Beauty and the Beast (with a twist)!

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  1. Hello new partners!

    I currently have a craving for a twist on the classic tale Beauty and the Beast. It's more modern and a little darker.

    Here is the plot:
    The Beast is a high powered billionaire. He has every luxury known to man: houses, cars, a private plane, staff etc. He is of course extremely handsome but he's also an arrogant prick. Money has made him believe he is above every one else. His staff hates him but he pays them well and they need the income. His family is distant and he doesn't keep in much contact with them because -who needs them anyway-. He's a playboy so he doesn't enter into long term relationships or anything too serious. He's all about his business and making more money. It doesn't matter how he does it. He will lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. Except he makes a big mistake with the wrong investor one day. He tries to cheat someone who is far more powerful than the Beast realizes.

    In a business deal gone awry, the Beast is cursed by a powerful warlock. If the Beast wishes to lie, cheat and steal like the devil then he would also have to look like one. The warlock casts his spell over the Beast turning him into a horrible demon looking creature and cursing everything he owned and possessed. The warlock transports the Beast to the Beast's gated country side home, surrounded by acres of land and not another house for miles. The warlock places a magical barrier over the Beast's property trapping him and all the inhabitants of his home (his staff) inside. The barrier effectively curses the land and all life within it, also cutting off all access to the outside world. The staff, now trapped inside with the man they hate, have also been cursed. They have lost their physical forms and have turned into spirits (or smaller demons, whatever), cursed to continue to serve the Beast.

    The warlock informs the Beast that he will only turn back into himself when he has genuinely changed; when he has learned to love others more than his money, when he learns to appreciate his staff, when he ceases to feel the need to fuel his greed, and when he finds someone to love and love him for who he really is. The magical barrier keeps everyone inside alive so the Beast would not be able to kill himself. He would have to live with himself day after day until he was able to break the curse. The barrier also keeps the house virtually invisible but once its gate is crossed, the house is revealed. Only the Beast and his staff are trapped, unable to break through the barrier but the Beast has control over the magical gate should anyone come across the house. He could choose to have anyone else remain trapped with him or let them go.

    Years pass and the Beast does not change. He remains trapped in his home. The world has forgotten about this extravagant billionaire and his business has failed without him. Assuming his disappearance could be explained by nothing else, his family has left him for dead. It is truly hopeless now. They would be doomed to live this life forever.

    We can begin the story before the Beast is cursed or years later when one stormy night, a girl is driving down a long road. Its hard to see and the conditions are horrible. She makes a wrong turn and finds the house. It looks abandoned but being in need of shelter to help wait out the storm, she enters inside.

    Rules (because there are always rules)
    1. Communication is key: I need my partners to communicate with me. If you're going away for a while, let me know. Not interested anymore? Let me know. Just want to chat? I'm here for you.

    2. I'm looking for a minimum of three paragraphs per post, more is always welcome. I just don't feel like you can properly detail a story with anything less. I also don't want six paragraphs of feelings because that is just pointless. Help me drive the story forward. Let's brainstorm together. I'm open to any ideas you have.

    3. Proper use of the English language and grammar is important. I don't want to spend a long time trying to figure out what you're trying to tell me.

    4. Understand I am married and have a child in school. I cannot post as often as I'd like. I'll try to post something at least once a week, more if I can.

    Interested? Post here or send me a PM.
  2. I love you so much for making this post on account of the fact that I love Beauty and the Beast, and that I have a similar ish plot I've wanted to do for a long time but never got any interest.
    Downside being that I have zero experience playing males, especially not of that personality type.
    I did want to express how much I love you and want you to be my best friend<3
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  3. Lol. Awesome. I don't mind playing the Beast though if you wanted to be the Beauty character.
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  4. I think my heart just grew 3 sizes... ;w;
    Might I send you a message?~
  5. Message away. Let's brainstorm.
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