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  1. Hello all. This is my role play onexone thread. I will tell you all bluntly that I do not role play male characters unless we're doubling. I'm a very friendly and open person and do not only want romance onexones, I would like to just have a thorough role play with someone.

    Genres I do:
    and obviously Romance

    Genres I don't do:
    War themed
    Smut themed


    Take Me

    Ariann is a fragile human soul. Her guardian, an angel, must protect her from everything, especially the supernatural. She's prone to be open to possession and demons. Her grandmother was a witch, which opens Ariann up to magik, that her angel advises her not to use, but one day may change that. A demon is after Ariann's soul for the fifth time but her angel is not around to save her, she must search deep inside herself and conjure the magik her angel tells her not to give into.

    For this plot I would prefer someone to play either Ariann's angel or the demon trying to possess her.


    Deca is a vampire. Not a normal super strength, heightened senses, blood sucking fiend, but a vampire with deadly costs. Deca needs a soulmate, a feeder, she cannot drink from someone unless they're the only being she drinks from. Until she finds her feeder she must stick to animal blood, but that will only sustain her for so long.

    For this plot I would like someone to play Deca's feeder.

    Hold Me Longer

    Everdeen was a dancer. She was a singer as well. Not your typical dancer or singer. She worked for men, danced and sang for men, and well.. she had after hours time as well. Everdeen was a burlesque girl. She worked for Fat Henry at his old cabaret bar. The only problem with this gig was that she had two men tailing her behind. One wanted to take her and put her into his Vegas show, and the other was just flat out stalking her. These things happen when you're burlesque. C'est la vie.

    For this plot I would prefer that someone be either the stalker or the other bar owner.
  2. Hey, I like the "Seek" plot a lot. I'd like to play the feeder. I'll do either gender really :)
  3. Wonderful! I would prefer a male character if you don't mind, I already have a fxf going right now. Gotta have variety, right? Would you prefer to do PM or thread?
  4. Thread is better :D And I can totally be a dude for you!
  5. LOL! If you only knew how many times I've heard that in real life ;D Alrighty. So do I just post a thread for it... no OOC section for onexones?
  6. Woah o.o Lol if I had a nickle for every time I've heard that in real life I'd be broke.... >.><.<

    And I don't even know what an OOC is, so okay sure just post a thread lol...
  7. Out of character, it's to discuss and post ideas about the plot :p But yeah. No problem.
  8. Oh. Ok. Wow I'm... slow lol. But yeah we got this :P
  9. So uuh. We gonna do a character sheet, or just develop in the role play?
  10. I can do a character sheet. Like name age appearance picture yadda yadda. It's usually what I do :)
  11. Ohkay :D It shall be up shortly.
  12. Oh and just a warning, I tend to keep my responses short sweet and to the point.
  13. Not problem, so long as you respond at a good rate.
  14. Good. The IC is up. :3
  15. *Update above*