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  1. Hello there. I'm fairly new to this website and thus so, I've yet to find any RPs that've really peaked my interest. From this, I've drawn the conclusion I'm a picky little snob and I'll let people come to me instead! >:D

    I thought I would quickly mention that I am the mod of a Seraph of the End RP and Black Butler RP on DeviantArt that are currently still trying to get on their feet. That being said, I may be a little negligent when they become active, but I hope to remain active with any RP partners I may have! (That being said you can always join my groups *cough cough* Such shameless advertisement *cough*)

    As a first statement, I'm not interested in pairings. I'll bear with it but I don't want romance to be the driving force in an RP. By this, I mean the plot flies out the window, leaving our characters to sit alone in a room snuggling and canoodling while the world is attacked by killer robots because, you know, romance~ <3 As I said before, I will abide some romance in an RP. Just be warned, if it gets too sappy for me, instead of dialogue consisting of a character spilling their guts about their feelings, they'll be spilling their guts through a sudden stab wound because that's fun :D ...For me anyway.

    Also, on topic about pairings: I'm not interested in canon x oc. Not really. Nor am I really interested in canon x canon. If you can convince me though, I'm open to either. I mostly prefer OC centric RPs! That being said, I'm highly critical of OCs. So long as they aren't a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu, we'll be fine.

    Also also, I may be a girl, but I prefer to play male characters! Most of my characters as well tend to be teens with the rare young adult here and there.

    Still here? There's hope(for me anyway...)! Here's some fandoms and original concepts/ settings I'd be interested in RPing!

    Anime Fandoms:

    ~Black Butler
    ~Deadman Wonderland
    ~FullMetal Alchemist
    ~Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    ~Seraph of the End
    ~Soul Eater
    ~Vampire Knight

    Books/ Movies/ Videogames/ Everything Else Fandoms:

    ~Alice in Wonderland(can be a loose interpretation)
    ~Battle Royale/ Hunger Games
    ~Vocaloid- Cirque le Couer
    ~Corpse Party
    ~Vocaloid- Dark Woods Circus
    ~Kid Icarus (canon characters preferred!)
    ~Peter Pan
    ~Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    ~Ranger's Apprentice
    ~Rise of the Guardians/ Guardians of Childhood

    Original Plots I Tried to Write as Books that Never Got Finished So It's Fair Game to RP:

    ~Due to a national security breach, protagonists of various dating sims gain theoretical consciousness and are now super intelligent fighting machines while still retaining their original romantic coding purpose. (This could end up explicit...)

    ~Five people are kidnapped and brought together in an inhabited mental institution to survive its patients and fight to the death in order to gain the favour of their unknown mysterious captor.

    ~In a dystopian society run by vampires, a national academy exists to educate humans in subjects valued by this new society and teach them their place as inferior beings.

    ~There is a train that runs on magically appearing tracks. Those who board without a proper invitation find that it transports them to the afterlife. For those who are fortunate enough to be invited aboard, they'll find themselves surrounded by peculiar supernatural characters whilst they travel to a world trapped in eternal night.

    Original Vague Concepts:

    ~Anything vampires
    ~School life with a twist(as in no straight slice of life. It's boring as heck)
    ~Magical girl/ boys
    ~Mental asylum setting
    ~Victorian era setting(please know your history. I mean it. There's more to the time period than just carriages and fancy parties.)
    ~Circus setting
    ~Dystopia(with some emphasis put on politics)
    ~Medieval/ fantasy

    And that's all! You can(if you'd like) contact me through PM or post here! I look forward to hearing your queries.
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  2. Still looking...
  3. Dystopia, Medieval, and Cyberpunk ideas seem interesting.
  4. Okay! Do you want to discuss a plot/ scenario over PM?
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