.
  20. A few beers that are all LOCAL to me and best (as always) on tap:

    Lagunitas Capichino stout, Moylan's Kilt lifter (scotch style ale), Third street ale works - Bodega head IPA, Russian River brewery - Pliny the elder, Moonlite brewing - Death & Taxes.

    Samuel Smith's oatmeal stout is probably my favorite beer ATM. Someday I will find a pub that has this on tap in the states....someday.....
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