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  1. So as you can notice this is not my first post's, i usually make a few post around the forum before making an intro to make sure the forum have decent members to say the least, and i can tell this forum has great members and possibly great staff :3.

    So yea i like roleplaying a lot though my grammar isn't that good since english is not my first language and still learning it kinda i'm saying i'm still learning it because there i times i don't understand a certain post's made by someone.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. My grammar isn't that great and English is my ONLY language :) Thank you spell check.

    Hope you enjoy the site and find many awesome rps to join.
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  3. Hello and.... That is one creepy Avatar....
    *clears throat* Welcome to Iwaku! I tend to use ye ole grammar alot... It's actually pretty saddening... Enough of me though, welcome to wakuI, you'll eventually learn enough English to become godly at it I am sure!
    Merry Role-playing!
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  4. Possibly a great staff? I MUST WORK HARDER! T______T
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