Beauty in Death [47Haven x BlessThisNess]


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Name (& pronunciation): Marie Ashleigh (Ma-ri-e Ash-lei), though no one really know her real name. She goes by many name, 'The Ripper', 'Bloodhound', 'Twisted f*cking pscyopath', but the one name that sticks, was 'The Grim Artist'
Date of Birth (& age): 7th July 1802 (Age 23)
Place of Birth: Birmingham, England, though no record was ever found
Gender: Female
Species/Racial Origin: Caucasian
Social Class/Community Status: A serial killer with no identity
Language: English, a bit of latin
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: None

Physical Description
Height: 157cm
Weight: 52kg
Hair: Uneven and unkempt medium length black bob, long enough to reach her shoulder. Her bangs is long enough to cover her eyes, so she often swipes it to the side, and when it got too long, she just cuts it herself.
Eyes: Dark green
Limb Dexterity: Left-handed
Detailed Physical Description: Marie has a thinner lips, short nose and even shorter nose bridge, wider eyes than the image, but still considered smaller than most westerners, and sharp chin but less defined jawline. Marie seems to never grew from her prepubescent figure, but she didn't care, as it helped her get through hard to reach places. Despite looking like all-bones, she's actually strong enough to lift a grown-man for a few seconds, it's like her body is all muscle and bones, no fat. The majority of her face is disfigured with burn scars, safe for her hairs and the area around her left eyes, the one that she covers with her hair. The burn scars went from her face down to her right thighs, ruining the entire right side of her torso, and only leaving her left forearms untouched. The part that wasn't burned though, was scarred all the same, scratches, cuts, stitches, and gnashes adorns her limbs.
B/W/H: 82/65/96

Typical Clothing/Equipment:

Marie wore male outfit, which helps in masking her true identity and throw off the search for her. She of course, stole the outfit from one of her earlier victims. Her dark blue coat has a lot of pockets inside, so Marie put it all to good use, filling it with weapons, ammunition, knives, and first aid kits. Her dark grey coat is fitted with padding all around, further throwing off her actual figure, while also providing light protection. Her outfit looks slightly bigger than she are, which is to be expected, but her pants fits nicely. She wore a pair of boots that she nicked, two size bigger than her actual feet size, which she padded to make it fit. Her inner, light grey shirt, or whatever left of those light grey, looks much more brown than grey these days, thanks to all the dried blood. She added a black tattered scarf she fashioned after some cloth, and almost always wore a black satin gloves, slightly tattered, but still smooth. She also added a black collapsible tophat to her looks, further making her look like a normal British gentlemen. Almost all of her clothes are either tattered, blood-stained and crusted, or unkempt.

Marie fashioned her mask from some canine skull, adding some black cloth to further hide her face. She almost always wears this since she really doesn't want her face to be seen. In the darkness, her mask is the most visible part of her outfit, leading to people thinking she was some mythical creature, if they every spotted her in the first place.

Weapon wise, she carries a raven skull ornamented cane sword, stolen, of course, several dozen of shivs and throwing knives, a set of surgical scalpel, one that she regularly use for her artistic pursuit, and to slit throats, a small stolen derringer that she kept under her left sleeve, and a bone saw. She also carries a set of brushes and rags, which is mostly just her previous victim's clothes.

Her modus operandi usually either quick killing with her shivs to the heart or throat, if need to be, uses the cane sword for battling, though she really doesn't like direct confrontation, or a really, really, prolonged death with her scalpels, or other surgical instruments. She always tries her best to collect the thrown knives and clean all of her weapons from blood, to prevent rust and crust, as she can't really make them herself, stealing, or looting, most of her weapons.


Personality/Attitude: 'Something is broken inside her', is what most people would say when Marie emerged from that burning building. Her expression wasn't something a girl would wear when they just escaped from a life threatening situation. She was, smiling, baring her sharp teeth, no doubt scarring someone else that night, along with herself.

Eccentric doesn't begin to explain the mess of psyche, but aside from her, obsession, to art, her mental state is still in order, mostly. If people were to describe how it's like talking to her, they'd use the term 'idealistic', 'outspoken', 'easily excitable', and 'off her knockers'. She's seems lacking in the empathy and sympathy department, but in reality, she just doesn't care about anything other than her art, and should something comes above that, she's still capable of those two, just not towards most things.

She got the flair for the dramatic, though it's her own brand of drama. She loves doing the act though, just as much as the art that follows after her murder, as she puts it, 'Every great art needs a prelude'. Her certain brand of theater revolves around the macabre theme, with a handful helpings of rebirth and redemption. People may see it as her enjoying the terror of someone's last moment, but she sees it as her enabling the 'sinners' one final performance, the swan song, so that they can die 'beautiful'.

Skills/Talents: She got quite the steady hand and steady aim as well, along with nimble limbs. She's well-versed in the language of killing, and she has the dexterity to move around undetected and scale buildings, despite the oversized clothing.
Favorites/Likes: 'Art', 'beauty', the number 8, dogs
Most Hated/Dislikes: 'sinners', 'ugliness', incomplete artworks
Goals/Ambitions: To make the whole world beautiful
Strengths: Has quite the patience and attention to details, able to stalk her prey unseen for as long as she needs to make the untraceable crime. Undeterred from most stuff, and has pretty much overridden her pain tolerance as well.
Weaknesses: Direct fight, as she's considered quite malnourished, and could easily be overpowered. Her reaction speed using her right side of her body is slightly delayed. Quite the perfectionist when it comes to her art, and would take her sweet time with her artwork. The fire seared part of her throat, so her voice is permanently coarse and harsh, sounding like a male at some points, and it pains her to speak on a dry throat.
Fears: fire and cramped areas
Hobbies/Interests: 'Artwork'. She's interested in violin as well, but she's quite tone deaf. She mostly spent her free time stalking her next target however.

Philosophy of Life: "Everyone deserves a chance to be beautiful"
"Death, is the most beautiful color"
Religion/Beliefs: None
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Has both masochistic and sadistic tendencies, but only revels in it if it's for her theater. Despises 'ugly' pain, and would only deal it if she's pressed to a corner unwittingly. Tends to cackle uncontrollably when she finished her artwork, which is what draws the attention of the police to begin with.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Marie wasn't always the twisted killer she is now. She was an orphan, no name, no family, a blank slate. The name was just given to her by the orphanage. She was always an eccentric girl however, as in the orphanage, she took no interest in anything. The caretaker doesn't know how to get her interest, or even do anything to increase her chance of being adopted. Marie just spent most of her days staring at stuff, mostly nature. The sky, the grass, the trees, the animals. The only thing that managed to catch her interest was the dogs, which she spent a great deal of time observing, but she can never reach them, as the orphanage has deemed her to be mentally handicapped, and pretty much just put her within the orphanage at all time, so to not 'scare the adopters'.

Then the fire happened. It wasn't her fault, it was one of the serial arsonist's fault. During this time of distress however, Marie discovered something else that interested her, and perhaps, the only thing that could elevate her to level of ecstatic excitement: death and suffering. The final throes of those trapped in the building, the desperate struggle to claw out of the debris, the smell of burned flesh as people tried to open the door, it all sounded and looked like the best opera arrangement, ever. The climax, however, was when one of the caretaker tried to run away, and the stone pillar crushed her under it, splattering the blood and innards everywhere around, painting the wall with it, creating a twisted form of abstract art. 'That, was, beauty' Marie thought, as it awakened something inside her. It was during this fire that her psyche broke open, and it was during this, that Marie laughed, the first ever time she remembered laughing that ecstatically. It wasn't long after the laugh that she ended up trapped under the burning debris as well, scorching a huge part of her body, and almost killing her in the process.

She emerged from the disaster, alive, but heavily scarred, physically and mentally. The near death experience brought her never felt before pleasure, but at the same time, the fear as well. She understood, very clearly, how painful the burning and asphyxiation was, and the prolonged painful experience was too much for her. She loved the few moments before death cometh, but the prolonged pain became one of her trauma. Therefore, Marie decided to 'share' the experience, skipping the prolonged pain, and grant most of her victims a quick death, starting with the arsonist. She's since focused on those who caused prolonged suffering to others, in one way or another. She doesn't lose her focus when she sees fire, but she does flinch when it gets too close.

Name (& pronunciation): Wilhelmina von Albrecht (Will-hel-me-na von Al-brec-t
Date of Birth (& age): May 5th, 1808, age 29
Place of Birth: Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia
Gender: Female
Species/Racial Origin: Caucasian Human
Social Class/Community Status: Upper Middle Class
Language: German, English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother and Father, Aunt.

Physical Description
Height: 5’ 10
Weight: 189 pounds.
Hair: Brown, straight.
Eyes: Thin, blue.
Limb Dexterity: Works nicely.
Detailed Physical Description: A tall woman with brown hair that goes to her chin and thin blue eyes, which always look like she’s scanning the room for something. Wilhelmina rarely cares for her physical appearance, and as such may be found covered in grime when she is doing odd jobs and the like. She prides herself in being rather plain, so no man would ever look at her, and distract her from her precious work.
B/W/H: 37, 29, 30

Typical Clothing/Equipment
: When she isn’t busy she’ll wear whatever is around, but when she goes out she wears a vest with a standard dress, so no one gives her any attention. She keeps a knife on her just in case, sheathed on her leg.


Personality/Attitude: She is a rather serious woman, and not easy to get a laugh out of. She prefers to stay alone and do what minimal detective work she gets, as well as any odd jobs needed.

Skills/Talents: Investigative skills, cleaning.
Favorites/Likes: Logic puzzles, riddles, birds, board games, her pipe.
Most Hated/Dislikes: Sour food, bugs and other creepy crawlers, dust.
Goals/Ambitions: Stay off the radar and live a quiet life.
Strengths: Her mind, good memory.
Weaknesses: Weakened lungs due to smoking, may cough on occasion.
Fears: Her past springing back out.
Hobbies/Interests: Smoking, collecting books and cleaning supplies, writing on occasion.

Philosophy of Life: Living a quiet life is much better than living a busy one.
Religion/Beliefs: Non-practicing Protestant.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: She fantasizes about using someone while they are handcuffed .
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: The case that lead to her leaving Prussia, as well as accidently killing someone.

This, is a predicament. A predicament that Marie never expected to find herself in. She always prides herself as the one who has planned for everything, to the smallest detail, executing the perfect crime after perfect crime. If it wasn’t for the lady who’s sitting in front of her, tied up with a sack over her head, Marie would already be up and about London, stalking her next prey, noting all the details, but she can’t do that now, not with her career ruiner sitting there. This is also rather uncharacteristic of her, to just suddenly kidnap the lady with such haste and abandon that she might’ve already left some crumbs to her identity, and still, Marie couldn’t just kill the lady and be done with the thorn on her side. It doesn’t fit with her M.O., and worse still, the lady was the furthest from her usual target, and the worst part about it, it would just be an ugly death. Marie couldn’t afford to paint her hideout with the blood of her victims, even if it was a deserving victim, as not only that it would serve no purpose, as no one would see it, it would lead the dogs to her location as well.

Marie twiddles with her scapels, as she crouched on top of a chair directly across the lady, still wearing her grim mask. It all started with an unpredictable mistake, an investigator stumbling onto her crime scene, the lady who she kidnapped, by pure chance. Marie never calculated the lady’s appearance, because she that night was the first time she ever laid eyes upon her. By her calculation, no one should’ve gone to the location of her artwork, which happened to be one of the abandoned train tracks, which has been repaired, and was supposed to be reopened tomorrow. It would’ve been glorious, the whole London would come and celebrated the reopening of the new track, ride abroad the newly minted train, then boom, the explosion of cries and shrieks as they went pass her artwork, The Hanged Man, which she conveniently left hanging on the corner part of the tracks, where the train would have to slow down and let the terrified passenger has a clear view of the burned victim. It was supposed to be flawless, the burn damage would be severe enough to confuse the detective, and the rail workers wouldn’t know anything, as they’ve been partying off a job well-done.

It was supposed to be, if it wasn’t for the lady. Marie herself still couldn’t fathom how the lady even stumbled there to begin with, but it doesn’t matter as, she stumbled there in the end, witnessing the Grim Artist in the process of preparing her latest artwork, where she was burning the victim. The misfortune doesn’t stop there, where most people would flee in terror from the macabre mask dimly lit from the burning corpse, or where the dark figure with a canine skull as a face started chasing them, the lady instead rushed towards her, fearless, causing Marie to overshoot her attack, resulting in both of them colliding into each other, with Marie’s mask tilted to the side, revealing Marie’s face. Now, granted, Marie wasn’t quite sure whether or not the lady saw her face, or if she could even identify her even if she sees the face thanks to all the scars, she couldn’t just take the chances. To add insult to injury, as if ruining her perfect plan wasn’t enough satisfaction for the lady, she managed to scream for help, on top of her lungs, alerting the guards that was stationed on the post a few blocks away, causing Marie to have to abandon her art before she could even do anything with it.

That should be enough to tip Marie over the edge, to get mad at the lady, and did the necessary thing, no matter how ugly it was for her to do it, but Marie’s artist soul screams against it. She already killed another uglily, and she had no time to make sure that two corpses are made beautiful, not to mention the fact that she might kills an innocent, so instead of killing the lady straight off, Marie ended up knocking the lady unconscious. The fact that she had to leave such an ugly sight behind almost made her want to puke, but she had to abandon it, as she can already hear the guards running towards her from the distance. ‘At least no one would think that that was my doings’ Marie consoled herself, as she hoisted the lady on her shoulder, straining quite a lot as she does so, before she departed towards her hideout, which was an abandoned mine with a cave in. As much as she wanted to give up and leave the body somewhere, she can’t take the risk. That’s the only way she knows that has been keeping her alive and undetected this far into her artistic pursuit after all.

Now here she is, in her hideout, with a now conscious investigator. Not only that she let the lady sees her face, she just realized the fact that the lady now also knows about her hideout. She’s now the bane of her whole career, and yet, Marie can’t bring herself to kill the lady off. She no longer felt like doing anything for at least a few days now, as the taste of leaving that corpse all ugly and abandoned left a really sour taste on her mouth, let alone do another ugly thing that could just send her straight to apathy. Seems like the lady has started to understood her situation, bound up on a chair, with a sack over her head, and Marie really doesn’t want to spent a failed night like this listening to an investigator bitching and shrieking. So she jumped down from her chair, and in one smooth move, pulled off the sack from the lady’s face, and instantly held the scalpel that she’s been fiddling with in front of the lady’s neck, letting the sharp edge slightly touch the neck.

“To be perfectly honest with you” Marie started with her raspy voice, staring out from her skull mask “I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with you. I don’t feel like killing you, but I don’t feel like keeping you alive would be beneficial for me” she continued. The scalpel drew a small bead of blood, so Marie relaxed her arm a bit so that the scalpel doesn’t push into the skin as much. “So tell me, what should I do with you?” Marie asked, with a slightly genuine tone, as she still kept the scalpel in front of the lady’s neck.