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    Marcus Owens

    The sky was a clear blue, the air carrying a humidity that had been missing for the past few months. The summer was breaking in, bringing with it a heat that Marcus both enjoyed and abhorred. Perfect weather for polo shirts and v-necks, but terrible whenever business had to be done. He had forgone comfort today, opting for a suit that came in the darkest shade of navy he could find. Thankfully, the diner he was sat in had air conditioning, otherwise his temper would have risen with the heat. Looking out of the window he was sat beside, Marcus saw his car parked outside, a couple of allies stood around it. One was seated atop the hood, a cigarette trapped between his fingers. When the man caught sight of Marcus glaring at him, silently berating him for even daring to sit on top of his prized black Bentley, the gangster promptly stood up and distanced himself from the car.

    “Where are they?” Marcus asked the lieutenant beside him, still staring out of the window. “He should know I don't like it when people leave me waiting.”

    “He's a politician, they take their time with everything,” the lieutenant, an older man named Taylor, reminded Marcus. Glancing over at Taylor, Marcus rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket, grabbing his phone. He checked through his text messages, opening up the most recent one he had sent.

    Cornerstone Diner, 12:30pm. You have a debt to pay back – money or the daughter. Nothing funny, no guards. Just you and your kid.

    He had definitely sent it to the right person, and upon checking the time, saw that there was no reason for the politician not to have arrived by now. Putting his phone down on the table, Marcus resisted the urge to reach for a cigarette and instead busied his hands with the salt shaker in front of him. His eyes scanned the diner, able to see every patron in the place from his position at the table furthest at the back. Examining every person around was a habit he had picked up from years of being wary, and something he appreciated after the many close calls he had experienced early on during his mob career. Despite the diner being pretty full, no one seemed to look threatening. There were a few truckers seated at the counter, a group of energetic college students near the front, some old men sitting down and reading their newspapers whilst they ate. No cops, no rival gangsters, and no one who seemed to recognise Marcus. Not that there were many people who would, considering he rarely ever showed his face nowadays. This moment was an exception – a mess he had decided to clean up himself. After years of an impending debt, it was time for their little politician friend to pay it off in some way.

    One of Marcus's men tapped on the window, grabbing the boss's attention. The man pointed down the street with his thumb – the politician was on his way. Marcus nodded and waved his hand dismissively, the gangster going back to stand by the car. Turning to Taylor, Marcus smirked.

    “It's go time,” he said. “We either get paid enough to buy this entire diner, or we get a little brat. I for one am thrilled.” Moving his attention to the waitress at the counter, Marcus raised a hand and caught her gaze, the young woman coming over to the table. “Three coffees and some OJ,” he ordered, and the waitress nodded before heading back to grab the drink.

    Taylor furrowed his brow and looked over at Marcus. “You do realise that this 'brat' is about twenty, right? She's not a little kid.”

    “Doesn't mean she can't drink orange juice. Besides, if she doesn't want it, I will. And do you realise who she's related to? She's probably more spoilt than a rotten apple.” Marcus was fully prepared for the worst. He was aware of how politicians could be, and he knew just how intolerable their offspring could be. With any luck, the guy would just hand over the money and be done with it. But life was never that easy, and this debt had been standing for years. There was no chance of the cash being paid that easily. With the drinks being placed at Marcus's table, he sat and waited for the guests to arrive.

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    Outfit:Wild But Casual Elegance

    What does one's life have to come to where they end up in a situation where it's either save your fathers ass and spare your own life, or get him killed because he couldn't pay for the bad decisions that he had made. Good question right, well she hoped because she asked herself that same question over and over as she sat in the back seat of her daddy's pretty car driving to her new hell. "Mackenzie please..." He whispered softly and she laughed almost amused that he was still trying to apologize for what he was doing, when he had already made his choice when that gangster he didn't pay to do his dirty work gave him a new option instead of paying his debt. "Don't...speak to me because honestly you're dead to me right now...." She whispered softly as she turned herself back to the window to stare at the slowly moving scenery. She slid her glasses over her face and chuckled darkly to herself, funny how some of the darkest things happen on the most beautiful days.

    The car had slowly pulled up to the diner and the driver had gotten out of the drivers seat and opened her door, she stepped out and looked around then back to the driver.
    "It was nice while it lasted Virgil..." She mumbled, no he wasn't just some driver to fact her father had hired the older man because he was skittish for some reason, and now she knew why. He smiled at her and pushed some of her platinum blonde hair behind her ear before he wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a warm embrace, one that she returned so quickly because well she needed a hug right about now. He pulled away from her and she nodded looking away from him. "You be safe Miss Jaques" he said softly and she almost felt like breaking into tears.

    But she wasn't going to, why...because she had to go into this diner and get traded off in place for a debt by her own father. So naturally, she was going to have a field day with this little trip.

    Virgil had closed the door behind her and she pushed her sunglasses back onto her nose before walking over to the diner's entrance. Of course before she had gotten there she had gotten a few whistles from the group of men just standing by a car, Mackenzie turned to him and smirked shaking her head.
    "Sorry aren't my type..." She said lifting her sunglasses up just so that she could give them a wink which caused a chain reaction of them shouting out pretty vulgar things of what they would do to her. She lowered her glasses back on her face and her father quickly came beside her shaking his head. "Do not entertain this behavior Mackenzie" she looked over at him and rolled her eyes behind the glasses pretty annoyed that he had decided to play the 'I'm a good father' role now. She opened the door to the diner and she looked around as she slid her sunglasses on her head and instantly made eye contact with a man wearing a suit. "That him? Well let me go make friends with my new roomie" she said nothing but sarcasm dripping from her words as she walked over to the booth the mysterious suit man sat in. But she hadn't sat down, no she let her father get the first seat since he was all that he cared about.

    Once he had sat down she moves beside him and now was in front of Mr.SuitMan, as she decided to call him because she had forgotten his name, and sighed smiling softly.
    "This is nice I like this a lot...don't you daddy? I mean isn't this just fucking great" although she was playing some tough role it could be easily seen in her stormy grey eyes that she was afraid. "Watch your language Mackenzie..." She rolled her eyes as her father breathed in and breathed out putting a small smile on his face. "Hello Marcus, I'm sorry for keeping you daughter was making a scene" Mackenzie felt herself whip around at his words and laughed wiping an imaginary tear from her eye. "You're fucking kidding right...Hey Marcus is it...let me be real with you...since my sick piece of shit father is beating around the bush...he doesn't have the money, he's broke as fuck and doesn't have the money! So instead of selling one of his four pretty pretty expensive car he decided that selling his darling daughter was better, did I hit it right on the nail daddy?!" He looked at her and nothing but sadness flashed across his eyes as he turned around, hurt.

    Sad thing is though, she hadn't cared...he hadn't cared about her so she hadn't cared about him. Point, Period, Blank.

    "Mackenzie please...not in front of-"

    "the big bad boy...not in front of the man that could kill you without a second care in the world...please daddy, I think that Marcus and I are going to get along great...him and his little band wagon...Hi boys!" She said with a huge smile as she waved at the guys staring her down from outside the window. She looked at the orange juice and smiled chuckling softly. "Is this mine...thank you...see daddy I still have manners even though I'm about to be traded like some Pokemon card" she said smiling directly at her father taking a sip of the orange juice and then a bite out of the orange slice they had put on the cup.

    "Oh please boys don't let me stop the business from happening...continue"

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  3. Marcus Owens

    As the guests pulled up outside the diner, Marcus watched them closely. He saw the politician leave the car, a sneer working its way onto the gangster's face as he stared at the no-good man. And then a girl Marcus assumed was his daughter followed, looking as stylish as could be. No surprise there. She had the air of someone who was pampered beyond belief, though he had to admit he was a little stunned when she hugged her driver back. Then he was reminded of the fact that she had a driver, and he didn't feel as surprised any more. His gaze continued to linger on her, concentrated on her as she gained the attention of his men. Marcus rolled his eyes as she riled them up even more, and then he glared over at them. One of them caught on to his stare, and alerted the others. The remarks soon stopped, and the men went back to milling around the car.

    “There they are,” Taylor said, prompting Marcus to return his attention to the two new arrivals. With the sunglasses away from her eyes, Marcus was able to make eye contact with the daughter. She may have looked just as spoilt as he had imagined, though her general appearance wasn't entirely what he had expected from a politician's daughter. The presumably dyed hair, the piercings... Marcus had expected someone a bit more 'innocent'-looking. And he really hadn't expected someone who was as sarcastic as she was. He could hear her from across the diner, spouting barbed words at her father before she strutted over to Marcus's booth. He had prepared for tantrums, but this seemed to be on a snarkier level than he had expected. Tears, maybe a few thrown things, some begging, that was what he had expected from a little brat. But instead, he was now having to deal with a sarcastic daddy's girl. Well, maybe not a daddy's girl any more.

    Once her father had joined them, Marcus looked at the two, before focussing his eyes back onto the girl sitting opposite him. He couldn't help but smirk at her tough act. With her sunglasses no longer hiding her eyes, he could see the fear in them, and it made him feel much more confident about this entire meeting. A troublemaker was not what he wanted to have to deal with, but knowing that she was afraid gave him back a sense of control. When her father began to speak, Marcus turned to look at him, noticing the small smile but not returning it himself. This wasn't a friendly chat, this was business that had been dodged and evaded by a scummy politician for too long. Marcus wouldn't be drawn in by his fake smiles and demeanour. Though before he could even open his mouth to speak, Marcus was being interrupted by Mackenzie, who was acting out some more. He was going to ignore her, but when she said his name, he focussed on her much more.

    The news of her father being broke did not please the gangster in the slightest, and he looked over at the man, raising a questioning eyebrow. This time, Marcus didn't even bother to open his mouth, instead sitting back and watching as the father and daughter argued. She waved at his men again, and Marcus found himself glaring over at them once more. They need to be kept in line, he thought, shaking his head. Turning to look at Mackenzie, Marcus watched as she took a sip of the orange juice and continued to dig into her father. When she was finally finished with her verbal assault, the gangster looked over at her father and scowled.

    “So you're broke then? Absolutely no money?” Marcus sat back in his seat, then stood up from the booth and left space for his friend to get out. “Taylor, go get the car ready. I doubt we'll be here for long.”

    Taylor finished off his coffee and then left the booth, Marcus sitting back down once he was gone. “You've had years to deal with this debt, and you couldn't handle it. You're lucky I don't do what you paid me to do to your competition all those years ago.” Marcus kept his voice low, knowing that other people may be able to hear him if he spoke any louder. Looking over at Mackenzie and then back to her father, Marcus smiled slightly. “Now we have to take your daughter. She'll be staying with me until you have the money to pay back. And considering it's a lot of money and you're apparently broke, I guess that means you won't be seeing her for a long time. You can send birthday cards if you want, though I doubt she'll want to hear anything from you. Maybe I can even sell her off somewhere, give her to some fat, lazy Italian mobster for an arranged wedding – I'm sure he'd pay highly to marry a young thing like her.” Marcus wouldn't do that, though it was fun to toy with the idea and get the politician worrying.

    After a short pause and a sip of his coffee, Marcus looked over at Mackenzie. “Come on, daddy's little girl, let's get going.” He stood up from the booth and glanced over at the politician. “You stay here and watch us drive off, and once we're out of view, then you can leave. You can also pay for the bill too, if you can even afford that.”

    Grabbing Mackenzie's hand, Marcus pulled her up and led her out of the diner. He made sure to be as unsuspicious as possible, avoiding looking around or acting skittish. He played it cool, made sure no one had any reason to watch him. Outside, Marcus continued to pull Mackenzie along, leading her to the car and opening the back door for her. Some of his men gathered around, though none of them were stupid enough to make any remarks or try anything whilst in his presence. One of the men got into the other side of the back, whilst Marcus sat next to Mackenzie, trapping her in the back between the two of them. Another gangster got into the empty passenger seat, with Taylor seated in the driver's position. With the doors locked and windows rolled up, Marcus gestured for Taylor to drive. Soon enough, they were pulling away from the diner, leaving Mackenzie's father behind. The drive to Marcus's home was a quiet one, with Marcus not wanting to talk all that much. He was still wondering how he was going to deal with such a sarcastic young woman for so long. Maybe getting rid off her wasn't a bad plan after all, especially if she was going to act like a spoilt brat.

    Arriving at Marcus's home, a rather large house in one of the richer parts of the city, Taylor pulled up outside and Marcus got out of the car. He looked over at the gangster who had been seated with him in the back, and then pointed at Mackenzie. “Take her to her room, the spare bedroom on the upper floor. I'll be up shortly, but make sure she stays in there.” With that, Marcus headed inside, trusting that his subordinates would keep Mackenzie in one piece whilst taking her inside. Though whether she let them do that easily was another question.

  4. ************************************************

    Mackenzie Jaques

    The man had nodded simply with the order that Marcus had given to him and she looked back at him just hoping that once he came back he would tell her that it was just a joke and that her father had paid the debt. Mackenzie may have been a strong girl but there were boundaries to someone's strength and right now...her boundaries were being pushed to their limit. He had just threatened to sell her off to some monster, she hadn't cared how cruel a person was but saying something as heartless as that when she was already scared of the situation just told her that this man had nothing. No soul, no heart, no nothing. The man had gotten out fm the car and she followed behind him surprised with the fact that he had actually helped her out. She thanked him and he had given her a slight nod before he had led her into the house that wasn't a house to her, but a prison.

    The man that had escorted her to her new 'room' hadn't said much but once they had finally reached the room he had finally opened his mouth. "You're a pretty smart girl I assume...don't do anything stupid because this man although he may send us to do his dirty a sick individual..." And with that he was silent, was that a warning or a threat. She couldn't tell, but all she knew was that she was even more scared. She had nodded her head and not her lower lip as he hand hovered above the door before she just sucked up a breath of air and stepped inside. Mackenzie had heard the door close behind her and she quickly turned running to the door. "No no no no the door! You can't do this! Open the door!" She began beating on the door, kicking it, and beat in it once more. He must have been standing in front of the door blocking her from getting out. This was her reality now, she was trapped in some gangsters house and that was the end of it.

    Why was this happening to her? What has she done? No she didn't pray every night and she was no angel..but she never did anything so horrible to end up in a situation such as this one.

    Mackenzie had taken a look around the room and it was gorgeous. A large queen sized canopy bed with sheer black canopy net hanging from the top sat on the left side of the wall and a dresser with a tv sat in front of the bed. A closet occupied both sides of the dresser and a mirror hung right beside the door, there was also a bed side table and a small glass window that no one could jump out of because it was so high and so small. Well she had to give it to was a nice room and it was nicely decorated with a purple and black color scheme and pasty white walls. Mackenzie breathed out trying to calm down as she walked over to one of the closets and opened it seeing that it had already been filled with clothes and shoes, she hadn't even needed to look at the other closet because she had assumed it was the same situation. It was like he had prepared for her to come.

    Almost like he had known her father wasn't going to pay that hearty debt he had acquired over the years.

    She felt tears come to her eyes and she hadn't even bothered to wipe them away because she thought more and more about her situation which in turn causes more and more tears. She was honestly fucked, her father had put her in a situation where she was fucked because he had lead her to believe that he could handle this but he really couldn't. Mackenzie walked back over to the door and almost pleaded with the man to let her out, she cried, begged, and wished that he would have a piece of a heart and let her go. "Please...this isn't my business...I don't care what your boss did to my dad...I won't tell anyone just please let me go...I won't even go home...just let me go..." She whispered the last part and was returned with no response...only silence.

    She moved away from the door and sat on the bed breathing in and out frantically. Her breaths were abnormal because of the crying and the only thing that could be heard emitting from her room were small whimpers..there was literally no way out of here because that window was hopeless and she had some big bulky guy standing right outside the door following through with the order given to him. She tried to calm herself down so that this Marcus guy wouldn't see of hear her cry because that was honestly the last thing she had needed. She didn't need this gangster thinking that she was a push over like her father because she wasn't, in fact she was far from it. Mackenzie had moved of the bed and threw her glasses onto the dresser then stared at herself in the mirror. She has no choice but to be strong, she wiped under her eyes and moved over to the purse she had set on the bed beside her grabbing an eyeliner pen so that she could fix her makeup, once that had been fixed she re-applied her lip stick and breathed out thinking about how she would handle this.

    She hadn't needed to get herself killed or sold off to some fat monster, but she needed to let this man know that she wasn't going to be his carpet either. Great, this sounded like a recipe for disaster and she was the main ingredient.


  5. Marcus Owens

    Marcus had heard the storm that Mackenzie was whipping up, her beating on the door echoing throughout the house. There was no way she was getting out of her room, not unless he allowed her to. She had everything she would need in there to survive for now, so he wasn't too worried about her. Of course, her mental state may have deteriorated over time, but Marcus didn't plan to keep her locked away for long periods at a time. No, once she learned her place and didn't intend to escape, then she would be allowed out more. Maybe he would even let her wander the house during the day, allow her to get acquainted with the place. Marcus had enough men around the house to make sure Mackenzie didn't go missing or try to leave, so there was no need to worry about that.

    In his office, Marcus took a seat at his desk and began to make a few calls. He ordered a few of his men to continue to watch Mackenzie's father, wanting to make sure that he didn't do something stupid like call the police. He wouldn't put it past the politician to do something like that, even if it did mean dropping himself in the middle of this whole mess. Then he contacted one of his insiders, a high-ranking politician who he had blackmailed long ago. The man now worked for Marcus, feeding him information about the government and those who worked within it. If needed, Marcus could easily obtain information about Mackenzie's father from his insider, or even have the insider act as a middle man between himself and the politician. Marcus didn't plan on taking Mackenzie and stopping her from ever seeing or hearing from her father again – even he wasn't that cruel. Instead, he would keep her locked away for an indefinite amount of time, and then if her father showed signs of improvement, he would perhaps allow them to contact one another. But only under Marcus's own terms. This game would be played by his rules only, and nothing would change that.

    Whilst Marcus would have liked to have spent more time focussing on Mackenzie and the current situation, he also had other loose ends to attend to. One of those 'loose ends' was a rival gangster that was currently being held prisoner in the basement of Marcus's home. It was risky, of course, but Marcus needed this man and the knowledge that he had. Calling his lieutenant Taylor up to his office, Marcus asked for a status report on the prisoner, a man named Roberto.

    “He keeps telling us that he's said everything he knows,” Taylor explained to Marcus, the disbelief evident in his voice. “He's been saying that for the past couple of days.”

    “I don't believe him,” Marcus stated, leaning back in his chair. “He wasn't just some grunt, he had vital intel about the Aztecs.”

    “Which he claims he's already told us about. Their weapon shipments come in in a few days, with the trade going on down by the docks. The Aztecs will meet there at midnight, take their guns, and then are apparently planning some big heist.”

    “And that's it?” Marcus questioned. “I want to know everything. Tell me what guns they are, who's supplying them, which Aztecs will be picking them up.” Standing up, Marcus narrowed his eyes as he looked at Taylor. “Torture him until he can't tell us any more. I want to know everything about Roberto, the Aztecs, and even his damn family by the time we're finished with him.”

    With a quick nod, Taylor left the office and presumably headed down to the basement to deal with Roberto. Marcus was about to return to his seat when he remembered Mackenzie. Listening in, he couldn't hear her trying to break the door down any more, and assumed that she had gotten the message – she wasn't getting out that easily. After a moment of consideration, Marcus left his office and strolled down to the room where Mackenzie was staying. It was actually one of the spare bedrooms, but he had made sure to fill it with what she would need. He had even supplied her with clothes, having gotten some intel on sizes and styles from a couple of his spies. Reaching her room, Marcus nodded at the gangster stationed outside and gestured for him to go. Once he was alone outside of the room, Marcus waited for a moment and listened in once more, unable to hear anything inside. He didn't even hear sobbing or whimpering, something that surprised the gangster. It seemed Mackenzie was putting on a brave face, and Marcus had to admire that.

    Knocking on the door, he paused for a second or two before using his master key to unlock the door, entering the room. Marcus locked the door behind himself and then turned his gaze to Mackenzie. From the looks of things, she had just finished up fixing her make-up, and the thought made him chuckle. How could she care about her make-up at a time like this? She was being held captive, taken away from her father for God knows how long, and one of the first things she did was make sure she looked good. “Mackenzie, isn't it?” Marcus began, walking closer to the young woman. “Mackenzie Jacques. I heard you trying to beat down that door earlier, and I suppose I should tell you that even if you did somehow break down my door, you would never escape. There's a man stationed outside your room, and then there are more down the hall. And even if you made it to the stairs, there are still gangsters swarming around this house. You wouldn't even be able to catch a glimpse of the front door before you would be dragged to my office so that I could deal with you.”

    He looked around the room, impressed with how it looked. Marcus noticed that the bed had been moved, and he returned his gaze to Mackenzie. “I trust this room is good enough for your majesty. You'll be staying here for a while, so if there are any issues, you should tell me now.” He paused, allowed her to speak, and then he continued. “I should also tell you one more thing. I imagine you already know this by now, but I'll tell you anyway just in case it didn't get through your thick skull: don't cross me. Don't make any escape plans, don't call for help, don't try to kill anyone, and don't do anything you're not supposed to do. If you do, I'll have to take you down to the basement. And you won't like the basement. It's dark, bloody, and filled with people who want to hurt you. So don't test me. And give me your phone, if you have one. I can't have you calling the police, now can I?” Marcus waited for Mackenzie to follow his order, his eyes piercing into her as he stood there. This was the first test, in a way. He was eager to see how quickly she would follow him.

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