Becoming British

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  1. Lol um yeah, this is really random! I'm just saying this because my spelling habits have suddenly started to change... I think I'm "Becoming British"!! I have British ancestors from my Dad's side, but either way, I don't know what triggered this. Maybe I just like to write the "UK style" now, haha! XD

    traveler --> traveller

    color --> colour

    honor --> honour

    theater --> theatre

    Yeah, I don't know; I'm just being a wacko person, that's all~! xD
  2. You're probably reading a lot of British English written stuff and it's rubbing off. I know after reading Tolkien I want to write 'grey' rather than 'gray'.

    Not really that random or wacko. You'll be ok.
  3. Well hey i'm totally looking to become a US citizen so if you want to do a little US/UK marriage switcharoo then hit me up who says i'm too forward c'mon chea.
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  4. Or Canadian, because it's pretty common and I've been slipping u's into words for as long as I've had people calling themselves teachers throwing words at me and seeing what stuck in what we call English class. It's not really mythical or anything, it's just that Americans have been butchering the English language since they started throwing perfectly good tea into perfectly clean water like a bunch of unappreciative jerks.
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  5. We can't help that we love freedom more than leaf water.
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  6. Totally down with being canadian too.

    I'm easy.

    Marry me.


  7. That's because your priorities are all wrong, my dear.

    And that blue coat? Just dreadful! Red is the colour of a true gentleman.
  8. I like blue and red equally ahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahaha i'll take any coat offered to me seriously c'mon, marriage, citizenship. Scotland rains a lot. Don't be a dick. :blah:
  10. Too bad I'm already married! <3
  11. Vancouver it is for you!
  12. Oh my god you've made me the happiest man bear alive <3
  13. Here, we'll exchange cookies xD *gives you a cookie*
  14. Shit man i'll marry you too.

    I'll marry all the nations.

    I'll bring world peace.

    With my charms.

    I'm such an amazing planet conscious person <3 hnnnng.
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  15. Yes, cookie exchanges. A known ancient tradition within the love rituals of the north americas. I read this in a book once. :blah:

    Unfortunately I can only give you a) haggis b) man-skirts c) a cold glass of milk on a warm sunday afternoon.
  16. @scribz Cookies and milk, sir? :3
  17. Fool! You missed out on the kilt!
  18. Oh darling, you know how to make a man swoon. *powders his nose*
  19. I know ;D
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  20. ;D