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    Plot time! :)
  2. i was actually thinking that for the All Grown UP one that Neala is actually his real daughter, i don't know how it would of worked though
  3. That's actually what I had in mind as well - maybe Niall had a drunken one night stand that he doesn't remember, but then the woman he slept with, then gave birth to Neala. Then years later she eventually gave her daughter up to the orphanage where Harry and Niall found her?

    This idea is actually inspired from a Ziall fic by the way :) lol
  4. Ahaha great minds think alike ;)

    yeahh i was thinking that and him having a drunken one night stand:) but what actually happened to Neala? i would guess something like being abused by her real mum and i'm guessing her mum's boyfriend before giving her up?
  5. Yeah, and that's why she didn't talk for ages, because her mum and her 'dad' hit her when she spoke, so she just kept quiet.

    By the way in our Zianourry one, this is going to be when they find out that Zayn's having a baby. :) here is a link to clear it a bit up. However in our rp, it will be just natural, with no hormone tablets or anything.
  6. how are we going to make Niall find out that she is his real daughter?
    yeahh i'll read it in a bit :D
  7. By the way, Zayn will be eight weeks pregnant, since morning sickness starts at six weeks, and he would be having it for the past fortnight :) This is going to be fun :)
  8. alrightyyyy hehe :) ahaha a lot of fun ;) XD
  9. How about a time skip in our DNA roleplay?
  10. We can time skip if you want :)
  11. Will do later :)

    By the way is there anything about my roleplaying that I could improve? I'm always looking to improve. XD
  12. That you can improve? mmmm not to me, i think you are a really good RPer
  13. Thanks :) I can say the same thing about you, since this is the longest that I have ever went with doing multiple roleplays with the same person :)

    By the way, who did you want to be the other dad of Zayn's baby? Liam, Louis or Niall?
  14. Ahahah thank you :), yeah we have been RPing for ages now, i'm surprised you haven't stopped RPing with me but i don't want you to :)

    mmmmm which one would be more interesting? well isn't Niall meant to be leaving to get with Fallyn? it would be pretty interesting if Zayn never told him he was the Dad to the child or something and comes back to Zayn being pregnant with his baby?
  15. Yeah, that'd be good, and maybe Zayn is so hurt by Niall breaking up with them that he just doesn't tell Niall at all so that he just lets Niall jump to conclusions that the baby is one of the other guys'?
  16. Yeah abd when he does see Zayn pregnant he will automatically think its Liam's really seeing as they are engaged but yeah Zayn doesn't tell him :)
  17. This is going really well so far :) How about Niall doesn't break up with the guys until when Zayn is about six months?
  18. Yeah we can do that by will he be seeing fallyn as a girlfriend or just friend?

    Ill reply to the others when I get home as my battery is dying, I'll be back on about 1:30ish
  19. As a girlfriend :)

    No problem - I'll be back at about 1:45-1:50
  20. okayyyy hehe as a girlfriend then :)

    okayy :)
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