Because we can't all be Tsundare!

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  1. So the chat was talking about tropes. Which of course brought up the question, what IS your trope.

    This took me quite a bit of time, but it was staring me in the face the whole time.

    Hi, I'm a lancer

    As I explained in the chat: I would much rather be a lancer to a good hero then ever be in charge. However if there's no hero around I'll take charge of a situation.

    Now the question is, who are you?
  2. Le sigh.

    Even if I looked there, I wouldn't really be able to find something that fit me.
  3. *shrug* I honestly have no clue. I'm awful at self-perception.
  4. You ain't nice 'foo
  5. irl me is probably the nicest guy you'd ever find.

    Iwaku's different. You don't see my face, you don't see who trollan'.
  6. Oh lol, I said Templar, but I'm more of a noble demon or the jerk with a heart of gold.

    I am the Hope Bringing Hero. The one with the unwavering faith that everything will work out in the end. >:D
  8. *sighs*

    This and Stoic Spectacles. They go hand in hand for me.

    I know it's all male description, but feck that. It suits me. You all know glasses are sexy, anyway! People call me a Type B tsundere, too. *shrugs* <<;
  9. Fluffy is easily a Type B Tsundere. *nodnod*
  10. I'm The Hero. Ultimately, the goal of residency is to train a doctor who can act independently, without a safety net, and who can order nurses, techs, and middle-management providers in a constructive fashion. My Five Man Band is more like a Twenty Five Man Band, with the possibility of getting into who-has-the-bigger-cock fights with surgeons. I love my job.

    And the Genius Bruiser: Doctor, boxer, avid weightlifter and long-distance runner, fencing experience in sabre, foil, and epee.

    Though there is an argument that I could be The Mario: My hobbies/certifications/licenses include piano, musical composition, East Asian and World War II history, Japanese language and culture, fencing, boxing, taekwondo, hapkido, scuba diving, weightlifting, running, history of film and animation, Renaissance literature, and a crapload of other random, frivolous pursuits that made more than one colleague dub me a Renaissance Man. And with my move to my new job, there's an opportunity to pick up eskrima on the side; dunno what I'd do with it, but hey, I don't mind beatnig things up with sticks.

    And I date moe girls who are both The Chick and the Smart Guy. That's what I get for dating nurses and med students these days.
  11. Is that the Eheh od subtle innuendo I see?
  12. Just remember, its no rape, its surprise butt sex