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  1. So i have been away from awake for awhile now, due to a very hectic semester and an internship and a job. However, next semester is much more relaxed for me and i will actually have time to role-play (hopefully lol) and i can be active. Thus why i wish to start roleplaying again and i returned to this trust website.

    My Writing:
    • MxM only (Can sometimes be persuaded to do mxf)
    • Very much like fandom roleplays
    • Dark/angsty plots A+
    • 2+ paragraphs (as long as you don't give me one liners then i don't care how long your posts are)
    • I write both as a dominant and a submissive, unless said otherwise don't care which one
    • one post a week to about as many as i possibly can in one day, depends on my week
    My Current Cravings:

    • a very angsty m-preg Supernatural wincest plot (Where Dean gets pregnant, would like to play dean)
    • Crowleys Son x Demon Dean
    • 18 year old finally escapes child trafficking ring and seeks a man he remembers from before he was taken to protect him
    • Married Man has an affair with a young man and gets him pregnant (would like to play the young man, will play the married man)
    • Alpha king claims a peasant as his Omega slave (who was his childhood friend before he thought he died during the war and his heart became cold)
    • i'll think of more

    Heads up i am going to the Dominican Republic for 10 days to help provide medical services so i will most likely be unable to respond during that time. i leave sunday
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  2. I would be very interested in the King/Slave plot, provided you are willing to play with non-human species. I have a character of an original race that I have been dying to play.
  3. Well I'm all for non-human species, send me a pm and explain some more so I know what I am getting myself into ^^ it sounds like it could be very interesting
  4. Working on it now. I currently do not have access to my artwork, so I have to use more descriptions. It may take a short while to get everything succinct but properly informative.
  5. ok awesome ^^
  6. Hello! I might enjoy playing the 18-year-old escapee or the Young man who gets pregnant. I am a better submissive, in my opinion.

    Look forward to speaking with you!
  7. well i was hoping to play the submissive role in the 18 year old escape rp but honestly i wouldn't mind taking the role of the dominant there, also if you would like we could kind of combine the two to make things more interesting. Pm me if you want to discuss the plot?
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  8. New Idea:

    Coach x High School Football Star
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