Becomes of Us | AU OUAT Post S3A RP

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Becomes of Us is a post season 3 AU roleplay.

Our story takes place after they return from Neverland, but Gold and his father did not die. Pan is locked away in the Pandora's Box like they had originally planned. Probably to be of use... to anyone who might... seek to use it. But for now, it is locked away ... safe. Or so they think.

Also, it is AU so any character's fate may be changed to suit the player.

When they returned to Storybrooke after capturing Pan in the Pandora's Box; rescuing the lost boys, and Wendy, life returned mostly to normal. However there is a whispering of a new threat coming. A witch: obsessed with youth. She is also after magic beans, to return to the enchanted forest to find her adopted daughter.

Will they be able to stop the witch from terrorizing the town for what she wants? Help her get back home to her daughter? What other troubles will this witch bring?

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