Becca Malik x Mrs Jessica Salvatore

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  1. Taylor-Belle Malik leaned against the doorframe of her bedroom and she listened with a smile to the music and singing drifting up from the practice room downstairs. She grinned - her father and her adopted "uncles" were in a band together, and they were actually really good.

    She padded downstairs and joined in with the singing as it changed to her favourite song, "You're insecure, don't know what for, you turning heads when you walk through the do-o-oor," She sang as she danced among the five men she was closest to in the world.

    Elvira Malik looked up and smiled warmly as she watched her sixteen-year old daughter dance with Harry Styles and sing. Taylor-Belle had inherited her good looks and singing voice from her father, while from Elvira, she had inherited her tiny stature and bubbly nature.

    Harry chuckled as he spun Taylor-Belle out, and then back in. He playfully lifted her above his head, like in Dirty Dancing, and laughed. "You ok up there, Tayles?" She giggled as he set her back down again.
  2. Name: Caitlin Stewart (best friend to Taylor)
    Age: 16
    Personality: shy towards strangers but bubbly towards her best friend.
    History: was adopted as her parents gave her up at birth and she is obsessed with finding her birth parents but she loves her adoptive parents dearly. She adores her best friend Taylor Belle, she was fun to be around.

    Caitlin grabbed her phone and she texted Taylor Belle, hey girl mind if I come over so bored mum and dad are fighting again and I don't want to be stuck in the middle x. She sent it.

    Niall sang with them,"you don't know oh ooh you don't your beautiful,"he swung his arm around Harry and smiled, he loved singing with guys.

    Zayn sang his part and while he was singing he gave Elvira a small kiss on the cheek.
  3. Taylor-Belle felt her phone buzz in her pocket and she sat down on the sofa as she looked at the text. Yeah sure - Dad and the guys are just rehearsing - Taylor-Belle x She sent back, and looked up as they finished off the song.

    Elvira smiled, and stretched out her legs. "Anyone want a drink of lemonade?" She stood and headed into the kitchen.

    Harry grinned and flopped down onto the sofa, pulling Niall down onto his lap as he wrapped his arms around the Irishman's waist. "Your singing is still as amazing as ever, babe." He placed a gentle kiss on Niall's cheek.
  4. Caitiin heard a ping and she picked up her phone and replied be there in a few xx. She grabbed her jacket and made her way out the front door. She walked down to her car and climbed. Then she drove to Taylor's house and she walked up to the front door. Caitlin could hear the music and she smiled, she knocked it waiting for her to be let in.

    Zayn smiled when they finished the song. He went over to his wife and grabbed a glass of lemonade, he drunk it all down in one dose. Then he smiled and panted. It was so nicehe thought and kissed Elvira on the cheek.

    Niall, replied smiling,"Your solo is still awesome as ever,"he kissed Harry on the cheek. He whispered,"We will get alone time later,"with a smirk.
  5. Taylor-Belle heard the door, and she immediately got up to answer it. "Hey Caitlin - come on in. The guys are just practicing, and Mum's pouring out lemonade." She headed back into the kitchen. "Hey, Mum, can Caitlin and I go to a concert tonight? It's a rock band, but I promise I'll be home by eleven."

    Elvira glanced at her daughter and raised an eyebrow. "And why haven't I heard about this before?" She rolled her eyes, "You can go, but keep your phone on at all times, and I'll get Liam to come and pick you up at eleven." She poured out lemonade for everyone and carried it into the practice room.

    Harry grinned, and then suggested, "Ni, could we maybe adopt? I really want kids, and it would be good to give a child a home." He rested his head on his husband's shoulder.
  6. Caitlin smiled, she was so excited to see the band tonight. She walked into the living room with a smile on her face and she plopped herself on the sofa and looked around at the boys, they all seemed happy.

    Zayn just let Elvira do the talking as she was good at handling situations like this.

    Niall raised an eyebrow and asked his husband,"Are you sure we are ready for kid?"
  7. Taylor-Belle followed Caitlin in and sat beside her. "The lead singer for Blue Blood is so hot! With all those tattoos, he had almost got as many as Dad." She grinned, "How's your dog?" She loved animals.

    Elvira smiled. "Our daughter's growing up, Zee." She wrapped her arms around her husband's waist with a soft smile. "Remember when we started dating? That seems like so long ago now."

    Harry bit his lip worriedly. "Well, if you aren't ready, then we don't have to. I just really want a baby of our own."
  8. Caitlin frowned,"she got sick and died two days ago, and yeah the lead singer is sexy,"she said with a giggle.

    "She is growing up fast and I missed the times when it was changing diapers and bathing her but now she can do that herself,"he smiled and then he ran his hands beneath her top up her back,"your back's warm and yeah I miss dating, how about we go on one tonight since Taylor Belle is going out."

    "Just let me give it some thought love,"Niall said with a smile.
  9. "Aww, I'm sorry. Mittens was adorable." Taylor-Belle bit her lip, but then smiled. "So, we'll leave at about seven?"

    Elvira smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that sounds nice. We could drive back to Bradford tonight, and visit our families? I'm sure Haz and Niallers can look after Tayles when she comes home, and tomorrow as well until we come back. Please? I haven't seen Mum and Dad in ages, and you could see your sisters."

    Harry smiled, and pecked his lips. "I love you, Baby Nandos."
  10. Caitlin smiled and replied,"yeah seven sounds great do you want me to meet you here?"She asked.

    "Yeah I'd like that and you and I could spend some alone time for a while,"Zayn said with a smile and wrapped his arms around her waist.

    "I love you too Hazza,"he smiled and said.
  11. "Yeah, just come around at about half six, kay?" Taylor-Belle smiled and sat back on the sofa. She glanced over, and grinned, "Uncle Niall, can you please make Irish stew for dinner tonight? I love your cooking..."

    Harry chuckled at what she said. "Can you please cook tonight, babe?" He placed gentle kisses up and down his husband's pale neck.
  12. Caitlin replied with a smile,"I will be here,"she said walking into the living room and sitting down on the sofa that was empty.

    Niall replied,"I hope it won't be any bother Elvira."

    Zayn looked up at Elvira with puppy dog eyes.