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  1. -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Alec Stark
    0Height: 5'12''
    Birthday: October 31st
    Personality: Goofy, Kind, Caring, Outgoing, Tough.
    Looks: Handsome, Iris eye, Natural white hair, fair skin, muscular.
    Alec walked into the class room and took a good look around. Eventually he found his best girl friend and walked up to her, "Hey!"

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    Clover looked up at him, "Um...hey." she said timidly. She was a petite girl was curly red hair and thick black rimmed glasses. He aqua eyes stared shyly into his Iris eyes. She had been buried in a book of sonnets prior to his intrusion, but maybe it was time for a short break.
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  3. He grinned and took the seat next to her, "How are you doing Clover?" these two have been best friends since preschool.
  4. "Okay. Just waiting for class to start." she smiling slightly, "Are you ready for the test today?"
  5. Alec laughed a little and rubbed the back of his head, "Hehe yeah kinda. I still think tests are stuid. You?"
  6. She giggled, "Yeah but they have a purpose." A thought popped into Clovers head, "Oh right! You want to come over today? My parents are away for business and I have a bunch of leftovers that need to be eaten soon." she asked. She hated being home alone. The though of being helpless against an intruder terrified her.
  7. Alec smiled, "Sure! Sounds like fun!"
  8. "Good." she said excitedly, "Bring your video games over." she whispered to him. She knew how much her parents hated video games and fun in general so these few days without them had to be filled with both.
  9. Alec had the biggest grin on his face, "Alright! I am excited!" lucky for them their houses were right next to each other. Their room windows were also right next to each other. Their was also a tree in between the two houses so the two could easily swing back and forth to both windows.
  10. "Me too! You can come over around 7:30." The teacher came in and started that class.

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  11. He nodded then whispered, "Sounds good. I will bring a whole bunch of junk food too!"
  12. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Clover cleaned up the house and set out snack for the fun-a-thon. She put her homework on a neat pile on her desk and saw herself in the mirror. She looked overly nerdy as always. Maybe it was time to slip into something more casual for once. She changed into khaki shorts and lets down her hair. She took off her glasses and tried on her new contacts. After that everything was in place and on time, 7:30 on the dot. She went to her room and opened her window wide.
  13. Alec opened his window wide, got onto his roof, held onto the branch tight and swung to Clover's window, into her room. Next thing he knows he is right in front of Clover and smiles, "Hello stranger." his backpack was full off junk. He loved Fridays.
  14. "Hello there." she smiled and closed her window and lead him to her flat screen 42" TV, "Let the games begin!"
  15. Alec grinned the shrugged off his backpack, took out the game system the attched it to the T.V. Once he turned on the T.V the intro to the game started. Alec smiled then tossed Clover a red controller.
  16. She caught it and her gamer girl alter ego came out, "Prepare to get ran out of town!!" she challenge, though she had the second remote which could do nothing but wait until player select in the fighting game.
  17. Alec laughed, grabbed his green controller and plopped onto her bed, "You wish!" he said and the pressed start. He picked his character.
  18. Clover sat next to her and selected her usual character. Lin Chu warrior princess and conquer of worlds. She waited for the Go mark then transformed into the queen of button mash.
  19. Name: Kelsey Stefanovich
    Height: 4'11''
    Birthday: November 15th
    Personality: Nosy, noisy, creative, social and sometimes annoying
    "HEY SIS Whatcha--! Oh. Hey Alec." Kelsey winked suggestively at her sister, Clover, who arrives at their house nearly 10 minutes before Kelsey's bus does. Kelsey, who flirts with nearly any cute boy in her grade, has been trying to get Clover and Alec together since the dawn of time. Or rather, since she'd become clever enough to come up with some reaally good schemes. "What geeky video game are you two playing today?" She smiled, pulling out her pigtails and squirming herself between Clover and Alec...just to see if they would try to get closer again.
  20. Alec arched an eyebrow at Kelsey then lightly hit the top of her head with his controller. "Its a little game called 'None Ya.'" Kelsey was like a little sister to him.
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