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Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Modern, Angst (with a happy ending)
  • CURRENT CRAVINGS: disney's twisted wonderland, lullaby of demonia, umineko.

    hello, one & all! you can call me lynn. pronouns are she/they, i'm a 21+ roleplayer with over a decade of writing experience. i'd prefer not to interact with anyone under 18.

    i'm mostly interested in some fandom roleplays, with themes focusing heavily on romance. i am also perfectly fine with nsfw situations, & any characters involved in scenes like this will be aged up to 18+ as necessary. whether or not i'll do canon/canon ships depends heavily on the fandom in question, but i'll get into that more in the fandoms tab. doubling is always encouraged for canon/oc roleplays!

    while i can do any sexuality for any pairing, it's important to note that all of my ocs are women/femme-aligned, & i have no interest in making male/masc-aligned ones. when it comes to fictional pairings, i tend to get bored easily if there are no women or femme characters involved, unless it's a dynamic i'm really invested in. just something to keep in mind!

    i can do smut, but i'd prefer not to have it be the main focus of the roleplay. i mainly roleplay to explore story, character, & relationship dynamics. smut can be an important tool in exploring those things, but i'd prefer if there was more going on beyond that.

    bigotry of any kind is not welcome here. homo/trans/queerphobia, racism, anti-semitism, ableism, etc. will result in a block/report if you interact with me. i myself am very queer, neurodivergent & mentally ill, so i try my best to respect everyone.

    if you have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. i look forward to meeting you!
  • general writing stuff:
    in terms of starters & replies (the former i'm terrible at but i try my best), my minimum length tends to be about 4-5 paragraphs, & i can do a maximum of novella length. i just struggle to shut the fuck up sometimes, so it's difficult for me to write something shorter than that. if you can't match my length each time, however, don't worry about it! all i really ask for is a decent-sized paragraph so i have something to work with.

    i don't really have a "schedule" for writing/responding -- due to aforementioned neurodivergence & mental health issues, i tend to have problems with memory & executive function. if i fail to reply after two weeks, feel free to message me with a reminder! i try my best not to ghost people & if i do, it's never on purpose. if i'm struggling, suffering writer's block, or just no longer interested, i'll be sure to say something. the issue is likely that just forgot. ^^;;

    that being said, i also struggle with some pretty bad rejection sensitive dysphoria, so if you lose interest or don't think we'd vibe well enough, please tell me! i'd much prefer to be told these things rather than left wondering whether i've done something wrong.

    as you'll see below, i don't have many triggers; i'm open to trying a lot of things. ofc, if you have any triggers i should know about, i'd be more than happy to respect them. i'd never intentionally trigger or upset someone.

    & as always, if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to let me know!!

    subjects i enjoy exploring through roleplay:
    trauma & mental illness, in all its forms
    love & romance, in all its forms (naturally)
    queer / lgbtq+ characters, themes, & relationships
    polyamorous / open relationships
    character studies & exploration
    angst (with a happy ending)
    toxic / codependent / unhealthy relationship dynamics (including yandere)
    general relationship dynamics
    family & platonic relationships (including family building)
    fluff / slow burn (not too slow tho, i get a little impatient ;u;)
    that's all i can think of rn, but i'm always down to try new things within reason! if you're curious about something specific, you can always just ask.

    kinks/nsfw things i enjoy:
    age gaps (between adults)
    size difference
    dom/sub or top/bottom play (i am a bottom bitch i'm sorry lmao)
    a / b / o dynamics
    light breeding (i'd prefer to keep actual pregnancy out of smut scenes tho.)
    knife & blood play
    light bondage
    praise kink / body worship
    foreplay / multiple orgasms / overstimulation
    light furries (as in animal ears & tail on an otherwise human-looking character)
    generally inhuman characters (vampires, demons, humanoid aliens, etc.)
    biting / marking / claiming
    mild toy play
    mild pain play
    mild pdlg (mostly just in the form of daddy/mommy kinks.)
    diving into the sexual chemistry of a pairing, if that makes sense?? like, exploring the nsfw aspects of their relationship outside of actual smut scenes.
    idk what else to add, just ask if there's something you have in mind, i guess [cries in (mostly) vanilla]

    triggers & general squicks:
    heavy abuse & extreme angst (think whump or hurt / no comfort. basically, i need my angst to have a happy or at least hopeful ending.)
    heavy gore, physical / psychological torture
    animal cruelty
    drug use (alcohol & weed are okay, but nothing beyond that)
    cheating / infidelity

    nsfw squicks / dislikes:
    explicit noncon (as listed above, dubcon is okay)
    degradation (if you call any of my ocs a slut during they will cry lmao.)
    explicit furries / fully inhuman characters (aliens that don't look anything near human, for example. we can discuss this as we go.)
    hardcore s&m / heavy pain play
    heavy toy play
    child play / diaper stuff
    actual incest (including step-families)
    voyeurism / sex in public spaces (generally isolated spots would be fine tho. in a janitor's closet or hidden somewhere would be fine; on a bus full of people in the open wouldn't be.)
    impregnation / pregnancy sex
    necrophilia (including zombies)
    bathroom play (like the bodily functions... i shouldn't be writing this while i'm eating smh.)
    sexual torture / body mutilation / gore / anything similar
    feet fetish
    tickle torture
    there's probably more but this is all i can think of for now. as always, you can just ask about specific kinks if they're not listed.
  • this tab is pretty self-explanatory; it's all the different fandoms i roleplay & the pairings i'd be interested in. i don't really do live action fandoms or rpf, so i'm afraid this won't work if you're specifically looking for something like that.

    if the fandom has a star next to it, it means that my memory of the series is pretty fuzzy so it's currently on my list of things to rewatch/play/read so i can refresh my memory. i'm still open to try roleplaying it, but my memory of certain canon aspects might not be the best atm.

    will be updated as i try new things! if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to shoot me a message. ^^

    IMPORTANT NOTE: any & all characters will be aged up to 18+ as necessary, as previously stated.

    || anime / manga / cartoons ||

    my hero academia / boku no hero academia.

    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    soul eater.*
    soul / maka
    maka / chrona
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    avatar: the last airbender.*
    zuko / katara
    azula / ty lee / mai (all three or any combination)
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    teen titans (2003).
    robin / starfire
    raven / starfire
    bb / terra
    bb / raven
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    inuyasha / kagome
    inuyasha / kikyou
    naraku / kikyou
    miroku / sango
    kagome / sango
    sesshoumaru / adult!rin (haven't watched yashahime, i only have some mild spoilers.)
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    fullmetal alchemist (2003 or brotherhood).
    ed / winry
    roy / riza
    ling / lan fan
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    ouran high school host club.
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    tokyo mew mew (hasn't started the second season of the remake yet rip).
    masaya / ichigo
    kisshu / ichigo
    mint / zakuro
    ryou / lettuce
    any other combination of ichigo / mint / lettuce / zakuro
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    revolutionary girl utena.
    utena / anthy
    juri / shiori
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    puella magi madoka magica.
    any combination of madoka / homura / kyouko / mami / sayaka
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    happy sugar life.
    satou / older!shio (see: vol. 11 shio chapter of the manga.)
    satou / shouko

    || video games ||

    disney's twisted wonderland / twst.

    canon / oc or oc / oc only!

    danganronpa (full series, including the dr3 anime).
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    higurashi no naku koro ni (have watched gou, sotsu & the original anime as well, but i prefer the vn).
    any combination of keiichi / mion / rena / satoshi / shion (except for shion / mion)
    satoko / rika (both aged up)
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    umineko no naku koro ni (vn or manga only).
    battler / beatrice
    george / shannon
    kanon / jessica
    shannon / jessica
    mammon / ange
    bernkastel / lambdadelta
    (probably more, just ask lol.)
    canon/oc or oc/oc ships

    doki doki literature club!
    any combination of monika / sayori / yuri / natsuki
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    cooking companions.
    anatoly / mariah
    anatoly / gregor
    canon / oc or oc /oc ships

    hero / mari
    any combination of older!sunny / basil / aubrey / kel
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships

    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    witch's heart.*
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    sally face.*
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    stardew valley.
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    the arcana: a mystic romance.
    canon / oc or oc / oc ships only!

    otomania / genius inc. otome games.
    (canon / oc ships only for all.)
    chimera: complex hearts
    demon hunter: cursed hearts
    demonic suitors
    feral hearts
    forest of destiny
    guardians of the zodiac
    lullaby of demonia
    onmyouji: beyond time
    paranormal cryptid lovers
    shinigami soul agency
    spirits of the shrine
    the kabuki phantom
    the lost fate of the oni
    the rondo of oblivion
    twilight host club
    welcome to the yokai inn
  • like many of the students here, serenity was a master at keeping her heart locked up tight behind ivory bars. it's a vital skill to have in a place like this, or at least in the beginning it was. for as many friends as she's made here, it was difficult to forget how many of them were once enemies. while she has forgiven every one of them, understanding what had driven them to do what they'd done, she hasn't forgotten. she hasn't forgotten any of the careful steps she took to win them over, the careful balancing act she had to do in order to get to where she was now.

    even now, despite having an abundance of arms ready to catch her if she falls, she has yet to truly open up to anyone. no one could truly say they've seen her heart. she still feared the prospect of being seen, even now.

    azul was no exception to this. or rather, he shouldn't have been. earlier this same year, the pale-haired merman in front of her had lured her into a deal in exchange for her friends' freedom, one that almost took the only home she had in this world. she managed to gain control of the situation -- she always did, somehow -- and while things had gone back to normal before long, she knew she couldn't just leave this lonely little octopus be. how could she, knowing everything she does now? she knows the driving forces behind his all-encompassing need for power, the vulnerability and desperation that existed behind the mask of charisma he wore. now that she's seen him, how could she look away?

    ah, maybe that's it. azul wasn't special, at least in this regard. he isn't the first person she's connected with here at nrc. she understands him, because that's what she does. to reject him after seeing his ugliest parts was no more in her nature than a wild animal's was to serve as a human companion. she was a beacon of unconditional love and acceptance by nature, and that's why she's so well-loved in this school. she offers these things, but could she ever hope to receive them in return? if she offered the grotesque nature of her own heart, was there anyone who wouldn't grimace at the sight? she was uncertain, but azul made her hope for things she wouldn't dare to in any other world.

    regardless, her imagination runs wild, overflowing with visions fueled by her own pent up desires. some fairly innocent, others not-so. she looks at him, and all she can do is wantwantwant. she wants to spread her hands over him like she was straightening out a map. she wants to feel the places where the sea and earth coalesce beneath her fingers. she wants to kiss the mole on his chin, feel his smile against hers. she wants to feel the push and pull of the ocean tides, the ebb and flow of moving in sync with him. she wants to feel the warmth of breath on her skin, the cool feel of his hands, the merging of two beating hearts into one. she wants him.

    cherub features dye themselves crimson, lungs nearly forgetting how to breathe at his words. my sweet little jellyfish. . . the sudden rush of heat to her head fried her brain for a moment, leaving her scrambling in search of a response.

    "oh, w-well, um. . ." serenity lowered her head, growing a little frustrated with herself as she fiddled with an inky black tendril of hair. she could feel the tips of her ears burning. one cute pet name shouldn't be enough to render her into a flustered schoolgirl like this. she should be better at keeping herself together. "i guess octavinelle would be fine. where exactly doesn't matter to me; i trust you, so if you'd want to meet in your room, i wouldn't mind. if not, the lounge would also work."

    (she says these words, because she means them. he's given her every reason not to, but still, she trusts azul. she knows it's foolish, that he could easily use this information to his advantage if he still had ill intentions, but hope wouldn't be hope if it had solid ground to stand on. isn't that what it means to entrust yourself to fate?)

    it always felt a little strange, talking to azul without his right-hand men in the general vicinity. she hadn't paid attention to where jade and floyd went after class, but she presumed they went off to find their own respective partners for the project. or at least, that's probably what jade did -- floyd was chaos and contradiction, a maelstrom. his will was pushed and pulled by the ocean tides, so trying to predict his behavior was a fool's errand. serenity did have to wonder, sometimes. there were two pairs of twins that were well known at this school. the grey-haired one had the green one; fear and panic had each other as well. what most people didn't know was that she, too, used to be one half of a pair. sweet little peace had also been born alongside another -- happiness. it was difficult to remember herself, sometimes. happiness died at an age so tragically young she might as well have not lived at all, and only peace remained. she had no memory of the sister she was born alongside, but often felt her absence like a phantom limb; a ghost of old pain hanging off of her skin. the aching void of something that was meant to be there, but wasn't.

    she didn't like to dwell on it, but sometimes she'd look at the two pairs and imagine what her life would be like if felicity had lived. if she hadn't spent her entire life as a half of something pretending to be whole.

    "eh? a festival...?" with an almost innocent lilt to her voice, she takes the bait. she already knew what he was talking about, but she figured she'd play along. his mention of it felt purposeful, so she feigned ignorance as to not undermine his intent, whatever that might be. "i mean, whatever's most convenient for you is fine with me. unless crowley decides he needs me for something, my schedule's pretty open."
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still looking, if anyone's interested !