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  1. - Midday -

    "In the wild, there is starting to have a decline of lions. No one knows why this is happening. Can anyone flush out a possible explanation for this unexpected occurrence." Ms. Sanai asked, causing most of the students in her class to turn the other way in embarrassment. "It's really not that hard to answer guys." Rah noted as he stretched his arms. "If it isn't, then maybe you'll like to come up to the board and share your thoughts on the subject with the class?" The teacher proposed, curiously wondering what ludicrous explanation the boy would have. "Gladly." He rose up from his seat and headed over to the front of the class before facing his class mates.

    "The reason for the increased decline in Lions is because our stomachs are getting fatter from eating them. Theee ennnddd!! Hope you guys enjoyed every single second of it." Rah said somewhat happily before Ms. Sanai pulled him outside the classroom. "If you ever make a mockery of my classroom again, you'll be off to the principal's office. Are we clear?" The teacher questioned while pressing her fingernails into his skin in an angrily like manner. "Sorry, but I was just trying to make the class seem enjoyable because to be honest, it's a bit bland. And..." Rah's voice greatly darkened.

    "...I've been waiting to get this close to you and I have to admit that you smell just as bad as I thought you would...demon.." Ms. Sanai's whole demeanor changed as she took a few feet away from him. "'s go!!!!" The teacher suddenly pinched his ear before dragging him in direction of the principal's office.

    - Rah Katemigo -

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    Name: Rah Katemigo
    Age: 16
    Weapon: Rah wields a white crossbow that can be easily detached to resemble a couple of school utensils at a moment's notice, and a group of crimson red arrowheads. Not to mention his two 9 millimeter pistols specially modified to hold small sulfuric acid pellet sized bombs, a cigarette lighter, and a can of flammable spray. He also wields a pocket knife for close combat situations.

    Personality: Rah is an overconfident sophomore highschool student who acts as if he has the mind of a shrimp. However, he always manages to get high scores which makes people question his actual intelligence. This is due to him being ordered to portray a idiot by his hunter fold so that he won't attract any unnecessary attention. Rah is pretty much the same when he's not portraying a idiot but except with increased intelligence. He is also a very formidable foe in battle as well as being a noteworthy escape artist whenever the time occurs.

    Bio: Rah was born and raised around killing vampires for as long as he could remember. His parents were skilled hunters and trained him at an early age to do the same. Unexpectedly, Rah proved himself to be a very quick learner and became an official member of the VHS(Vampire Hunting Society) at the age of eight. Despite this, he was only allowed to partake in group hunts until he had reached a certain level of physical maturity.

    A few years later, Rah's parents were both infected during a hunt and they went awol shortly afterwards. However, their son tracked them down relentlessly before managing to find them and much to their surprise, he attempted to eliminate them both without any signs of hesitation. The fight between both parents against child ended in that of a draw; with reinforcements on both sides interfering before the fight could progress any further. Since then, Rah has been taking on numerous hunts in hopes of finding his parents and finish their interrupted battle.

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    Name: Celeste Sullivan
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 16
    Weapons: None at the moment
    Personality: W.I.P
    Bio: Serah's father was the leader of the V.H.S., which caused her to be dragged into the world of vampires from the very beginning.

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  2. Ellie (open)
    Name: Ellie Bowman
    Appearance: Not visible, blank blue-grey eyes.
    Age: 15
    Weapon: Colt Anaconda, Beretta 93R, and a silver knife hidden in her cane. Both guns have been modified with built in sound suppresors and puts extra ones on to protect her hearing and make her harder to detect.
    Personality: Years of training and fighting have left her cold and calculating. Despite being extremely disiplined she's an underachiever when it comes to school. She doesn't like to let others get close and as such is very blunt in her speaking. Because she's blind she relies a lot on sound, which means she's careful about loud noises.
    Bio: Being born blind didn't change the fact that her family are werewolf hunters. She started training in combat as soon as she could walk. Special attention was given to the use of her available senses for aim and detection. During her first mission her best friend became infected and it was left to Ellie to kill her. Due to that event and her upbringing she's generally cold and distant. The only exception to this rule seems to be directed at cats. She has three pet cats, all mixed breed rescues with some kind of disability. This is her first time hunting alone. If all goes well she'll be allowed to form and command hunting parties.

    Molly (open)
    Name: Molly Shields
    Age: 15
    Weapon: (none at this point)
    Personality: Molly is an animal lover, extremely friendly, and a bit naive. She's very happy and hyper, which often leads to people thinking that she's ditsy. She does really well in school and prides herself on being able to gather information. She's not very athletic and spends most of her free time cooking/baking, reading, and playing video games.
    Bio: When Molly was six she was in a car with her mother when it was hit by a drunk driver. Luckily there were no fatalities, but her injuries caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down. Because of how young she was when it happened she was quick to adjust to her new lifestyle. At 12, when most of the girls were starting to show interest in boys, she found herself interested in other girls. She was outcast for a while because of this and was terrified of how her parents would react if she told them. She finally came out to them when she was 14 and she had her first girlfriend, they barely reacted to it (in fact they weren't surprised). She and her girlfriend after a couple months because her girlfriend had to move away and neither of them wanted to do long distance.

    Ellie stopped partway up the stairs to her new school when she heard a voice.
    "Excuse me are you Ellie Bowman?"
    Ellie smiled politely, but didn't turn towards the voice, "Yes. I assume you're the student that's assigned to my aid?"
    The girl started to nod before realizing what she was doing, "Yeah, I'm Jessica Hunt, it's nice to meet you."
    "Likewise," Ellie calmly replied, "I'm sorry for being late, we got a little lost."
    Jessica shrugged, once again forgetting that the other girl couldn't see her, "Don't worry about it. You have to report to the principal's office don't you? Would you like me to guide you there?"
    "Please." Ellie was a little surprised when Jessica took her arm, but not enough to keep her from noticing something about her. That smell, She thought as they walked, what an interesting coincidence. "Excuse me," She kept her polite demeanor and acted a little embarrassed, "but could we stop at a bathroom first?"
    "Not a problem," Jessica said with a laugh, "You asked right as we were about to pass one." She held the door open for the blind girl.
    Ellie listened for the sound of anybody else nearby before kicking Jessica into the bathroom. "Fucking lycan," she mumbled to herself as she locked the door behind her.
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  3. "Ouch!!! Umm hey!!! What the he-oww!!!" Rah yelled as Ms. Sanai dragged him by the ear through the hallway. "You disrespectful little boy!! It's about time you've been taught a lesson!!" The two finally reached the principal's office, with the principal sitting nicely in his seat. The principal turned to Rah as soon as the teacher barged in with him. "Ahh, it's you again. You know we've got to stop meeting like this though." The principal looked up at the pissed off Ms. Sanai with a nonchalant facial expression.

    "Well? What seems to be the problem?" The teacher released her grip on the teen before slamming her hands on the desk. "What seems to be the problem!!!? This kid has been causing problems ever since he arrived here and all you ever do is give him a tap on the back!!! The problem is, is him still not being expelled despite all the heinous acts he's committed!!!" Ms. Sanai shouted, all the while Rah remained silent. "I don't know what he has done this time but leave the boy with me for the rest of the day. As for your suggestion, I'll see about it and make my decision on whether to expel him or not by the end of the scoot." The principal informed, causing the teacher to make a devious smirk at Rah before walking out.

    The moment Ms. Sanai left the office, the teen began massaging his ear. "Finally that thing is gone but hand me my crossbow will ya? I have some ravenous blood suckers that needs caring for. To bad that that blood sucker is too stupid to notice that I have friends in high places." Rah said as the principal pulled out something from his desk.
  4. Ellie pulled out her anaconda, which caused Jessica to start laughing.
    "You've got the wrong target," Jessica said, while still laughing, "and besides how're you going to hit me whe-"
    Ellie interrupted her by shooting right at her face, "I missed?"
    Jessica had barely dodged it, "I heard what you said when you locked the door." She moved faster than Ellie could follow and got behind her before the blind girl could do anything, "I tried to warn you."
    What the- Ellie felt a pinch in her neck and was out cold before she could even finish her thought.
  5. "Yeah yeah, just continue to keep my halls vamp free and I'll look the other way." The principal noted before handing Rah parts of his crossbow. "Thanks but when can I keep onto my own equipment instead of being required to hand them over to you every time I step on school property?" He asked in a displeased manner. "You know just as well as I do that you have a tendency to become reckless and restrictions like this help to maintain them. Once we feel you're ready, we'll remove them so bear with it for now." The principal placed the crossbow's ammunition on the table soon after.

    "I've acquired all of the others approval except for one. In fact, the only reason I transferred over to this country is because of this person. And you know damn well that the person stopping me is you!!!" Rah said in a high pitched tone before snatching the arrows from off the desk and walking out. As the teen exited out the office, the principal leaned back in his chair with a smile. "And the kid wonders why I still don't give my approval."
  6. Ellie woke up with a start a bed she didn't recognize. She felt her neck to find out if there was anything, but couldn't find any kind of bump or hole. There wasn't even a bandage, just her skin, Weird, I could have sworn-
    "Oh good you're awake," An unfamiliar voice said, "I'm Ms. Birch, the school nurse. Unfortunately Jessica had to leave because of a 'family emergency.'"
    Ellie sighed, "Of course she did, has another stude-."
    The door slammed open, startling Ellie, "Sorry it took so long I had to clean up from chemistry."
    "Ellie, this is Molly Shields," Ms. Birch said, "she'll be helping you around the school."
    Molly came into the office and there was a sound other then footsteps as she got closer, "It's nice to meet you."
    "Likewise," Ellie replied as she tried to place the sound.
    Molly couldn't help but giggle a little at how formal the other girl sounded, "Anyway, it's lunch time and cafeteria food here is bargh, so how about we go to a nearby deli? My treat."
    Ellie smiled a little, That's how I'm supposed to react, right? "Sounds good, but you'll have to read me the menu."
    "I was planning on it," Molly said as she placed Ellie's hand on a plastic handle, "Should be easy to lead you like this. Ready?"
    Ah, a wheelchair, Ellie could tell the girl was human based on her smell, "Yeah, lead the way."
  7. After being held up in the principal's office, Rah headed in the direction of his classroom before suddenly stopping. "Oh, that's right. I can't go back to class until the day's over with. If not, then what to do?" He questioned, looking up at the time shortly afterwards. "It's lunch time, so I can use this opportunity to get some training in before my big showdown tonight." The teen noted as he began running in the direction of the stairs.

    Minutes later, he reached them before climbing them all the way up to the rooftop. "...looks like I'm here." Rah said upon passing through the door leading to the rooftop. He walked over to the center of the roof before placing his arrows and crossbow pieces on the ground. "OK!! Now to get to work!!" The teen began putting together the parts of his crossbow before instinctively turn toward the door. "Isn't it a little too early for you to be trying to kill me, Ms. Sanai?" Rah's face held a bored expression on it which made the teacher lock the door behind her. "It's never too early to take care of a fascinating subject like yourself." The teacher noted while wearing a dark grin.
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  8. "So," Molly was trying to get to know Ellie while they ate, "what brought you to this school?"
    Ellie had planned a response to this already, "My family moves around a lot."
    Molly felt a little disappointed hearing that, she didn't like loosing friends, "Do you think you're going to move again?"
    "I'm not sure," Ellie thought back to the confrontation in the bathroom. I wonder if I'll be let back after that mis- She realized that she didn't remember putting her gun away she frantically felt the holster through her skirt and sighed with relief when she felt the anaconda there.
    "Is everything okay?" The tone of Molly's voice told Ellie that she was concerned.
    Ellie pretended to laugh nervously, "Yeah, I just thought I lost something when I passed out in the bathroom."
    There was a long pause before Molly finally responded, "They told me you were in the nurse's office before you passed out."
    "I-" Ellie was legitimately dumbfounded, "I don't remember that. Must be a concussion or something."
    That worried Molly, "Are you sure you're okay to be up right now?"
    "Yeah," Ellie said nervously, "Don't worry about it."
  9. "Oh and what makes you think that you can take care of me? The girls say that I'm a little too much man for them to handle but you're free to try. Just give me a few seconds and I'll be right with you." Rah noted as he finished putting together his crossbow before loading it with an arrow. "I'm not sure what you expect your chances of killing me is with that but as you wish." Ms. Sanai said while maintaining the dark grin.

    Is this some sort of joke or did she actually plan on letting me get ready? Either way, it doesn't matter at this point because it's already too late for her to attack me now. The second Rah loaded his arrow, he turned to face the teacher with a bored facial expression. "Soooo Ms. Sanaaaiii, I assume that you're prepared to begin eh?" The teen asked as he began aiming his crossbow at vampire disguised as a teacher. "Hehe of course but are you?" Ms. Sanai's body suddenly started to under go a rampant change, causing the teen to look on in awe.
  10. Ellie and Molly were headed back to school when Ellie heard a familiar sound coming from above, "Hey, Molly, can you show me how to get to the roof?"
    "Yeah," Molly was confused by the question, "but it's nearly time for class."
    Ellie felt the elevator start to go up, "I know, there's just something going on up there that I have to deal with."
    "How can you- WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT!?" Molly interrupted herself when she noticed that Ellie had pulled out a gun and was attaching a silencer.
    Ellie sighed and pulled out the magazine to make sure it was loaded, "Don't worry, it's not for you."
    "Oh, that makes me feel so much better about the fact that a blind student has a gun," Molly said nervously. "Can you even aim that thing?"
    "Yeah," Ellie replied, holding the 93R like a pro, "I can use sound to judge a target's location. I've been training with this exact gun since I was six, and with my revolver since I was ten." I would've left her behind, Ellie thought to herself, but I didn't have time. It sounded like somebody was about to get attacked up there.
    "Oh, good," Molly's voice was shaking, "so you know how to use it. That makes me feel a lot safer. But I have to ask, why do you have a gun, in school?"
    Ellie was somewhat surprised that Molly was able to ask the question, "Seems like you're about to find out."
  11. "You're a werewolf!!?" Sweat began rolling down Rah's head as he began looking for alternate escape routes. He wasn't raised to combat such beasts but it looked as if there wasn't any other way around it. Ms. Sanai's transformation was still underway but it didn't look like the process would take much longer. The teen rushed to the other end of the roof, as the teacher finalized her growth into her beastly form.

    "What's the matter boy? I thought you were too much man for girls to handle?" Ms. Sanai asked in a deepened tone, as a result of her transformation. "Well I guess I forgot to mention that I was excluding female demons so sorry for not informing you...but wanna know something?" The beastly teacher walked over to Rah confidently until she was positioned right in front of him. "Sure.." The teen looked up at the werewolf with a confident grin. "I'm still going to kick your ass." Rah quickly attempted to aim his crossbow at her chest, only for Ms. Sanai to slash rather deeply through him diagonally before he could fire, causing him to slide back in response. She wasted no time moving in with a flurry of powerful swipes in which the teen managed to dodge most of them before retaliating with a hard somersault kick aimed at the beast's chin.

    The demonic teacher's head flew up like a bobblehead before angrily pouncinh at him. Fortunately, Rah strafed to the side in time to dodge her ferocious pounce, causing her to fall off of the roof. However, the teen could still hear the beastly voice of his teacher nearby which triggered him to walk over toward the edge of the roof. Once he reached the edge, Rah was a bit astonished at what he found barely managing to hold on with one hand. "I admire your eagerness to survive but I think people like you deserve to rot in hell." The boy noted jokingly as he picked up his crossbow before casually aiming at his teacher's head.

    "Youuu tricked me!! You came over to this side in order to lure me off the ledge." Ms. Sanai's voice lightened a bit. "Smart plan, but how will you explain my death to the authorities?" Rah's right eye brow raised curiously. "What do you mean? Won't you're rotting carcass be enough?"
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  12. After what seemed like ages Ellie finally heard the elevator door open. She stepped out, "I'm sorry to do this to you Molly, but what do you see?"
    Molly looked around and started to describe the situation to the blind girl, "Well, Rah, one of the other students, is up here, there's, um, blood, and some damage."
    Ellie knew the werewolf was nearby, it's deeper, longer breaths came from the same direction as a boy's ragged breathing, That must be Rah, he sounds injured, but why can't Molly see the lycan. "So you don't see a werewolf?"
    "Werewolf?" Molly laughed nervously, "Werewolves don't-"
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  13. "Not if I return to my regular form before someons sees it." Ms. Sanai said happily. "So you think I won't kill for fear of being locked up huh? Well you're dead wrong teach!! Anybody who kills shall be killed!!! End of stor-" Just as Rah was about to fire off a arrow into to the werewolf's head, he could hear the sound of the elevator opening. Dammit!! Dammit!!! Dammit!!!! What the hell is anyone coming up here for at this time of day!!!? It's lunch time!! The teen turned over to face the elevator to see who was with an agitated look.

    Rah noticed two girls moving out of the elevator which madd him feel a bit relieved. He played off his wounds as if they were nothing, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to take on additional reinforcements. In fact, once his adrenaline finally faded, Rah wasn't even sure if he would be able to stand. "Stay over there!!!" His body dropped to his knees before feeling a lot of force travel through the air above him. The teen instinctively turned in the opposite direction before witnessing an extremely sharp set of claws carve right through his skin.
  14. "What the hell is that?" In her fear Molly had forgotten what Ellie had said and other than ask that question all she could do was watch.
    There you are, Ellie took a shot at the werewolf, her Beretta firing a three-round burst, Damn, I missed. She skillfully pulled her Anaconda from the holster under her skirt, while putting away the 93R
    "You bitch," Ms. Sanai shouted after one of the bullets had skimmed her. She started to charge at the girl holding the gun.
    Can't give it another chance, Ellie calmly aimed the revolver in the direction of the beast's panting. Can't let it hurt Molly, She waited for it to get close enough and as soon as she could feel its breath on her hand she pulled the trigger, sending a bullet right through its head. The werewolf collapsed on the ground in front of her as Ellie put away her revolver, "Molly?"
    Molly was shaking enough that her wheelchair was rattling, "Y-y-yes?"
    "Are you hurt?" Ellie was as calm as ever and trying to plan her next move.
    Molly shook her head before remembering that the other girl couldn't see, "N-no."
    "That's good. I'll clear up anything I can later," Ellie grabbed onto the handle of Molly's wheelchair, "but right now we need to check on that boy." It's faint, but I can hear him breathing.
  15. Rah's body dropped to the ground with a cold expression painted on his face. Ms. Sanai looked as though she was going to end him right then and there but fortunately, a bullet grazed her before she could. The ferocious beast charged at the two girls while he could do nothing but watch. The teen pressed one of his hands on the wound before trying to reach his crossbow.

    Rah wasn't sure if he would be able to reach it in time but the girls needed his help. Everything was starting to become blurry and his body felt as though it was becoming weaker and more number every second which wasn't a good sign. The curtains on his life was closing and now he knew it as well. However just when things seemed dim, Rah finally reached his crossbow before picking it up and turning back to the elevator with a weak smile. "You're a dead d-what?" His smile faded upon witnessing a collapsed giant shadow and two smaller ones standing above it. ""
  16. [after carrying Rah to the nurse]
    Molly and Ellie were waiting outside the nurses office, the halls were empty, so they could talk fairly freely, "Fuck."
    "I know it's a lot to take in," Ellie replied, "Take your time."
    Molly nearly screamed, "I just learned that werewolves exist, that kind of entire perception of reality! Next you're going to tell me that vampires exist, right?"
    Ellie sighed, "I wasn't because it didn't seem relevant."
    "Vampires exist too!?" Molly quickly covered her mouth when she realized how loud she was, "I was just trying to be funny." An upsetting thought hit her, "So if you came because of the rumors about a werewolf does that mean you'll be leaving now?"
    Ellie noticed the disappointed tone in Molly's voice, "Well there could be more, and now I have to make sure this boy doesn't turn."
    Molly instantly perked up, "So you're not leaving yet?"
    "No," Ellie said calmly.
    Molly smiled a little when she heard the response, Well at least one good thing came out of all this.
  17. Rah could hear voices circulating around him which caused him to open his eyes a teeny bit. He only opened them wide enough to see but not enough for the people around him to realize that he was conscious. The teen tilted his head left and right simultaneously in a sleep like motion to keep up his still sleep act while getting a look at his surroundings.

    This looks like the nurse's office but how? There's no way that those girls could survive against such a thing. Not alone picking me up. So who...tch!!! Rah jumped out the bed before breaking through the door. "Ms. Sanai!!!" The second he stepped out of the door, the teen's body dropped to the floor as it was being pulled down by a magnet. As the boy rose back up, he noticed the two girls from the rooftop sitting right in front of his view. "So it was you..."
  18. "Well, you're finally awake," Ellie said coldly, ignoring the fact that he had fallen.
    Molly looked at Rah with concern, "Are you- do you need help up?" She glared at Ellie, "I know you heard him fall."
    "If he can survive a lycan attack he can survive falling over," Ellie said in a very matter of fact way before hearing the sound of the nurse on her way back. "We need to wait to discuss the matter more." She knelt down to try to help Rah back into bed only to have the nurse stop her and do it herself.
    "Jeeze," The nurse sounded completely exasperated, "You're in no state to be trying to get up. What did you two say happened?"
    Molly sounded nervous, "Well, um-"
    "We don't know," Ellie interrupted, "Molly spotted him lying on the roof and asked me to help carry him."
  19. "And I see you're still alive." Rah replied with flare as Molly helped him back into bed, only for the nurse to return and stop the girl before doing it herself. Just who is that girl? Is she the vampire I was looking for?, that can't be otherwise, I would be dead right now. The teen questioned while the nurse chastised him and interrogated the two girls.

    I guess that narrows it down to two possible choices. She could either be a wannabe fan of mine or another hunter like myself. Most likely hunter but why wasn't I informed that someone else was going to be hunting here!!? I'll have to focused on that later. My only chance of getting out of here is now. Rah quickly rolled out of bed before grabbing onto the nearest lethal object he could find which happened to be a computer monitor.

    It was obvious that the boy was intent on escaping the nurse's office and he already conceived of a plan to do it. "Hey nurse!! Catch if you don't wish to be held accountable for a delusional patient's actions!!" The teen yelled as he lightly tossed the monitor at the nurse before making his way for the door. Rah knew that the only chance for failure was if the girls intervened or if the nurse turned out to be a natural badass and just ignored the monitor and went after him. However, if that occurred, then there was no doubt in Rah's mind that he would be sedated and rendered helpless to protect himself from unsuspecting predators.
  20. Ellie sighed when she heard him throw the computer monitor, because he was weak, and the fact that is was plugged in, the monitor didn't get very far. "Idiot," She calmly followed the sound of his footsteps, He's almost as loud as a lycan when he's running, and he won't be able to get far after being injured like that.
    Molly rolled along next to Ellie in order to make sure she didn't get lost, "Where do you think he's trying to go?"
    "I'm not sure," Ellie said, still paying attention to the sound of his footsteps. She quickly checked for the sound of others before continuing her thought, "I have a couple of theories though. First, he could be worried that I'm some kind of threat. The other one is he could think that there's still another threat because there's 'no way a blind girl or a girl in a wheelchair could take down a monster like that.' You know him better than me, which do you think is more likely?"
    Molly shook her head out of habit, "I don't really know him that well. I've only met him in passing since he's a grade ahead, but he has a reputation for being a total idiot and a bit of a class clown."
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