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  1. -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Alec Stark
    Height: 5'12''
    Birthday: October 31st
    Personality: Goofy, Kind, Caring, Outgoing, Tough.
    Looks: Handsome, Iris eye, Natural white hair, fair skin, muscular.
    Alec took one last look at himself before heading to his bus stop. He thought he looked good. He was wearing a black sleevless shirt that showed the muscles on his arm, camo shorts that go up to his knees and black Nike sneakers. He nodded at himself in the mirror, grabbed his blue, black and white colored camo back pack and walked out the door. He made it to his bus stop in less than 2 minutes and as soon as he got there the bus driver stopped the bus and opened the door. Alec walked into the bus

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  2. Yuuka sat in the third left seat to the front. It was her first year at this school and she was already starting to hate it. She woke the usual way. Alarm clock, snooze, alarm again. Got in the shower and threw on her usual clothing, running about a block to the next bus stop because she missed her own.

    Yuuka felt the bus slowly roll to a stop and glanced upwards, two people she didn't know came on, and when she thought the bus was about to leave she saw Alec get on. She felt a small rush of joy. Alec's on this route? She tried to hide her obvious joy and scooted over slightly in hopes that he would see her, but not too much so her intentions wasn't noticeable.

    Character (open)
    Name: Hashimitsu Yuuka. (Last name for short)
    Age: 17.
    Personality: Will very often keep to herself and refuse help from others. Studding very often during a conversation. Shy, and easily intimidated, doing as she's asked without question. She has issues with sudden changes and will sometimes just runaway if possible.
    Grade: Senior.
    Extra: She has asthma and will often puff her inhaler each half hour, whenever she is frightened, or just to get the point through that she actually has asthma.
    Extra: Socially awkward, often getting into peoples space.
    Extra: Has a fear of anything electric, a simple phone making her unwary.
    Extra: Fascinated with water and could spend hours gazing into a stream.
    Extra: Her eye color is a deep emerald green, similar to this.
    Appearance (open)
    Kurisu Makise! <3[​IMG]
  3. Alec got on the bus an grinned once he saw Yuuka, "Hey Yuuka!" he knew he was being loud but he didnt care. He was happy to see Yuuka. They have been best friends since preschool. He walked up to her and sat next to her. He smiled big at her.
  4. As usual, Yuuka's voice was probably just above a whisper. "H-Hey..." It sounded how she felt, tired and homesick. "I-I didn't know you were on this... Bus." I seriously forgot what a bus was called? She felt her cheeks slightly grow warm, easily humiliated at the simple slip up. And just noticing how she must have looked, quickly turned her head to the window. "Sorry." Why am I apologizing? It seemed as if her body was trying everything it could to make this as awkward for her as possible, but she had no idea why.

    Sorry this is so late! e-e Had a slight crisis that hoarded me away from Iwaku
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