Beautifully Repulsive

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  1. Plot-

    In the small town of Stardale, There is a place like no other. A place full of unwanted, unwilling, uncaring adolescents. The teens here have been through many, many things in their lives and their parents have decided they no longer wanted nor appreciated their children. So, they brought them here. A sanctuary for adolescents abused, molested, and practically destroyed. Not all of the population here is brought here.. some of thr population has appeared due to their own want to escape.. This is Stardale and we accept everyone.

    Rose walked along the sidewalk and up onto the smooth pavement of their new driveway. She couldn't help but think about all the pain she has endured over the past years. All the times her mother came home to their father beating them. All the times he would drink until he could no longer move. And that one fatefull night when her father arrived drunk and beat her mother down.. Shut up! She thougt to herself. Those days are over now!

    Jeremy slowly followed his sister up to driveway. He couldn't stand seeing his sister in so much pain. He was her older brother he was supposed to protect her. But, the thing was, he couldn't. This was his second chance at life. His only hope for redeeming his sisters love of life and that precious smile. He just hoped that things would work themselves out in a short while..

    Rose took up a seat on their porch and felt a little light headed. "Jeremy.." she looked at her brother with hopeful eyes as she felt something inside her twist. She frowned and wrapped her arms around her stomach as her eyes began to water. "I can't take this!"

    Jeremy sat next to his sister and wrapped his arms around her as she began to cry softly. "I know..I promise we can take care of it soon.. we just have to find someone..." He held her close and closed his eyes. He hated this. He wished that his sister could just be happy and painless but until they found a donor, he could do nothing for her.

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  2. Sat against a tree Cain gazed off into the distance watching the world go by as sounds of heavy metal rock boomed into his ears through his ipod. As he looked back on his life before in that strange academy, it had been fun pulling pranks on people. Especially that gay guy who was in love with him, heh what a dick. That chick isabella was a weird too, gave his twin sister kayla a heck of a weird time. As he looked back he remembered what his parents put his sister through.

    How his mother would always affectionately love her, she even admitted that she felt romantic feelings for her and pretended that Cain was actually her. Then there was his father, whom loved Cain but hated his sister... he remembered watching Kayla as his dad began to molester her, his face rabid with wide eyes and a wicked grin that wanted to inflict pain, held down with iron chains and bruised across her body. He remembered wanting to hug her, hold her close, wipe her tears. But his sister never cried, she never complained, whinged or fought back... a week before their sixteenth birthday Kayla killed them. He remember watching her as his sister cut his parents into tiny pieces of flesh. Carved out their organs and arranged them into small bits of meat. The blood cleaned of the floors carefully, the clothing she had on - burned till every last strand of cloth was cinders. The gloves she had on...washed then thrown into somebody else's bin four blocks away.

    The police investigated the crime and questioned her, but Kayla's alibi was flawless. The only person who could have gone against her was Cain himself... but even he didn't have the nerve to stand up to her. After all he loved his sister with all of his heart... he even tried to replace her with other women. But nothing would satisfy him. Upon obtaining the will, Cain was surprised to find out that their mother had arranged for the company to go to Kayla after their death. Leaving more stress on her. Kayla was a high school student who ran a company, flawless in her work.

    Anger swelled up within Cain as a soft tear began to form in his eyes... his sister, so gentle, so lovely, so perfect. He wanted to be with her, as her partner, her lover and stay by her side. She said she had to stay for the company, more work and money were coming into the company meaning more investments and more time. Rather than move here to thise paradise where they could be together.
  3. Rose stood up quickly and pushed her brother away. "Jeremy.. no. I don't need your help. You've got enough on your mind to be worried about me." *She walked off the porch and down the street towards a small grouping of trees nearby. She sat down in the middle of them and took a few deep breaths before realizing what had just happend. I'm pushing away.. She thought to herself. I can't be doing this anymore. She wanted to cry. The pain was so excruciating..

    Jeremy sighed and watched after her. "Well damn it anyways!" He mumbled to himself and went into the house, slamming the door behind him. He was always angry. He knew this. But when his sister pointed it out and pushed away..he didn't want to accept it. He pictured a new life where his sister was happy and he was no longer angry. They had found someone to make them happy. His sister would surely like the thought of a decent boyfriend for once in her life. Her past seemed to outweigh her beauty. All the men she had ever loved had taken advantage of her. Now that he thought about it.. he finally understood why she always pulled away.. he was the only manshe could trust, and love.. and she didn't want to lose that.
  4. A soft wind blew as Cain's thoughts settled into the depth within his conscious, his emerald hues set on the ground as he fiddle with his lighter; opening and closing it again. From within his pocket Cain withdrew a cigarette and lit it. As he began to relax, the peace was boring. At least in the city he could fuck around with people...tch. This place kinda sucked, it was small not so many people. Maybe Kayla was right to not come here...

    Fortunately it didn't last for long, from out of nowhere a random girl appeared. She was cute, heh. Someone to mess around with. Arising from his position, Cain casually walked over to the girl. "Yo - you're invading my territory, what's the deal?" he asked in a blunt manner as he leant against one of the trees looking at her expectantly.​
  5. Rose jumped up, startled and she brushed herself off. "I'm so sorry." She said as she held back her tears. "I didn't know.." she started to walk off towards her house and glanced back once or twice at the guy who had found her. She almost wanted to ask him his name but she could tell he wasn't in the best of moods. She stopped at her driveway then slowly walked up it, back onto the porch. She stole glances in the direction where she had come from but, so far, she saw almost no life.
  6. Jeremy sat at he kitchen counter and picked up an apple. He took a bite as he heard his sister come onto the porch. He tossed the apple into the trashcan and walked back towards his room. He layed on the bed and stared at the ceiling, slowly drifting off into a peaceful sleep.
  7. Name: Lexxi
    Age: 17
    apperance: Purlpe corset w/ long (down to ankles) flowing black shirt, bare foot (almost always barefoot), long brown curls, lots of braceltes and necklaces, short stature.
  8. It was lexxi's first day in Stardale. She had no idea why her parents had brought her here, she was always a good student and cheerful. She may dress "weird" according to them but she wasn't a problem child. she didn't even know how things worked here her parents just dropped her and her stuff off and left. was she supossed to check in some where?
    She watched as a girl walked up a drive way and into a house and decided to try there for some help. She picked up her suitcase and walked up to the door and knocked.