Beauty and the Werewolf

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  1. Daniel smiled faintly as he sat waiting and wondering where everyone was while he sat in the park. His eyes trained on his book that sat in his lap. The classics of the Brother's Grimm was one of the few books he enjoyed to read as the moon came out to whisper. He happily sat there his eyes following the pages and words before he felt a chill run up his back. His looked up for a minute before going back to his book. The classic tale of red riding hood. It was quite fantastic really how different the modern take was compared to the Grimm's tales were.

    He smiled faintly before running a hand through his dark brown hair, looking up to check the time before a loud snarled erupted from the nearby foliage. Daniel jumped quickly standing up in a quick second. His book pressed tightly against his chest. He took a few steps back before something knocked him off his feet. His butt landing on the ground before he looked up for a moment to see a pair of piercing yellow eyes of a dark black dog. The mouth of this dog just inches from his face.

    "Nice doggy...." he muttered shakily before crawling back aways from the creature. The dog almost laughed at him before the dogs teeth latched onto his throat. He couldn't help but scream as rather than pain overcoming him he felt his bones pop and reshape, and fur start to grow. His teeth burst from their gums. It wasn't long before a loud howl left his lips as blood began to pool beneath the man.

    His instincts told him to run. Every fiber in his body told him to run. His paws slammed against the ground with increasing speed before he felt the sudden smash of glass against his head as the scents began to overwhelm him. His paws was suddenly one wooden floors and a bright light was shining in his eyes. He let out a loud whimper before the world began to spin violently.

    "Help me...." he attempted to say before the blood loss got to be too much and his legs gave way and he fell darkness coming quickly to put him to sleep.
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  2. Anna was watching tv in the living room when a smash came from the kitchen. She got up slowly to see what it was. "I really hope i don't die tonight" she mumbled to herself. Just as she reached kitchen door she saw the glass and blood everywhere. "Oh god" she gaspsas she runs to the injured animal on the kitchen floor.
  3. The animal whimpered before a strange feeling overcame him. His paws turning to hands, his fur quickly vanishing. "Oh god..." he muttered seeing the human approach him, but she was all too familiar to him. With a groan he propped himself up on an elbow. "Anna?" he asked a name suddenly hitting him square in the face. Then his name came back, and what had just happened a little while ago. "Oh god.... oh god...." he muttered again curling up in a ball on the floor realizing he was naked. Daniel's hands went over to hide his face from his friend.

    "Where am I?" he asked shaking violently before the strong smell of blood hit him, and he was suddenly standing freaking out over the wound in his neck, and shoulder. "Anna why am I bleeding?" he asked again taking a step back. His hands hiding his manhood, and his neck.
    "I can't remember...." he muttered running both hands through his dark brown hair before realizing, 'oh yeah, there's now blood in my hair.'

    "All I can remember is you, my name, and what happened just a little bit ago....." Daniel said sitting again feeling his eyes flash a brilliant yellow.
  4. Anna gasps "you crashed throught my sliding glass door.... I'm not sure why your bleeding". She hands him a hoodie he left here awhile back. "Do you want some water or anything". She moves to sit in a chair at the kitchen table. She tried to keep the blush off her face at his body. She hadn't seen him in a few weeks.
  5. Daniel hiccuped as he pulled the hoodie on feeling everything go back to wolf size, and he tipped over on his side just laying there for a moment. Why was he turning into a wolf. He couldn't understand it. Daniel stood up for a moment before looking up at Anna walking over to her to lick her hand recognizing her adorable blush. Daniel shook for a moment before trying to get his human back and there he sat on the floor with his tongue out.

    "Umm... If I didn't know better.... I'd say werewolf...." he muttered attempting to cover himself. He looked up at his surroundings very confused for a long moment. "I uh... can't remember anything past today...." Daniel blinked twice before seeing a picture of him and Ana at something. "Where was this?" he asked trying to jog his memory. Something was definitely not right.
  6. Anna smiled softly "thats was my 15th birthday... the last one my dad was alive for...". Anna holds back the tears at the memory. "We were at the state far" she gigglrs to herself "you won me a stuffed dog" she smiles bright "it's on my bed"
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