Beauty is a Beast Master



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Not sure what to title the RP idea but... Here goes!

My character would be a half-demon. She's a beast master and a summoner.

The RP is in, of course, a Medieval Fantasy setting.

The other character is a male. He'll be like her competition and companion. They compete for finding the mysteries of the universe. A hidden Tome of Blah or the ancient Rune Sword or... you get the point. At the same time, their adventures always lead them to helping one another. It's a sort of begrudging friendship. Eventually it would, perhaps, lead to a hesitant romance. They may both find feelings for one another and yet their relationship as companions would make the romance difficult to pursue.

Aside from the adventure aspect and the friendship between the two characters, the roleplay would be about overcoming their hesitations and attempting to pursue romance. If they should succeed it would continue to be about functioning as companions and continuing their work together, trying to keep the friendship despite the romance.

Is anyone interested? I'm open to suggestions and would be happy to answer any inquiries if you should have them. ^^
Sounds interesting to me! If you don't mind me playing a guy that is. I would love to RP with you. Send me a pm if you would like! ^^