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  1. So, I've had this idea I've been wanting to play out and thought I would see if anyone might be interested. I'm looking for a partner who will post multiple paragraphs, rather frequently, and who enjoys detail and setting the mood. I'll admit to being hugely spoiled by my first and favorite partner since I joined this forum, so I apologize in advance if I am very picky. Still interested? Let's talk plot!

    I'm in a film noire detective type of mood: something gritty and twisty. I would like to play the leggy dame who walks into your office with a case that screams trouble, but a bankroll and a face that you just can't say no to. You would play the hard-nosed detective, presently down on his luck but with a boatload of experience and all the connections and enemies that might bring with it. Beyond that, I am very open to suggestions as far as setting, the case, and the overall way we do things. I want us both to have fun with this!

    So, any takers?
  2. It certainly seems interesting mademoiselle, I get the mental idea of the late 1920's, early 1930's during the final years of Prohibition.
  3. Love it! The prohibition detail could lead to some interesting situations and extra goodies for the plot.

    I hope that you don't mind that I checked out your RP Resume in your profile (that is what it's there for, isn't it?). I think we'll do nicely together. Welcome to Iwaku, by the way! Since I can't PM you quite yet, it seems like we'll need to hash out details here. I have a very vague idea for the plot for this, and input might be helpful. Also, might you be interested in taking this to the mature rp forum? Your scene sample was very graphic and I rather liked that, but I'm uncertain if that is ok for here. Also, if something develops I have no qualms about things getting heated.

    Would you like to begin discussing plot? My idea is this: she comes to you with a case; her husband is missing and for one reason or another she can't go to the police. There is the potential for multiple minor characters played by either or both of us. Any thoughts?
  4. Hmm...Why do I suspect dirt napping or a possible late night visit with the fishes in my future? ;p

    That sounds perfectly fine, I've been quite well received on how graphic or explicit I can be. My example happens to be one my most favored. I particularly happen to enjoy being gruesome or, very romantic. It's a strange oxymoron.

    Enough on that though, let me get to the pulp of this sweet fruit. So she's come to this private investigator, with whom you'd like to be despondent about his current status. You have any need for it to be anything in particular, or could I have creative licensing over that part? I was thinking, rather than a simple petty money problem, that the husband be responsible for a lost shipment of booze for a spotlihted speak-easy where mobsters hang. The mobsters don't like things bad for business so they put a pair of cement shoes on him and sank him in the harbor of Chicago.
  5. Darling, you read my mind! Creative license is strongly encouraged, I enjoy someone able to think of things that I may otherwise may not, and able to roll with whatever craziness I can dream up. I'm really looking forward to this and will throw up a thread once I'm able to get home to my computer. I'll notify you and put up a link here? Or would you prefer to begin in the more classic noir fashion?
  6. Which ever works for miss.It's been a while since I enjoyed myself an old school mob story. ^^ I'm excited. I might make my character start off as a nobody and over the course of the story, have him gain that "I'm cool, don't mess with me." aire about him. He won't be oozing full of confidence at first but after he's started stumbling on things and things get heated, he'll mature and that edgier side will come out.

    Would the PI and the dame get close romantically? Physically?
  7. Nice, I like the development. As for something romantic, probably? Something tells me she wasn't as attached to her husband as she might like others to believe.
  8. So her search is keep appearances up or does she want something?
  9. I think she wants something. Without giving too much away, of course.
  10. But of course! We shouldn't be to engrossed in in-depth details, just simply those that help set the stage. :)
  11. I believe it will be spectacular. Dawn-dono^^ However,I am still pending the required permission to join the mature forums. Being new but also having to re-validate my account and the reform taking place. Nevertheless, I am excited to see it though!

    I just read it. It's perfectly fine. ^^
  12. Aww, crap! Well, that's a bit disappointing, I hope you get approval soon. Perhaps we could start here in the 1x1 and have it moved later if that might move things along. I am quite eager to begin ^.^