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  1. Edit 15 September: Still searching rp's and have changed some of the rp's I am searching after ^^

    Some things to know before you roleplay with me.
    • I write around 2-10 paragraphs (depending on the rp) I change my writing style after my partner but don't want to write less than 2 paragraphs, and would prefer if my partner could do the same.
    • One liners is a big no no, I get creatively deprived by them. ;)
    • I usually answer once or many times a day if it is a roleplay with 2-3 paragraphs. If it's a roleplay with around 6-10 paragraphs I might take longer time to reply, but sometimes (depending on what kind of rp it is) I can answer one or two times a day.
    • I don't care too much about grammar and spelling as long as I can understand what you're writing. I myself am from Sweden and don't have the best of grammar, but I am using a spelling program so my spelling shouldn't be a problem.
    • I don't do any mature roleplays, at least not sexually mature roleplays. (I don't mind blood and gore, but I'm not very good at writing action scenes). I don't mind romance, but I will fade out the scene when it comes to sex.
    • I usually play girls, but can also play guys, though not very masculine guys.

    Now for the roleplay part:

    • I love Pirate roleplays, I usually do MxM or play a girl disguised as a guy or such things. I usually put them into a world with mermaids and other fantasy creatures. (I have one pirate rp already, but I don't mind another one.)
    • Horror and/or survival roleplays, like Zombie apocalypses.
    • vampires roleplays. Guilty pleasure here ^^ I love a romance between vampires and humans. xD
    • People with special abilities. (Can be everything from seeing ghosts, seeing the future, seeing the past to being able to move earth, manipulate fire etc.) (Love to do these btw)
    • Historical roleplays, Victorian era, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, etc. Name a time period and a place.

    • Red river (manga)/Ouke no Monshou (manga)- Would like to base it on those two manga's, but with new character. We could make it so multiple characters goes back in time, or simply one. And it doesn't have to be in the same time period and same place as those two is played out in.
    • Hakushaku to yousei (Earl and fairy) (manga+anime) - Just like the other one I would mostly like to have the plot there, but we can change the characters (and keep some.... ... I'm a bit obsessed with Kelpie)
    • Heart no kuni no Alice (manga) - I would like to keep the characters somewhat as they are. But Alice can be changed or even replaced completely. We can throw in two outsiders, or one.

    So as you can see, I don't have any plot ideas, I thought we could discuss that together. If you have any plot ideas or want to discuss a plot idea together then you can send me a message. We can fuse any of these things together, like a magic pirate vampire horror roleplay if that's what you're into. xD And if you have ideas that has nothing to do with what I listed then you can ask anyway, the worst that can happen is that I say no ;)

    Oh and I have a lot of guy characters out on the field, so at the moment I would prefer to play female characters. I don't mind playing male if both characters are male (Friendship or romance doesn't matter, though remember, No sex on the screen. ^^ And that goes for FxM and FxF too.)
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  2. I would do a Rise of the Guardians RP with you. I haven't done one in a really long time~
  3. YAY, I'll send you a PM :)
  4. I feel like you have taken words right out of my head. I'd be super interested in doing something with you. I love fantasy and pirates...well basically everything you listed up there. I don't normally write less than two paragraphs either, though I can (and often) write more. Fade to black and everything else too.
  5. Then I'll send you a message and we can brainstorm a bit :)
  6. I'm pretty much okay with most of the things on your list and would love to plot with you!

    By the way, I'm a bro too. :3
  7. The baby is finally out of the house and I'm picking up my search after new rp partners. Sorry to the once I already have for being gone for some days, it was a bit hectic with my sister here. Thanks for your patience ^^

    The lists have been decreased and increased. :) A bit more fandoms has been put in (manga & anime) and the normal rp list has been a bit modified ^^ I think I will maximum take on 3 more partners for now, so that I won't overdo it. For those who decides to rp with me, I usually write if I get a writers block in a single rp, but if I stop writing and haven't told you why, then you should probably check out my profile. I usually leave a message there to tell all my partners if I'm going away for some days, if I have a writers block for every rp or if I am sick.
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