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  1. So since I'm being buried alive in the snow I'm about to crack open a beer which has me thinking, what the hell do you guys drink? Do you prefer domestic or international beer? Do you only drink the seasonal beer like pumpkin beer? Do you prefer little to no hops or the more the better?

    Amuse me and show me some new beer if you know of any cool brands.
  2. I don't drink any type of alcoholic beverage because I'm too young and I'm not planning on drinking ever. Reasons include hangovers and a bunch of other crap that messes with your body.
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  3. Smart, and if you ever do decide to drink make sure to drink a lot of water before falling asleep so you lessen the impact of a hellish hangover.
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  4. Britty posted a thread that isn't remotely offensive.

    Let's belittle her and make ourselves look great.

    Also, I like Blue Moon, with that little gay orange slice. Something about oranges in mah beer, man. Makes me feel like an arch-duke.
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  5. Magic Hat. #9 not that Odd Notion shit. Blue Moon Summer Shanty is good too. Shiner Bock. Abita Strawberry. 452007 Blueberry. And Coors Original, oddly enough.
  6. I can drink about anything, but I prefer international and mircro-brew stuff. My town has a lovely brewery that's fairly well-known, so I drink Point often.
  7. My dad likes Yueng Ling.
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  8. I'll drink nearly anything, but my favorite style is probably IPA
  9. I do not drink beer at all. It's nasty! I'd rather drink sewer water than beer....
  10. sun king

    anything by sun king

    its a midwest thing

  11. Ordinarily when I drink, there's two kinds I'll go for.
    Special Occasion: Wherein there are family members about or it is otherwise a more regal and formal social atmosphere, a fine red or white wine will do nicely.
    Fun: Drinking contest? Competition? Comedy session? Something else along those lines? Pass me some hard liquor.

    Though I've always wanted to try some genuine Belgium beer...
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  13. It's all about that Root Beer yo!
  14. The quickest way to deceive a party of German metalheads is bring root beer to the party. They spat that shit out in such wretched dismay.

    I'm a big fan of gin, vodka, and tequila. But when beer is all we got, I hope it's Paulaner, or Löwen Brau.
  15. I drink a lot of beer @-@ Blue Moon is my favorite!
  16. Where I work people go apeshit for Blue Moon and Yeung Ling. It comes as a holiday promo item only twice a year... So they freak out and stock up.

    Another good one is the belgian one, Hoegarden.
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  17. I'm a hard cider and porter kind of guy myself.
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  18. Any cider in particular?
  19. Beers:

    -Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
    -Lagunitas IPA
    -Weyerbacher Merry Monk
    -Blue Moon (only with that blasted Orange slice)
    -Corona (only with the lime wedge, tipped into the bottle)
    -Guinness (only on Draft)
    -George Killian's Irish Red

    Not Beers:

    -Jameson Irish Whiskey
    -Bushmill's Irish Whiskey
    -Glenlivet Scotch Whisky
    -Fireball Whiskey
    -Maker's Mark Bourbon

    EDIT: Saw the cider remark. Love cider! Angry Orchard and the Strongbow Honey-Apple Cider are great.
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  20. Angry Orchard typically, Green Apple
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