Beauty and the Beast RP?

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  1. I have been watching a lot of Disney as of late, and one of them is what else than "Beauty and the Beast". So then I got an idea... what if there were a RP about Beauty and the beast... BUT the characters had different personalities if not OPPOSITE ones. For example The Beast (my character) was mammal like and dim, Ergo the beast in the RP would be Reptilian and brainy (they wold still be a powerhouse though). Belle in the movie was a role model while the one the RP would act more like a bitch. Gaston would NOT have the same name as he would NOT be a man, they'd be a lesbian woman. Lumiere instead of being the swave lady killer he is in the movie would be whiny and gay, And Cogsworth instead of being stuck up and a coward would be a brave loose cannon. Things like that would be implied, So what do you say? Interested?

    Also there isn't limited availability ... persay, but I will need the main cast before we even thing about starting. so here is a Role Call list, Claim a role and standby.

    The Beast - @TyranntX
    Villain (you pick the name, keep it a lesbian female)-
    Mrs. Potts (or Mr if you prefer)-

    Other roles here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.