Becoming A Slave

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    Name: Catalina Vazov
    Age: 20

    History: Catalina comes from a very small poor town in Russia, her family and herself struggled on a little farm. Her family did manage to send her to a small school a few miles away and she was clever and managed to learn a lot. Through she could not get far in her countries school system nor could she because of her families poorness.

    Plot: Catalina has one dream and that is to go to America and make a better life. She had heard about how one could raise up and how one could go to collage and can learn much more then what she could in her own country. Now the only way Catalina could get to America was to sneak in and that meant having to go to the Russian gang and having them sneak her into the country. She managed to get some money together, it wasn't enough how ever but they accepted it and told her she would have to work the rest off. She believed, she would just have to work a little while in a shop but when she got to the country she found out she would be working as a sex slave.

    I will be looking for someone to play the leader of the gang. He should be hard and a bit cold because he is the leader of the gang. He should see Catalina and find her very attractive and he is a bit lonely and decides she will be perfect to warm his bed. At first he just wants her for sex but slowly he finds himself falling for her.
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