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  1. Disney Roleplay Idea's !

    Beauty & The Beast
    p l o t


    A classic story that teaches us to look inside ourselves, for each person holds not only Beauty but a Beast. Every month, one by one, another rose petal falls from a flower hidden and locked away in the very core of a old and priceless mansion. The rose holds such beauty that can be seen by any admirer. But as they say, everything is not as it seems and every rose has it's thorns. In this story, lies a curse that holds the power to destroy the life a man forever. Then again, said curse was placed upon him for a very good reason. So he, a man who only thought to see others for their value and outer appearance and beauty, could learn to see that that isn’t all the matter. It would have been such an easy task to see another for their true self. But, this was not to be anywhere near easy. With the snap of a finger, the once handsome but prejudice man had been turned into a animal-like creature, one incapable of love. A Beast.

    Now, he was on the outside looking in. He had until the last petal to find someone to see him as a man and prove that they could , in fact, love him for who he is and not what he was or else perish. To him, that was utterly impossible. For who could bring themselves to love such a hideous creature. Who could bare to look inside a beast ?

    To this day, the very same man has been looked upon a castle, waiting for his last breath to come. Waiting and waiting for the last petal to fall.

    c h a r a c t e r s & s e t t i n g s

    The story would and will follow parts of the original storyline, but adapted into chapters set by me. It will revolve around Beauty, Beast and most of the original cast/characters- This being:

    The Candelabra [ Lumière ]
    The Clock [ Cogsworth ]
    Mrs. Potts

    Each character would be in their story form [ animated object form ] until the Ending, where the curse may and may not be lifted, resulting in them acquiring their human state back. Other characters may be added, not all will be good of course. Gaston and such party will not be brought at the moment in my version. All 'villain' characters will belong and stay in the house [ such as a cursed chandelier ]
    The story will develop inside the mansion [ various rooms ] and outer mansion grounds [ Forest, Garden ]

    g e n r e s

    Romance; Drama; Comedy; Tragedy * [ Questionable ]

    t y p e

    This will probably be a private group roleplay if anyone takes interest. Revolving around 4 - 5 people.

    Comments, Questions-- Anyone interested ? :'D

  2. Remains one of my favourite Disney classics (YES GRUMPY WATCHES DISNEY FILMS; HE WAS A KID ONCE TOO, HE'S ALLOWED TO BE NOSTALGIC >:[), that film. It'd be interesting to see the story transposed into an RP.

    You may be going for a direct re-telling of the story, I'm not sure, but I personally would recommend replacing the idea of your players taking the exact role of characters like Mrs Potts and Cogsworth with more... archetypical roles. Instead of just saying "you're gonna play Cogsworth", let them choose roles like 'The Butler' or 'The Maid' and see what they come up with. Have them describe who their character was before the curse and then what they were transformed into when it was cast, ensuring that the object they become is reflective of their role and personality. I can practically guarantee you'll be amazed with what your players come up with; it'll create characters that are fresh and new yet stay true to the original story.

    That's just my ten pence on the matter, mind. If you're needing any help with it, please do give me a shout.
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  3. Currently I had two RP's in mind. Beauty & The Beast and Mulan.
    Mulan would of been interesting in terms that there would be a lot of great points for character development and great room adaptations.

    I think I'm getting what you mean. Their lives before the curse correct ? Agreed, would be very interesting on what some may come up with and I could adapt that into the 'chapters' of the story line. In terms or re-telling the story It will follow the basic plot but I will also interpret a lot of room for character development and more communications between the characters, as well as interesting twist. And as for your last statements on changing the 'archetypical' roles I really love that idea [ Didn't cross my mind ] I will take it fully into consideration.

    Oh shizzles. If I were to know you [ Grumpy ] existed I would of made a Snow White version xD
    Now now, back to your original point. I would really appreciate the offer and If I am able to - cough - kidnap - cough - I mean get more interest players I hope you still remain interested :'] !
  4. The story of Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourites. I like both the Disney one and the, well, more grim one. So you could count on me to be part of your story, if you'll have me.

    Grumpy made some great suggestions, it looks like. Archetypes are a great idea for roleplays. I myself have put them to use and got fantastic results, so I highly recommend it. I offer my help as well, if you need it. I love plotting.
  5. I like this idea. 

    (Is that all you have to say?)

    For now. I'll think of something else later.
  6. As for grim one-- You mean the actual novel ? Or one of the other various versions ? And thank you :'D

    If I get 1 or 2 more people interested I might start the actual thread.
  7. I would love to join in on this! Would playing Belle still be an option? She's my favorite Disney princess. I'm actually a Disney fanatic... :)
  8. I'll just toss out there that this is my favorite Disney movie.

    Depending on where this goes from here I'm interested.
  9. Hmmm. I didn't plan on playing Belle actually, her type of character isn't my style. Since she's a main character I will expect more from the person who roleplays her tho :'P

    Really ? My heart belongs to Mulan. Would you like to toss out an idea thought ?

    I'll think about it, if I got more time I'll do it.
  10. Well, tell me what you expect and I'll bring it. I've been a role-player for years and I know Belle pretty darn good. I do my research... ;)
  11. I'd like to join in on this. :) It's such a nice story.
  12. Well if the RP went in any direction, I'd almost like us to come up with the reason why that Prince is suddenly all alone in that castle with no parents & just servants at such a young age. Even if it was covered in one post. That has been bothering me for years.