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  1. Tales of Javesca is set at the start of a Renaissance-like era where the fledgeling fortress/merchant city of Javesca is just starting to flourish. You will first incarnate a young adult of twenty years (the lifespan being sixty in average) that just settled there with two plots of lands, one for their new home and another to do as they wish. This will be a free roaming adventure, where your choices will shape not only your character and his or her descendants and their spouse(s), but the whole city at large.

    There are many things to do, first of all getting comfortable and gathering a Voliere, a gathering of birds of all sorts set in an often elaborate cage of great proportions, to set out a way of communicating with the world outside and, should you wish it, provide a mean to hunt and gather small game for food. Next would be for you to decide, as what you make of your character and their bloodline is in your hands as I only play out the consequences of each action and throw some interesting opportunities your way.

    The city is built near the ocean, where a canyon in the mountains widens enough to make a decent cove and a natural fortress. The Square is the center of this small city, where is erected the Viceroy's Palace south of the Arena and even further south of the five Embassies of the city, belonging to the kingdoms surrounding this freehold. Sixty-Eight plots of lands will be purchasable in the cove, and all of them will be a free slate upon which you will be able to build whatever you want that is doable in this alternate historical setting.

    Finally, before I leave you to the features, I am looking for up to ten people for this, so feel free to state interest or ask questions!

    Now are the map...:


    And the...:

    Features :

    Dynamic Time :

    - Day (3 Units) and Night (2 Units) System.

    - Daily Weather Changes : Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, Snowy (Sunfall only) and Windy.

    - Daily Temperature Changes : Freezing, Cold, Chilly, Fair, Warm, Hot and Blistering.

    - Weekly Quest Events.

    - 90 days Years.

    - Three Seasons : Sunfall, Starbright and Moonless.

    Customizable Contents :

    - Entirely customizable lands, from hovels to palaces.

    - Choose between Gene pools to create your first character, and chose the spouse you want to get the descendants you want.

    - Merchandises can be customized by your character, all is possible to craft with enough skills and resources.

    - Skills and Talents are learned through each character's life, with events and action, shaping your proteges into who they will become.

    -Choose what your characters do in each Time Unit and adapt to the changes brought with either cleverness or guts.

    -The Culture will change with your choices, and the landscape with your achievements and failures.

    Fund your Family !

    Build your Ancestral Home!

    Create your Fortune !

    Build upon a Trade !

    Run for Leadership !

    Fight in the Arena !

    Go on an Adventure !

    Do all that, and much more, in Tales of Javesca !