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    There are things that happen in life that can change it forever, whether it's in the long run or not. Big events that take place, people walking in and out of your life, graduation, a new sibling, a dog, a new school...

    But those are only the good things.

    The things that impact you the most are usually the things that leave you broken, lost and crying out for someone to hold you. People dying, parents separating, friends moving away, sickness, depression, falling... hurting...

    Life isn't life without change.

    Because that would be a dream world.
    I learned this the hard way.

    My name is Travis.

    They say that change is good, but I can't bring myself to agree with them, whoever 'they' are. To me, change can be for better, or for worse. And from what I've experienced, it does more bad than good, you know that.

    I said it before and I'll say it again:
    Life isn't life without change.

    It's been close to ten years since I've last seen you. No one ever asks about you, and I never talk about you. It works that way. Because now, I don't have to live in the past. I don't have to tell anyone what I've been through. I don't have to sit there and watch as it all sinks in, eyes widen, mouths covered and disgust evident on their features.

    But I don't want to lose the only family I have.

    My friends, they only see me in one way. Never, have they seen me cry, never have they seen me break down, never have they even thought for one second that I'm not just the laid back character they see every day. Also my life is not the one that everyone wants to live, that it's not perfect, like everyone thinks it is.

    It's because of you that I am this way.

    You used to be so caring, so strong; no one would've seen it coming. No one would guess that you, of all people would do this. Even I, your kin, couldn't figure out why you would do this to me.

    And that's why no one would believe me...until it was too late, and the proof was thrown in their faces. Their eyes were wide, mouths covered, disgust evident on their features as they looked at me.
    All because of you.

    But now I have a new life, with friends that I call family. You're gone, I'm free. And I've done the very thing that you said I could never do. I've made a name of myself. Everyone around the world knows of Travis Arvad.

    And I don't ever have to go back.
    Or so I thought.

    Who would've guessed, that you would come for me?
    You said you hated me. That I was unfit for the family name. That I brought shame on you. That no one would ever look at me without turning away.
    Then why come back?
    Why? When it was you who caused all of this?
    When it was you who threw me away?

    Now, because of you, my new life has fallen to pieces around me. All that's left is faded memories.

    Because change has finally come knocking on my door.

    Travis lay on his bed staring at the wall, he had been trying for hours to not think about what was to come by reading but he couldn’t help it. Everyone was out on a date, work or just passed out so he had nothing better to do but think. And right now thinking wasn’t doing him any good since he had received a very unwanted piece of mail.

    He looked down at the black kitten that lay at his side, his little Lolita, his shadow that always followed him about his apartment. Travis had never really liked cats, he was more of a dog person though that was until he found this little black fur ball abandoned and beaten in an alleyway and it reminded him so much of himself and couldn’t help but bring the little one home.

    Another part about being alone right now was that the weekend had just started and there was nothing to do. He had the weekend off of work and he wasn’t in school at the moment. It was summer vacation and a lot his friends had gone away to Florida or home to see family. Travis sighed heavily and picked his book up again, trying to get himself to focus on something else besides his impending encounter with his only family member left.

    Kaleb looked at the letter and his frown grew deeper. He'd have to go back to the hell hole and he'd have to face his step brother. He'd also have to tell him the truth, after they read the will though. He knew Travis was too young to remember when their parents got married but Kaleb did and he had tried to be a good older brother and when the time came he knew he had to leave. He took his chance with the thought of coming back when he had enough money, and taking his brother with him. When he came back that one time before, his brother was gone and his father had tried to convince him to stay. Kaleb wasn't stupid and he left his father, sickly and dying, and went to look for his brother.

    After a few years, he figured, his brother wanted nothing to do with him so he bitterly just went to live his life. He had started a business and it was flourishing and he had begun to expand and just as he got the good news of having new investors, he finds out his father is dead and that he had a will for him and his brother to hear at the reading. He would have to hold off on the meetings and all the investors understood, because he just lost his father. He faked his sadness so not to seem cold but inside he was happy that bastard was dead.

    Kaleb got on his plane although he didn't want anything to do with his father and flew to his home town, getting a hotel room and when he finally got to his room he sighed softly to himself as he sat down on the bed. He wondered what his brother would think, seeing him after so long.
  3. Travis didn't sleep at all that night; he was still debating about going to that place to meet him. He knew he had to eventually for the reading of the will. Whatever his 'father' had to leave him or not leave him he didn't care to know. That man had never once done a thing for his sons. Hell Travis didn't care to call that man 'father' either so why go to that hateful house now. Why confront his last family member that had abandoned him with that man.

    He finally got out of bed and walked over to his closet, trifling through his small closet of clothes and finally decided on just a dark pair of jeans and a t-shirt. No need to get fancy for anyone, not that he would care to for someone. After getting a small breakfast he made his way to that house of horrors.

    Travis stood outside of his childhood home just staring at it, why the lawyer picked this place to meet was beyond him. He had not returned to this place in several years. He took a deep breath and made his way inside, just inside the living room he heard the lawyers greeting but all Travis could hear were the words from his past ringing loudly in his head. "Uh huh" he said, still in his distant memories and barely realizing that he shook the guys hand. "We are just waiting on your brother" he was told and that snapped him out of his daze "He's not my brother" Travis lips stung with venom. To him he had no family left and today he was going to tell him so.

    But not a few seconds later there was a knock at the door and the two just looked at each other "I'm not getting it. This isn't my place" he said and walked into the living room to take a seat so they could get this over with. The lawyer sighed heavily and walked over to the front door.
  4. Kaleb stood there, wearing similar attire, jeans and boots, but instead of a t-shirt, he wore a turtle neck. He also had a leather jacket on him and as he waited he looked around the hell hole he had to call home growing up. His memories were broken when the front door opened and he saw the lawyer. He walked in after greeting the man and shaking his hand. He walked into the front of the house and he looked around, being assaulted by memories of the pain and suffering he endured. He followed the lawyer into the main study, where the will would be read. He spotted Travis but he didn't say anything as he sat down in the other chair.

    He looked straight ahead, waiting for the lawyers to commence reading his fathers will. He had no desire to have anything from this man and the sooner he could get out of there, the sooner he could go back to his life. He was different from the last time Travis saw him. He was taller and stronger and looked like he had his own share of horrific tales after leaving home. He looked harder then he had in the past. He just waited for the lawyer to begin, sitting straight in the seat.
  5. Travis saw Kaleb out of the corner of his eye and couldn't help but gritted his teeth; he at least had to get through the reading of the will before he told his brother off. Still he just wanted to blow up at him at this very moment, his brother hadn't even acknowledged that he was there but neither did Travis. With no words spoken, he just stared at the lawyer waiting to get this over with. The lawyer could feel the tension in the room rise even more and with a quick breath picked up one of the documents "most of these are just things you need to sign. I won't read all of them, you can just take the rest with you and read them over before signing" he told them "Alright well to begin there really isn't much it looks like. Your father has left most of his fortune to charity and as for the business he has left that to his business partner. But what he has left you two is this house" the lawyer took a deep breath to calm himself down before reading the rest "though there is a stipulation to receiving the house. Since there are two of you, he states that the house can only go to one person and in order for you to get the house you have to live in the house for 1 year. At the end of that year, whoever is left in the house will receive it and can do what they please with the house"

    The lawyer put the paper back on the table and sat back just waiting for the onslaught from the brothers. Travis' hands were clenched into fists "it's just like him to give everything away to strangers" he spit out and then got to his feet "1 year! That's ridiculous, there's no way that I am going to do that" the lawyer took a shallow breath "If neither of you stay in the house it will be sold and the money made from it will also go to charity" At that Travis sat back down. Was it worth it to stay in this house for a year just so that he could get it, sell it and use the money where he needed?
  6. Kaleb listened and his face hardened. He had no intention of staying here. Why should he? He did need the money but he didn't care, he could work harder before he got the money. He sighed and nodded his head to the lawyer, taking the papers to read over. He had to go home now if he was going to move back here. He had a small apartment so he'd have to put all of his things in storage and then bring what he wanted back there. He'd probably stay in their mothers room. Although she didn't do anything for them, he liked the view. "Fine... I don't care.... If thats all then you'll excuse me. I have things to arrange that cannot be done over the phone," he said standing up. He shook the lawyers hands and then turned to Travis. He said nothing but regret and sadness was what in his eyes at the moment before he walked towards the door. "Call me when Travis has made his choice," he said to the lawyer before he finally waked out of the room and to the front door, walking quickly out of the house and to his car.
  7. The lawyer was getting a little twitchy from the brothers and he had to be the one to get stuck with this case, truth though he expected it because he was new to the firm so of course he gets the shit cases. "Um...y-yes. 1 year or the house gets auctioned off" he said picking up the papers again and rereading them just to keep his mind at ease. Travis got to his feet again; he couldn't stand to be in this house with his brother one more second. "You have my address, just mail the rest to me" he said and started to head out of the house "w-w-wait both of you. Um, I need to know your answers on the house before you can leave and I need your signatures on this piece of paper stating what you have chosen" the lawyer stammered while holding out a piece of paper to Travis though he couldn't stop the other brother before he walked away. The lawyer made a note to himself to call him up tell him that he needed to sign the paper.

    He stopped almost all the way to the front door and turned back to the study. Travis snatched the paper from the lawyer's hand and pulled a pen out of his pocket. "It'll be a cold day in hell before I let that man get away with treating me like this one more day" he hissed as he signed the paper "I will win this house and sell it for its money" he stated handing the paper back to him and left the house without another word. After getting the paper back from Travis the lawyer started to pick up all the documents. He had a lot of work to do now since the brothers weren't going with the plan that he had set up. That's what you get for being a newbie. Travis would have to tell his brother off another day.

    Travis' steps were hard, he was pissed off. How could that man do this to him even in death? He couldn't understand why he would do that, the man never cared for him. Didn't do a thing for him and now he has to fight for the only thing left of his childhood. Even though most of the memories in that house were horrible, Travis still had some memories of him and his mother in that house and he wasn't going to let that man take those memories from him. At the very least, if he couldn't stand to stay in the house for a year he would stay just long enough to get the things he wanted out of it. "Ugh! No work, no school and nothing to do but stew" he fumed as he walked down the street trying to figure out something to do to get his mind off of today's events. 'Could always go to the pub. A drink would do me good' He thought to himself and headed back to his apartment so that he could change and tell his landlord of his situation.
  8. Kaleb was already gone and was driving to his hotel. He drove past all the old places he remembered hanging out at. He would do everything he could not to go home so he would even stay out as late as 2 in the morning just hanging around the school or where ever he could. He didn't want to remember. He'd have plenty of time to remember things later. He knew Travis would want to curse him out and Kaleb was not in the mood to deal with him at all. As he pulled into the parking lot, he parked his car and then went into the hotel, telling them he was checking out the next day. He would only stay for one night, and he planned on booking his return flight while he was at the hotel.

    That night he made the arrangements and he had a flight that would leave at three in the afternoon. He went to the pizza place next door and ate before he went to bed. The night came and went and he woke just before sunrise and got cleaned up and dressed. He was packing up his things when he got a call. He sighed when he heard the lawyers voice. He sigh at what the lawyer said. "Fine, where is your firm so I can stop by and sign the bloody papers, I have a plane to catch at three this afternoon," he said to the lawyer.
  9. After walking into the building he saw his landlord "Hey Lyndi" "Oh Travis I was just about to come up and see you" he nodded his head but he still felt drained. "Um I've got a bit of a problem" "No problems to big for you" he smiled a little, his landlord always could make him smile even just a little. "Well this one might be a little too big for me but anyways. My father...well step-father has passed away and he left me this house but I have to live in it for a year before I can sell the thing so I'm not going to be here often but I will still pay rent here" she nodded her head, he knew that she would understand but she was still his landlord "And Lolita?" "I will be taking her with me, I'm gonna need something to keep me sane" he laughed a little and she gave him a hug. "Thank you"

    With that taken care of he walked out of the building and headed to the few blocks to downtown. There he would be able to get a stiff drink that he so badly needed though he would really like to have a companion by his side. He hung his head a little at that, there was no one who could understand him or handle him when he got into his moods. All those years with his step-father really did a number on him and he was so screwed up that even the best therapists couldn't fix.

    "Sir? Id?" Travis turned to look at the doorman to the bar. 'It's gonna be one of those night. Shitty day into a shitty night' he thought to himself and handed his Id to him then when he was done he walked up to the bar ordered a whiskey and coke with two shots of tequila. He needed to relax soon before he fell into another attack. His night at the bar didn't last long, apparently he was drinking too much too fast and the bartender didn't like that. A bouncer had escorted him out with Travis cussing a little bit but complied and left the bar. His mind was in a boggle and wondered how close he was to his apartment. At this moment he just wanted to crawl into bed and pass out.

    He looked up at the sky counting how many stars he could still see and as he rounded the last corner to his apartment he felt something wrap an arm around his mouth and his body was dragged off. He struggled a little and then was slammed against a brick wall. "Give me all your money!" He heard an angry voice scream at him and as he looked down on the masked man he noticed a knife to his neck. His body was still numb so he couldn't really feel it. "If you are going to threaten me with that thing the least you could do is have the nerve to use it" he spit at the guy and that only pissed him off even more. Travis received a few punches to the face and as he hunched over spitting out blood he was kicked in the stomach and then felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder blade. He bit his lip so he wouldn't scream, it was just something he did as a child when his father beat him but the worst pain was when the weapon was ripped from his shoulder and he dropped to the ground.

    Travis laid there on the ground for a while and then picked himself up off the ground. A little dizzy he held the wall to keep himself up right and slowly walked into his building and then to the stairs. "Oh my god. Travis are you ok?" He heard someone shriek and he held up a hand to calm the person "I'm fine. I'm just really tired" he said and continued his way up the stairs "Fine my ass, you're bleeding!" The person exclaimed and slipped on arm under his to help him upstairs. It took a while but he was finally in his own bed with the covers pulled up almost over his head. It also took some talking to get his landlord to calm down and to understand that he was perfectly fine.
  10. Kaleb was waiting at the Lawyer's office. The Lawyer was getting everything set up, as the phone rang. The lawyer's face fell as he listened and heard that Travis had been attacked. Kaleb asked what was wrong. "Travis was attacked last night," he heard the lawyer say to him. He felt anger rise up in his chest. He signed the papers seeing that Travis had signed them as well. Seemed like he would be living with Travis for a while. Even though he had been occupied what he had heard pissed him off. He said goodbye and as he stood up and he took out his phone, calling his old friend that lived in town who was a police officer. He asked him if he could work with him to find the bastard who had hurt his brother. When he got off the phone with his friend he called the Airport next.

    He canceled his flight and had then change his seat for another plane at the end of the week. He left all his stuff in the trunk of his car as he drove to where his friend said to meet him. He then did what he had promised to never do. He called the landlord his brother paid rent to. He said sorry for calling her even though he had promised, but he had to know if his brother was alright. He relaxed slightly when she told him what he needed to know. He hung up with her as he arrived at the old school where he had to meet up with his friend.
  11. In the morning things weren’t as pleasant as he hoped they were. He had to drag himself out of bed and into the bathroom. There he started himself a hot shower and stripped his clothes of slowly with only the use of one arm. He turned to look at his back in the mirror and his shoulder looked just horrible. “Ugh” he groaned and got into the shower groaning even more when the water hit his shoulder. That was something that he couldn’t take for too long, so he washed up quickly and then got out drying off as good as he could and then bandaged up his shoulder with what little of his first aid kit he had left. “Today is going to be just as great as yesterdays” he moaned some as he exited his apartment with his few suit cases. Today would be the only day he would have to move his things into the house and he was going to at least get his pick of the rooms cause there was no way he was going to take his old bedroom that he had as a kid.

    So slowly but surely Travis walked down the streets with his suit cases and shoulder bag resting on his right shoulder. He had almost put it on his left shoulder that morning in his half asleep state but he was doing ok now if he didn’t think about it. He breathed a sigh of relief when he stood outside the house, Travis never thought he would feel this good to be back at this place but it was probably just cause his shoulder was starting to throb horribly now. He took in a deep breath and picked up his bag once again and headed to the front door. he was hoping to get his things inside and be gone before his brother showed up. Travis vaguely recalled last night’s events but the biggest one was the robber in the alleyway, but he pushed forward anyways and headed to the bedrooms to see which one he wanted. In a four bedroom house there was only one that he would be able to sleep in and that was the guest room but he was sure that his brother would want that one. Travis didn’t even care at the moment at walked over to the guest room anyways; he opened the door and tosses his things in without stepping one foot in the room. “Ouch” he called softly when he turned and didn’t realize the door jamb was closer then he thought and he smacked his left shoulder into it.

    He gritted his teeth through the sharp pain and made his way through the house into the kitchen, he breathed an easy sigh. One place in this house that was his haven was the kitchen, he couldn’t tell you why but he felt relaxed and safe in this kitchen. He walked over to the fridge and pulled out an ice tray and then grabbed a rag. With that problem solved for the moment he placed the rag full of ice on the back of her shoulder and turned to looked out the window that was over the sink into the garden that use to be there when his mother was still alive.
  12. Kaleb spent hours with his friend and they had the guy who had hurt his brother, in custody and were convicting him, since the guy still had the bloody blade on him. Kaleb watched as a few officers escorted the man to lock up. He stood there and looked around with bitterness. No one in this place had helped him or his brother as children... none of them. Although their were new officers which was a good sight but he could never believe in them ever again. He thanked his friend before he left. He decided what better time to choose a room then now. He'd go to the house and probably look around, look for all the place's he knew his father hid things. He wasn't stupid and he knew where his father kept his stash of money in the house. He'd probably would have already taken it, but still, Kaleb would look either way.

    He drove towards the place he dreaded as a child. He parked his car and got out, walking into the house, surprised to see the front door was open. He heard some thumping and figured that someone was there. He closed the front door silently and then hid, waiting until he saw it was his brother. He could see the blood seeping slowly into the gauze. He followed him silently into the kitchen. "I heard about what happened... The police caught the man who stabbed you...." was all he said to Travis. He didn't even say hello. He was waiting, for Travis to start yelling at him, to start cursing up a storm. He ignored that and looked the gauze. He opened a few cabinets and pulled out a first aid kit. He had a few hidden around the house. He lived there longer then Travis did so he had his methods. "I know you want to curse me out and beat the shit out of me. You'll have time for that later, just sit down, so I can sew that closed before you stain the rest of your shirt," he said to Travis, opening the kit and pulling out the needle and thread along with fresh gauze and a few other things.
  13. Travis hadn't heard his brother come into the house and actually wasn't paying much attention but when he heard the he jumped out of his skin dropping the ice. Travis watched the ice cubes scatter across the kitchen floor and he turned sharply and backed into the fridge. "Ouch" he called again after banging his shoulder once again. "Do you always sneak up on people?" Travis hissed at his brother and began to pick up the ice and as he got down on his knees he saw a blood droplets fall in front of him. "Ugh" he groaned and got to his feet. This was just a great moment for him realizing that he was going to have to go to the hospital soon. "I don't really care whether they caught him or not. It's not like I'm pressing charges or anything" he said and got to his feet leaving the rest of the ice on the ground cause he needed to re-wrap his shoulder. "Taking the role of protective big brother now are you" Travis hissed at Kaleb when he saw him grab the first aid kit.

    He turned and tossed the few ice cube that he had in his hand into the skin nearby and then turned sharply to his brother "You're damn straight I want to cuss you our and beat the hell out of you but then I wouldn't be any better then that asshole now would I" Travis snapped at him, well he wouldn't beat him up cause from the look of his brother he wouldn't really stand a chance in a fight but he sure as hell going to cuss him out. "How do the police even know that I was attacked and for that matter, how in the hell did you know?"
  14. Kaleb kept his eyes blank and he went up to Travis, grabbing him by his good shoulder and forcing him to sit down. "Just because I wasn't around, doesn't mean I didn't check in on you once in a while. I even came back to take you with me, but you weren't here and when I found you, you were happy, so I didn't want to force you to leave what was making you happy," he said simply as he lifted his brothers shirt up, gently and carefully around the wounded area. He used surgical scissors to cut the gauze gently and remove it. "Hold still or this will hurt worse then it's already going to hurt. He had minored in medicine in college and knew who to sew up wounds and heal burns. He took some clear liquid and put it onto a cotton pad. He rubbed it gently around the cut, numbing the flesh in the area. He then began cleaning up the blood and then he began to sew the wound closed.

    After a little while and cleaning the now closed wound once more, Travis was patched up. He then began wrapping his shoulder. He wrapped the gauze a bit tight so the wound was sealed from the air. He then cleaned everything up and then stood there leaning against the counter.
  15. Travis didn't like Kaleb coming near him and about lifted his fist to sock his brother in the jaw but watched as he was pushed down into a chair "I can take care of myself. I don't need your help" he hissed through clenched teeth but his brother was already working on his shoulder. He stayed perfectly still because he knew what was coming, his brother was going to stick a needle through his skin multiple times. It wasn't that he was a baby about it, Travis just preferred to let his body heal it on its own then using needles. "You checked up on me? So what you were keeping an eye on me but you couldn't just walk up to me and say hey remember me your brother or something like that" Travis was glad when he was done and quickly put his shirt back into place and then got to his feet.

    He quickly stepped away from his brother only to glare at him some more "I guess you figured it was enough to just watch me from afar or behind a closed door like always. You should know better then anyone that I was not know what never mind. I don't even know why I'm explaining myself to a stranger" Travis finally spit out and turning walking out of the kitchen. He'd rather just go pass out right now then talk with his brother but as he headed towards his room he remembered that he still had a few things at his apartment to get, not to mention Lolita. So he turned and headed for the front door instead.
  16. Kaleb didn't say anything and just left. He got into his car and drove back into town. He got something to eat and then drove back to his new house. He didn't choose a bedroom up stairs. He choose to stay in the basement, which had been their fathers place to go. He laid down on the sofa that was down there and left the food on the coffee table. He decided to go upstairs and eat and he ate in the kitchen, calm and silent. He had nothing to say and no words to say to his brother, when and if he came back. He had left and that was it. He did however have his reasons and he had left so Travis didn't get hurt, more so then he had.

    Their father was cruel and sadistic and unlike Travis, would make Kaleb do things as a child. Travis was lucky that their dad wasn't attracted to Travis... not enough to go out of his way to force Travis to do anything that he had forced Kaleb to do. Kaleb left because he wanted to keep whatever dignity he had left. He didn't want to give it up for fear of being beaten. He wouldn't apologize for that.
  17. The walk back to his apartment did nothing to clear his head, he still wanted to say a few things to his brother but even looking at him reminded Travis of all the things that happened when he was a kid. Those painful memories of his father on top of him do whatever he pleased but one that hurt the most was the memory of watching his brothers back as he left. Even his please to his brother to stay didn't work. His father took things to new heights once it was just Travis. As his memories flooded his head tears began to well up in his eyes, he didn't want to remember this but it seemed his mind had other plans.

    Travis quietly walked into the building and made his way to his apartment. Once inside he quickly packed up the rest of the stuff he wanted plus Lolita's things and then placed her in the cat carrier. She started to meow her head off but Travis was too far gone at that moment to even hear her. He then headed back to that house with nothing else on his mind but old memories. Travis knew things were bad for both of them and knew they each suffered their own horror but it wasn't fair for Kaleb to just leave him there to endure it alone. The least his brother could have done was take him with him but no, he left Travis there to die.

    The walk seemed to go by in a blur as he approached the house and used the toe of his shoe to open the door. Lolita was still going nuts but she would be content soon enough as Travis made his way through the house and to his room. He set everything down quickly and let her out of the carrier. She bolted out of that thing so fast that he had even missed where she went till she meow from the center of his bed. "I'm sorry little one. It was necessary to get you here" he told her as he sat on the bed and she got onto his lap.
  18. When Travis got home, Kaleb was eating in the kitchen. He had the food out in front of him and he had eaten just a few bites before he just sat back. He sighed to himself and leaned forward his hands in his hair. He looked distraught as he sat there, his usual calm and composed self gone and out the window. He shook slightly as he sat there, feeling tears at the corner of his eyes. When he heard the door open he still sat there, not paying anything any attention. He just continued to sit there with his own pain and sorrow. Kaleb knew he was a bastard, he couldn't and wouldn't justify him leaving his brother there. But he knew Travis would have left him there if he was in Kaleb's position. They both would have left each other. He sighed, thinking that this was going to be a long year.
  19. When it seemed like Lolita was fine he got to his feet grabbing a few of her things and headed out of the room. Travis walked into the kitchen and set up her water bowl and food though when he turned around he noticed his brother sitting there. The body language that Travis got from him made it seem like something was wrong but he shrugged it off. 'Why should I care if he has problems' he thought as he headed back out of the kitchen. Travis then went into the laundry room and put Lolita's litter box in there.

    Travis was satisfied with where everything was at, he would show Lolita where her littler box was a bit later. For now he just wanted to zone out on some stupid program just to get this weird feeling out of his head. He made his way back through the laundry room and the kitchen and over to the couch. He plopped down on it without saying a word to his brother and stared at the black tv screen. Travis had known that it was rude to just walk past his brother and say nothing, not only once but twice. He just didn't know what to say to him that it would sound like something a decent person would say. The only things that popped into his head were accusations, cuss words and hatred. Travis stared at the blank screen for a while longer trying to think of anything to say or do to make this weird and awkward feeling go away.
  20. Before Travis could say anything, Kaleb got up and put the food away into the fridge. He grabbed his coat and his wallet and left. He walked down to the corner store and bought some beer and other junk foods. He came in after a while and walked to the basement door. He looked at Travis on the sofa in the living room and he sighed. "The tv down here is bigger. I was gonna watch a movie and pig out. Want to join me or stare at the blank screen?" he offered Travis. He didn't expect Travis to come down, nor did he expect anything other then cuss words to come out of his mouth.

    Kaleb was just tired of this crap and he just wanted to numb it away with alchohol and food. He'd have to call and have everything shipped to him since the planes would be stuck there due to the snow storm coming. He sighed softly before he just walked down into the largely furnished basement.