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  1. Greetings.

    I just stumbled upon this sweet little site and figured I should give into my main inspiration of the moment. I'm revisiting Nick Hornby's "High Fidelity" novel and find his study of Rob's psychology and passion for music incredibly soothing, and thus, I decided to bring Rob Gordon to this forum. I'm gonna throw in references to both the book and the film in my posts, which will be located in Chicago, quite oftentimes at Rob's store, Championship Vinyl.

    I have an RP history of quite a couple years. I played Charlie from LOST, Richard Castle from "CASTLE", Sam Merlotte from "TRUE BLOOD", Walter White from "BREAKING BAD", and more.

    Say hello to the freak of the land.

  2. Welcome!
  3. Nice! Hornby is a boss. Look forward to seeing you around, Rob.
  4. Howdy! Cheerio for the warm welcome.

    Yeah, Nick is indeed an awesome author. I need to admit I'm one of those people that saw the film first and read the book next. In the process, I discovered that Nick is truly a music geek at heart, and that made me start to devour his book list one by one. I dig his style and it inspires me to write my own version of this character. I'm not gonna write in first person the way he did, since third person is more accessible for RP'ing and allows for more descriptions, but I'll definitely do my damndest to honour Rob's style and mentality.

    I'm thinking up a post at the moment. I also threw in a nifty little topic in Roleplay Talk, I'm looking for four of the "High Fidelity" characters. I might temp them on and off until I find them. The wee little bios I added are sort of whacky, but I write in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way, so there you go.
  5. Howdy Rob! :D Happy to see you already jumping in to things. Welcome to Iwaku!
  6. Thanks gal.

    I added a post to the Jump-In Roleplay section yesterday, for those interested. It's a tiny little brain fart of a thing, but it could potentially get something pretty nifty started. My replies will be longer, didn't want to make the starter into a novel chapter or nothin'.

    opps to lazy to edit capps lock o.o

  8. Welcome to the forum Mr. Gordonfisherman
  9. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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