Been gone awhile, now I'm back.~

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  1. Yo gabba gabba! For those few that met me when I was last here, you'd have known me as Cryrax Forgotten. For everyone else, sup!~ I took a break from here. In reality it was here that I took a break from my original site, Facebook. There, I actually had a lot of people talking to me. Here? It was... Kinda dead. :blah: I'd get someone talk to me one at a time maybe. When it came to roleplays, people were more interested in the story to even bother with getting to know the character. HOWEVER! I'm not here to rant and rave about why I didn't stick around. I'm here to say that I'm back, and I look forward to jumping into a few roleplays soon.~
  2. Welcome back buddy but I think this belongs in New Arrivals.
  3. Welcome back, there! <3 If you're looking for extra interaction with players and peeps, you might wanna hang out more in General or stop in to the cbox when you're waiting on rp posts!
  4. Dont, its a lie. The CBOX is a dead wasteland its... *gets dragged away by the staff*
    Ahem, Welcome to the site again ^^
    Hope you find some nice interactive RPs ;)
    (maybe one of mine)
    And I vote for this stay of yours to bring more fruit than the last one xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.